Our Legacy

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Every year, for the Solemnity of Christ the King, we usually receive indications for the coming year. Many of you are waiting for Jesus’ discourse. However, Jesus has told us that He does not want to speak.

Why does He not want to speak? Because the humanity of the Earth does not want to change. The words He would like to say would be hard words for the majority of the humanity who would not accept them, causing pain in the souls of those who are of good will.

Jesus is patient and will speak to humanity at the time He deems appropriate. Nevertheless, He will continue to guide those who have accepted to be recapitulated in Him according to the programmes we have revealed to you in all these years. He will instruct all those who are part of His Church of the Universe.

For us, members of the Central Nucleus, the time has come to withdraw into silence in order to carry out the task the Lord Jesus has entrusted to us. In this time, as has been announced to you, Jesus is present on Earth in a special way since this is the time of His intermediate coming. The three extraordinary instruments are fully involved in the action of the Saviour; it is unfolding on Earth but has repercussions on the whole Universe.

All we have received by revelation from God and that we have passed on to you in the past years through books, messages, reflections and explanations, we will hand it over to the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” present on Earth. It is the legacy that we leave to all of you who are members of this Church. We do it through the Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate”, with which we have collaborated from the beginning in a spirit of authentic Christian fraternity.

The Foundation is a working nucleus of the Church at the service of the Church. In these years, it has taken on the task of guarding, spreading and promoting all it has received from both of us, overcoming with love many trials and hostilities, because the Lord wanted to test their faithfulness. The Foundation will continue to carry out its task to the benefit of all of you and guard the legacy we leave behind. It will be close to you and support you in the steps you want to take.

For our part, even if we will speak little at the behest of Jesus, we will transmit to you what the Lord might want to communicate to you, as we have always done. Particularly united with Jesus, together with all the extraordinary instruments, we will be united with all of you and with those who believe in the intermediate coming of Jesus. We will take you closer to His Heart.

We thank you for having welcomed us and for having believed our testimony. Now that Jesus is here, present among us in a special way, it is right to let Him speak to your hearts in the way that is best for each one of you. “He must increase, but I must decrease,”[1] said John the Baptist at Jesus’ first coming. Everything must decrease because the voice of the Lord Jesus Christ must rise with authority above every other voice; it must rise above the noise of the world and the confusion of too many empty words.

W bless you with love and we entrust you to God and Mary Most Holy. We wish you a luminous path, filled with grace, especially in the time of Advent, which is opening up before us and in which God’s promises are always plentiful.

November 2021, Solemnity of Jesus Christ the King

                                         Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

[1] See John 3,30