“The 40th Anniversary of the Apparitions of the Queen of Peace”

24 June 2021

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I wish you a good Feast of the Queen of Peace. May you be able to receive the graces of this great day. Our Lady has spoken to us on the occasion of the forty years of apparitions in Medjugorje.[1] You will receive the message tomorrow, but I want to give you an overview  so that it is easier for you to read.[2]

First of all, Most Holy Mary emphasized that the decisions made at this time are final. This means that it is necessary to take a sincere, correct inner attitude before God and to participate in His manifestation, in His work of salvation for all of humanity. You know that doctors must take an oath to act right, sincerely, and selflessly. The same goes for scientists, who have to present the truth, not lies or confusing knowledge. So you have an obligation to adopt a right, honest, truthful attitude. Many say that God is a mystery and leave Him aside, but precisely because God is a mystery, they should take an honest, sincere attitude before God since God reveals the mystery out of the mystery to those who are of good will.

For Christians, the history of salvation is a bright path, and in these forty years of Our Lady’s presence the light has increased. It increased in those who accepted it, and in those who rejected it, the darkness increased. So nobody can justify themselves by saying, “I don’t care; I have no idea; these are mysterious things that I cannot understand.” Of course, we cannot understand the greatness of God, but we can be honest, sincere, and faithful to the truths that God Himself reveals. In this sense, the message calls humanity to take a sincere, true, impeccable attitude before the mystery of God and accept the work of God in this time.

The message we have received has two parts: on the one hand, Our Lady briefly discusses these forty years, what She wanted to achieve and what God wanted and saying finally: “Despite the good will and the holiness of many parishioners and pilgrims, Medjugorje has not shined as bright as God wanted. The Catholic Church has never officially pronounced herself about My Apparitions. Many of her representatives have made fun of Me; they have confused simple people, discredited My work and persecuted those who believed.”

Nevertheless, God has moved on in all these years. His plan to gather up all things in Christ continued to develop because He found a little remnant on Earth. Thus, He united that little remnant with the whole Universe, the Saints, the souls of Purgatory, the brothers and sisters faithful to God, who are scattered in the Universe, that is, the Christians of the whole Universe, and He founded the Church, which must be as Jesus Christ intended it to be. The faithfulness to Our Lady of those who responded to Her call advanced the plan to unite the whole Universe in Christ and we come to the fruits. I quote Our Lady: “This year, 2021, the fortieth year of My Apparitions in Medjugorje, the time of preparation ends and the MESSIANIC TIME begins.” What does the Messianic Time mean? At the first coming of Jesus Christ, Israel awaited the Messiah and the Messiah appeared, but not all accepted Him. Part of humanity rejected Him and crucified Him, but He remained in those who had accepted Him.

“It is a time of final choices for every one of you and for the entire humanity of the Universe; a time in which God wants to fulfil what He has established from eternity. These forty years, in which you have gone through the desert of this Earth with Me, have produced an extraordinary fruit in you and in those who have been faithful to God and Me: THE INTERMEDIATE COMING OF JESUS of which I have already spoken.”

Many wonder what the intermediate coming of Jesus is. Christians should understand it well. All revelations after original sin progressively advanced. Even during the first coming of Jesus through the Immaculate Mother Mary among the Israelite people, the revelations given during Jesus’ public life gradually deepened, and those who were righteous and sincere and wished to see and know the Messiah slowly grew spiritually. Remember the synoptic Gospels written by Matthew, Mark and Luke, who show how Jesus gradually revealed Himself. Think of the event of the Transfiguration of the Lord before the eyes of Peter, James, and John, and the profound way in which these Apostles experienced the transfigured presence of Jesus.

Let’s go back to the Old Testament. Israel often spoke of the Lord’s presence in the temple as something tangible that could be felt. Jesus Christ Resurrection was a special manifestation of His presence; however, it was not enough to look at Him or to touch Him: something more, an inner openness was necessary. Jesus acted in every apostle who loved Him and made this inner openness possible in them. This was the preparation to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to understand the mysteries of creation, salvation and sanctification, as Mary Most Holy says in Her message.[3]

Then, we have a figure who speaks to us more than anyone else: the Most Holy Virgin Mary, who welcomed the Triune God in Her womb. She fully participated in the life of Christ up to the Cross and the resurrection, and then God took Her into Heaven, body and soul, as a new creature; now She is with God. She is the image of the future Church as she will be: immaculate, completely immersed in God in the new creation. Mary is an example to us, and Her presence as Mother among us enables us to fully participate in the programme of Jesus’ intermediate presence among us.

I would like to help you take move on, beginning from that true inner attitude that each of us, even an atheist, must have, after which God comes to our aid. I quote the words of Our Lady: “Jesus’ presence in spirit on your planet holds incalculable power in favour of the whole Universe. It elevates and causes to vibrate your spirit, soul and body.” It involves and changes each of us inwardly who presents himself honestly and humbly before God: You are not completely aware of what it means to be living witnesses of this extraordinary event, which is the intermediate coming of Jesus.”

The extraordinary event is this: if we are sincere, we take Jesus Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the Holy Spirit, and this power will vibrate in us so that we will be bringers of the living Christ. This is the testimony that will even have an impact on stones, on everything. This is where Our Lady means when She says: “Nothing will ever be the same again and you will see many things change on Earth if you have eyes to see.”

His powerful presence among us serves to prepare His glorious coming when everything in the new creation will be subject to the laws of pure spirit. Our Lady therefore continues: “He is here; His presence and action will be perceived more and more by His people, who love Him, and be the source of a new life.”

Therefore, if you want you can perceive Him. “Jesus’ presence and action will also be felt by the people of darkness, but for them it will be the announcement of the end, for Jesus has returned to annul Satan’s projects. And here too, whoever is righteous towards God and the mystery can only rejoice because he can perceive the presence of God.

I quoted;Nothing will ever be the same again ….“ I continue: “Those who do not want to see anything and pretend nothing has happened so as not to change their life, will remain blind and wander in the desert. Therefore, I invite you to stand before God ….” The Old Testament particularly emphasises these words: standing before God leaving everything, standing face to face before Him to contemplate Him, to understand what He wants and to place oneself at His disposal. “Do not let the Lord pass by without even noticing, as unfortunately many men, sunk into a sleep of death, will do.”

Finally, She says something very strong, very painful for those who want to stay neither here nor there: Our Lady will withdraw. “Dear children, the time has come for Me to withdraw in order to accompany the people of God. From now on, I will no longer manifest Myself to the crowds who first cheer Me and then forget Me. I will only walk with those who want to live in My Heart to serve the true One and Triune God.”

When the Immaculate Mother of God withdraws and pays full attention to those who are walking their path – like a Mother who loves Her children dearly – the time has come for Her to let Her Son come with His justice. Thus, we have arrived at a final separation because the Mother of God also submits to Her Son, to the plan of God the Father, and devotes Herself to those who want to enter the new creation.

Mary will remain in the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe, but this people, the Church of the whole Universe, must be consecrated to Mary in order to give itself to Jesus Christ and participate in his victory over sin and death and be resurrected. Offering oneself to Jesus means being able to live a new life; not according to the laws of sin and corruption, but according to a new life that is always new until we reach the new creation, where everything will be subjected to the laws of the pure spirit. As Our Lady said elsewhere, the whole Church must become immaculate.

These things have been said to you in the past few years, but these things have also been said and written down throughout the history of the Church of the Earth. You can find them in all theology books, at least the essence of it. Do not say, “We don’t know about these times; we don’t know what is happening.” We can know everything we need to have a sincere, honest, and responsible attitude before God.

So, we have come to the conclusion: on which side do you want to be? Without wanting to force you in any way, I would like to encourage you to adopt the attitude I was talking about and to decide on which side you want to be. Corrupt human life will end up in corruption. The corrupt Christian life, too, is tasteless salt that is trampled on. That is the logic. Make your choice, but go one step further: you, who want to chose to be with Mary Most Holy and Jesus, unite in a concrete way with the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe and think about how you can participate in her that the Church may grow in quality and size; thus, the power of Christ, who is present, and His Mother, the Queen of the Universe united with the King of the Universe, may be poured out on the Earth and the whole Universe.

I hope you will make your decision in these days and begin your path together with the Blessed Mother in order to feel the presence of Jesus; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See Message of Mary Most Holy of 24 June 2021 “Forty Years with Me in the Desert of this Earth”, published on our website, https://towardsthenewcreation.com/

[2] Father Tomislav made these reflections on the day before Our Lady’s message was published on our website.

[3] See footnote 1