Jesus Christ is the Lord

(taken from “Beyond the Great Barrier” by Stefania Caterina, Ed. Luci dell’Esodo, p. 31)

On countless occasions it has been repeated to me that Jesus Christ is the Lord of the universe. Everything must be subjected to him, so that He might establish his kingdom and deliver it to the Father at the end of time. All the explanations that I have been given, put the figure of Jesus Christ at the centre, as the Lamb and the Supreme Priest, the Supreme Shepherd. He will lead the whole of the humanity of the universe to God the Father, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

(Stefania Caterina)

This is how the Holy Spirit speaks of Christ’s priesthood:

“Christ’s priesthood is regal and universal. It is regal because Jesus Christ is the King of the universe, the King of Kings. Why the King of the universe? It is He who reigns over the universe because He is the Word of God. The whole universe draws its existence from Him, because through Him everything was created and redeemed. With his sacrifice, Christ drew everything to himself, as He Himself said[1]. This makes him a King. His royalty extends not only over the earth but to the whole universe. Christ’s kingdom lives for the whole of eternity.  For now his kingdom is only a seed. It will become a solid reality at the end of time, when everything will be subjected to Him, and He will hand the Kingdom over to his Father. Christ is King because he sums up everything within himself to bring it to the Father.”

(Holy Spirit 26/10/2002)

[1] Cfr. John 12, 32