Like Grains of Wheat

24 March 2021, Message of Mary Most Holy, Vigil of the Solemnity of the Annunciation

“Dearest Children,

Here we are together again in these days of preparation for the great Solemnities of the Easter season. Today more than ever, you have to be aware of what it means to die and be resurrected with Jesus. Indeed, the true mission of the people of God does not consist in proclaiming with words that Jesus died and resurrected, but in witnessing that His death and resurrection are real facts that have taken place in each one of you and in the whole people.

Today, the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is called to a truly great commitment both here on Earth and on the other planets: to manifest the victory of My Son over death and Hades. This must particularly take place on your planet through you, who have decided to live according to the programmes that have been revealed to you in recent years. These programmes apply to all those who sincerely wish to belong to Jesus through My Heart.

My children, I invite you to immerse yourselves completely in the Sacrifice of My Son through Me to be co-redeemers with Me, who am the Co-Redemptrix. I ask you to live Holy Easter not only as a memory of the events but also as an authentic memorial, which actualises those events in you, making them alive and working today in this historical moment that the Earth is going through.

I ask you to be grains of wheat that die to produce a lot of grain.
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