Merry Christmas

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

24 December 2021

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We are about to celebrate Holy Christmas. All these feasts conclude a long cycle that includes the consecrations[1] that await us and that we will solemnly renew until the presentation of the Lord at the temple, which has always represented for us the attitude we must have before the Lord and which must encompass all Christmas festivities.

What are we celebrating today? The Nativity of the Lord. How do we understand it? Most people understand it as a date: December 25, 2021, the day the Saviour was born in a cave between a donkey and an ox, etc. What humanity was waiting for appeared there and ended there. It is a static image, enriched with Santa Claus, who some people even invoke to solve the problem of the epidemic, to bring us back to normal life. All is shrouded in a mystery that people call a legend. Why? They say that humanity needs legends like this one. Even when it comes to the men of the Universe, they are considered as legends; legends have always arisen in this way: Moses is a legend and all that happened in Bethlehem is also a legend.

A large part of humanity and many Christians, has closed Christmas into a nostalgic image that gives a little hope but not its realisation. Rites, sermons, concepts are repeated, but everything is static. So, what are we celebrating? Today we are celebrating the Memorial of what happened more than two thousand years ago and is still alive today among us, now more than ever. We are celebrating Messianic events. What does ‘Messianic events’ mean? It means that everything is revealed as it is in God and that our life is going towards the ultimate time, which ends either with damnation or with salvation through the entry into the new creation, which is the full realisation of the individual, of us, of all the people. These times are marked by such a powerful dynamic that Jesus draws into His Church, to His people, all the merits of all the saints and the righteous from Adam onwards; this richness of grace flows in favour of each one of us. What the Father has conceived in His mind, is resumed by the Son, Jesus Christ, through whom man and all things have been created, and He brings to completion the whole of history, which is enlightened by Him, in a definitive way.

This is the dynamic of these times, which leaves no escape to anyone, that is, to those who want to oppose God, those who want to remain indifferent or those who want to walk but take only one step and then stop. However, no one can stop walking anymore because the energy of these times is very, very powerful.

This is a time of elevation for us Christians, for us who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe and for all those who adhere. As we have been told, before the first coming of Jesus Christ, it was a time of waiting. After Him and after the descent of the Holy Spirit, the time of elevation began; however, we cannot wait passively for this elevation, we must participate in it.

I will give you an image: think of a young woman full of life. She lacks the experience and the knowledge of the elderly, but she is vibrant. When such a vibrant person is guided in the Spirit of God by Jesus Christ, Shepherd and King of the Universe, she will join the vibration of the Son of God and of the Holy Spirit, and thus take initiatives and be inspired just as the shepherds were. We have heard that the Apostles were inspired. They did not preach because they worked miracles. The miracles took place due to the firmness of their faith and their harmony with the Shepherd, and they acted and were not afraid; they had left everything behind.

These are the times of our celebration. Saint Paul says in the letter to Titus: “For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people.”[2] We have received everything; we have received many graces and the path is open. What God wants to do in us, in this time, is to awaken this inner dynamic, so that each of us may bloom like a sprout, like a flower, and give scent and beauty, bear fruit and manifest what the Lord has done within us.

Thus, Jesus, Our Lady and the prophets have stopped giving us messages so that we may become vital inwardly. Only through the vitality of our spirit can we rise; this is the only way for our whole being to become new in Christ and go towards the finality of all things. Will we get there? Yes. In His INTERMEDIATE COMING, Jesus has come among us to guarantee that everything is accomplished, because He has seen the weakness of the Church of the Earth, of the humanity of the Earth, and He will help those who participate in this path.

This year, the Messianic times have begun.[4] However, those who have not yet begun to participate should hasten to do so, because they will not be able to understand and receive the light; consequently, they cannot be transformed. In Jesus’ time, those who did not follow Him did not understand Him, and they did not make His life their own. Saul could have done the same when the Lord appeared to him[5]; he could have rejected Him. That may seem strange to you. In my experience of many years of priesthood, I have seen many souls enveloped in grace, involved in powerful grace, who then did not continue the path.

We are involved in a time of powerful dynamic, as Our Lady defined it[6]; we are in the last part of the final time of the recapitulation of the whole Universe in Jesus Christ. The Lord does not speak to us. Why does He not speak to us? Because He wants us to enter virginal silence. He wants our spirit to awaken, and the Holy Spirit is watching every movement in us. Why? Because there is the risk that we remain attached to words, closed in ideas, rituals, recitations, in what we can humanly understand, paint and embellish with external forms. All this is disappearing in these times, as it is no longer of use. It is as if nature stops developing at a certain point in spring, but then comes back to life after a little rain and a little sunshine, only to dry up completely afterwards.

The Lord now leads humanity to the finality of all things. These are the Messianic times, which put all things in order in each of us, putting our spirit in harmony with His Spirit. This process transforms our soul and our body, which will finally go through a transformation. In all this, we will experience a contrast. Humanity, as it is today, is busy with countless things and has no time for God; it is asleep. Many are already dead and do not hear. The Lord will take those who let themselves be awakened and carry them forward.

Therefore, these are the days of God’s powerful grace, which awakens our memory and all events from the beginning of humanity, because they are told and presented to us in the perspective of the new creation. Everything will be vivified in us so that each one of us is involved and taken to Life. All we have to do is stay in this harmony, guard it and manifest it; it is time to manifest this. We need to get out of ourselves and communicate to others, but this is not an order that comes from a hierarchy, but the consequence of the energy of our life that makes people see hope in us. The prophet Isaiah speaks of peace without end,[7] without borders, yet, on Earth there is war without borders. Follow the news. It is a war, but not only a war that is waged with arms, but also a war between spirits. We can bring peace and hope to the people who perceive it in us, and we can communicate it to people. People of good will are willing to welcome peace and hope, but we must communicate it to them.

If we study the sermons of these days, we notice that they are superficial, on the level of work and life on Earth, on the level of giving bread to others; but is the Bread that comes from Heaven ever given? Jesus’ name is almost never mentioned. Yesterday they spoke of Pope John Paul I and Pope John Paul II, but they avoided mentioning Jesus. There is talk about the dialogue between religions and the political moves of the popes. This Church must give hope. Jesus Christ is Hope, and we must communicate Jesus Christ to those we meet. Our thoughts communicate Him; our desires communicate Him and embrace the Universe, and thus those of good will awaken and find points of orientation.

Let us reflect, let us reread the readings: “For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. … Jesus Christ, who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness,”[8] from al iniquity that exists on Earth, which seems to be dominating. No one can free us because it is a closed circle. Doctors tell us how to behave. The poor health workers do not have time to go to the bathroom, to eat, to sleep. They tell us that we need to feed the people, give them medicines, but when someone begins to act, he will find everything locked and immobile. The Lord has come to deliver us but we must believe. First, we must not remain closed in on ourselves, closed and immobile in our ideas and concepts.

“The people walking in darkness have seen a great light.”[9] The people with a sincere heart are destined to see this light. We do not have to worry. The Lord will manifest His light as He did to the shepherds. He manifested it to Mary Most Holy, to St. Joseph, to John the Baptist, to Zechariah; He manifested it to St. Francis, to everyone throughout history. Now He will manifest it continuously through His Church that has decided to live this Mystery.

At Christmas, we speak of joy and peace. Living with the Lord in the Holy Spirit means increasing the joy within ourselves, increasing peace, serenity and security. Jesus’ action in the Holy Spirit is to transform our being, to make it blossom and bear fruit. We have the desire, but we cannot do anything on our own. All comes from Him, and we must welcome Him as Mary did. Yet, even Mary could not conceive on Her own. The Lord will do it if we want to belong to Him, and He will rapidly bring His work to completion, because the time is ripe, and evil must be cast away from humanity so that humanity may be introduced into new life.

This is our attitude before our celebration of the Memorial. Then, as the readings say, rejoice, be filled with peace, communicate your joy and you will feel vibrant; you will feel that this vibration introduces you into a positive dynamic. All the events of our past, or rather of all humanity, and of the future are moving in this direction, and we are joyfully awaiting the new heavens and the new Earth, but this joy is not utopian. I think that we, who are present here, have experienced it this year; it is like a certainty within us, or rather, an initial certainty – even for St. Francis, the end of his life was the beginning – but it is a certainty that directs us towards the finality of all things.

Next year, we will receive other graces, and there will be other events for us to face. With the attitude that I have explained to you we will enter more and more into deep, virginal silence; the silence that this world does not know, does not want to know and escapes. The Lord will take us forward as we progress. We will see events unfold on Earth, even terrible ones, but we will watch them from afar, as if from on a high mountain, detached from the events because in us other events will take place: the event of salvation will be dominant in us.

Let us welcome the King of the Universe; let us welcome the Saviour of humanity; let us welcome and feel the grace of these times. We are experiencing the event of Bethlehem, but we are now on a journey towards the eschatological times, towards the Son who will manifest Himself in His Glory and who will enclose all of us in that glory.

Go ahead with courage. We wish you a Merry Christmas and happy Christmas feasts.

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