Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 February, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that LIFE IN GOD IS A LIFE OF LOVE AND COMMUNION. You are the fruit of the love and communion between the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity; therefore, you are destined to live in love and communion with God and among you.

In the beginning the One and Triune God created the progenitors; not only one man and one woman, but many men and women who formed the first cell of humanity. He wanted them to truly love and accept each other as brothers and sisters and children of the same Father. They were to live as God’s beloved children, filled with honour and dignity, as protectors of creation. The free and immortal progenitors lived before God embedded in a gorgeous nature that was friendly to man.

Lucifer, the origin of all evil, was jealous of the grace he had lost by rebelling against the Creator and infiltrated between God and the first men to seduce and corrupt them. He promised the progenitors to render them more powerful than God; many of them let themselves be deceived, and thus rebelled against God. This is original sin, which was committed at the origin of human life. It infiltrated creation generating death, suffering and illnesses. Original sin also corrupted nature and separated constellations and planets from each other.

Not all progenitors rebelled against the Creator and many of them never committed original sin. They remained faithful to God and His laws. From them free and advanced humanities came forth who travel the universe at the service of God and weaker brothers and sisters. The progenitors of your humanity, however, rebelled against God and even made an alliance with Lucifer. Your humanity became fragile, corrupt and hostile to God.

Besides death, the most serious consequence of original sin was the division of the children of God. Even today human beings are dispersed in the immensity of the universe, living in very different conditions: some live on planets separated by endless distances; others are on planets in conflict with each other; others again are isolated and, like you, have no knowledge of the existence of other brothers and sisters in the universe. Only the humanities who have remained faithful to God have preserved the communion between them and live on planets that are close and easy to reach.

My Son, Jesus, was sent by the Father to the Earth, the farthest planet from God, in the power of the Holy Spirit, to repair for the sins of so many progenitors and restore the alliance with the Creator. He took upon Himself the sins of the progenitors as well as death and suffering, the consequences of that sin, and defeated them with His Sacrifice and His total obedience to the Father. Jesus died and resurrected on Earth for all men of the universe. He reopened the path to God and towards the communion between all children of God. All the people, past and present, who believe in My Son, Jesus, are destined to be part of the new humanity. It will be gathered from all planets and live in the new creation at the end of times.

I have given you a brief summary of the history of your origins to help you understand the greatness of your Christian path. The redemption accomplished by Jesus is not limited to the Earth but embraces the entire universe. Therefore, you are part of a great plan of love and universal communion; a plan that was stained by original sin but not destroyed. In fact, God the Father will return the original beauty and dignity to His children through His Son, Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit at the end of times. Now you are walking on your path and I am here to help you understand and to walk with you.

The story I have told you shows you how sin destroyed the fraternal communion of the first men. However, this also applies to you today: the sins you commit in your life separate you from God and break the bonds of love with other men. Yes, children, sin is rebellion against God and His laws. It always entails the bitter consequences of egoism, indifference and hatred, which create profound distances between human beings. Sin is the beginning of all corruption; it is the lymph that feeds physical and existential death. The Earth is full of sin, and therefore men hate each other more and more.

Beware of sin, children, do not rebel against God and live together in peace! If you love God and put your life in His hands, you will know His will. If you do His will, you will be protected from the Evil One and his deceptions which seduce the world.

Lift up your eyes, children, and think of how many brothers and sisters live in the universe. Feel united with them. You have pure and powerful brothers and sisters who are faithful to God and love you immensely; they pray for you and are waiting to meet you when God wants. You have brothers and sisters who suffer, believe and hope in God like you; unite your prayers and sacrifices with theirs and elevate all your sufferings to God with them.

Know that, in this time, God is calling His children to form the new humanity; there is already a people in the universe that lives according to the laws of God. It is growing more and more. Unite with this people and you will feel the greatness of the universal communion! It does not matter that, for now, you are not able to see and know all things, for God has given you the Holy Spirit who acts in you and will let you know all you need. Your spirit is intelligent and its “sight” is far superior to that of telescopes. Your “inner sight” is sharpened by your faith: those who believe see what others do not see. Therefore, do not behave like men without faith who want to understand everything before they believe, but to no avail. Believe and you will understand.

I am with you to help you understand what you need. Trust in God and in My Love as your Mother. I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”