Let us enter Lent with Jesus

9 March 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav:  Dearest Brothers and Sisters; this is the first Sunday of Lent and my topic is “Let us enter Lent with Jesus”.

What I want to explain is the attitude we have to take, an attitude that is particularly necessary in this time in which, as we know, the False Prophet and the Antichrist are acting powerfully. Now is the time to make the final choice between Jesus Christ and Lucifer. I speak to you in the belief that you have decided to participate actively in the evangelisation of the Earth with the Church of the Universe, being conscious that we must prepare the way for the manifestation of the glorious Christ and the way towards the new creation.

The Gospel of the first Sunday[1] explains that Jesus was tested after Baptism and His choice to accomplish the will of the Father, but it is very important to see what St. Luke said in his Gospel: “Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, left the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil.” Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit and guided by the Holy Spirit, and at the beginning of His mission, as God-Man, as man he had to walk the path of trials, making His power grow until defeating death and sin, rise to Heaven, send the Holy Spirit upon us and now recapitulate all those who desire to belong to Him to manifest the fullness of life in God.

Thus, if we want to experience Lent with Him, we must choose between Lucifer and Jesus Christ. Immediately after His Baptism, Jesus, filled with the Holy Spirit, began His mission. Did the Christians begin their mission with the power of the Holy Spirit after their Baptism? And you, are you beginning Lent having made your choice, immersed in the Holy Spirit, to accomplish the work of God through Jesus Christ, with Jesus Christ and the whole Church of the Universe to go towards the new creation?

Let us speak about the trials by quoting the words of Our Lady of 13 August 2018, “Life on Earth is also made of trials”. Some Christians do not experience trials and difficulties because they are lifeless, asleep and do not feel any responsibility for their salvation and that of others. Here takes place what the holy Fathers said: one of them saw a multitude of demons around the cell of St. Antony, and one of them was sleeping on the city walls of Alexandria. Thus, a holy Father said: “Is it not a shame that so many of you attack that poor father?” They replied: “It is easier to attack and defeat a whole city than a saint that belongs to God”.

So, we who believe in the plan of God and are beginning this time of the great feasts of the whole universe, also on Earth, have to choose if we want to remain asleep, and thus not feel the impulses neither of the Holy Spirit, nor of the devil, as we are immersed in the spirit of the world. But God will test us anyway and because He is love and will give us trials until the end to draw to Himself all those who are of good will; this is the reason for the trials. Let us listen to Our Lady:

 “First of all, the trials do not come from God who desires only happiness for His children. God allows you to be tried so that you measure yourselves with the challenges of life, become stronger in the battle between good and evil, choosing what is good according to the laws of life and refusing what is bad. The trials improve your discernment and help you better understand the reality and also yourselves, your limits and strengths, your reactions, your mistakes and your willpower. Without trials you would remain immature; for this reason, God allows them.

However, the trials help your growth only if you face them positively. Many men are unable to face the difficulties, and thus their life is reduced to a state of survival, causing frustration, indifference, depression, aggressiveness, maledictions, rebellion and blasphemies. Nowadays many men and women on Earth live like that and the results affect the entire humanity with the consequences you can see.”

It is very important that we listen to Our Lady’s words. We may remain immature Christians, asking God not to touch them and not to give them difficulties and, at the same time, asking for consolation. Then we remain concentrated on ourselves. On the other hand, there are Christians who participate only very superficially to prayers, rituals, the confession and the Eucharist. During Lent they may experience some comfort; however, the difficulties of life are not solved, the Christians do not rise, the wounds remain open, because they are tried by the spirit of the world and by life. They harbour anger, also against God, and are disheartened because God does not satisfy them. The inability to forgive and give testimony to the God who saves us makes our life fruitless; it will not lead us to resurrection. We are called to be victorious in every trial. Let us continue listening.

 “Why are many men unable to face the trials of life positively? Because they have not made the fundamental choice to belong to God and walk with Him. As I have explained to you previously, this choice occurs at the moment of your creation. If man chooses God from the beginning, he will face the trials in the right way with the help and protection of God. Those who refuse Him will face the trials in their own way, guided by their egoism and the influence of the devil. Those who remain undecided will be tossed about here and there and the trials will become a torment.

I have explained to you, however, that the choice at the moment of conception is not enough to define your existence. You are free, and therefore God puts everyone to the test: those who said “yes”, those who said “no” and those who said neither “yes” nor “no”. In every trial God comes close to us, lending His hand. You are then asked again to decide whether or not you want to accept God’s laws turning your back to evil, and if you want to trust God or yourselves. You must choose between good and evil, between God and Lucifer. It will always be like this until the end of your earthly life.

Among these meaningful words these words have touched me the most, “to choose God and walk with Him”. One cannot choose God and them stand still. He who stands still will choose neither good nor evil, or, he will choose egoism. In any case, he will remain passive and, as Our Lady said, he will be tossed about here and there. We are called now to make our final choice for God because we have all the possibilities to do it.

 “Children, if you choose God and put your life in His hands, the trials will never overwhelm you. On the contrary, they will make you stronger and draw you closer to God; truly, it is often the pain that forces you to kneel down; it is the tears that clean your view, and God always responds your cry when you invoke Him with a sincere heart and the true desire to do His will.

My children, when you are experiencing a trial, do not ask God for the solutions you think are right; often they are not right at all. Instead, ask for the Father’s will to be accomplished in the trial. Thus, He will give you Jesus, the Saviour, and in His name He will send you the Holy Spirit, the Defender and Consoler. Jesus will accomplish the will of the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit and you will overcome the trial in peace and collect the fruit of peace and love. Know, children, that Jesus entrusts you to Me when you are suffering, as He entrusted John to Me at the foot of the cross.[2] He knows that the more you suffer the more you need a Mother. And I am with you in every trial, big or small; I pray for you to My and your Lord, asking only what is good for your life.”

Two passages are important here: “if you choose God and put your life in His hands, the trials will never overwhelm you”. This is the choice Jesus made with His Baptism as the man who takes humanity to the Father. With active abandonment Jesus sets off to accomplish the word, to walk according to the Laws of the pure Spirit and the will of the Father. The second point is; how are our prayers, our participation to the sacraments and celebrations? Do we participate with our prayers to the Trinitarian life and power, or do we follow our own desires, our own strength and logic?

The passage that Our Lady indicates us leads us to the Trinitarian life, that is, through our love for God, our prayers, when spoken sincerely, as St. Paul said in the letter to the Romans[3]: “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” He who wants to do the will of God, live according to the Creator, follow Jesus and participate to Jesus’ life will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit who, as He did with Mary and Jesus, will open the way before him and lead him to the Father. This is the dynamic cycle within our spirit. Without this dynamic in our spirit the Trinitarian grace cannot act within us. Grace cannot perform the Trinitarian cycle. God will send the Holy Spirit as He did to Mary; within us the participation in Jesus Christ’s life is generated: we give Him our life and through the Holy Spirit God lets us participate in the ascension and enter the new creation. Here the exceptional, sublime instrument of the Immaculate Mother intervenes, who is always with us to support us; the whole Church of the Universe joins the whole Church of the Universe to support us.

It is very important that we enter Lent with the right attitude, praying with the Holy Spirit in us who will lead us  to the Father through the Son, having made our central choice, leaving apart the world. Then Satan cannot tempt us through the world and the spirit of the world. As you notice in the words of Luke the Evangelist, the trials are those of the spirit of the world. We are continuously tried by the pleasures, the desire of foods, money, glory, and extreme things, that is, by everything, simply to be at the centre of attention. I ask you to enter the dynamic of the Trinitarian power which wants to act in you for your benefit and that of the others.

In the letter to the Romans that we have read St. Paul says, “The word of salvation is near to you”; it must be pronounced with faith in our heart: it means that it is the faith in the Holy Spirit that saves us.

Which attitude in particular shows that you are truly in the Holy Spirit and that the Holy Spirit acts in you? It is expressed in the book of Deuteronomy[4]: gratitude. Whoever wrote that book looks back at history retroactively and realises that the people of God was guided by God in a miraculous way. God heard His people cry and moan. Those who believe in this are open for gratitude and hope in the future in which God will guide them. Here begins our adoration of God, and we shall not leave the smallest door open for Satan, “Move away from me, Satan”; adore God; you cannot tempt God.

There is another element that also shows our openness for the Holy Spirit: it is that we are victorious in all things, which means that we perceive good and evil in our spirit, and as we choose good the Defender acts in us and expels evil. When we are immersed in the Holy Spirit and allow Him to act in us, in our thoughts, desires and words the beat of our heart drives away Satan. Let us try to live in this way.

 “Children, as Mother I ask you to start to live as true children of God. Abandon yourselves finally to the hands of the heavenly Father who feeds the birds in the sky, dresses the lilies of the fields and loves you infinitely.[5] You will never lack His Providence, and you will be victorious with Jesus who has defeated death. Always remember that no trial may be stronger than God’s love for you. Even death cannot separate you from His Love.[6]

I am close to you and I walk with you; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

We truly desire to walk this path with Mary, to participate in the life of God with Mary, to experience that God is always with us and that we lack nothing of what we need. Then, our life becomes a testimony to desperate humanity; the humanity that stands beside itself, fleeing into pleasures, success, artificial intelligence, and thus away from the spirit, always desperate and increasingly aggressive. This is the time to understand what the evangelisation of the Earth by the Church of the Universe means: we shall take part in this evangelisation because God wants to change the path of this humanity.

With our path, our houses and our nuclei we follow you, pray for you and ask you to join us and immerse yourselves in God; you can immerse yourselves also through a true participation in the Sunday Eucharist and the Sunday rest in God, dedicating some time and space to God to make deep decisions.

The Holy Spirit may descend on you and lead you to walk your path with Jesus towards the new creation; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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