Living in Communion without Murmuring or Envying

24 July 2010

Dear Readers,

I hope you are well and can enjoy the summer time. The message of the Holy Spirit that I am sharing with you this month deals with the fraternal communion whose source and strength lie in the communion of the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity.

It is not always easy to live in communion with our neighbours because of our weaknesses, which we know very well. However, if we offer ourselves to Jesus, through Mary’s Immaculate Heart, we can overcome all limits; in fact, our self-offering unites us with Jesus, and then it is no longer we who love but He who loves and creates true communion with others.

As a result, our relationships are lifted up beyond all little human calculations. We are unable to encounter the other; by himself, man creates relationships based on interests – no matter how much he is motivated by good faith and noble intentions – but not genuine fraternal communion. People, who are detached from God, are selfish, and thus their love is also selfish, possessive, oppressing and sometimes even violent. We can see this in the sad news of every day.

People who do not offer themselves are not only selfish towards the others but also towards God. They always expect something from the Lord, complain against Him if they do not get what they want and may even become envious of those who receive grace from God. There is a poisonous root within us, which can only be eradicated by our self-offering. Therefore, let us not be afraid or tremble! Faith in Jesus Christ is the winning weapon that enables us to defeat all evil in us and around us.

I will leave you now to the words of the Holy Spirit and I wish you all the best.

Stefania Caterina

Message of the Holy Spirit of 19 May 1999

“I would like to speak about the fraternal communion, which is the next step after the consecration of oneself. In fact, consecration in truth leads to communion. Jesus could not have consecrated Himself in truth if He had not been in communion with the Father and with Me. God is never on His own because He lives and acts in communion with the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity. It is perfect communion because their love is perfect; it is love that flows and offers itself from one Person to the other.

You, too, are called to realise communion in consecration and truth. When there is no fraternal communion; when there is no communion among the faithful, in a community or in a family, it means that there is no truth or that it is suffocated in the soul. On the contrary, if God’s truth lives in you, it leads you to divine love, and this is self-offering and communion in the image of the Most Holy Trinity, where the three divine Persons offer themselves to each other, and together they offer themselves to you.

This is what should take place among you: the communion should be the mirror of the truth that is in each one of you. Where there is arrogance, falsehood and egoism, there is no communion. Where there are interests that are different from those of God, there is no communion, as is the case even among Christians nowadays. Many people grow up alone, almost in a wild way; they never enter the garden of their soul to remove the weeds, nor does anyone help them look into themselves. In these cases, there is no communion but a more or less peaceful coexistence.

Instead, you are called to true communion because the three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity not only live together but also live in perfect communion; they love each other and love all. In Paradise, there is perfect communion, for the souls have entered the truth through the consecration of themselves in truth; this has led them to expel all egoism in order to enter the true love that gives itself to others; the love that is given to one another. That is communion.

Without genuine communion, you cannot get to the true offering of yourselves. Those who are not able to live in communion are also unable to offer themselves because this inability is a sign of egoism, individualism and egocentrism.

I invite you to look inside yourselves and discover what is missing to live perfect communion with God first, and then also among you. This is the characteristic of the true Christians: to be one with God among you.

I help you to reach true communion, for I am Love. I also tell you that in the communion with others, you offer to them what is in you as a gift. Therefore, it is important to live in the truth so that you may give to others the truth in love, in prayer and in the offering of yourselves. Without this truth, there cannot be communion.

I also ask you to strip yourselves of any expectations from God because this hinders the communion with Him. In fact, there is a very insidious evil root in man, which incites him to seek a reward from God, to expect something in exchange for a sacrifice or prayer. There is another aspect that is linked to this, of which  Jesus spoke [1]; it is grumbling against God, criticising and blaming God for His work.

God certainly rewards the righteous, and you must have no doubts about that. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with expecting something from God, since He is the Highest Good and never fails to reward with good those who invoke Him with sincere love. He always does, however, at the time and in the way He decides. What is not good is to approach God only to obtain something. That is not faith but egoism. The desire to be rewarded as an end in itself is an ill attitude, and the same is true for grumbling. Both are the manifestation of the same rebellious root in man, that of original sin, the lack of immaculateness.[2]

The peaceful acceptance of God’s will, even when experiencing trials, is an aspect of immaculateness: those who love God and offer themselves to Him do not murmur. Those who fully participate in Christ’s Sacrifice, surrender to God’s goodness, as Jesus did. They know that nothing evil can happen to them since God the Father does not want evil for His children but only good. They know that the trial permitted by the Father contributes to the realisation of a greater good, as it was for Jesus, and every death is transformed into resurrection.

In contrast, the soul that is soiled, rebellious and wicked, fails to understand this, begins to murmur and rises up against the friendly hand that nourishes it. This is what Judas did and what all traitors do. Profound rebellion is typical of those who do not offer themselves, who do not know and cannot understand God’s goodness because they do not become goodness themselves. Yet, you are called to be God’s goodness; you can only become it if you offer yourselves as a sacrifice united with Christ; otherwise, your goodness remains human compassion. Goodness that is not based on Christ’s Sacrifice is human compassion. The Earth is full of it, but that is not God’s goodness; this is why, the Earth is hungry for love.

Murmuring can turn into envy of the grace others have received. You can read it in the Gospel in the episode of the workers who grumbled because those who were hired last received as much as the first.[3] Those who participate in Christ’s Sacrifice and become like God’s goodness cannot be envious because they know that everyone is given a place in God’s plan. Before God, being the first or the last makes no difference; in God there are neither careers nor categories. Before God, only the sincere desire to be part of the divine plan counts. In this way, every one finds his/her place, realisation and happiness. The grace given to one and the other only contributes to the elevation of each one; consequently, there is no room for envy. As long as you are envious of each other, you will not reach peace, even less happiness. You will not be perfect in God.

Envy, too, comes from a lack of immaculateness. Therefore, I invite you to continue on your path of immaculateness, looking at Mary who never, in no trial, rebelled against God. She did not envy anyone; on the contrary, She rejoiced with Elisabeth[4]; She rejoiced about God’s goodness without ever envying anyone and remaining humble despite Her greatness, which has no equal.

I support you on your path, and I bless you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Mt 20, 1-16

[2] For the meaning of ‘self-offering’ and ‘immaculateness’, see Jesus’ message of 8 September 2011, “The Future of My People”, published on 7 October 2011 on our website,

[3] See Footnote 1

[4] See Luke 1,39-45