The Kingdom of Christ in You and among You

 25 November 2019

Feast of Mary Most Holy, Queen of the Universe

Message of Mary Most Holy

“My Dear Children,

I thank you for celebrating My Queenship today. I am pleased to be among you as Mother and Queen. Nevertheless, the King and the Queen need a kingdom; they need the Kingdom of God.

Children, what is the Kingdom of God? It is not an unlikely, abstract or poetic idea; the Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of Christ in you and among you. Why is His Kingdom late in coming? Because the Lord cannot fully reign in the people of the Earth. Only when you allow Jesus to reign in you, will the Kingdom of God manifest itself among you.

Unfortunately, the Christians of the Earth have understood very little of all this. They are waiting for the Kingdom of God as something that will suddenly and magically descend from above, but that is not so. My Son told you that the Kingdom of God is among you.[1] This means that when you are immersed in God’s Love and fully live the offering of yourselves to Him with integrity and in communion among you and with the whole universe, the King can reign in you. When My Son, Jesus, is the sovereign in you, then the Kingdom of God will also be among you.

I, too, can only reign in you if you open the door of your spirit to Me. Instead, many children close the door in My face. They are afraid that I will steal something form them. On the contrary, I come with My hands full of God’s graces; I only want to give you My Love.

Children, I need the Kingdom of God to be visible among you and to the eyes of the world. There are many kings on Earth. They are all kingdoms of death. The Kingdom of God, on the other hand, is the Kingdom of life, love and peace. I want the Church of My Son in the whole Universe to be His Kingdom; I want Him to be free to enter into you and take you wherever He wants, as He said yesterday.[2]

Now is the time in which the Kingdom of God must be visible. If it were not so and if the Kingdom of God did not manifest itself in you and among you, My Son’s Sacrifice would have been in vain. Yet, with His Blood, Jesus purchased the Kingdom to which He now wants to take you. The Kingdom of God already arises among you who live according to the teachings of My Son. It will be perfectly visible in the new creation, where it will shine as the only Kingdom of the Universe: the Kingdom of Life.[3]

Children, I ask you to enter more and more into the depth of your spirit to discover the presence of the King in you and to open the door to Him, always and at all times. Seek to belong more and more to My Son and to Me so that I may guide you towards Him, and He may lead you to the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let the Lord Jesus reign in you and among you. Thus, the world will see the Kingdom of God. Those who seek it will see it, for now imperfectly but later perfectly, in the new creation where God’s promises will be realised.[4] Those who refuse My Son will also see His Kingdom, but it will be for their ruin. You, however, will see the Kingdom of God come powerfully among you for your good and for your eternal happiness. Therefore, help Me so that My Son may be living among you, and His Kingdom may expand. Then, I, too, will be able to reign in you and among you together with My Son.

I bless you with all My Power as Queen; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Luke 17,20-21

[2] She refers to Jesus’ message, “The King’s Seal” of 24 November 2019, published on our website,

[3] See Daniel 2,31-45

[4] See 1John 3,2

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