Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 June, 2017, to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that GOD GUIDES AND INSTRUCTS. He guides your life in a perfect way if you allow Him to do so. The Father has a unique and unrepeatable project for you, which is always intended for your good and your happiness. In the very moment of your creation the Father entrusts you with a mission and He asks you to welcome and accomplish it with the strength He Himself will give you. The choice is yours and you are free to decide. If you decide to live according to God’s laws and to fulfil His will, the Father will entrust you to His Son, and, in the name of His Son, He will send you the Holy Spirit. If you are faithful and continuously renew your “yes” to God, in the small and in the big things, your existence will take a specific direction and be guided by the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit who leads you incessantly to Jesus; He ensures that you get to know Jesus increasingly better; He reminds you of His teachings; He gives you the grace, the intelligence and the strength to fulfil what pleases My Son. Jesus welcomes you in the Holy Spirit, purifies you from all sin and offers you to the Father. Thus, your life becomes a miracle of the One and Triune God, which is renewed with every breath and every beat of your heart.

Please know, children, that if you love Jesus and give yourselves over to Him, He will entrust you to Me. I am your Mother, the One who accompanies you in every step you make towards God. Every child needs the help of its mother when it learns to walk. It is the same in the spiritual life: you need a Mother who watches over you and supports you to prevent you from falling. Satan lies in wait and wants to draw you away from the main path, but he cannot do anything against Me and against My children. Therefore, allow Me to accompany you, and do not behave like stubborn children who refuse My hand and then fall. I love you and I only desire your salvation and your happiness.

God instructs you in many ways. First of all, He gives you the knowledge you need to live in harmony with Him and to do His will. Your spirit is the temple of God and it is there that the Holy Spirit acts to guide and instruct you. Learn to listen to the suggestions of the Spirit, for He works incessantly in you. Before every choice you have to take and every situation you have to face the Holy Spirit is ready to support you with His Light. Unfortunately, those who seek Him and listen to Him are not many. Do not be among those who do not seek Him. You are able to listen to the needs of your body when you are hungry, but you are unable to listen to the needs of your soul when it asks you for spiritual food.

Know how to listen to the divine impulses in you and you will be able to decide for the good and avoid evil. It is not difficult; you only need to be ready to do the will of God and to be more thoughtful and silent. Life on Earth has become a continuous rush to achieve unclear things. Everything seems indispensible except God, but that is not so. Overturn the list of your values and put God in the first place. Then, ask Him to help you live a healthy life and be ready to change what prevents you from standing before Him. Wait with confidence and God will show you what to do; He will help you understand it in an unequivocal way. God always responds; it is man who does not turn to Him.

God instructs you also by teaching you how to pray. Children, prayer is an uninterrupted relationship with God; a loving relationship in which God seeks you and you seek Him. Seek God during your day; seek Him with love in your thoughts; offer Him your difficulties and your joyful moments. Feel free to turn to Him the way you can and the way you know; God does not oblige you to recite formulas that oppress you. God loves freedom. Let yourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit and He will make true prayer spring from your heart. Through the Holy Spirit it will be Jesus Himself to pray in you according to the will of the Father. Then you will discover the power of prayer and nothing will be impossible for you.

I want to help you discover the greatness of God in you because I am your Mother and I have no other desire than to reveal to you the love of the Most Holy Trinity for each one of you.

I am by your side at all times, and I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”