Happy Easter

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

3 April 2021

(Translated audio)

I wish you a happy Easter vigil, a Happy Easter and, above all, a happy Easter season! All the readings we have heard tonight, beginning from the Exultet [Easter Proclamation], light in us the joy of this path, which God has prepared for us. It is the joy of the passage from death to life, which we feel not only when we die physically, but also every time we are released from the burden of our thoughts and that of all our reasoning.

All the readings, from the Old Testament to St. Paul[1] as well as the Gospel[2], indicate a path; it is the path that humanity made in all times. They show us particularly the path of the people of Israel, which was to go out, to go, to leave, to abandon the old. If we look at it, even the Gospel ends like this: “Go and proclaim”.[3] The women were afraid; they did not say anything to anyone; however, even with the resurrection a path begins: “Go”. It is always the act of going out, of leaving.

When we say “leaving the old”, what do we actually mean with old? Saint Paul says that “the old self is crucified with Christ”[4]. All that is not immersed in the Spirit of God is old; all that is not ready for novelty is old. However, this must not be a burden for us, because when we are ready to follow Christ, to follow His way and to follow Him, who is alive and present among us in this time, we step out of the old to enter the new. It does not matter who we are or where we start from; the desire to go is enough. The important thing is to have the desire to enter the newness of God’s life, of God’s thought; then the old self will die by itself.

We have always heard that God has used precursors, instruments, to lead the people out. When He brought Israel out of Egypt, it was Moses. All these years, we have known that St. Michael the Archangel is the precursor. We have the three extraordinary instruments and we have Holy Mary and Saint Joseph who are the sublime instruments. Now we also have Jesus Christ. At all times, the passages have taken place in faith: Abraham, Israel, always in faith. Israel had to trust Moses; Abraham had to trust his feelings, St. Michael the Archangel who spoke to him. We must trust in God’s promises; we must trust in His living presence, we must trust in the Most Blessed Mother, who is present in Medjugorje for the last time. She is present among us, in Her people.

In a certain sense, everyone has received light at all times. We may say that this light, all that the saints have revealed to us and what we now have received is huge! The light is enormous and it shines on a new world, on a new creation, on His glorious return, which is getting ever closer. However, as I said, it is all a journey in faith; it is up to us to believe in all this and to let ourselves be guided. We often try to understand what we have to do and how we should do it. It is simple: have faith!

Tonight, with you, I would like to contemplate Mary Most Holy again, because She is truly the perfect example of faith, of what to do. She did not know everything either, but She had faith; faith in the Angel’s words that prepared Her for the next passage. In each passage, faith prepared Her for the next. I do not want to repeat myself, sorry, but let us take a quick look at what we know about Mary from the Gospel: each “Yes” led Her a step ahead.

Yesterday, I said that She and Jesus renewed the eternal Covenant and generated us. She generated us in faith. In the same faith, Jesus generated the apostles in these three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The apostles loved Jesus but they loved Him in a human way. She was the only one in the world who believed. She believed in the words that Jesus had said to her as St. Joseph told us in his message: “Mary and I knew that … Jesus would leave for His public mission, and we also knew what awaited Him.”[5] She believed Him. Everything was against Her: human logic and what Her eyes had seen was all against that faith. She had seen Him that He was dead; She had seen how they had treated Him; She had seen all the pain He had suffered, but She continued to believe.

Even those who loved Mary as they loved Jesus, such as the disciples, the apostles, the women, they also loved Mary, and they tried to comfort Her. There is a passage in a book of Maria Valtorta in which she describes how Mary refused that human love, that compassion, that consolation. She rejected it because it prevented Her from believing that Jesus would rise, that Jesus had defeated death. In a way, She wanted to say, “Leave me. I don’t need human consolation. I need you to believe with me. I need you to wait with me for the light of the world, which will return to the world because it has overcome death”. Yet, She was alone. I want to say that Jesus also found Himself in such a situation when the apostles tried to stop Him from His mission and He replied: “Get behind me Satan”[6]; “Before the cock crows, you will disown me three times.”[7] Everyone ran away. Holy Mary also went through that abandonment when they were trying to console the Mother.

Therefore, I want us to be like Mary tonight: to firmly believe in His glorious return and to firmly believe in His presence here tonight, beyond all the evidence we have against it. We firmly believe that we are in an epochal passage in which God is rewriting history; we firmly believe that this programme will not be stopped by anyone; we firmly believe that God has overcome the world. We do not want to be discouraged by our limitations; by the fact that we are not many; by the fact that we do not know how to act because we are not perfect: God has won! We believe because He promised it! He made promises about His Church! He has announced her to the whole Universe. He sent St. Michael to Hell to let them know that there is a Church on Earth and that time is running out.

So, we believe in this, beyond everything. We must believe without compromise, not like fanatics, but we must believe. Then, our life will become a life of evangelisation; a life of transformation. Our life will take everything beyond and become light for the Earth and for this humanity; our belief, our faith will do that. Let us spend this night like this: with faith, joy and certainty. Let us enter with Jesus Christ into our tombs, trials, pains, whatever they may be. Let us welcome life and rise with Him.

I greet you all once again; I embrace you and I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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