The Power of Faith

Message of Jesus of 18 May 2019

“Dearest Children,

My Heart rejoices in seeing you here. I am pleased with the path you have walked, the decisions you have taken and the path you want to continue together.

I told you that there is a great power within you, which is that of the Trinitarian vortex.[1] It is the power that has generated you and keeps you alive. I also told you to use this power. How should you use it? What will activate it? Your faith. Only through your faith can you activate the power of the Trinitarian Vortex in you. Faith is not a theory but the strength of the Christians, an immense strength. The world does not understand it, but you are called to understand it.

Faith must be practised; otherwise, its strength remains inactive. You practice faith when you believe, when you say, “I believe”, without any doubts in your heart. Doubt is the force that opposes faith and blocks all vital processes in you. I mean the existential doubt, which emerges when you feel unworthy and incapable and when you perceive your limits as insurmountable.

Yet, I taught you that with faith you can move mountains.[2] This image does not only refer to the external world also to the mountains of doubts that are within you. With the power of faith in Me, you can move and throw the mountains of your doubts into the sea. It is important that you start doing it. With one word, you can throw all obstaclesinto the sea;that word is: “I believe”.

Children, the world needs faith. The mountains that crush humanity cannot be moved without faith. I did not send you to the world without filling you with strength. I have given you My Spirit that is strength, love and intelligence. Through the Spirit, you can keep your faith alive, and with faith, you can open the path for yourselves and humanity.

I also invite you to begin to ask. Ask in My Name. I have not told you tales; I have assured you that when you ask in My Name, I will give you what you ask.[3] I will give you everything that you do not request out of personal interest and egoism. It is not egoistical to ask for health; health is a gift of God and you must ask for it. It is no sin to ask God to help you in your life; you must ask for it. Which child does not ask his father to give him what he needs? The father knows what to give and what not to give. Likewise, when you ask Me for something, I will only give it to you if it is for your benefit. If it is not, I will not give it to you. Why do you torment yourselves with this doubt: “Shall I ask God or not?” You must ask because you are children of God and because you should have a relationship of love and trust with the Father.

Ask and it will be given to you.[4] It is time for My people to seriously begin to ask for what it needs. It is time for the world to know that My people receive everything from God and that My people can do miracles. My people must do miracles! Do not think only of extraordinary things. If I want it, you will even performmiracles. I refer to the miracle of life that is borneven in the desert of the world. Life paves the way for humanity and the wonder of a people who live in God’s Love.

I turn to My children who are ill: ask to be healed and believe that I can heal you. Do not doubt and I will heal you.

I will manifest to the world that I AM, and I will do it through My people. I expect you to trust fully in Me. Therefore, I repeat: have faith! Do not doubt anymore and I will give you what you need. Then, you will know that I AM.

I bless you and I send you into the world with the power of faith. Remember that I can only do something for you if you have faith and that you can only do something for Me if you have faith. That faith will take you to the new creation. By the power of faith, My people govern the universe together with Me.

I bless you, children, with all My love and all the Trinitarian power, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Message of Jesus of 20 April 2019, “The Power of the Trinitarian Vortex”.

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