The Decision of the Soul

24 August 2010

Dearest Readers,

I am pleased to be with you once again. We will continue our path together towards an increasing comprehension of the life of God within us. This month I propose a message in which the Holy Spirit speaks about the need to decide for the truth and the consequences that arise from avoiding this decision. I believe that these words concern us all closely, because every day we are confronted with the need to decide between good and evil, truth and falsehood. It looks like life forces us to play an endless chess game where it is vital to move the right chess piece, to choose which way to go: the one to God or the one we want; or, even worse, the one Satan suggest to us in a thousand ways and with countless seductions. We have no other choice than offering ourselves to God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to be gradually guided towards the right decision which leads us also to the transformation of our life.

I will not dwell on this point as I have spoken about it at length in my books “Beyond the Great Barrier” and “Riscrivere la storia – Vol. I – Nel pensiero di Dio”.[1] As I leave you to the words of the Holy Spirit who is the true guide of our life, I greet you warmly and remain united with you in prayer.

Message of the Holy Spirit of 23 May, 1999

 “I have spoken to you about the intimacy of your soul that God respects. There is an intimacy in good and an intimacy in evil, according to your choice; know, though, that God respects both of them and never forces you. I enlighten your intimacy, that innermost place, so that you become aware of what is not functioning in you. There are many mechanisms that you do not understand, but I can show them to you if you entrust yourselves to me. It is a moment of great grace when you recognise your misery and, at the same time, understand what you have to do to overcome sin, misery and darkness.

However, this is also where your suffering comes from; when I confront you with the truth, you suffer as you realise that you have to die to yourselves, to your egoism. Here the path is divided: some decide for God and their suffering becomes purification that produces fruit and leads to rebirth to become new creatures. Others refuse God and also suffer in face of the truth; however, that suffering is not purification but anger, refusal, aggressiveness. Even though they suffer like the others, they do not suffer for the good but for evil, for having become enemies of God. Those who fight against God suffer; it is not God who makes them suffer, but the truth that they refuse, which cries in them.

If you knew how much those, who consciously reject God, suffer! Their soul cries because it wants to live the truth, which it senses within itself, but it can’t. You must understand that God has placed the seed of truth in you, because you are children of God, created, redeemed and sanctified by Him. That seed can never be totally suffocated; even if man tries hard, it will always spring up again; you have been created to live in the truth. Therefore, those who refuse God suffer, but, at the same time, they prevent themselves from growing; they refuse to change their way of life, to die to themselves; in one word: they reject the cross.

I can do nothing else than show you the way, but I cannot take the decisions for you. Therefore, the people who ask God to convert the souls are wrong. This is also where many blasphemies come from which are heard in the world. God does not convert the wicked; He does not change this or that person. God could do it all because He is almighty, but He lets you free so that you freely choose your path for better or for worse, accepting all the consequences that the choice entails; however, this does not only affect you but everyone, because all you say, do and think has repercussions on the entire humanity.

Man is free from the moment of conception until the last day of his life, and that is not all. God respects this freedom also in the afterlife. In Purgatory the soul holds within and relives all blockages and indecisions it experienced while on Earth, like the souls in Hell hold and relive their total rejection of God.

Man refuses truth because it costs sacrifice. Truth, if it is lived, never leaves man indifferent, nor will it leave his state unchanged. In fact, living in the truth means to be ready to be transformed every day and every moment. That is often painful when it is necessary to abandon false affections, advantageous choices, compromises and betrayals. All this is tiresome and the basic reason for the rejection of truth. However, whoever rejects truth always seeks justifications for his rejection to silence the inner cry which remains forever, even in the damned. This yearning for truth remains because it is impressed in your being which is created in the image and likeness of God, who is the Truth. It is for this reason that man seeks to justify himself in order to silence his soul.

The justifications always take an obligatory direction, the one that leads to blame others. The most extreme justification blames God; God is accused of the suffering caused by the rejection of the truth. So, those who have chosen Satan consecrating themselves to him (they are not few), often affirm to have rejected God because He has done nothing for them. None of them will admit to have rejected the truth by free choice. However, you can hear such affirmations even from many Christians who say they believe and do great charity works; yet, when they are struck by some misfortune they blame God, reminding Him even of the works they did in his name. Finally, the greatest justification for man consists in blaming God.

I tell you that obstinately countering the truth, distorting the truth, pretend not to see it by putting the blame on God is a grave sin against the Holy Spirit.

I work within each one of you to enlighten and guide you towards Jesus Christ who is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and to remind you of His teachings. If you open yourselves up and entrust yourselves totally to Me, you will be able to understand and choose the truth, always and in all circumstances. Therefore, there is no justification for those who reject God, because I give each one the grace to do the right steps, in relation to his structure, his capacity and his mission. There is no soul that I would leave without my help, without clarity, without impulses; if I did that, I would not accomplish my work.

Complying with the truth leads you to realise yourselves fully, for every impulse I transmit to your soul always leads you to progress. As you progress, My impulses become ever stronger and clearer; they intensify in line with your response. If, instead, you are not ready to walk and are spiritually lazy, you cut your own legs as you do not allow me to increase My impulses in you.

Your unwillingness to decide to live the truth also causes suffering to those who sincerely desire to walk towards God. In fact, you are in communion with each other, and all men are related to each other so that the indecision of someone also causes the immobility or difficulty to walk of others. If all responded to My impulses, humanity would certainly be at a much higher level.

I never abandon you; I am with you in every moment and I count on you. I want to show you the way towards the Most Holy Trinity in whose life the full realisation of the mystery of love is accomplished.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”


[1]  Available only in Italian (Rewriting History- Vol. I – In the Mind of God)


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