“Let us awaken in the Holy Spirit” – Eve of Pentecost

3 June 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest brothers and sisters, we are on the Eve of Pentecost. Today’s subject is “Let us awaken in the Holy Spirit”.

In our last reflection we focused on the events in the universe. The Mother of God is in the midst of us in these events. In the celebration of the Eve of Pentecost we want to open up to the events the Holy Spirit brings forth both in us and in the whole universe.

I would like us to awaken our memory and allow the Holy Spirit to awaken the memory of what happened last year at Pentecost on May 15, 2016, when the Holy Spirit made the great announcement of the cosmic Pentecost. For our reflection we will take some passages of that message[1] in order to take a deeper look at them to prepare for tomorrow’s Mass; I also wish this eve and tomorrow’s Mass to be our celebration together with the whole universe.

 “My dearest children, My people,

Today I want to bless you and enfold you in My light. The fire of My Love may descend on you in the way it descended on the early Church at the first Pentecost. My fire becomes light, and the light illuminates all darkness if you welcome it in your heart, it becomes authentic and profound wisdom of God.

It is my task to bring you the whole truth, according to the Father’s wish, which the Son has made possible through His sacrifice for you. It is My task to enlighten you profoundly from on high; My work is incessant to take you to the knowledge of Him who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. I live for the Father and for the Son and together with them I live for our people; it is ours because it is the people of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.[2]

It is very important that we open our heart. The fire of the Holy Spirit wants to descend deep in our heart and illuminate every mystery. This fire comes down from above, as the message says, and descends in our heart from above; no-one can replace the Holy Spirit in the guidance of a soul. It is Him who descends from above, through Jesus Christ, and no-one else can illuminate our heart. Good talks, nice quotations and examples can be made but no-one can awaken our heart, no man, no creature, only the Holy Spirit.

Careful about one thing: let us not set off from our wishes, our intentions or our projects. All this will hold us back; we shall put all in the hands of Jesus Christ who is our Saviour and Redeemer. Let us be in silence so that the Holy Spirit may arouse the desire and hope St. Paul the apostle speaks of in today’s lecture taken from the letter to Romans.[3] The entire creation and also us who are baptised, that is, believers in Jesus Christ, are moaning in the hope of the resurrection of our body; we are moaning because we do not know how to reach the phase of our resurrection. Yet, the Holy Spirit, who gives hope, searches our heart and knows all the plans of God; He makes a deep prayer to which we have to participate so that He may lead us, through Jesus Christ, to understand the plan of God, the will of God, for us.

The first thing the Holy Spirit does is leading us towards the Son, Jesus Christ, the Lord of the universe, who governs over all of us and the universe and elevates us in the Holy Spirit to the Father. Thus, through this openness in the Holy Spirit we get to know ourselves and all mysteries inside us; we will know all mysteries of the universe and the entire reality in God so that the mystery will become light for us; for the children of the darkness it will turn into darkness.

Let go a step ahead by reading another passage of the message of the Holy Spirit.

“It is important that you understand the gravity of this time: the situation of the Earth is extremely serious as well as that of the Church which has largely lost the path of Pentecost. You, though, are not against the Church; you are a new and powerful spark in the Church of God. The Church of God must be only one, the one that serves God and honors the Father, who is guided by Me and who lives for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity and for the good of all men of good will.

I repeat: you are not outside of the Church, but you are “in the Church”. There is, in fact, no other Church than this: a simple, humble people who loves God, who lives His teachings and according to His laws, in the brotherly communion and in the holiness of life, in the image of Mary Most Holy, your Mother. This is the Church; all the rest is structures you do not need anymore.

I repeat that you are one new people in the whole universe and that you are not the little rest of the Earth anymore, but the part of the new people of the universe that lives on the Earth. There is no difference anymore between you and the faithful humanities, between you and those who live for their Lord Jesus Christ in the universe. You are part of one single people, that of the universe, whether they like it or not.”

 “The gravity of this time; the situation of the humanity of the Earth”: the humanity of the Earth is focused on governing itself without God; under these conditions it is forced to live together while being led towards one world government. On the other hand, Lucifer has not managed to eradicate the need of religiousness in man, and now he strives for a single religion in which each one has his own religion, each one has his own God. There is great confusion even among the believers who are unable to find their identity in the Holy Spirit and thus cannot elevate themselves.

The crisis of the Church is already taking place, that is, the division of the Church in many separate communities, but not only that, even the Catholic Church, the biggest Christian community, is divided in itself. Do you notice in your parishes and communities how many contradicting ways of thinking there are? We cannot say that a parish is a cenacle where the faithful are one heart and one soul as they actually should be. Thus, the Church as an instrument of salvation of the world and the universe is weak, but God does not wait and see; He acts. A year ago he introduced the rest of the people of the universe in the cosmic Pentecost. That cosmic Pentecost does not rely on human structures but on the life of the Most Holy Trinity, on the laws of the pure Spirit; the Spirit who connects the Father with the Son and all the children of God who participate and want to enter the mystical union with Christ and be lifted up to the Father.

The message confirms that the Church is one in the whole universe: the Church of Christ of the whole universe. It is underlined that, “You are sparks, the new Church, the part of the Church that wants to stay in the Trinity and be held by the Most Holy Trinity, guided by the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ and elevated to the Father”. We have said repeatedly that it is based on three pillars: the offering of one’s life to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary; through the Immaculate Heart of Mary the believers enter immaculateness and as a result they receive the integrity of life, and as such they unite spontaneously with others in the same spirit. Thus, the whole universe is designed to adhere to these laws of the pure Spirit and become one heart and one soul.

We have spoken about the nuclei, the cells: the natural cells such as Christian couples, Christian families, and about cells that may not function well. They should be small churches, small nuclei, where people who have understood the importance of these times and who wish to receive grace are directed towards one another to form a united cenacle which is united with the whole universe in the cosmic Pentecost. This will lead us towards the power that makes hell tremble with fear.

 “Be aware of all this and of the responsibility I’m giving you today; however, be also aware of the power of the grace you will be invested with, both you who are present and those who are united to you in spirit. This power will descend through you on your houses, on your families and your peoples. It will descend on this house and on all the houses this people will inhabit. Wherever there is a member of the new people, there will be the people of the universe, I promise you. From you I expect faithfulness, transparency, courage, readiness to announce the truth everywhere. The Truth is in Jesus Christ; there is no other truth in the whole universe, nor will there ever be another one. [4]

This truth makes hell tremble. Therefore, hell will tremble in front of you, but you shall not tremble in front of hell as you have no reason to. Those who walk with Me have nothing to fear and have defeated death. Thus, go ahead My people! Now begins the time for you to go out of all the “walls of Jerusalem” which have been built around you; from all the walls that have oppressed you and prevented the beauty of God to shine in you. I am the beauty of God, and I want to shine within you. I will always be with you. I will always be in you, in front of you, beyond you and above you to guide, love and protect you.[5]

What are these walls of Jerusalem? In the aftermath of the Great Jubilee of 2000, St. Michael announced some points to Hell that you can read in the book “The Universe and Its Inhabitants”[6]. He also said that there would be a fast process of spiritual elevation of those who believe; then in the whole universe a rapid process of detachment from the structure that prevent the immediate knowledge of God would take place. Thus, the true believers who wish to remain firm in this time and have this power within them must be awakened, living with the living God in the Holy Spirit with Jesus Christ, and also through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit with the Father. This is how religiousness and all Masonic maneuvers can be overcome as well as all the manipulations of man who is attached to the Earth and directed towards evil.

I would like to underline one aspect that we have to see clearly: we can follow the process that has been taking place in the whole universe after 2009 when St. Michael the Archangel divided humanity, and now a more and more subtle division is continuing: the humanity that goes towards God the Father through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit and the humanity that has chosen Lucifer. There is also a wandering part of humanity that will suffer a lot; thus, I advise you to you take a clear decision. Move towards the One and Triune God as the Church has taught you along the millennia and also does now. Listen to her.


 “The uninterrupted action of the Most Holy Trinity in this time leads to the new creation and the new creation will come through a new people. Today I want to make a new people out of you. For this reason, this is a great day for you. It is a solemn day because today I descend on you with the same power I descended on the first Church. I also descend on the whole universe and on every child of God to make a living temple out of each child of God. All the children of God in the universe will form together the new people.”

In conclusion I would like to repeat that the celebration of Pentecost is not just a religious practice but much more: it is the life in the Holy Spirit with the Father and the Son; this life manifests itself as something new, and you know very well that everything new, be it positive or negative, triggers reactions. The newness of the Holy Spirit provokes Satan, it provokes opposition; yet, those who believe in eternal life, in the spiritual dimension, in the resurrection of the body, live already on Earth the new creation in spirit, that is, the newness, which cannot remain hidden, especially now that we are neither alone, nor just a small group on Earth, but part of the cosmic Pentecost embraced by the universal community giving us the chance to be new men and women to manifest the new face of Jesus Christ in the Church and in humanity.

The times are the way we have told you. The subtle division is continuing on a spiritual level between those who have chosen Lucifer, or have simply abandoned God, and those who are determined to walk the path towards the new creation. This separation will become increasingly faster when the faithful brothers also land on Earth. Those who decide for God through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit will experience the Trinitarian power within them. When a nucleus, a group, a family decide for Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, they will perceive this power and no-one will be able to stop them.

Thus, let us lift up our head. Through the love the Holy Spirit pours over us, we are filled with hope. Let us leave behind our fears, human discussions and superficial religious talks by which we have put aside the living Jesus Christ among us. The Holy Spirit will descend on us.

In this celebration of the Eve of Pentecost we are united with the whole universe. Tomorrow too we shall be together with the whole universe; may the whole universe be inundated by the Holy Spirit as the first Church was.

And I bless you; may the power of the Most Holy Trinity descend on you, lead your life towards the higher dimension of the universe. The One you will choose will care for your daily life, everything you need, if you are faithful. I bless you; may you be aware that the Mother of God and all saints, all angels and all faithful brothers and sisters are in your midst; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


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  1. a strong acceleration of the plan of recapitulation in Christ through the gradual revelation of the realities present and active in the universe;
  2. the increasing spiritual elevation of the people of God in the whole universe through the consecration and sanctification of many members of the same people;
  3. the gradual overcoming of structures and systems that operate on Earth and in the universe and hamper the direct relationship between man and God;
  4. a strong intervention against the satanic corruption by the Mystical Body of Christ in the whole universe;
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St. Michael warned Lucifer from putting obstacles in front of the chosen souls and the faithful people. No action of the demons that went beyond the limit set by God would be tolerated.”