The Intimacy with God

24 April 2010

Dearest Readers,

I hope you have experienced a bright Easter of Jesus’ resurrection. We are approaching the great solemnity of Pentecost. The Catechism of the Catholic Church reminds us of the deep meaning of that solemnity where it says: “Fifty days after the Resurrection at Pentecost the glorified Jesus Christ poured out the Spirit in abundance and revealed him as a divine Person so that the Holy Trinity was fully manifest. The mission of Christ and of the Spirit became the mission of the Church which is sent to proclaim and spread the mystery of the communion of the Holy Trinity.”[1]

It is therefore fundamental for each one of us to live an ever closer relationship with the Holy Spirit so that He may guide, sanctify and enable us to live in Christ and send us out to bear witness to Christ’s life. To help you in this, I will share the message I have received from the Holy Spirit on the vigil of Pentecost, 1999, where He speaks of the necessity to live true intimacy with God, which is the basis of spiritual life.

I hope you will receive grace and strength from the Holy Spirit to live more and more immersed in the beatitude of divine life already here on Earth. It may seem like a utopia, but it is not; all of us can reach it with the powerful help of the Holy Spirit who leads us to experience, day after day, the greatness and goodness of God.

I greet you with love in Christ.

Stefania Caterina


Message of the Holy Spirit of 22 May 1999 – Vigil of Pentecost

“I bless you tonight, the vigil of Pentecost. I would like to remind you that all your efforts in your spiritual life are useless if you do not live in intimacy with God. Only few souls have discovered God, even among those who say that they belong to Him. Few souls have discovered God as a friend, even fewer have discovered Him as Father.

Almost all of you lack intimacy with God, the ability to enter silence and perceive God as part of your life. Yet, all of you are called to feel the intimate contact with Me; you have the possibility to experience this if you love Me and are able to withdraw into yourselves to the mysterious, secrete and inviolable innermost place of your being, where I live. You should perceive this contact as something that makes you fertile because I am the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Life. Just as in the conjugal intimacy life is conceived, in the intimacy with God the soul conceives God’s life. I invite you to this intimacy without which you cannot find Me. You cannot find Me in extraordinary phenomena, where there is noise and confusion, where there are too many words. You can only find Me in the intimacy of your soul and your life.

I ask you not to allow anyone to violate your intimacy with God; make sure that your innermost place only belongs to Him and to you and to no one else. Do not allow the poison of the world, what is dirty and cowardly, to penetrate, to profane that intimacy, which is also your sanctuary. There, in the sanctuary of your soul, you have to be in silence, kneeling in adoration of God.

I also ask you to respect the intimacy of every soul; always respect it. I especially ask the priests: help every soul that is entrusted to you to find the space of intimacy with God within itself, and teach it to respect it in others. Thus, when you help each other find and experience the intimacy with God and respect it in everyone, a healthy community will grow. The Church is born in this respect; the true Church, which is the sanctuary of love.

Respecting the intimacy of a person does not mean that he or she has to be corrected. I turn again to the priests, but also to parents and educators: allow the individuals to mature so that they are free to grow before God; however, not free to do what they want, but free because their freedom to grow and decide is accepted and respected. This is how God acts as He always respects your freedom. Always let God have the last word, not you, even if you are priests or educators. Let God accomplish His work in every person. Your task is to prepare the ground as the gardener prepares the ground for the seed, but it is not he who makes the seed grow. Therefore, I suggest that you say things with delicacy but clearly. Help those who are entrusted to you to make a clear existential choice; sometimes, besides egoism, the souls are ignorant of the true good. Then, let them choose in freedom, and nothing more.

I tell you all: it is your task to show your neighbours the truth and lead them to the truth as best as you can. Nevertheless, always respect the choices of the others, even when it is painful, as I do even though I see that many will be lost. Many of you arrive before the sanctuary of the truth but do not enter. It is terrible! It is like starving before the banquet hall, where the table is filled with all kinds of good things. This is how many souls live and die.

Education and formation that do not respect the person’s intimacy, especially the intimacy with God, represent a real form of violence. The person’s soul is not helped to mature and grow; instead, discipline is instilled in the soul. The space of intimacy is occupied by the rule, the form and the law. Thus, it is believed that a person is good and holy because he or she respects the rule, but that is not always true. Discipline and respect for rules are certainly necessary, but this must take place without forcing, without imposition and without violence. The person that is helped to grow in the faith in God and the respect of the neighbour, is naturally oriented towards true inner discipline; the discipline that comes from the laws God has written within each one of you. Instead, often a great tragedy happens during the phase of growth, for the guidance of the soul is not left to Me but to the human mind, to science, to human fears, and fear generates fear.”

Question: “What happens to people in movements or sects that reject God and which, in many cases, adore Satan?”

“When I speak of bad education, I do not just refer to certain so-called spiritual sects and movements that oppose God, where there is truly a great deal of violence. Unfortunately, I refer to certain Christian realities in which violence is exerted on the souls; you have no idea how much it is! Do not think that in the religious sphere people are more respected and better directed than elsewhere: if My guidance is lacking, the level is the same. In many Christian movements, religious communities of believers and religious orders, there are people who pray continuously, present themselves as righteous, fill their mouth with invocations to the Holy Spirit but do not know Me because they do not love Me, nor do they offer themselves to Me. They remain egoists and hypocrites. Thus, they are not guided by God and cannot guide others; they are blind leading the blind; they judge the others and often cause immense harm to their fellow men and, what is worse, they do it in the name of God. No one can truly help others without Me!”

 “Holy Spirit, I would like to ask you for the gift of a living and vital relationship with the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity and the grace of living this relationship with responsibility. Give me and all of us this grace.”

“What you are asking is a great gift and, at the same time, a great achievement. The relationship with the Most Holy Trinity represents the foundation of the whole spiritual life and the entire theology; there is nothing more important than this. Man strives to study who God is, how to find God, what God does, what features God has. He has failed to understand that the only thing that counts is the relationship with God, because the essence of life, and all that is necessary in life and beyond life, lies in the intimate relationship with the One and Triune God. When you live in God and with God, your being, your intelligence and all your skills are regenerated and reach the right dimension. However, you have to desire and seek all this with humbleness because God will not impose anything on you, not even His Love. He keeps seeking you but He does not force you; He loves you, but He does not oppress you; He wants you, but He does not take possession of you; He lets you free to decide and understand where life is.

I bless you today so that the desire for God may always be in you; if it is a sincere and clear desire without ambitions and compromises, I will not fail to take your where I have to take you, that is, to the Father through the Son. Jesus and I operate incessantly to take each one of you to fullness, and everything we do is for your life. Everything passes through our life in order to take you to the life of the Father.

I love you very much and I protect you; I give you the grace to open up in you and in the souls of your brothers and sisters, an ever bigger space: the space where life flows between the creatures and the Creator; the space of infinite love that continually regenerates you.”


[1] See Catechism of the Catholic Church, chap. III § 144,