Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 July, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that LIFE IS REMEMBRANCE OF GOD AND SEARCH FOR TRUTH. From the moment of conception, when your spirit sees God face to face, as I have explained to you, the memory of God is imprinted in your spirit and accompanies you for your whole life but with different nuances and intensity.

If you have welcomed God at the moment of conception and accepted the mission entrusted to you, the memory of God will emerge in you from a very early age and become increasingly alive as time passes; even the influence of the environment cannot cloud it. Thus, what was a simple memory at first becomes the perception of the divine presence that leads you to faith by which you are transformed and made ready for your mission.1

If you have been undecided at the moment of conception, the memory of God will emerge slowly and with more difficulties; external influences easily affect you and you may not find faith. This is because your spirit is weak and the memory of God comes and goes. However, even a little bit of good will in searching God is enough for Him to grab you. Then, God powerfully awakens the memory of Himself, and if you decide to entrust your life to Him, nothing will prevent you from developing a strong and living faith. Remember that God always gives you the opportunity to improve or transform your initial choice; it is up to you to freely decide whether you want to take the opportunity or not.

The memory of God never dies even in those who have refused God at the moment of conception, for the spirit of man is created to know and love God. He who rebels against God from the moment of conception rejects the memory of God and seeks to suffocate it every time it re-emerges. That memory becomes a torment, provoking ever stronger rebellion and turning into bitterness and despair. This is how many men live who despise God and find no peace; nevertheless, God does not abandon them. He continues to call them in many ways, but they reject Him. They choose a life of sin which turns them into ruthless men who become more and more like the demons who hate God, and yet are unable to free themselves from Him. Yes, children, many men suffer the same sadness as the demons.

I explain these things to you to help you better understand your life. Know that many spiritual and physical issues that afflict humanity have their roots in the choice made by men at the moment of conception. However, I do not want you to be afraid or to think that you are predestined to a certain existence. No, children, do not be afraid! Whatever choice you made at the moment of conception, remember that God always draws you to Him through My Son, Jesus Christ, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life for you.2 He is God and only in Him and for Him you can know the true One and Triune God. Immersed in His Sacrifice and participating in His glory, you can eradicate evil from the root. Therefore, never leave My Son’s hand but allow Him to guide and save you, for only He is your Saviour.

The memory of God pushes man to seek the truth. Which truth? The one that gives meaning to life and joy, pain and death. Humanity struggles to reach the truth. Scientists, philosophers and theologians seek answers to the questions of life, often climbing tortuous paths. My children, who can give you this truth if not God who is Truth? Who can make you feel loved by a burning, never consuming fire of love if not God who is Love? Who can ease the sorrows of life and defend you from evil if not God who is the Counsellor and the Defender? So, what truth can you find outside of God? You will find only human truths resulting from compromises and sterile words that do not fill life. Children, it is time to return to the true God! Too many men are saturated with false truths and live in falsehood. I repeat once again: welcome My Son, Jesus, and you will live in the truth. Jesus promised it to you: you will know the truth, and truth will set you free.3

I am with you and I accompany you on your path to freedom. I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

1 See Hebrew 11 NIV

2  See John 14

3 See John 8,32