“Ready for the Battle”

By Tomislav Vlašić

22 May 2021

(Translated audio]

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we want to share with you this Pentecost vigil. The Liturgy offers us images to reflect on: the first reading speaks of Babel.[1] This passage can easily be misunderstood as it sounds like God wants to destroy the unity of the people. Many religions have the primitive notion that God provokes both good and evil. However, we know that God is the good Father who loves us, who revealed Himself through Jesus Christ and who wants to give us only the good. With immense generosity, He awaits the path of humanity to reach fullness, but man can only reach God by freely choosing God and the life in God; this applies to all humanity.

How can we experience salvation? The gospel is clear about this. Before Jesus’ Passion begins, He calls us to Him: “Let anyone who is thirsty come to me and drink.” From His side, from his pierced Heart, the Holy Spirit came out; from His Spirit, which the Father promised and which fully unites Him with the Father, the Holy Spirit is given to us in the sacrifice of Christ.

The letter to the Romans speaks of the suffering of humanity, of the groaning of every creature[3], but also of us who have received grace, the first fruit; we awaken from the depths of our spirit, if we allow the Spirit of Christ to act fully in us. We will be able to rise again even after death, but we may also live as resurrected people while living here and be able to return to the Father in the new creation. We are now at the point of opening up to the Holy Spirit with determination. Without the Holy Spirit, even our religiosity becomes empty, made of ideas, rituals, emotions, superficiality. With the coming of the Holy Spirit, we will be able to understand Jesus Christ, welcome Him, participate in His life and return to the Father with Him. Everything is born of the Spirit, of the Holy Spirit, and everything will return to the Father through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. This is the point that we must understand in order to welcome the programmes that the Lord has revealed to us.

In the message of the Holy Spirit[4] in this vigil, certain points are highlighted: “You have reached an important stage because the Father is about to give a decisive turn to your history. This will affect not only your planet but also the whole Universe. However, Earth is of strategic importance in God’s plans, as has widely been explained, because the final battle between the armies of God and those of Lucifer will take place on Earth. The turn I am talking about is represented by JESUS’ INTERMEDIATE COMING to Earth, which is the clear signal for Lucifer and his fellows that their time is about to end.”

The Mother, Co-redemptrix and Queen is among us in a special way, silently and invisibly, because Her apparitions in Medjugorje have not been accepted by the ecclesiastical hierarchies, now She acts within those who are of good will. Jesus is invisibly present among us in His intermediate coming, and He acts in the power of the Holy Spirit. We can only discover Him through the Holy Spirit. Paul said: “No one can say, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ except by the Holy Spirit.”[5] Thus, He remains invisible but He is acting in the power of the Holy Spirit in favour of those who open up to the Holy Spirit, but He cannot communicate Himself to those who are closed.

This truth is summarized in the words of the Holy Spirit for this time: “I solemnly announce to you that today a real countdown begins for the whole Universe and particularly for the Earth.” When God expresses something solemnly, those who are against Him should tremble, and those who welcome Him have to be extremely attentive, because the Holy Spirit will penetrate, touch all systems, all souls, good and evil; everyone is able choose.

“The events are imminent and time will flow ever faster towards the epilogue of history, which will culminate in the glorious return of Jesus Christ, visible to everyone. Jesus will come to judge the humanity of all times, the living and the deceased, and to definitively separate the children of God from the children of Lucifer, the offspring of the Woman from the offspring of the serpent.”

This is the scenario in which we find ourselves, and this is the dynamic of grace, of the action of the Holy Trinity that will be felt by those who welcome the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not something we cannot recognize and experience. He manifests Himself in Jesus Christ, in what He left us. In this message, it is emphasized that we can receive the Holy Spirit by sincerely and correctly participating in the Eucharist, in the Eucharistic Sacrifice. The Holy Spirit cannot descend, put the seal or bestow his seven gifts on those who do not participate sincerely in the Eucharist. Why? Because they do not participate in salvation. Participation in salvation occurs through the Saviour; there is no other way. Only on those who participate in the Sacrifice of Christ, through the help of the Mother and Co-redemptrix, does the Holy Spirit descend and carry out the desires of the Father through the Son.

Let us go back to the essential aspect we have communicated to you: we are in the time of the recapitulation of the whole Universe in Jesus Christ; this happens through the offering of our life to Him through the Immaculate Mother. We must accept this and be open to the Holy Spirit who gives us the light, wisdom and strength to overcome everything and to accept, set off on our path and be committed. We cannot receive anything from God if we do not correctly and humbly welcome His programmes in Christ which concern the whole Universe.

In this time, we are asked to live our Pentecost as one body and one spirit. We mean the Mystical Body of Christ, the living parts of Christ, who is the victor over sin and death. Thus, He, who is the victor, impresses the turning point on us, and through us He impresses it on this humanity. The Holy Spirit does not guarantee power and wealth; He bestows faith and trust in God, making our life unshakable; He gives joyful hope and the love of Christ who died for each of us; this is Pentecost.

For some time we have been saying that the cosmic Pentecost will not be like the very first one when many signs occurred, which, unfortunately, were easily mixed with esotericism and different pagan forms. Now, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Co-redemptrix and Queen, we are guarded and consecrated to the Holy Spirit; we are nurtured by the faith, hope and love of Christ and we will not make mistakes; that is  not only true for us, here on Earth, but for all men who accept Christ throughout the Universe.

Many people find it difficult to understand our discourse when we talk about the existence of men in the Universe. Science today speaks of millions of planets that the eyes of technology have discovered from Earth. Why is the invisible not accepted? We express our faith in visible and invisible things. Why can this not be accepted? Because humanity wants to control everything; it wants to subject even our spirit to artificial intelligence so that, eventually, it will belong to the Illuminati, to those who control everything. Yet, the Spirit of God does not allow Himself to be controlled by anyone, and we can be free. It is difficult for the man of the Earth because he has closed in on himself in his selfishness, in his sin, in his struggle for survival. He is afraid of death, of disease, and does not want to change.

From the point of view of faith, I turn to you who believe that the seven great Archangels exist and preside over the Heavenly Liturgy before the throne of God; our liturgy should be participation in their liturgy. If it is not participation in their liturgy, we are deprived of strength. The Archangels are the guardians of the seven great gifts of the Holy Spirit. Nobody has a justification for withdrawing into himself. Whoever does not open himself to the Holy Spirit will not even solve the problems with his family, his children, his wife or husband; it will always be a Babel. I am not telling you a theory; you may experience it yourselves, and you see it every day.

Man can be united with all others only in the Holy Spirit where all creatures have their originality in fullness and express it in the capacity to live as the One and Triune God does: the Father glorifies the Son, the Son glorifies the Father, the Holy Spirit glorifies the Father through the Son, and this flow of love pours upon us, on all people. Only in the true God can we all be united and enjoy not only what we have, but also what the Mystical Body of Christ has.

Therefore, this is a time in which we have to grow, and the message of the Holy Spirit gives us some indications. The priests of the Foundation will share them with you, instruct you and give you information in this time. It is a great start because if the Christians of the Earth are not the salt of the Earth[6], how can they have any influence, how can they help humanity?

Do not worry if they tell you that you are a sect. We live the essence of what Jesus Christ has revealed to us, and we work to reach fullness, to pour out this fullness on all others who are of good will.

We bring the love of Christ, who wants to save everyone; consequently, we are rejected, just as the prophets of all times have been, in religions, in science, in discoveries, etc.

We give the answer of peace, of Christ’s love, of joy and security, and thus we bring the fruit of the Holy Spirit to the whole Earth and the whole Universe; thus, through us, people may receive the Holy Spirit, and God will gather all those who are of good will; no one will be lost. Have the courage to be generous in faith to fight this battle with the faith, hope and love of Christ.

I bless you; may the Holy Spirit descend on you in the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother, Co-redemptrix and Queen; may you all recognise yourselves as Apostles and Disciples of the Mother in the Cenacle; may the whole Universe be with you and you with the whole Universe to share the faith in the One and Triune God and to welcome the grace of this time for the salvation of the Earth and the whole Universe; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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