Mary Most Holy, Co-redemptrix of Humanity

In the book “Beyond the Great Barrier” I have not just presented a summary of phenomena and extraordinary experiences. That was, in fact, not my intention. By describing to the readers the experiences I had made, I wanted to show elements that were useful to prove that the universe is moving towards Jesus Christ awaiting the recapitulation of the whole creation in Him. Those who belong to Christ, such as the Archangels, the angels, the saints, the souls in purgatory and the faithful men to God on Earth and on other planets, must necessarily live united to Christ to be able to carry out their mission in favour of the whole humanity. By receiving life, we all receive also a mission to carry out. Being and acting form our identity. However, our mission cannot be accomplished if we are not united to Christ. When detached from Him, we loose our orientation and often we find ourselves doing meaningless works even if we our intention is good. There is the risk that we do many actions in the name of God but not the work of God. Jesus Himself warned us when He said: “Apart from me you can do nothing” (Jn 15:5).

We are called to the mystical union with Christ. That is not an extraordinary experience of few chosen souls; it is the compulsory step for each Christian, the starting point and at the same time the arrival point of our path. The mystical union with Christ is the complete union with His life that will lead us to the reality of the life of God; united to Christ we experience what it means to live in God and with God. This is what St. Paul speaks about in his letter to  the Galatians where he says: “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me”(Gal 2:20). The mystical union can only be reached through a sincere and free offering of one’s life to God in Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I can testify that the Archangels, many saints as well as the brothers of other planets faithful to God, with whom I had the grace to communicate, have always confirmed this point: nothing in the universe could exist detached from Jesus Christ. The power of His thought supports the whole universe. Satan himself must come to terms with the immense power of Christ, and he will definitely be defeated by Christ at the end of times. Thus, every instrument of God can be such only if united to Jesus Christ.

There is one human creature in the universe who is unique in Her being and acting, and whose role is basic for those who wish to reach a profound and sincere union with Jesus Christ. This creature is Mary Most Holy, Mother of Jesus Christ and humanity, Queen of the universe and as such not just venerated on Earth but also on the planets whose humanities have remained faithful to God. I have spoken widely about these humanities in the book “Beyond the Great Barrier”.

By living in mystical union with Christ through Mary Most Holy, the core values of the Christian life are recovered both on the individual and on the community level. Among these values two are of receive greater  importance: the royal priesthood (that belongs to the people of God) and the relationship between man and woman based on harmonious unity and complementarity.

In order to get a better understanding of the mission of Mary Most Holy, I will present you a message in which Jesus spoke about His Mother as the Co-redemptrix of humanity.


Message of Jesus 22 March, 2008, Holy Saturday:

“In this day you remember my deposition in the Sepulchre where I rested after the Passion. However, I would like to draw your attention to the figure of my Mother who is invoked as Our Lady of Sorrows in these days. It is true that my Mother was sorrowful; how could a mother not be so in such a situation. In my Mother the human side was as present as in Me for I was both God and true man. Nevertheless, I would like to invite you to go beyond the human aspect of sorrow to venerate today My and your Mother not as the Sorrowful but as the Co-redemptrix of humanity, the One who has opened the path towards the mystical union with Me.

When I died on the cross, there was no-one around me apart from my Mother who joined my sacrifice. The women and the apostles they certainly loved Me but did not understand what was taking place in front of their eyes. They had not received the anointing of the Holy Spirit yet to be able to understand fully what the offering of oneself to the Father in union with Me meant. They would understand it later.

However, my Mother was prepared for this; it had to be so because I could not die alone on the cross. I had to unite to my sacrifice all those who would hand themselves over to Me along the centuries. Mary was the first human being in the universe who was perfectly united to My sacrifice on the cross and who participated fully in My resurrection. My Mother has been the first living being to have fulfilled the Easter Passover. All others have joined together with Her, through Her, after Her. Also the humanities of other planets faithful to God from the beginning, who accompanied Me with their prayer during my journey on Earth, were united to Mary in the moment of My sacrifice on the cross. Therefore, humanity will be able to unite with Me only through Mary. The passage through Her Immaculate Heart is compulsory for all those who wish to reach the mystical union with Me. My Mother was the one who opened the way and reached the perfect union with Me on the cross, beyond the cross, for eternity. For this reason, She is the Co-redemptrix of humanity and therefore humanity must turn to Her.

This is not fully understood on Earth: Mary the Co-redemptrix is a scandal to many. I observe with great sorrow that a part of the Church is against Mary even though they apparently invoke Her. With their lips they honour Her but in their heart they refuse Her. Even many shepherds draw the faithful away from Mary with the most different justifications. But, I tell you that preventing the little ones to get to Mary means preventing them to get to Me. That is great sin! Scandalize the little ones preventing them from reaching Mary is great sin! I repeat to you: you cannot unite fully with Me without Mary.

Search for My and your Mother; speak to Her and about Her. Try to see Her in the right light which is the light of the Holy Spirit of which She is full. She is no more only the mother who was overwhelmed by the loss of her son, which is only one aspect, but the Mother Co-redemptrix, all pure, all saint. The powerful Mother united to Her Son to be by the side of humanity on the path of redemption along the centuries to show every one the right direction.

Before anyone else, my Easter passage from death to life incarnated in My Mother and became visible. Her presence in the middle of the apostles was fundamental: after receiving the Holy Spirit, the apostles and disciples understood everything but only through Mary they entered fully into My sacrifice and united with Me.

Mary became the Mother of humanity under the cross in the moment when She joined My sacrifice. She opened the path towards the union with Me for the whole humanity, because She has generated the new humanity whose first fruit is priesthood as the new people is a priestly people. A people that on the example of Mary, with Mary and through Mary has united itself to My sacrifice to enter My resurrection. Thus it becomes clear that without Mary the royal as well as the ministerial priesthood cannot reach its fullness.

The work of God the Father through Me is work that incarnates itself. The Father sent me to the Earth and there I incarnated; through My incarnation I brought the Father’s Will in the midst of men. My work also needs to be incarnated in humanity. And in whom should it  be incarnated primarily if not in Mary, My Mother? The One who transmitted life to My body should not pass on life also to My Mystical Body?

I tell you that we are entering the times in which the presence of the woman within the people of God must be given a worthy place because it is the woman who generates and carries inside the beginning of life. The man cannot exist detached from the woman. There can be no more missions of a single man or a single woman or of a man and a woman who live together while being separated from each other inside, as it occurs, unfortunately, in many relationships. Women on Earth live in a difficult situation: misunderstood, abused and ill-treated they have not found their place yet, not even in the Church.

In the law of life it is written that God has created man and woman ordering them to grow and increase in number. This was not just meant as an invitation to procreate and maintain the human species. It means something far greater: it was God’s wish that man and woman together guarded and made life grow in all its forms and hence transmitted it to the whole creation. Life is the foundation of the universe; it comes from God as His gift and can be passed on only by a man and a woman who are united to Me, united in Me in the Heart of Mary. This is the source of the mission of all humanity, the one that should have been from the beginning and that was distorted by original sin: to govern the universe beside God giving the divine life to all the creatures. Reflect men and women of the Earth; see how far away you are from all this and how miserable your condition is!

It is My wish that you understand how My Heart and the Heart of My Mother are one single thing. In the same way as we were united on Earth, we are united in Heaven. I have given you My Mother; when I gave Her to John, I gave Her to each one of you and to the whole humanity, not only the one on Earth. I continue to give Her as an example, as a shield, as the One who helps you in everything; to whom you can turn in the way you turn to Me. She loves you as I love you. Together with Her you will do wonders! And, do not forget St. Joseph with the burning Heart, My putative father on Earth, the righteous par excellence. No-one has ever been as righteous as him; his righteousness surpassed that of many others and the power of his spirit is immense. Mary and Joseph are Mother and Father for you on your path as they were for Me, and to them I want to entrust you.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”