“Firmness and Integrity in Christ”

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

24 March 2021

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; after the message of the Mother, Queen and Co-redemptrix[1], “Like Grains of Wheat”, please, do not expect any other messages or speeches. In these days, the liturgy itself is eloquent. Before Easter and, of course also afterwards, the Lord wants us to immerse ourselves in the Heart of the King through all that we have received until now.

I think that the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe present on Earth has reached a point that we may call a “funnel”, which means that it is necessary to pour life into those who welcome it; everything that does not pass through the funnel will flow out and be eliminated. I mean that the message of the Mother of God and the events of these days lead us to choose between God’s truth and a false, superficial religiosity so that we may find the source where life gushes out within us. Tonight I will try to underline some points that are important to us.

We have recognised the central point of Our Lady’s message:“The whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is called today to a truly great commitment here on Earth as on the other planets: to manifest the victory of My Son over death and Hades. This must particularly take place on your planet through you, who have decided to live according to the programmes that have been revealed to you in these years. These programmes apply to all those who sincerely wish to belong to Jesus through My Heart.”

One may wonder what this quotation means. Our Lay explains with simplicity that we are asked to witness “that His death and resurrection are real facts that have taken place in each of you and in the whole people.” Then, Our Lady speaks of the victory over death and the underworld; the underworld contains everything that happened after original sin, which was instigated by Lucifer, his demons and their powerful action on Earth. Jesus wants to be victor in us and among us.

What should we do? We must understand and go through that funnel to die to ourselves. Mary Most Holy explains in Her message that dying to ourselves does not mean to die physically but that “you are called to choose between God’s truth and falsehood, between seduction and integrity, which accepts no compromises. The Christian dies to himself when he allows My Son to live in him and to direct his thoughts, words and works. No one can call himself a Christian if Christ does not live in him.”

Today we have a striking image of a reality that happened in the past. It is about three young men who were thrown into a fiery furnace.[2] They were threatened by a deified king with supreme authority to be thrown into the fire because they refused to worship the gold image; finally, they were captured by strong men of the army, tied up and thrown into the furnace. “O Nebuchadnezzar, we have no need to answer you in this matter. If that is the case, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace, and He will deliver us from your hand, O king. But if not, let it be known to you, O king, that we do not serve your gods, nor will we worship the gold image which you have set up.”

This image speaks to us very clearly, showing us what still has to die in ourselves. Most Christians are used to going to confession in this time for having transgressed some precepts; yet, underneath there may be rottenness, the real sin: the rejection of God.

In yesterday’s reading of the Gospel of John, chapter 8, verse 21, Jesus says: “I am going away, and you will seek Me, and will die in your sin. Where I go you cannot come. … Therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins; for if you do not believe that I am He, you will die in your sins.”

How many prayers, how much participation in rites, how many reflections because of our search, but everything is useless if we do not abandon ourselves to Him. How? Like the three men of whom we have heard. Those three men only had their faith, hope and love left, as Saint Paul says[3], everything else had been taken away from them. Their spirit was full of trust in God against all hope. Therefore, they kept their hope to be freed, if not from the furnace then for eternal life. Their love for God determined their choice, just as had happened to Abraham. How many were practicing all the precepts as the Pharisees did, and yet failed to recognise God in Jesus Christ who was the visible image of the invisible and living God.[4]

Thus, to die inwardly means that to surrender entirely to God and allow Him to bind us, to force us. How? We are all placed in the funnel of original sin; we are in the prison of our body, which is ruled by matter, by the spirit of evil. In our history, in our parents’ history, in our roots, there is truly a fiery furnace. How many sins are hidden in us? How many consequences of sin do we have within us? What is burning in us, in our subconscious? How many sick layers are there in society? We do not know the answer. Why? Because there is corruption in the world. However, we are called to enter the source of life in which the King rules, because from our inmost place new thoughts, new wishes will emerge, and after entering the furnace dead with Christ and rising again with Him, everything will be new.

Mary Most Holy explained: “You know very well that neither money, nor pleasure or power, nor superficial emotions will be able to heal humanity, but only the acceptance of Christian values that derive from the divine laws that the Father has imprinted in your spirit.” … that the Father has imprinted in our spirit. “Jesus completes it and the Holy Spirit confirms it; however, this can only occur in those who accept to pass from death to life with Jesus, through their death.”

There is a sea of life in us; the flow of life of the Risen Christ, and we have to immerse ourselves into it. Thus, She tells us: “You know very well that neither money, nor pleasure or power, nor superficial emotions will be able to heal humanity …” We cling to these things when we are hurt by the experiences of life, of our childhood, which cause pain to our soul. We cling to them because we are weak. God does not condemn us for that; He wants to free us from them.

Those three young men worshiped God and did not want to worship the king. The king stands for the figure of the Antichrist who is against Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe. Here I would like to emphasize something very, very important: each of us, in this time, should enter virginal silence and guard this space, because then right thoughts are born from our heart, from God, just as in Peter; because the Holy Spirit will communicate life to us. Right words, right deeds will spring from there; they will come from God and will bring the life of the Risen Christ. The Mother of God wants the Church of the whole Universe to bring life, to communicate life. The consequence is not to give up the sacraments, but to live them. It is not about giving up prayer, but as Mary taught us in Medjugorje, to enter prayer; it is about entering into a relationship with the living God who lifts up everything in us. Nobody can enter our grave for us. We have to step into our grave where Jesus was resurrected. Neither St. Michael nor the Most Blessed Mother, the Co-Redemptrix, can replace us in this, but we can be strengthened by them.

I do not know why these three men were together, but I think it would have been very difficult for one person to remain firm in this situation. Also, had any of them wavered, he would surely have collapsed. Our communion must really be based on immersing ourselves in our spirit to communicate the life that develops in us and nourishes the life of two, three, four other people. That is not possible within a large number of people. Too much discussion and superficial exchange based on memorized things will create confusion even in a nucleus. We are always tempted to do things on our own instead of giving Christ the King the power in us.

All that we have received is very important, but now we are before the funnel: to die to a corrupt life; all corrupt layers must gradually fade away. Thus, we can begin our path with clarity, and it will involve a process. However, God cannot allow a slowdown in these times, because times are ripe. Thus, we can unite with each other to walk this path together, to die to ourselves and rise again. This is what Mary Most Holy expects from us: “Renounce any selfish prayers.” We have solemnly consecrated ourselves to Her, and now we want to accept the intentions of the Immaculate Mother; let us take these promises seriously and live them.

These are the points that I wanted to highlight because we desire to see and touch Jesus. But how can we cling to Jesus now in His intermediate coming? We cannot cling to Him because He goes towards the Father. If we do not go towards the Father, we will lose Him. On this path towards the Father, everything becomes clear and the power of the Holy Spirit descends on us abundantly so that we may be true witnesses of these programmes.

The Holy Mother says that this is our duty since we have promised to give testimony. She said: “It is a must for all who wish to enter the Kingdom of God”. How many people today are unable to do so because of propaganda, temptations, limits, diseases that cannot be explained nor eliminated. Remember, however, that Jesus promised the crippled, the blind, and even those who are unable to walk, to bring them into the Kingdom of God when they are internally ready to do so[5]. Everything will be new and medicine will reach its peak.

Therefore, if we experience the Resurrection as the Church of Jesus Christ on Earth, linked to the whole Church of the whole Universe, we have all the potential to bring healing to the Earth, the power to overcome evil. Truly, if we open our eyes, we will see that the Antichrist is powerfully working in the people; confusion is increasing more and more. Thus, even we will not be able to remain standing if we do not submit to this Law of life. Take courage! I wish you a happy Holy Weak and a good preparation for Easter.

I bless you all along with the whole people around me; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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