Progressing to Be the Light of the Universe – Part 4

Choosing God and Living His Life

By Tomislav Vlašić

14 June 2013

Every step towards God prepares us for a new step. The awareness that God speaks to us and that we can know Him, as we said in the previous article, leads us to a new choice and to a greater fruitfulness in God. We are also helped by the message of St. Clare, which came through Stefania Caterina on 20 May 20131 and has been published on this website. Her message leads us to draw from the source of life. In the meantime, Our Lady has spoken to Stefania on 25 May2, about Her apparitions on Earth, in particular about those in Medjugorje: the apparitions are part of God’s plan to recapitulate in Christ all things in Heaven and on Earth (Eph 1:8-12)”.

In the message of Mary Most Holy, we find important points for our reflection and our decision. Let us highlight some points:

– Our Lady’s apparitions should have progressively led the people, according to their openness, towards the recapitulation of the universe in Christ.

When the action of the extraordinary instruments began (Angels, Central Nucleus, faithful brothers to God) “the final phase of the plan to recapitulate the whole universe in Christ began.”

– “The plan of God will not stop.”

 “God wants the truth about the universe to be revealed since it is, at the same time, the truth about the work of creation, which Satan cannot bear. He cannot bear the existence of faithful men to God who are able to silence him with the power of their spirit. He tries in every way to prevent you from knowing these brothers and sisters and he is afraid of your communion with them.”

– Consequently, Satan is afraid of the transformation of the universe into the new creation.

– Finally, we notice the ardent desire of the Mother: “So please, dear children, do not put obstacles in front of God! Do not reject, out of fear or convenience, what God wants to reveal to you. You have nothing to fear of the newness of God because it always opens you to hope; it is never dangerous because the Lord only wants the good for you.”

Thinking about these points may make you feel the need to take a radical decision because it is important for your life, for life on Earth and for the entire universe. I will try to help you by giving you some guidelines:

  1. The truths announced above are the truths of the Christian faith. The only new aspect is the participation with the responsibility of true children of God to live and reveal the truth; it requires a concrete and disciplined commitment.
  2. Begin to pray and deepen your prayer until you immerse yourselves in the contemplation of God and the reality in God.3 Thus, each one of you becomes an instrument of the manifestation of God and of the reality in the universe as it is in God’s plan.

From the message of St. Clare, we have learnt that everyone can practice contemplation. Therefore, also children, engaged couples who wish to be happy spouses, spouses who do not want the marriage to fail, every person who wants to be healthy and uncorrupted, not to mention priests, religious men and women who cannot even imagine that their calling could not be immersed in contemplative prayer.

Following the thoughts in St. Clare’s message, we find a strong point: without contemplation, there is no authentic faith, nor hope, nor love. Verify this by reading and meditating on the Gospel of Matthew 5.6,7: could you put God’s word into practice without immersing yourselves in contemplation, in the vibrant desire of God? No! You would remain divided in yourselves, superficial, unable to put into practice what Jesus teaches, and this applies to the whole Gospel and every truth of faith: you remain immature, incomplete people. No! You are called to live the fullness. Authentic prayer leads to authentic life and vice versa.

  1. What prevails in you in the trials and crises that humanity experiences: negative feelings or abundance of grace? If you contemplate God, if you have seriously chosen God, life flourishes in you, horizons widen and you know with certainty that God leads you to the promised newness in a life without sunset. I address the Christians in particular: you have the Word of God at your disposal; you have been given the Holy Spirit; you have the Sacraments. You are called to rise again: manifest in yourselves the life of the living God!
  2. I would like to make a proposal: I invite you to universal prayer to hasten the recapitulation in Christ of the whole universe, a powerful prayer that rises to God.

After the message of Our Lady, I feel the responsibility, before God and in the name of the Central Nucleus, to invite you to community prayer. Starting on 29 June 2013, every Saturday at 6 pm I will begin a program of prayer, reflection and blessing. I will try to develop the central points of God’s plan to gather up the whole universe in Christ. I will be a witness who offers his life to Jesus through Mary, for you and with you, and for all the children of God.

I invite you to participate spiritually in this weekly time of prayer and to increase the number of participants by informing other people. After 7 pm, you will be able to listen to the reflection and prayer on our website. If you want, you can deepen these reflections by going to our houses: the house in Ghedi (BS), Italy, or the house in Medjugorje (BiH).

For our part, we will begin to pray and organise our weekly appointment, hoping that many will participate in it. You, too, begin to pray.

God bless you, guide you and protect you.

1 See Message of St. Clare of 20 May 2013, “You are a garden locked up … a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain.” (Song of Solomon 4, 12-15). In her message, St. Clare explains the contemplation of God.

2 See Message of Our Lady of 25 May 2013, “The Plan of Our Lady in Medjugorje”, published on this website,

3 See Footnote 1