A Plea for Peace

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

by Mauro

11 October 2022

Quite a long time ago, on this website, we spoke about the situation of the Earth. We have widely explained God’s plan for the humanity of the Earth in this time as the Earth is at the centre of the events, which will affect the whole Universe. We have widely explained the extraordinary instruments[1], the Church of Jesus Christ, the only Church. A path has been indicated, a path to discover more and more our dignity as Christians, as children of God, and the dignity of followers of Christ, children of Mary Most Holy, who allow the Lord, through His action, to make every person a new human being, and thus gradually build the New Creation.

At the time of the coronavirus, we also told you that God does not want evil; God is alien to evil. He cannot even think of evil, but when He allows evil, it is always to put pressure on humanity so that the events cause people to bring out the good in them, and thus turn to God to understand how to seek the good.

Today we speak to you from the Sanctuary of the Face of Mary, Queen of Peace, in Medjugorje. Jesus sent us to the Mother so that, as Church, we may supplicate God the Father for peace in the world. We can tell you that it was a cry from Jesus; it was a request for help. He said: “Who can I turn to if not you?”

We do not want to alarm you, but the situation in the world is serious; it is serious because of the wars we see and because of the fear of an atomic catastrophe. But the seriousness of this time is caused by the situation that the humanity of the Earth has gotten into, which in turn is the cause of the disintegrating energy that is now at work.

I think it is before the eyes of all that the Earth is indifferent to everything, filled with wickedness, selfishness, superficiality; humanity is without guidance, without questions about what happens and without the deepest questions about life and the human existence; humanity remains focused on its own interests. That is the problem of the Earth.

I do not want to go further; I only would like to tell you that on Saturday[2] at 5 pm, we will offer ourselves as Church; we will offer all those who join us to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Co-Redemptrix, to supplicate the Father for peace. Jesus said that the measure is full; the Father is ready to send His justice. The time of mercy ends, and the time of justice begins.

On Saturday, we want to bring to the altar of the Immaculate Heart of Mary all the little ones, the last, those who are crushed by the world, of which we can say that it is cruel. Jesus has entrusted to us the children, the aborted babies, the forgotten ones. He also has entrusted to us the souls in Purgatory who are angry, who cannot forgive and cannot accept forgiveness.

It is a serious time, but look, if the gravity of the situation leads each of us to understand the core, which is that we are at the end of time, and thus each one truly begins a path of transformation, everything can be recovered. Remember Nineveh, one prophet, Jonah, was enough.[3] Now it is up to us. The Earth can be completely recovered in a second if there is a Church that is united and sincerely declares, “I am the Lord’s servant. May your word to me be fulfilled.”[4]

I thank everyone who will join us, and I bless you together with Mary Most Holy, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See the category “The Extraordinary Instruments of God” on our homepage

[2] 15 October 2022

[3] See Jonah 3,1-10

[4] See Luke 1,38