The Woman Clothed with the Sun[1]

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

23 July 2022

Almost a year has passed since Mary Most Holy has withdrawn into silence; as She said, She has withdrawn into what is Hers: the Trinity[2]. In this year of silence, we can say that Mary Most Holy has been working within each of us, and I think also within each of you, as well as the Holy Spirit and all the instruments of God.

La-Donna-vestita-di-sole-webThis year, we have decided to write the book that you may have seen on the website these days.[3] The decision to write this book came from our wish to thank Mary and to dedicate it to Her. It is to thank Her for accompanying us and showing us Her living presence in this time, to thank Her for who She is: Mary Most Holy, The Mother. The book is the fruit of the path that Mary Most Holy has shown us; it is the fruit of Her prayers, Her offering and Her presence.

Those who read the book will realise that it contains the reality written within each of us, but it is difficult for us to recognise it as a whole, in its fullness. However, we can feel it every time we listen to Mary’s words, every time we celebrate a liturgy, when we pray, when we come into contact with Her.

Everything is fragmented in us. We are walking towards fullness, and we have many impulses, but I think that this linear path of continuous elevation, of continuous rising and rewriting history is something we only realise when we find it, for example, in a book. We recognise ourselves in this book. It is us. I am not saying that we are without weaknesses or sins; rather we see our whole life, all our struggles. It is the path of a people that Mary has prepared with Her presence in Medjugorje. Last year, on the anniversary of Her apparitions, She repeated why She had come to Medjugorje: to prepare a people; a people that would be able to face the events.[4] The events are before our eyes. The Event, with a capital letter, is the glorious return of the Lord Jesus; we are already in His intermediate coming and preparing for His glorious return. Mary Most Holy wanted to prepare humanity for this.

The book marks all the stages of this path. It is a path that you have made with us and with the many extraordinary instruments, the sublime instruments, the saints, the faithful brothers and sisters. We can say that it has been the path of the Church; the Church that, in 2018, was declared[5] to be also present on Earth. All these stages are clearly exposed in this book.

In the book, you will also find unpublished dialogues between Father Tomislav, Stefania and Mary Most Holy, in which She answers their questions. You will also find messages of St. John and St. Peter, who speak about their experiences in their relationship with Mary Most Holy and about their life with Her as it is now, not only as it was when they were living on Earth.

What does this mean for us? As for St. Peter and particularly St. John, who lived with Her until Her Assumption, it also applies to us that our relationship with Mary, in communion with Mary, has gone through a process. If you look carefully, you will notice how our path with Her in these years has led us to know Her as the Co-Redemptrix, as the Mother of humanity. Our path has led us to know Her as Mother and Queen of the New Creation; it has also led us to know Her better as the Mother. It has truly led us to a relationship with Her, in which we could recognise Her more and more in Her true light, and this is something we must not forget. Mary Most Holy is not just an additional figure, as is often assumed.

We have understood that Mary Most Holy is the Mother and that there no Church without Her. I say: Mary Most Holy is the Church. If there is no one who brings forth the children, there will be no children either, but Mary Most Holy is the Church, and our relationship with Her must truly mature in this dimension, in this certainty. It is not a question of making prayers, consecrations, devotions (all good things), but a question of reaching the certainty of knowing in faith that Mary is the Church, that Mary generates us, that Mary is Mother, that Mary is all. She is the One who leads us to Jesus. Without Mary, we do not even go to Jesus. In this truth, we have to live our relationship with Her.

In the book, we have tried to point out Her Motherhood and to highlight Her humility, Her infinite love, which truly is equal to that of Jesus Christ. I think that by knowing Mary, we recognise so many points that She has given to us in Medjugorje in these forty-one years. We can see why She stayed with us for forty-one years. We begin to understand Her attitude towards us, which comes from infinite goodness and has remained untouched no matter how many Christians have rejected Her. She remained with us even though She was not welcomed; She remained even though She was manipulated, reduced to a human level and not accepted for what She was. Now Mary says (she had promised it before): “When my apparitions end, I will remain in My house, the Face of Mary[6], in the midst of my people”. Thus, Mary is in the Trinity; Mary is in the midst of Her people.

Let us try to reflect for a moment, what this means. It means that She is in our midst, in the midst of Her people that call themselves the Church of Jesus Christ. Where Mary is, automatically the whole Church is; God is among us. This is Jerusalem coming down from Heaven; this is the Revelation.[7] If there is Mary Most Holy, the Church, the Trinity, God is in our midst. This is our Sanctuary in Medjugorje. These are the prophecies that are fulfilled, all the promises of God that come to fulfilment. This is moving forward to the New Creation and rewriting history. It is God’s action, in which we can only participate.

I repeat: we can participate, believe in it and love those who carry out this action: Mary and God. We can take part in it and take our decisions, starting from these times, from these moments, from the things we know. If we believe them, we cannot say that we do not know them. Thus, we always have to face this choice: “See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction.”[8]

I said that Mary is the Church and that Mary brings forth the children of God. We cannot say that She has stopped generating because She no longer speaks to us. Now, She is in our midst because we, too, begin to generate children of God. She has generated us, and She has made us like Her Son. What should we do now? We are asked to behave like the Son; to behave like children of Mary Most Holy. It is a big responsibility.

We have received everything in the preparation She has given us. We have received everything to deal with the events. We are neither more nor less than St. Peter, St. John, St. Matthew, St. Bartholomew: we are apostles, and with Mary, we must carry this forward, just as the apostles did with Mary, around Mary. This is the Church.

Following the Son means acting like Him. The core is: “Love each other as I have loved you”[9]; to give one’s life for one’s friends; to give one’s life for one’s enemies. The key points that we have learnt are still the core; no matter how long you have been following us (twenty, ten, five years), they are always the same: the offering of ourselves, integrity, communion, renouncing oneself, letting go of the old man, and this will be until the end of time.

However, this central fact is also the proof, the guarantee that we are on the right path, despite all that is said about us. When the core points are to be around Mary Most Holy, to let ourselves be generated by Her, to become like the Son, Jesus Christ, to give our life for others, to give it for the good and the bad, to die to ourselves, be sure that there is no heresy. The one who offers his life to God, lives in integrity and in communion is not a heretic. There will be individual characteristics but no heresy.

In the book, we also marked how we were led through the events. Think about the guidance in the coronavirus pandemic; we have been told what to do.[10] The offering of ourselves that we made by receiving the vaccine, was precisely in this perspective: we have offered ourselves with the Son for the good of humanity. We have offered ourselves because we believe that God is more powerful than all the evil that Lucifer can do. We have offered ourselves because we have learned from Jesus how He has overcome the devil and the world: he defeated him on the Cross, by letting Himself be nailed to the Cross. He did not overcome him with human strength; He did not overcome him by fighting him with words; He did it by offering His life in silence, and He let Himself be nailed to the Cross. We did the same with the vaccine.

Now there is this war. There are many wars, but there is one in Europe among Christians. Also now, we have been told what to do: we have to gather all the victims to present them on the altar; we are asked to offer ourselves for all, to go to all the altars to gather those of good will, to elevate all the martyrs, all the pain. The path has been traced for us.

Thus, Mary in our midst is not in silence. Mary in our midst works more than before together with Jesus in His intermediate coming, so that now His Church may pulsate, vibrate and act. Our attitude appears in the in the first pages of the book. It is that of St. Peter and Job, and I recommend that you always have this attitude.

I will read it out. Our God asks us to have the willingness Job had, which is to open ourselves to Him to be transformed and to say with Job: “Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, things too wonderful for me to know. I repent, I sprinkle myself with dust and shame.”[11]

Let us be enlightened by God like Peter so that the divine thoughts may flow in us and we may say with Peter: “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.[12] Let us open ourselves to Christ to be transformed by His love into LOVE. Peter also said: “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.”[13]

Like St. Peter, let us be ready to be guided where the Lord wants, as He wants and when He wants, but first of all, in the inner path that leads us to a vital attitude. Then we will hear the word of God telling us: “Follow me!”[14] The Lord will guide us in His glory, which He shares with the Father in the Holy Spirit.

With these words I leave you and bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

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