The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

27 December 2020

(Translated Audio)

Today we celebrate the Holy Family; we have published the message that St. Joseph gave us in 2016[1], which will help us understand God’s thoughts in relation to the family. We are on a path of continuous transformation so that each of us, God’s Church, society, creation, everything, may enter God’s thoughts to be transformed by God’s thoughts in order to be in harmony with Him.

In the readings of these days, we often find the letters of St. John the Apostle who gives testimony to what he saw and touched: the Word of Life; he gave testimony to life [2]. His life was to give testimony to Life; he had met it and he had seen it in the person of Jesus. We may say – and he said it himself[3] – that he also saw Life in the person of Mary Most Holy. Being with Jesus or with Mary meant the same; it meant to be with Life, immersed in Life.

We, too, are called to be bringers of Life, to have the face of the Most Holy Trinity in our face; however, unlike John, we are called to bear witness to Life; above all, we are all called to live it, to let ourselves be immersed in Life, to make sure that Life and its vibration in us make us rise again as we welcome Life, which is resurrection, which is Jesus Christ, which is mercy and grace upon grace. As I said, John had seen and touched Life, but we see and touch it in a different way. It is a path of faith, as today’s readings say, just as that of Abraham, Simeon and Anna; it is a path of faith.

Abraham recognised life and believed what he heard in a vision, as we read today[4]. Simeon, a righteous man, was lead by the Holy Spirit and as he saw the Baby, he thanked God, “Sovereign Lord, as you have promised, you may dismiss your servant in peace”[5]. Anna also praised God for that Child[6]. They let themselves be guided by faith.

The words in the letter to the Hebrews[7], referring to Abraham, testify to faith; the faith that we also must have, which is not only trust but readiness to go where we do not know, believing against all hope that we can do anything if these words are with us: “Abraham reasoned that God could even raise the dead.” Abraham had not yet witnessed redemption because Jesus Christ had not yet overcome death. However, we know that Jesus Christ has overcome death forever, and yet Abraham believed that God could raise Isaac from death, and thus he believed in the resurrection. If our faith is not based on such ground, we run the risk of relying on our human strength, on our knowledge, on the experiences of others, on feelings, but not on faith.

Our path does not consist of believing what Father Tomislav tells us. I should say that we believe what he says because we recognise the truth in it, but not because he and Stefania are members of the Central Nucleus, but because we recognise God’s Life and feel God’s presence in what they convey to us. We feel that this announcement, this life and this faith are being nourished; we feel a vibration within us that awakens us to the life we have had since conception. Thus, you understand that our certainties, science or knowledge, will not help us, least of all our way of thinking.

We speak of the new creation, of the new people, of the Church of the Universe. 2021 is ahead of us, and we have been told that there will be many important events. [8] We are beginning to see that villages are forming and that many points of light have come forth. Today, on the Feast of the Holy Family, we speak about the new family, new forms of life, a new school, a new priesthood, and everything has to be born from the thought of God. We need faith, as I said, but we need to be ready to allow life to blossom as God’s life, not as we imagine it.

I do not think that the greatest problem is not wanting God’s life and not having recognised it. If we are here, following these programmes, it means that we have recognised it. However, there is a risk that we stop at the things we have intuitively understood and are satisfied with them, focusing on our understanding and our ideas, thus, creating only a narrow vision. That will prevent God from showing us the whole path, as He did with Abraham. It is true that God showed him the stars and that He gave him Isaac, but He also made Abraham go on a long journey, which was to be continued by Isaac and Jacob. We, as ordinary instruments, are also called to walk our path with openness and readiness, contemplating all things in our heart, like Mary did.

In today’s Gospel[9], Simeon blesses Mary and Joseph. Simeon becomes an instrument for Mary and Joseph to widen their view; they were the parents of Jesus, the Holy Family, the first Church. Simeon, who had never met them, speaks to Mary, and She has to be open his words. Abraham lets himself be guided and never interferes. He sets off, doing what he can, but always  ready to change, even to give up everything, even his son Isaac: God’s promise, the greatest thing, the greatest sign of God, which was to have a son in his old age; he even renounces to that.

The same is true for the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph. They always followed the indications: the dream, the angel; “Take the baby and leave”; “Go to Egypt”; “Return from Egypt”; they obeyed in everything. However, that was only the beginning of their pathway. Imagine what it meant for them to go to Egypt: “Take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt.”[10] Yes, they left, but what about all the difficulties they had to face? They were guided in some way by the events of life, but they did not suffer them, they penetrated them with faith.

I‘m saying this because we have to do the same in the year 2021. I will return to the example of Simeon. It seems clear that God had told him about the promise of Israel and that he would not die before he saw it. Then, he allowed the Spirit to guide him; he went to the temple at the exact time, and thus he saw the promise of God.  When I speak of the events, I mean life, the flow of life.

These days Jesus speaks about being His spouse.[11] To be able to be His spouses and in harmony with His thoughts he asks us to have a clear and sincere conscience. This is what Simeon and Anna, Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph had. If we have that, it is God to guide us; He is the principal actor. Abraham had a clear conscience, and God was the principal actor in his life.

We have been given a promise recently[12], which is a guarantee that we will all be lifted up to the same spiritual level. This will allow us to live fully our wedding with Christ. What does that mean for us? It means that we have to have Abraham’s faith and live with simplicity. We have to be joyful and wish to be as He wants us to be. How can we do that? By living a simple life in which the Holy Spirit is free to act in us because He has the first place in our lives, after we have removed all worries about what we want to do, about how we want to serve Him, about what we want to be and do; today I will add the ideas about the family.

Thus, in the first place there must be a deep wish to know ourselves; the wish to begin from the spirit, to be as He wants us to be. When we say that “we offer our lives” we may not be entirely sincere; we actually mean, “I offer it so that things go the way I think; because I will receive this or that in exchange”. Yet, the principle of offering one’s life is that you no longer control your life, that you no longer own your life, and that the next step will be contemplation. Life becomes only contemplation: contemplation of what He does, as Mary did when She contemplated everything in Her Heart. That is the contemplation of His action in all events; the contemplation of His wonders; wonders that are mostly different from what we expect. And the next step is giving thanks for everything; accepting everything and every situation; offering and blessing everything, thinking always well and respecting one another.

His Church is a place where people live like that, where every time they meet the same happens as between Mary and Elisabeth and between Simeon, Mary and Joseph: the Holy Spirit speaks through them; the Holy Spirit widens, enlightens, shows. When we live like them, with the same simplicity, God edifies the new creation and directly leads us be His spouses. It is a pathway; if we look at it concretely, we can compare it with two normal spouses; it is a pathway that begins with a wedding, with a “Yes”, and then  has a whole life to go; the same happens with God, with Jesus.

It means to allow God to fully develop His thoughts in all things – I say it for myself, but I think it is true for everyone. I will repeat that the danger lies in beginning to think in our own way; even when we receive a revelation, we may begin to interprete it in our own way. That is the danger we may face now: that we take the first step, make a choice such as that of offering our life, and yet we still keep it to ourselves, perhaps to do the works of God, but according to our own thoughts not His. The works of God must be developed by God; it is Him who must be glorified through each of us in the whole of His Church; it is not the Church that must be glorified; God is glorified in His Church.

In his message[13] St. Joseph speaks of the spiritual family from which all families originate.  I do not want to repeat the many promises we have received in this respect nor the path, which I think is clear to us, nor the joys and the beautiful things that God has already given to us. However, imagine what the things will be like that He still wants to give us in these times, in which the Church of the Universe is coming closer to the Earth and times are shortened! It is true that evil is exploding, but that is exactly because the good is drawing near. Therefore, let us truly remain calm and joyful; let us get ready, once again, as I said, to place everything in Mary’s Heart and to live according to Her intentions.

Look, our action, our prayers, our liturgies are of great importance, not because of us but because God is present in His Church; because Jesus will be increasingly present with His profound action: He touches, He forgives and He saves. Therefore, let us act in this faith and contemplate the wonders of God.

I wish you all a good Sunday, a blessed Solemnity of the Holy Family and I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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