Witnesses of Life

23 September 2010

Dear Readers, I great you! We are approaching the feast of the Archangels on 29 September. The archangels and the angels have a very important place in my life and in my experiences and those who have read my books, in which I have quoted many words of the archangels, have certainly understood.

The angels are also very important for the path of the people of God; they open the way for the men of good will; they accompany, support and protect them in the struggle against evil. Unfortunately, their veneration has sharply fallen in the Church. Moreover, many Christian movements have abused of the angels, reducing them to magical, unreal, confused figures. As corruption spreads in the world and evil tries to seduce us in the many ways, it is more necessary than ever to pray to the angels, to love them and seek their protection and help.

In this context I present you a message that St. Michael the Archangel dictated to me a few days ago, on 20 September, the first day of the novena to the archangels which I usually pray every year before their feast. St. Michael said that he wanted to dedicate these words particularly to you who are following this website and, through you, to the whole people of God.

As I leave you to his words, I embrace and bless you in Christ; I entrust you to His angels.


Message of St. Michael the Archangel of 20 September 2010

I bless you and bring you the greeting of God Most High of whom I am the servant. I am the archangel Michael and I contemplate the face of God; I am His testimony in every part of the universe. I continuously intercede for you together with all the angel of whom I have been made the head by the Lord of the universe. I hear the voice of the Father and I see His face; I have been called to serve Him in a special way, and for this I am grateful and honoured. This involves the duty to honour and bear witness to Him. For this reason I turn to you; I hope my words will convey all the love and goodness of God to you.

Witnessing the life of God is the first duty of the Christian. It is also the task of the universal Church which is not limited to the Earth but involves Mary Most Holy, our Queen, the angels, the saints, all men faithful to God and the souls in purgatory. Just as Jesus Christ has come to the world to bear witness to the Father, to reveal His face, each one of you is sent to bear witness to the face of God that he contemplates in himself, for the image of God is impressed in each one of you. This testimony can only be given through communion and love and the life of God lived by each member of the people of God.

The universal Church bears witness to the living light; therefore, it is important that the Church is increasingly immersed in the divine light. This is what the work of Christ consists of as He intercedes with the Father for the whole of His Church.

This is also the work of us archangels and all angels; they help the holy people of God to reach the fullness. It is time for the people of God to reach the fullness of the living and acting grace to become a perfect instrument of salvation.

Jesus Christ continues to work through each one of you and through the universal Church of which He is the only Lord and Head. Jesus Christ is the High Priest and the Supreme Shepherd. No-one in the universe can equal His power. Remember that all of you become living limbs of the universal Church, limbs of Christ, by offering your life sincerely to God. Therein lies your dignity and your responsibilities as men and as children of God.

Your humanity is living a time of bewilderment and confusion. The Christians themselves are divided and weak in their faith; they are no longer able to communicate hope; it seems that the divine spark has died in many of them, even though it should be visible in each one of them. However, even today, as through the centuries, the Lord continues to speak in many ways and to bring forth saints and prophets; yet, their voice is suffocated by the clamor of the world and the arrogance of many; or, it is lost in the long aisles of empty cathedrals. Many, too many prophetic voices turn into cries of pain!

Today I want to tell you that the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth has heard the voice of His faithful people crying day and night. He is at work in the universe to divide, once and for all, the light from the darkness in order to separate the children of God from the children of the world. The separation I mean is no fantasy; it is already visible to those who see with the eyes of faith, and it will become increasingly visible.

I invite you to be ready to finally renounce your egoism and your narrow visions, giving all yourselves to God through Jesus Christ through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Give up human logic; do not ask questions to God that are only serve to gain time to postpone your decisions; be honest with yourselves. Ask God to help you; He is always beside you. If you abandon yourselves to Him, you will live in the Holy Spirit that will show you the steps to take and lead towards becoming new creatures. Do not wait until it is too late; do not put off your decisions to tomorrow, for time passes quickly, and quickly the grace passes by; try to grab the grace before the Bridegroom closes the door of the wedding.

You men and we angels are children of God Most High and testimonies of the Almighty. I invite you to give strong and authentic testimony. Do not do it on behalf of yourselves but on behalf of God, knowing that you are never alone because you are part of the universal Church. When you announce the salvation of God, witnessing your belonging to Christ, behind you the power of the universal Church is at work. You are protected by Mary Most Holy, helped by the angels, comforted by the prayers of the saints, the righteous and the souls in purgatory who offer their suffering for you. God does not send you into the world without giving you the means; He holds you up on eagle’s wings, and will not allow the forces of the darkness to defeat you. He tests you, yes, but not to make you fall, nor to confuse you, least of all to punish you; He wants to test your faithfulness and your response. If you abandon yourselves with trust, offering your difficulties to Him, He will strengthen you day by day. Thus, you will grow in holiness and power, and your inner light will increase.

In this way, you become the reflection of His power which makes you prophets, martyrs and apostles, for you are fully inserted in the life of the universal Church. You are not asked to do great things or make memorable speeches; you are asked to give yourselves to God so that God becomes flesh in you. Then, your presence, even silent, your passing among strained and distracted people, will not be fruitless. Wherever you are, you will be testimonies of a new and redeemed life; you will be men and women risen with Christ. Wherever you are, God will also be present and manifest Himself through you, beyond your limits and your weaknesses because the God’s power and love of are infinitely greater than your weakness.

Never be afraid of what you will have to face; every concern is poison that corrupts your faith. Have confidence in the power of your Creator. He loves you with endless love and leans over you to support you at every step you make; He transmits His strength to you to enable you to face every situation. He gives you His Mother and sends you His angels and saints to comfort you in every pain. His intelligence guides you to understand the right steps and decisions to take; His Spirit rests upon you.

When a man offers his life to God, God Himself will become present in that man. The others perceive that presence and are touched inwardly. Just as the traveler searches a source of water to quench his thirst, the hearts seek the saints, those in whom God dwells. Sanctity is your true destiny and your genuine happiness. There is nothing greater than the perception of God living in a man. Do not deceived by false ideas of holiness; do not believe that holiness is unreachable! True holiness is simplicity and the silent and unstoppable flowing of the life of God, even in simple everyday gestures. It is the eternal life that flows from the bosom of the Father, passes through the Son and is communicated to you by the Holy Spirit.

We angels are pure spirits, unstained by sin; we know no weakness; we live immersed in the light of the Truth that is God. We too, as you all, are called to live in the fullness of our holiness which comes from Him who is Holy. We contemplate the holiness of God and give testimony of His life. Like inflamed arrows of love we cross the universe to bring every creature the love of God, His peace, His joy and His blessing. This is our mission and our eternal bliss. Seek us if you have decided to serve God giving yourselves to Him; we will help you to do it better. Seek us when you feel lonely, when your faith wavers, when the world pierces you with its sorrows. We are angels, so different from you, and yet we understand you very well, because God’s love, which is the only true love, speaks only one language. Call us with the love of God and in that love we will respond you. God wants us and to live in full communion with you.

I bless you today in the name of God Most High that you may become witnesses of the Almighty. Be peaceful testimonies full of grace, and God will work in you and with you; He will always be at your side. Never give in to falsehood; be authentic, filled with the truth you have known in Christ and that you want to live. Bear witness to the life of God to your neighbours and all those who are waiting for the resurrection; testify that you are children of a Father who loves you, who lives in the heavens and in your hearts.

I assure you of my prayer, and I watch over each one of you together with my angels.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”