“Seek the things that are above”

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

16 May 2021

(Translated audio)

The solemnity we are celebrating today, the Ascension of the Lord, forcefully appeals to every Christian’s heart to “seek the things that are above”[1]; Christ ascends to Heaven. If a Christian belongs to Christ and desires Christ, he will seek the things that are above. This is one of those feasts of the year that bother the devil most – the Ascension of the Lord, Easter and the Assumption of Mary – because these feasts remind him of the promises Jesus has made to every Christian, to every man who welcomes Him. They remind him of what he renounced, what he lost. Moreover, they are the feasts that cannot easily be manipulated and that he cannot adapt to an earthly way of thinking. If you take a look at all the other feasts such as that of the Saints, they can be adjusted according to the Earth. Also with regard to Pentecost he managed to introduce the idea of receiving extraordinary gifts; one expects to receive the Holy Spirit to have extraordinary gifts, but it is not like that. The solemnity of the most Holy Trinity is something blurred; no one seems to be able to speak about the Trinity; they have written six hundred page volumes in which one understands nothing.

The only purpose of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is the elevation to the Father, and its fulfilment lies in entering into the life of the Father, which occurs through the gift of the Holy Spirit who descends from the Father and reveals to us the whole truth. These feasts are the path of every Christian. Today St. Paul says it clearly in the letter to the Ephesians. He urges us to “lead a life worthy of the calling to which you have been called”.[2] To be Christians is a vocation; it is not an option; it is not, “It is okay to be Christian or Muslim or whatever you want”. To be Christian is a vocation; it is a calling. However, as I said in the beginning, the base must be the search for the things that are above; the vocation starts there. On the contrary all that lowers the spirit – it truly is like a law – triggers the battle between Good and Evil and leads us to think humanly and to contemplate everything, even God, from a human point of view.

In Her last message, Mary Most Holy reminds us that we have to enter into the thought of God and allow Him to shape us in His image, not the other way round.[3] Seeking the things that are above; contemplating the life of the Father; contemplating eternal realities widens our soul, forces it to descend into the depth of the spirit and forces it to welcome all that the Holy Spirit gives us because we can reach the Father only through Jesus, in the Holy Spirit; yet, not to receive extraordinary gifts but because through His Redemption Jesus obtained the gift for us to understand and awaken all that has been sown into us.

I said before: if we do not live like this, our soul bends towards the things of the Earth, attaches itself to other spirits, other needs, and it attaches itself to other forces. And what happens then? The level of our thinking is lowered and from low thoughts all diseases – I mean the physical ones – depravation and all other things come forth. I think that the confusion we are living in prevents us from contemplating the things that are above. It seems absurd to me that a Christian, a child of God, who seeks to penetrate the mystery of God and grow in order to live with His Creator, should start arguing whether a man is a man, whether a woman is a woman, if a man and a woman are okay. This is a sign that the spirit is weakening. Do you know what the worst about it is? That this is considered as freedom; it is seen as a conquest; it is seen as progress and openness.

When the level of our thoughts drops, our soul remembers God. Even an atheist has a glimmer within him.  Those who declare to be atheists, however, only seek or invoke Him to solve problems and the situations of the Earth. They look down as if everything would be solved in the hundred years of our life here; as if the whole Universe and eternity were reduced to this, to the situation in which we live now, to the actual problems, to the difficulties we have with our children, etc.

It is not that God does not deal with these things; of course He deals with the things of the Earth! Yet, when He said, “Seek the things that are above,” He also said, “Strive first for the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”[4] Thus, the result of the fact that we are seeking God is that He will deal with our problems; He will put things right while we are seeking God. He said it in the Gospel. He did not say, “Seek Me so that I solve your problems,” but He said, “I will solve them if you seek Me,”[5] which is something different!

It is easy, as I said before, to see that man has not greatly elevated His thoughts over the centuries; man has confused and lowered even prayer to an earthly level, in my opinion. He also diminished the meaning of the extraordinary interventions of God, taking them to a human level, focusing on the earthly needs of humanity. Look, in this way God is reduced to an idol. All the pagans have done this from the beginning of time. They had their idols to which they prayed for their needs, and they feared them.

I repeat: I am not saying that we should not think about the flow of life and take care of normal things. I’m saying that as Christians we have a vocation and we must begin from God, from the One who has created us, from a Father who gave us His Son who obtained the Holy Spirit for us. We must begin from a Mother who wants to lead us to God’s Life and immerse us into it. Then, normality, the flow of everyday life, will be a path towards God. The normal things of life will be instruments to reach God, and everything will be regulated by God’s Life; nothing will happen outside the Life of God.

Every extraordinary intervention of God has always had precisely this purpose: to draw us back to Him. He has not forgotten us; He loves us so much that He cannot not help us. He has not left us, but we must let Him work the way He thinks, the way He wants. Every intervention, past and present, reveals His Love for us. All interventions are connected to each other, and the purpose is always our elevation, but we must leave it to Him. He will elevate us in the way He wants to do it, not according to our human ideas. Also, sorry if I repeat myself, the battle with Lucifer is right there: when we get confused in seeing God passing by; in seeing God’s plan; in seeing that God can even intervene by allowing Satan’s work, to whom we sometimes give more power than he actually has. The only power he has is to create fear and confusion. He cannot do or create anything; he cannot kill or hurt anyone except through fear. He cannot even cause us to be ill. He can make our soul so frightened that we get sick. Understand the difference! He cannot do anything, he is a poor fellow. He only has the power of fear!

Mary Most Holy has always appeared in serious moments of history. Why? You will say, “To save us”, and I agree, but to save us from what? To save us from that situation, that war, that disease or that pandemic? Yes and no! She comes to save us from our thoughts that are focused on finding human solutions instead of seeking God; instead of recognizing that the situation conveys the message, “Change your life,” we keep looking for solutions that would bring the situation to an end while we carry on living like before.

She does not come to stop wars because they cause victims or because they are ugly; of course they are ugly. They are ugly because they are provoked by men who are made in the image and likeness of God, and thus should seek the things of above whereas they only think of defending themselves from each other, of protecting themselves. Whether they attack or defend actually makes no difference; what matter is that they seek peace with human means; they even seek peace with weapons.

If you tried to think, “Seek the things that are above”[6], all wars would stop, beginning from those in the families, because even Christians wage war against each other. Look at the divisions between Christians, starting from the big ones, but even the small ones, and the actual ones in the movements. Are they not always issues of the Earth? Now we are even divided on the vaccine, some say yes and some say no to it; Christians! Are they seeking the things that are above or are they focused on earthly things?

On this website we talk about extraordinary instruments: the Central Nucleus, the Archangels and the faithful brothers and sisters[7]; the sublime instruments: Holy Mary and St. Joseph. But why are they there? I ask the same question as for the apparitions of Mary Most Holy: to save us? How do they intervene? What are they doing? Someone I met said: “Nothing ever changes anyway.” I tell you that in 2012 some left us because they expected an epochal change. However, with the issue of the vaccine many are confused. This is a way of measuring things according to earthly standards; this kind of measuring and reasoning happens without looking for the things that are above.

Yesterday Father Tomislav repeated that the interventions of the Central Nucleus and the messages given to Stefania Caterina are not private revelations.[8] The Central Nucleus is not something private, the Archangels are not our private angels – they are not just for us – and we have not invented the faithful brothers. The extraordinary instruments as well as all the messages that God and the instruments have given us – Mary Most Holy, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and many Saints – are nothing other than the thought of God; nothing other than “Knowing the Father and the One whom the Father has sent”[9], that is, the very heart of the Gospel so that we may begin to understand and live the Gospel, period. They are not extraordinary interventions to save us in a human way. They bring salvation, the only salvation that we receive by welcoming Christ, by offering ourselves to Him through the Immaculate Heart of the Co-Redemptrix, by living according to the Mary’s teachings and according to the laws of the Spirit. Mary leads us to Jesus, and Jesus leads us to the Father in the Holy Spirit, period. Anything else you want to add and can add comes from a human level.

By walking our path in this way, we walk like Jesus Christ and become like Him. By walking in this way, we live the whole Gospel. Our life is a vocation. We are Christians by calling. We want to reach the whole Truth; we want to reach the fullness of Faith, as Saint Paul says to the Ephesians today[10]; he says that there are multiple charismas, multiple missions, but one Lord, one spirit, one God, one Father. I will not repeat the whole letter to the Ephesians. The basis is life as a flow of events which we have to go through as children of God. Then, we too, by offering our life, rise to the Father like Jesus; we, too, obtain the Holy Spirit like Jesus, and we also pour it out on others as He did. This is the path of the Christians, which should have an impact on Earth.

While the Christians live like that, God saves what can still be saved – He knows how – and reaches every man of good will, no matter where he is hidden. He repairs all that happened over the millennia; He recuperates the souls in Purgatory; He recuperates everything; He separates Hell from Purgatory again, as He did on Holy Saturday when He went down to Hell. Now, those who are in Hell stay there, but those who are in Purgatory are lifted up. He does that, but we can do it, too, with Him when we elevate ourselves to the Father and seek the things that are above; that is it!

Measuring the apparitions of Mary Most Holy, the extraordinary interventions of God, in a human way, means bringing Mary’s messages, given through various visionaries, and Her sometimes very strong interventions, Her miracles, to an earthly level. It means drawing them away from these truths, from the things above. Be aware that behaving like that may satisfy religiosity and reassure us. It may lead people to say fifty-seven rosaries a day, but that will not force them to change their way of thinking. It may give them peace of mind or make them pray for sinners, for the good, for the bad, but everything will remain on an earthly level.

Know that when we act like that, Lucifer’s intervention is present. As long as we do not raise our thoughts to the Father, it does not disturb Lucifer as for him we can pray as much as we want. I do not know if any of you have witnessed exorcisms: the prayers do not bother him; what bothers him is to feel that he has been recognized. And when do we recognize him? When we look at him with love. When we look at him with love, he starts screaming and runs away. I have witnessed this a few times; people were screaming and praying, but I noticed that actually nothing really changed. One feels satisfied thinking, “Oh, I made Lucifer scream!” but that is all.

Receiving God’s gifts and then take them to a human level, closes our soul. Our soul also has to become a servant of the Holy Spirit like Mary Most Holy. The soul has to bow before the Spirit and descend into the Spirit. Even though the soul is created in the image and likeness of God, it has to come to Earth and remain immersed in the spirit of the world for a time of transition in which it has to say “yes”. However, this cannot be taken for granted as it is a vocation. I hope you can understand what I mean. In that vocation, when the soul continually renews its “yes”, it is immersed in the Spirit and begins to contemplate the whole truth, day by day. It is a path made of stages. Life is a path made of stages that lead to the full maturity of faith.

We know it from the readings, but I have to say it, too: God’s thought is not of this world. I also say: the thought of God is not for this world, and that is why reducing it to the level of the world dilutes it, ruins it. We are in the world, but not of the world[11]. We are created for the things above: “Seek the things that are above.”[12] The new creation is not as we, of this world, think it is. God said, He would also save the Earth.[13]

The world is beautiful, but if you take the Spirit of God away from this beautiful world, what will it become? The thought of God cannot be used; the thought of God can only be loved. When we desire Him, He will reveal Himself. When He reveals Himself, we will say “yes” to Him, and He will continue to reveal Himself. Jesus says: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.”[14] Which cross does He mean? It is our “yes” that leads us to give up our way of thinking; life will certainly help us, but only if we say this “yes”, not if we take God and adapt Him to our life.

As Father Tomislav[15] said yesterday, the times are coming quickly, in which those who do not want to say their first “yes”: ʺI want it, even if everything is wrong with me, I want it,“ will remain outside. Those who do not have this desire and continue to hold on to their ideas and beliefs will find themselves outside without even noticing because the door will be closed.[16] They will not even notice it! We are fast approaching those times. Do not even think, “I’ll notice it.” If you are not willing to leave everything, to get involved, you will not notice it. That is what the extraordinary instruments are for: to remind us that we have been created to be Christians by calling and not by choice.

We were created for eternal realities; we were not created to stay here, but to seek the things that are above. We were created, if we want, to imitate Jesus Christ, to be like Him. To be like Him we must pass through Mary Most Holy, Mother, Queen and Co-Redemptrix and no wise theologian can tell us what to do, what not to do. We were created for eternity. That is all, and the road is only one; there is no other.

Our religiosity will not save us; the Pope will not save us; obedience to any structure will not save us. Only the infinite desire for God and the things of God, which burns inside us, leaving us breathless, will save us. With that desire in our heart, we may struggle, make mistakes and fall, but God will recuperate us. This is the only way; there is no other way.

Mary Most Holy is Mother and appears to us as Mother to save us from that earthly way of thinking. As our Mother, She has no other desire than to lead us to Her Son’s thought. As Mother, She knows the path because She walked it first. May Mary welcome us all in Her Heart, awaken the truths that are within us and help us overcome all reluctance; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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