Free and Intelligent Creatures

10 January 2010 – Baptism of the Lord

By Stefania Caterina

The ability to discern and evaluate the events of the world is of vital importance for each of us; I would say that it is a duty as well as a right. Otherwise we suffer the events with resignation, fear, depression, anxiety and passiveness. Instead, we have a responsibility for our life, for that of others and for what happens to all humanity. If this is true for every man, it is also true for those who profess themselves believers. Jesus told me once: “I have not created puppets but free and intelligent creatures.” If we are not puppets because God has created us free and intelligent, then we are able to read the events around us in the light of our spiritual intelligence, which God has given us when He created us in His image and likeness.

Feeling responsible for the reality that surrounds us rather than being resigned viewers, promotes our participation and creativity, and gives us the possibility to contribute to history. If we say that we are believers, then our responsibility urges us to participate in the work of God. How? Through our decision to live for God through love, which will elevate our thoughts and lead us to understand what God is doing for us. If this decision is missing, we limit ourselves to just observing events that occur as mere phenomena. We are spiritually blind; our eyes are deprived of God’s light.

If we decide, through a sincere act of faith, that we want to offer our life to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, un unstoppable process begins, which goes through conversion and takes us to transformation. Conversion is the inner attitude that allows us to constantly change our way of thinking and acting according to the circumstances of life in order to adapt to the will of God. Transformation instead is the change of our whole being, which is brought about by God’s action and our response. It is an on-going process that involves our entire existence on all spiritual and physical levels. In the book “Beyond the Great Barrier”, chapter 15, pages 289-291[1], I have reported the message of 28 July 2007 in which St. Raphael the Archangel explains:

“The whole of humanity will have to experience the Easter passage experienced by Jesus Christ, uniting itself with His death so as to participate in His resurrection. This will be the great exodus, the passage of the whole universe from death to life, from corruption to the immaculate life of the origin.”

This fundamental attitude of self-offering to God, causes divine grace to come down because the Lord will intervene with His power to confirm our decision. He gives us all necessary instruments to realise it, such as prayer, the sacraments, the Holy Scriptures etc.; He enables us to use them in the right way and accompanies us with His kindness.

Day by day, we get to know God more and more as He truly is and not as we have imagined Him, distorting His image through the lenses of our fears, our logic, our needs and hopes. As we know God, we also know ourselves.

In this context, we may understand the guidance of the Holy Spirit within us even in the deepest nuances.  We will enter into a living and vital relationship with the Holy Spirit and, as we are immersed in Him, we will understand the events that involve humanity in the whole Universe; thus we will be able to discern, and consequently to act.

From my experiences and from what has been revealed to me, I can conclude that humanity stands before a great event that God will allow in order to awaken the people and lead them to decide. The book “Beyond the Great Barrier” ends with a message of St. Michael the Archangel where he foretells those events. I will share it below, leaving it to your reflection. I hope it will help more and more people to decide for God. Thus, through this blog, we will begin a path together.

Message of St. Michael the Archangel of 3 August 2007


“I salute you and I bring you the annunciation of the second coming of the Lord. He will undoubtedly come. The humanity of the whole universe must know that the glorious coming of Christ is an undisputable truth, although it is all too often forgotten.

I have not come to tell you when the Lord will come, because it is not up to me or to you to know the time, but only the Father. I have come to ask you to be vigilant and ready.

The all-powerful God, Lord of the universe, sends me to you, so that I might prepare the way for His people and call them back to faith in He who will come.

I announced the birth of Jesus to men, and today I am announcing to you that He will return.  He will return with His angels to harvest the fruit of what was sown, in good and evil. He will return to reward each of you. He will harvest His crop which is already sprouting. He will be a righteous Judge.

Be ready. The time is nearing, and events are following closely for the humanities of the whole universe. Great and dramatic events, according to the life choice that everyone has made. Grandiose events bearing new life for those who choose God, offering themselves to Him. Dramatic for those who choose Satan, offering themselves in exchange for transitory power. We will soon enter into the strong times of God’s action. It will be a quick and profound action that will touch everyone. God will expect an answer from everyone. I say to you once again, be ready!

Be ready, you who live on Earth, because it is up to you more than others to bear witness to the fact that Christ has been here, that here He has taught you to be children of God.

Church of the Earth, awaken! Become aware of the power that lies within you. It is not a human power; therefore, you do not need to seek the powerful, but the humble. Gather together the last ones who shout. Teach them to love and serve He who is the strength of the beings, and who will not delay in coming to their aid. Gather the people around you. Many people are waiting to come to know you as a Mother. There are many of them throughout the whole universe.

Look, Mother of all peoples, at your Mother, Our Blessed Virgin Mary, who is in Heaven and who prays for you. In Her, you will be immaculate. Through Her, the Son of God was generated. Through Her your children will also be generated, oh Church of God, and they will be holy children. Open your lips and teach these children, not with words of empty knowledge but with words brimming with the Holy Spirit. Give yourself to God in fullness; be generous with the poor who await your sacrifice. Offer yourself on the altar of your Lord, uproot all evil from within yourself, oh Bride of Christ!

The Lord, God of the universe, awaits your answer. The universe awaits. The fire of love will test you. It will devour all selfishness. The blood of your martyrs will wash you and purify obscured eyes.

There will no longer be any place for yes and for no. Everyone will have to say either yes or no. The Lord awaits. God’s waiting is always mercy, but it is also the prelude to secure justice. He will pour out His divine power of love and gather His children. He will gather His people together, His Church from all corners of the universe.

Be courageous, you who hope, you little ones who love God! The Lord will come. You are asked nothing more than to enliven faith, hope and love within yourselves, at all times. You are asked to be united with your Lord now more than ever, giving Him yourselves as you are. Not even a crumb of your suffering will be lost, not one of your tears. If you are able to offer them to God, He will craft a crown of glory from them. I have come to tell you that the Lord is near.

I have also come to bear witness to my love for you, and that of the angels. Our protection will never be lacking for you, according to what the Lord of the universe desires. We will go before you on the pathway that leads towards the Kingdom, to open up the pathway and protect you from danger. We will be with you in every battle; we will support you. Do not fear. This is a time of grace! Stand up, God’s people! I bless you, along with all angels, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”[2]

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