“Let Us Seek the Trinitarian Power”

27 April 2019 – Sunday of Divine Mercy

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; the topic of today’s reflection is “Let Us Seek the Trinitarian Power”. I hope you have all enjoyed the days of the testimony of the apostles and of the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. I also hope that the truth and the grace of the Resurrection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, dwells in you so that all of us have been resurrected through our participation.

This Sunday we will celebrate three important themes: the feast of the merciful Love of Christ, and we hope to receive Christ’s Love through His Mercy. We will try to explain how we can receive it. The second theme is the journey through historical readings,[1] which are the events of the early Church, and finally the cosmic dimension, explained in the Revelations of the Apostle St. John and in Jesus’ message of 20 April 2019[2] of the Easter Vigil, which we will share with you later on but also read out loud now for those who can only listen to it.

Christ’s Resurrection is far more than a historical truth. It affected the whole universe and entered into the Trinitarian Vortex. As salvific primary energy it started a dynamic process, which will last until the end of times, until the people of God enter the new creation. Jesus speaks about this in His last message.

 “Dearest Children,

I bless you with the power of My Resurrection which is neither a fairytale for children, nor a beautiful image, but an incontestable reality, vibrating in the whole universe. Through My Resurrection I not only completed the work of redemption but also bestowed the Trinitarian vortex with the power that renders it invincible. My Resurrection is, in fact, the clear victory over death which rules in the satanic vortex. Death can do nothing against the power of My Resurrection.

Children, you have come with Me to this time and you have gone through many trials. Now the time begins in which the power of the resurrection must manifest itself through you. It will appear through My people so that all I have accomplished will continue to be revealed to the world through them. My work of redemption is not finished yet but will continue until the end of times through My people in the whole universe.

I expect you to become aware of the power that acts in you and among you. You have participated in My death and now you must also participate in My Resurrection. Begin to draw power from the Trinitarian vortex, which is the power of My Resurrection. It touches you continuously, and it touches the whole creation; through you it involves all creatures and the whole Earth. This is the true evangelisation of the Earth which you cannot accomplish without drawing on this power. This means that you must empty yourselves completely from your doubts and fears, your ideas and personal projects.”

This introduces us to the cosmic dimension of events in all their dynamics. In the feast of the merciful Love many pray for themselves and for others. Now the view needs to be enlarged. Jesus Christ, who regularly visits many populations of the universe as the Risen Christ, is now approaching us. The time has come for the power of the Risen Christ to begin to act also on Earth. We are called to lift our eyes and forget our personal egocentrism, the egocentrism of the Earth, so that what we announced last year, that is, the existence of the Church of Jesus Christ in the whole universe, may slowly begin to manifest itself in us and around us.

Today’s readings contain many signs. Unfortunately, this Sunday many sermons focused on St. Thomas, even though the Risen Christ manifested Himself to all apostles. He showed His glorious wounds, let Himself be touched and touched all of them, and they heard His voice. This is happening now in the cosmic dimension of the universe, not only to the twelve apostles, but to all apostles including the sublime instruments, Mary Most Holy, St. Joseph, the brothers and sisters faithful to God, the Central Nucleus, the Archangels and all saints. Now, through these instruments, the whole Trinitarian power touches us, and we may feel this touch. I do not mean that we will all become visionaries or begin to hear voices, but the spirit of each one of us can feel the presence of the Spirit of the Risen Lord who changes our fate.

 “I want to act through you and I will do it. However, you must completely renounce your egoism. How will I be able to act if you are constantly thinking about yourselves, your problems, your crises and fears; how can I come into your being if it is already occupied?

Until today you have not yet drawn from the power of My Resurrection. This is because you have not entered fully into communion with My Mystical Body. It acts incessantly and pours all its power into the Trinitarian vortex. The Trinitarian vortex is not an abstract, distant figure that is beyond you and beyond the Earth; on the contrary, it is a reality that surrounds and embraces you at all times. If you are able to perceive this power within you and around you, if you immerse yourselves into the Trinitarian vortex to draw from its strength, you will be saved. You will heal from your illnesses and from your fears, and the whole people will grow.“

To understand this dynamic, cosmic passage we will return to the reading of the Gospel. St. Peter and St. John’s hearts were touched and they were forced to change, leave everything behind, dive into the power of the resurrection and follow Jesus Christ with the power of the resurrection. This produced a desire in them to go towards the others to help them, which led them to miraculously heal many who were brought to them; people were seeking and approaching them, hoping that at least Peter’s shadow might fall on them and heal them as he passed by. When people let themselves be touched and emptied to be filled with the power of life, which defeats evil and death, the miraculous action begins, which no one can resist. Even Satan flees and his actions are annulled.

Let me give you a clear example: when St. John, on the island of Patmos, heard a voice and saw someone resembling the Son of man, he fell as though dead. What does that mean? This is the dimension that the creature experiences when it encounters God; it dies. It must die to itself. If it does not die, it cannot be resurrected. Jesus puts His hand on St. John’s head and he stands up again. This process has to take place in each one of us. Without God we are dead; we experienced this through original sin, and it will always be the same.

By dying to ourselves, ready to be vivified, we become new creatures who carry the power that leads us to action. In St. John it was the power to enlighten the mystery of the iniquity of all times; a prophetic power to enlighten the seven churches, because each was experiencing difficulties, doubts and infidelity. The power of the Lord heals everything around us. Unfortunately, man is closed to the resurrection. We do not mean the doors closed by the apostles for fear of the Hebrews, but rather the inner doors, which man closes before God as he does not want to meet God, and because he does not want to face his own decadence and the fact that he must die. Man truly does not want to die, but then he will not rise again. If we do not prostrate before God as we are, and do not want the Lord to come in through closed doors to help us in our weakness and mortality, He cannot act.

There is something strange in man, strange, because it is the limit set by wickedness: man does not permit God, who is pure Spirit, to enter his spirit, his innermost place, as he defends it from God. Imagine if now, in spring, a plant refused water and sun, forbidding the energy to travel through it. God, from whom our life depends, must be left free to act in us with the humility of John, who fell as though dead. This inner process is fundamental now for the people to draw from the Trinitarian power and start their journey, spontaneously, like the plants in spring when the rain and the sun come. It is all before our eyes; however, we are free creatures and must decide freely.

Now, I expect this from you: I want you to become aware of the power within you and to activate it, drawing plenty of strength from the Trinitarian vortex. This can only occur through your full participation in My Death and Resurrection and by eliminating from yourselves all that prevents the flow of the power of the Trinitarian vortex in you.

Children, the humanity of the Earth is going through an extremely serious crisis; the abyss is only one step away; unfortunately, your humanity is not aware of it. Undaunted it continues to dance on the edge of the abyss, not noticing that it is about to fall. However, I will not allow My children to fall, and I will snatch as many souls as possible from the enemy, but I need you. I need you to carry Me in your heart wherever you go. I need a strong people, moving fast at the pace of grace, not always thinking about what to do and how to do it to please Me. All you have to do is let Me enter you. This is your task. When I have all the power in you, I will send you like arrows to defeat evil, death, disease and darkness.

The Lord sent the apostles. We cannot draw on the grace if we do not want to take action. If a plant decided not to give fruit, it would die out as it would not produce seed and life would not be multiplied. A Christian who is rooted in himself is destined to survive on Earth in the way most Christians live on Earth. This is the time to act, and those who do not want to let grace give fruit, the fruit of the resurrection, will lose the grace as it cannot reach them. It is very important for us to understand these inner passages so that the Trinitarian power may act in us, and therefore Jesus insists in saying that we have to set off.

 “You will see how wars, diseases and violence will increase on Earth because Satan is furious and blinded. He does not know what to do and where to go. He, too, has a people to direct, but he does not know how. He perceives the power of the Trinitarian vortex and of the people of God, but He does not know where the blow will come from and how to go ahead. However, you know it, and you will know it increasingly more.

The Earth needs messengers of peace, love, strength and resurrection. I want to send you to carry Me, alive and working, among the desperate people, the sheep without shepherd. Good and evil must be consumed until the end. All must come to light, be taken to the fullness and appear with all its force. Light and darkness, death and life will face each other in a grandiose duel. Therefore, My children, position yourselves carefully.

Today I ask you to do a last, great effort to liberate yourselves definitively from all that still oppresses you. Each one of you knows what he has to eliminate. However, do not worry because I will do that in you if you let Me act. It is not you who have to defeat evil inside and around you; I will do it, but you have to put everything in My hands, otherwise I will not be able to make use of you. If you continue to hold your life in your hands, I will not be able to use you. Therefore, children, commit yourselves to surrender to Me so that I may give Myself to you. Then you will see miracles in your lives and touch the wounds of this humanity.

I am with you. As always, I entrust you to My Mother and St. Joseph who will help and protect you. You will also be helped by the extraordinary instruments and the whole Mystical Body. You will feel the power of the Trinitarian vortex in you and around you. Do not be afraid and move forward. Do your part with humbleness and determination.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Let us return to the readings we have just heard: Jesus has touched and reawakened life to send people out. This is the time for the whole universe. We have announced you that the universe has been awakened; the saints, the angels, the faithful brothers and sisters, the extraordinary instruments and the Central Nucleus have been awakened and given power; now the people must understand. Nothing will happen if there is no love in us to lead the children of God to God and to eternal life. All of us have big and small worries every day; however, the action of the Trinitarian power can solve all our problems if we give priority to this power that is in us.

It is true that now God is acting in the universe. I will repeat for you Jesus’ words: “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” Just as the Lord God sent His Son, He also sends all His children. This is the law of the pure Spirit for all eternity. “And with that he breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.’”

Unfortunately we focus too much on the forgiveness of our sins. That is also important; however we should try to understand what forgiveness means. It means to empty ourselves from all bad things before God, before ourselves and our neighbour. Only if we do that, we may be sure to receive the Holy Spirit in us; the more we give ourselves sincerely and with purity to the Lord, the Risen Christ, Lord of the universe, the more our action will be clean; first of all towards ourselves to free ourselves from all illness and corruption and to liberate humanity. This is how the Spirit of God expands over humans and creatures. This is the evangelising action of all men.

Recently we have heard the speech of young Greta Thunberg.[3] She is a simple young girl who has created a movement around herself. We too have the potential to influence our environment. If we do not want because we are focused on ourselves, thinking of our own benefit, our problems, fears, sins, corruption and death will increase. No, let us not do that.

Let us act and we will see that the dynamic of grace is not only concentrated on Earth and the Church of the Earth. The Church of the whole universe will expel evil.  All children of God must be freed from evil. In the end, Hell will be shut and the children of God will enter the new creation; however, the same process must take place within us. These are the laws of life.

In this moment, we on Earth may expect some magic help from the faithful brothers and the angels; yet, they are waiting for our awakening, for the life of God to rise up in us so that we embrace each other and the cosmic Pentecost takes place; thus, you will no longer be worried about the Earth, the political, criminal, egoistical events. The Lord will intervene.

I bless and protect you; I accompany you with my prayer and our continuous path so that you all move towards each other to form a great people on Earth which belongs to the Church of the whole universe; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


[1] See Easter Sunday: First reading: Acts 5,12-16; Second reading: Rev 1,9-11.12-13.17-19; Gospel: John 20,19-31

[2] See Message of Jesus of 20 April 2019, “The Power of the Trinitarian Vortex”, published on 27 April 2019 on the website https://towardsthenewcreation.com/

[3] Greta Thunberg has created the movement “School strike for climate”

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