26 May 2010

Dearest Readers,

Here we are together again after the Easter time, in which we remembered the great events of salvation. Each one of us truly has to go through this passage from death to life, regardless of the liturgical times. Death and resurrection follow one another in our existence; in the many trails of life we are called to experience the Paschal victory of Christ, transforming every death into resurrection.

We are part of the people of God that incessantly walks towards the full realisation of the divine promises. It is a path that necessarily goes through the stages of our conversion until reaching the transformation of ourselves. I have spoken in depths about this in the first volume of the series “Riscrivere la storia – Vol. I – Nel pensiero di Dio”[1]; in this book I recount my experiences and the explanations I have received in regard to God’s thoughts, which live in us and transform us day by day.

A fundamental aspect of spiritual life is the ability of the soul to accept newness in God. What newness? The one that is enclosed in the life God incessantly communicates through His love. In fact, life in God is always new and continuously renews itself. It is never static but, on the contrary, it is dynamic, vital, full of new experiences. Jesus assured us that from the hearts of those who believe “will flow rivers of living water(John 7,37-39).

We can open up to the newness of God if we are ready to accept His life at every moment, that is, if we are ready to change ourselves to allow the Lord to live in us. We can only achieve this by offering our life to Jesus through Mary’s Immaculate Heart. This is the only way that enables us to keep pace with the grace and be new creatures. The Lord has explained to me many times, and I have experienced that in order to receive the fullness of life from God we have to give our life to God, because we receive in the measure we give. By giving everything to God, we will obtain everything from God; this is the law of the Spirit. Isn’t our life everything? What can we give God that is greater than our life?

Opening up to the newness of divine life leads us to elevate ourselves to the Father. This is what the Holy Spirit explains in the message I am sharing with you this month. I received it on Ascension Day 1999. I hope it will be helpful for you.

I greet and bless you in Christ.

Stefania Caterina

Message of the Holy Spirit of 16 May 1999 – Ascension Day

“It is necessary that you open yourselves to the newness of God; however, this newness requires a second step: your elevation to God. Jesus’ ascension is not only the example of this elevation but also the foreshadowing of what will be your elevation in body and soul at the end of times.

Nevertheless, as you live in your body now, you are asked to elevate your whole being to God. You are new creatures, open to God’s love which renews you continuously, gives itself to you and enables you to give yourselves completely to Him; thus, you are no longer bound to the Earth, but you already live in a new dimension beyond space and time. In fact, those who live immersed in Me can no longer be chained to the Earth.

Therefore, if you now have to live in the body and follow the physical laws of the Earth, at the same time, you have surpassed them; you are forced to experience them, but your soul has already surpassed them, which means that it has already touched a new dimension of life. This new dimension is eternity. Your soul is created for eternity, and it is itself eternal. The time that God allows for you to spend in the body is planned for your mission so that the dimension of eternity may also touch, through your body, the reality that surrounds you because it must also be elevated together with you.

Man has not understood this. I am not only talking about those who do not believe but also about the believers, those who are baptized, and yet do not know the greatness of the message Jesus left you through His Ascension, which is the necessity to already reach the Father while you are here on Earth. Many think that they will reach the Father after death, if all goes well, if they reach Paradise. This is wrong because the dimension of Paradise, Purgatory and Hell are nothing other than the continuation of what you have begun in your earthly life; the accomplishment of what you have chosen to live on Earth.

Ascension Day is a terrible day for Lucifer; it represents his complete defeat. In fact, the humanity he wanted to enslave, humiliate and subject to himself through death was elevated in body and soul through Jesus Christ, just as the Virgin Mary was elevated in body and soul; She prefigures the new humanity which all of you will be.

I ask you to reflect on what it means for you to elevate yourselves to the Father together with Jesus in the Holy Spirit. Ask yourselves what elevation means for you; what you have to give up that is earthly and that binds you and prevents you from elevating yourselves; what fears you harbour.

There cannot be any elevation if fear holds you back, because fear is a weight that keeps your soul attached to Earth. If there is fear, the soul cannot elevate itself. Elevate oneself means going towards what the soul can know through faith and not through the senses. No one can materially touch eternity, nor are there any physical laws that can explain it, but the soul knows it. Through faith, you can walk the path without being afraid of the mystery, towards what may seem unknown to you from a human point of view. If you live in God, not even the unknown is hidden to you; your soul senses it, understands and knows it. It is created to comprehend the things of God.

You elevate yourselves for faith when you perceive a reality that cannot be known through the senses. How can you know eternity through the senses? Can you touch the dimension of freedom, peace, love and self-offering with your senses? Can you physically touch love? You cannot. Can you look at it with your eyes? You cannot. Yet, your soul can touch it, look at it and breathe it because it is faith that does all this. Your soul concretely experiences eternity; if it were not so, how could it experience God?

I ask you not to consider these words as a theory. If you have the desire to enter eternity, nothing theoretical remains and everything becomes real, for you have been created to fully experience the reality of God for which you have been foreseen.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] Stefania Caterina’s book “Riscrivere la storia-Vol. I-Nel pensiero di Dio” (Rewriting History-Vol.I-In the Mind of God), 2010, Luci dell’Esodo, is not yet available in English. The second book of this series, “Rewriting History-Vol. II-The Universe and Its Inhabitants”, is available at the online shop, https://www.lucidellesodo.it/en/

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