“The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is alive on Earth”

6 July 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters, we give you a great announcement: the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is alive on Earth! This announcement was given to us by Mary Most Holy on the eve of the anniversary of the apparitions of the Queen of Peace in Medjugorje.

The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is alive on Earth; it is a new people within the people of God, based on twelve apostles and particularly protected by the apostles and the seven great Archangels headed by St. Michael the Archangel who is preparing the glorious coming of Christ; the Church is united with all the extraordinary, sublime and ordinary instruments of God. It is open for God’s graces that have been given to the people of God through the history of salvation and along the path of the Christian people; it is open for and committed to the realisation of the Lord’s wishes: walking the path towards the recapitulation of all things in Christ while moving towards the new creation. Large horizons of the future have opened up before this people; immense graces will be given to the humanity of the whole universe, and the people of God believe and participate in these graces and the programmes that have been revealed to us in the last years.

I want to thank all of you who have followed our programmes in the last years, participating in their own way. Our path was particularly intensive during the last year especially after the proclamation of the existence of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. Today we are happy because Our Lady sees this Church on Earth, a new people, working and alive.

Here is the message of Our Lady, “I am the Mother of the Church”, of 24 June 2019.

 “Dearest Children,

With great joy I announce to you that today a very important part of My plan has fulfilled; it is the plan that that I wanted to bring to Medjugorje. The plan is fully embedded in the programme of the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ.

The Lord sent Me to Medjugorje for this purpose: I was to build a new people who would be united with the whole universe through My Heart. Through the parish and the official Church of the Earth I wanted to create a renewed and powerful Church, united with the already existing people in the universe. However, as you know, this did not happen.

The faithful humanities waited for the decisions of the official Church of the Earth for a very long time. My Heart also suffered greatly while waiting for a positive response that has never arrived. The Church of the Earth simply should have recognised My apparitions in Medjugorje and followed obediently My teachings. Then, in a short time, she would have united with all faithful humanities of the universe; thus a very powerful Church would have emerged, able to bring the announcement of salvation to the whole universe. 

This did not happen; however, you know very well that the Almighty God does not change His purposes. He may change instruments and means, but He does not change His aims which are eternal, inscrutable and unstoppable. Therefore, today this plan has been accomplished through you: there is a people on Earth who believes in the presence of other brothers and sisters in the universe with whom it would like to live united to form the true and powerful Church of Jesus Christ, which is the only one able to counter the forces of evil.

Children, the Church of Jesus Christ must have the characteristics of My Heart: she must be Mother. My first mission is, in fact, to be the Mother of God, the Mother of the children of God and the Mother of My Son’s Church. Therefore, this Church is mother because she continuously generates the children of God; she generates them to life. My Immaculate Heart pours its immaculateness onto the people of God, who must therefore be immaculate. The Church of Jesus Christ is thus mother, and it is immaculate. It is a missionary Church that incessantly and powerfully announces the Kingdom of God.

Children, do not be deceived by things that you unfortunately hear from the mouth of high representatives of the official Church: they speak of “an outgoing Church; the Church as a field hospital”. It is not that. The mission of the Church is to continuously generate the children of God to the life of the Most Holy Trinity. Thus, they become righteous, free, able to choose good and reject evil, to go towards every child of God to give him life.

Now it is time for this Church, united with the one in the universe, to bring her announcement through her life; through her doctrine, her liturgy and her sacraments, that is, through all that she has received in the past years. All this forms a truly great deposit of faith, hope and love.

I do not say that you will have no conflicts, for Lucifer’s hatred against the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is strong, but God’s love for you is stronger. My love for you is also stronger, and I am grateful to you for what you have done in the last years.

Your houses will be true sanctuaries. They will attract the humanity of good will, who will be able to see another Church; it will be able to see what it has not seen yet on Earth. I want this Church to be poor, that is,  not rich in money and means, but rich and powerful in faith, hope, love, doctrine and miracles; in all that God will allow you to accomplish because time is running out, children. God must act to save the Earth from the part of humanity who wants to destroy everything and everyone.

Therefore, take courage. I am with you and I accompany you on all the paths you choose. Know that the Lord will always help you to choose the right path because you are His Church; you are His beloved children and God will never abandon you, neither will I.

Together with St. Joseph I bless all of you and this Church that will be founded on Earth through you. Remember well, though, that you are the ones on whom God is founding this Church, perfectly united with St. Peter, the apostles and the instruments of God. Today, on this very Earth, you are the ones on whom God is founding His Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. Be aware of the greatness of the event and the responsibility you have, but be also joyful because God has chosen you. Every time God chooses someone, He does it out of love and to fill you with His love.

I bless you; I bless the whole Foundation, your houses, the whole people who will gather around you. I bless all your intentions and all the paths you will walk with Me; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

After reading this message I would like to underline two points: first, I want to thank God for preparing His people instead of making surprises; second, we have presented you the main theme of the history of salvation in the book “The Universe and Its Inhabitants”, especially during the last century and after the Great Jubilee of 2000 years of the Church. There the phases of creation to date are explained and what God wants to accomplish: He wants to lead humanity to the new creation and transform the whole creation.

The Holy Spirit communicated to us that humanity and the Church have received many signs of the existence of life in the universe, but the signs are not enough. Let us listen.[1]

 “However, the signs are not enough if there is no response. The believers are called to welcome individually the truths of faith, and each one must respond if he wants to be a true believer. Yet, there are truths that must be accepted not only by the individuals but also by the whole people of God. This occurs when the revealed truth is of such magnitude that it will determine an epochal change in human history. Believing in life on other planets is a truth that may change the history of the Earth; therefore, the response of all those who profess themselves Christians is necessary. God has given His people time, but that time will not last eternally. The truth that Peter and the other apostles could not declare openly because of the reaction of the early Church will have to be made known. The people of God are called, now as then, to know and accept this truth. God never changes His plans.

Nowadays many people on Earth believe in the existence of life in the universe; yet, there is no global vision of this reality, which can only be acquired through faith in the One and Triune God, Creator and Lord of the universe. Mainly, there is a lack of knowledge regarding the humanities faithful to God and their role in the history of the universe. In addition to all this, there are the negative experiences of many of you who have met the humanities of the low universe who have rebelled against God.

Man of Earth senses the truth about the existence of life in the universe, but moves ahead hesitantly and is often confused; no information is given to him. Therefore, God expects the Church to accept and proclaim this truth to the people of the Earth because the Church knows the truth; it is founded on the Truth that is Jesus Christ. An act of faith and goodwill by the Pope would be enough: if he proclaimed the existence of life in the universe, God would ensure the rest immediately. In fact, everything has been ready for millennia and God is only waiting for the response of His people. However, in case the response should not come or be a formal refusal, then God would act in a different way. But woe to those who kept silent about this truth! In any case, whatever the response of the Christians may be, God will reveal the existence of life in the universe. Did He not do so, the journey of humanity towards the new creation would be delayed too much. All men and women created by God will have to form a single people; therefore, it is necessary that they know each other, despite the distances in the universe separating them. God is almighty and will not fail to accomplish His plans.”

We thank God for preparing us in this weak, we are entrusted to the Queen of Peace and invoke the Holy Spirit to instruct us inwardly and prepare us for Christ the Lord.

The Gospel reports Jesus’ words: “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few” (Lk 10:2).[2] The Lord turns to each one of us asking for our response. The response the Lord wants – our “yes”- is the essence of our faith; it is the life of the One and Triune God which goes through the descent of the Holy Spirit into the womb of the Most Holy Mother Mary, through the Sacrifice of Christ who leads us to the Father in the Holy Spirit.

We pray for you all; we accompany you with our prayer and will continue to develop the themes of this message so that you may better understand the meaning of the Church of Jesus Christ of the universe that is alive on Earth.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See Stefania Caterina, Tomislav Vlašić,2019, “Rewriting History – Vol. II – The Universe and Its Inhabitants, Luci dell’Esodo

[2] See Gospel of the 14th Sunday of Year C: (Luke 10:1-12;17-20)