To Be Children of God

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

4 January 2021

(Translated audio)

The year 2021 has begun, and it is consecrated to Jesus Christ, High Priest and King of the Universe. Jesus has asked us to consecrate all our actions, thoughts and moments of our life to Him this year.1 Mary Most Holy2, Jesus and many extraordinary instruments3 have prepared us for this year by giving us many clear instructions. It has been announced that it will be an eventful year, in which His people, His Church, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, must express herself more and more.

We can say that, as a people, we have a duty to live as children of God; we are asked to allow Jesus to glorify Himself in us and make us children of God. This is the most basic and deepest meaning of consecrating everything to Him, beginning with ourselves and all our actions, so that He may glorify Himself in us and through us and thereby make us children of God. He wants to do this work in His Church, in all of His people, because this people must be like His Mother, holy and immaculate like Mary Most Holy, generated by Mary and Jesus.

If you remember, in the message of 31 December 20194, the Holy Virgin Mary promised to act and make us children of God. She made this promise solemnly before the Most Holy Trinity in all of her appearances to seek Her children here on Earth and to save even the last one. We are saved when we acknowledge and recognise that we are children of God because this means that we have welcomed Christ, and whoever welcomes the Son, also welcomes the Father.5

To be children of God is the basis from which true Life begins; we can say it is the beginning of repentance. True life, which gives meaning to all our experiences here on Earth, begins when we discover the magnificence, the beauty and the depth of being children of God, when we discover the magnitude of God’s Love by which we were created as His children and are made His children again through redemption. Thus, we discover and contemplate the full action of God in us and in others to bring everything back to its original state.

I have said that after having recognised that we are children of God, conversion is the basis of our identity. In Her recent words, Mary Most Holy asked us to have this identity in order to be able to take a position.6 This identity forms primarily when we recognise that we are beloved, redeemed and desired children, who are given everything necessary to be happy and the potential to have fullness. This is where the identity of the children of God begins.

If we look at the humanity of the Earth, we notice that it is experiencing a terrible lack of identity now more than ever before. Darkness has engulfed every reality of the Earth, just as we have frequently heard these days in the Gospel of St. John the Evangelist in his prologue:

“The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognise him. He came to that which was his own, but his own did not receive him.  Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.“7  He gave grace upon grace.

He concludes with the words: “For the law was given through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.”8

It is a process that began with the Lord’s first coming, but we cannot say that it is finished. I would rather say that it has to start anew with more power and more grace. In fact, the purpose of the extraordinary instruments and of His Church of the whole universe, visible here on Earth, is to let the children of God appear. We can say that the darkness has advanced in these two thousand years. There have been great saints, but a nation of Christians, who profess to be children of God, a people, not individuals, is no longer there.

In several passages of his Gospel and his letters, St. John the Apostle speaks about the anointing as “the anointing you received”.9 He often talks about being children. Yesterday and today he says: “No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in them.“10

He means this anointing. We have defined this anointing, according to the explanations we have received, as our response at conception.11 When we said “yes” to God at the moment of conception, we received the anointing of the Holy Spirit and were entrusted to the Son. This anointing accompanies and guides us throughout our life and through the responses that we must give in our life: through our “yes” to God’s will, to his work, to give the Lord the permission to lead us to fullness, to the realisation of our identity. Look, it is in that continuous “yes,” when we put God at the centre, choose God and want to do God’s will, that “we do not sin because God’s seed is in us” as St. John said today. We may of course, make mistakes, but we cannot sin.

When St. John speaks of sin in his letters, he means the sins against the Holy Spirit, and at one point, he says: “There is a sin that leads to death. I am not saying that you should pray about that.”12 Besides, St. John explains throughout the letter that sin can be atoned because “we have an advocate with the Father”.13 If we have this seed of God within us, we cannot sin; we may make mistakes but do not commit sin.

On this path, which leads us to the realisation of our identity, the moment comes when our identity also leads us to our mission, because every identity that develops in an orderly way leads to a mission. As I said, it all starts when we feel children of God, men and women, in an orderly way – because everything follows an order – then this action of God, this guiding anointing, within this order, guides us precisely through the things that we gradually recognise.

“I am a child of God, I am a man, I am woman, I am a creature, I am loved, I am father, I am mother.” These are all special qualities that are given to us by God and develop according to the originality and creativity of each one of us; each of us in a different way, but all together we form the people of God, the Mystical Body of Christ. As a prerogative, every man and every woman, regardless of whether they have children or not, are called to be father and mother; they hold this quality of fatherhood and motherhood of God within. We have these special qualities within us precisely because we were created by God in His image and likeness, and because God’s principal action is to create.

Therefore, every child of God has this work within him, since he/she is like Him: to bring forth life, which is to give life, both on a physical and on spiritual level. The Father, as we know, is the Creator of life, the Son leads us to regain life through His salvation, and the Holy Spirit promotes and develops the life of God. Thus the whole Trinity in communion produces life, and this is also the work of the Church. Every child of God brings forth life. In communion, the children of God bring forth other children. In communion, the children of God mutually promote fatherhood and motherhood; they promote harmony between man and woman, in creation and in the whole universe.

To be holy, immaculate, consecrated to God, all of them are special characteristics of the children of God, based on the fact that we have God’s life n us. It is not something that we can achieve with our own strength, ideas and actions, but it is all God’s work, God’s grace: “Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.”14

Unfortunately, the fog Lucifer has spread on Earth makes these qualities look like renunciation, suppression, loss, abandonment: in order to be holy you must renounce this, you must not do that. As I said before, this is the wrong starting point. If we do not discover that we are children of God without recognising His Love, which has created us and given us all His Love, then everything becomes blurred and hard; everything appears as renunciation, and His life cannot explode within us.

God’s work, and thus the work of His instruments and our work, who are His Church, aims at expressing life, not at crushing it. Yet, which life is the starting point? The life of God as a gift, with His plentiful grace. It is a harmonious, balanced life, a fulfilled life. As Church, the little remnant – call it what you will – we receive all grace, and I say that we also have the duty to witness to this harmony, which is harmony in ourselves and with God; harmony between man and woman; harmony in a group, a community, a village; harmony in creation. Harmony is the basis and the order in which we develop our identity and mission.

It is easy to see Lucifer’s work and his disintegrating energy, which precisely aims at destroying harmony, creating imbalance, confusion, leaving us in doubt, inciting us to judge, seeing only the negative things instead of the positive ones, always leading to be suspicious and have bad thoughts about everything. It is the exact opposite of the action of God. Know that we have the grace within us to recognise how much Lucifer’s spirit is able to work in and around us. Thus, when a message speaks of exorcism15 which does not consist of prayers of exorcism, but of blessing, love, belief in goodness, always being positive and encouraging others, it means precisely to banish this spirit, because even something small, a negative thought or negative behaviour settle in us and feed the satanic vortex instead of the Trinitarian vortex.

This is the work of the Church, but God does the extraordinary things, and He does them through His instruments. Living the ordinary things leads us to balance, harmony, the full development of the dimensions between spirit, soul and body so that all confusion disappears.

I mentioned that we have the grace to recognise the work of evil and the work of the False Prophet as well as that of other false prophets, who create chaos and confusion, even if they speak of peace, goodness, love and unity. There are many false prophets and antichrists on Earth. There is also The False Prophet and The Antichrist, and you notice how many voices there are, creating fog, not leading to true peace, true Life and balance.

The perfect order only lies in the will of God when everyone enters into His will, which, as we and St. John have said, is expressed in that anointing, which we have received. It is the anointing that guides us, takes us forward, transforms us and finds a place in every man and woman, bringing about the creativity between man and woman from which every order comes. If we do not find our place as men, women, daughters and sons of God, we will not find our identity or our mission, and consequently are not in God’s will and order.

Once again, Mary Most Holy is the example of the woman who lets the anointing develop in Her; She is the example of a woman who is totally ready to do the will of God. You know that as a child, She was consecrated to the Temple, and then we see how She embraces motherhood and all that it entails. Neither She nor St.  Joseph had expected motherhood or fatherhood to enter their lives. Both had offered themselves to God; they had given themselves completely to God. They intended to serve God in one way and found themselves serving Him in an entirely different way. See how they thoroughly accepted that will, not just a part of it but all.

Imagine what it meant to Mary Most Holy, who thought to be consecrated to the Temple, to have a son with all that followed; the same is true for St. Joseph. And you know what happened: they had to flee to Egypt and when they came back, they had to move from here to there.16 Through these events, Mary was led to the fullness of Her mission as Mother, and under the Cross Her Motherhood eventually burst out. The same applies to St. Joseph. Therefore, they became father and mother. Of whom? Of the Church and of every human being.

We can say that St. Joseph did not father a son, but he generated all children. The Most Holy Virgin Mary gave birth to a Son, but She generated all of God’s children. Their obedience to the will of God allowed God to act freely within them. They let go of all ideas they had about consecration, sacrifice and any programme of their own. Thus, God could fulfil His fatherhood and motherhood in them, and they expressed fatherhood and motherhood in God. From there, the whole order of the Church has its origin.

I think we will speak again about this subject in the beginning of this year. The consecration of all things to Jesus, High Priest and King of the Universe, so that He may glorify Himself in His Church, must begin in each one of us in this order: son of God, daughter of God, man, woman, father, mother.

I entrust to Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph the whole Church of Jesus Christ here on Earth, every person of good will, all good intentions and all the good that is in every person, including those who do not yet know Jesus Christ. I entrust to them all those who are dying, all those who seek the truth and all the good, and I invoke their blessing on everyone, in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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