To Welcome the Life of God

21 October 2010

Dear Readers,

I greet you all. I want to share with you something that happened to me a few days ago. The Lord communicated to me His desire and His promise to guide His people in a special way also through this website.

To this desire I can only respond with my whole self, putting myself totally at the disposal of the Lord so that He may use me as an instrument regardless of my human limits. Therefore, I will stay aside as much as possible, limiting my words so that the Lord may to turn His words to me in the manner and time He will choose.

Today I will share with you the message of Jesus that I have received these days for you. From time to time I will share with you what I receive. I ask you to pray with me and for me. We will certainly not lack obstacles and difficulties; in recent days we have directly experienced them through various attempts made to block this website. But the Lord has promised that nothing will stop His plans and that His words will reach those who are awaiting them with an honest and sincere heart. St. Paul said, “God’s word isn’t chained“ (2 Tim 2,9). God is God and well above all of us. Therefore, let us pray so that, through our prayer and communion, we may prepare to receive what the Lord has promised.

Message of Jesus of 18 October, 2010

 “Dearest Children,

I know your hearts and your worries. I know your wishes, the obstacles, your deepest questions. Nothing is hidden to Me; the good and that bad things that are part of your lives pass before My eyes. I know you one by one, for I am the one who gave you life.

I AM THE LIFE. You will not find life outside of Me, nor hope, let alone love. You seek many things instead of seeking Me. Therefore, you do not find peace as rarely you find Me. I told, “The one who seeks finds” (Luke 11,9-13). But what should you seek? Not the solutions for your problems, your worries or illnesses; what you should seek is My life in you. By giving you My life I have given Myself and My Spirit to you; I have revealed to you the face of My and your Father. I have placed in you the spark of divine life which is the seed of your existence. It contains all you need to face life. I have given you INTELLIGENCE, STRENGTH and LOVE to face your path. With My sacrifice I have removed the shame from your face of having sinned against My Father. With My blood I have washed away the dirt to make you appear as new and redeemed creatures before the divine throne. I dressed you in the most precious garments. I have created the most beautiful things for your heart to rejoice as you contemplate the wonders of creation.

Nevertheless, few of you are happy and many, too many, do not know what do with Me and My life; they choose the enemy, Satan, who seduces them with cunning and hatred until depriving them of their dignity. There are many ways to surrender to the enemy; the most subtle is the desire to satisfy oneself, believing that this is good, for the mere fact that everyone acts that way and that this is the way the world thinks. Success, power, career, money, material goods, a beautiful home, holidays and more; all this is in the first place of your thoughts. To achieve it you are able to betray, steal, kill; and you kill in many ways, even with a look or a word. And while you seek these things, you forget to live. For the life you dream of is not life; it is a surrogate of life. The real life is not outside but inside of you. It is in your spirit, in the noblest part of your being; it is like pure water at the bottom of a well: you cannot drink it if you do not draw it. So is true life; one cannot find it without being ready to stand before God; without being honest enough to recognise that you are poor and in need of divine help. Why don’t you seek My Life? Why do you never have time to think deeply about yourselves and ask yourselves sincerely if you are authentic men and women capable of truth? Why don’t you allow Me to look at you?

I do not want to judge you; I want to heal you. I want to give you My Spirit to straighten all that is crooked in you. Give Me all yourselves and I will give you all. Give Me your problems, your weaknesses, your sins.

Do not hide when you make a mistake for fear of being condemned. I will not condemn you because I love you. Trust in Me. Give Me the keys to your hearts and I will transform them into coffers filled with precious treasures. Do not be afraid, come to Me!

My children, do you want to know what you lack to be happy? You lack the courage to become holy. What does holiness mean? It does not mean to be remembered in the calendar or depicted in old paintings, honoured on altars or quoted in many books. To be holy simply means to live in harmony with God and His laws guided by the desire to get close to Him, trusting in His goodness and in His grace, and to be lovers of good and truth. The holy person is someone who lives for Me and puts his hand in mine, letting himself be guided docilely where I am, where your good is. You do not know the mysterious ways of happiness, which pass where you least expect it. You do not know them as you do not know where the wind blows or how an ear of wheat is born. Life is a mystery that you can understand only in Me.

I know the way that leads to the supreme Good that is the Father, for I AM THE WAY. Abandon yourselves to Me and I will lead you on new ways where your feet will not get tired. Let Me lend you My hand to support you. Don’t you feel how tired you are? The world promises you things it will never be able to give you. The false prophets are everywhere, seeking to scare you with their dark predictions. Your rulers deceive you with empty words, and your spiritual guides often do not know what to tell you. Take My hand; it is the only support for your humanity. Neither father nor mother, nor the powerful or the wise, no-one can give you what I can, for I know what you do not know.

I AM THE WISDOM; the wisdom that is impressed in your spirit; not the one printed in books or in your brain. Give Me your life; lay it in My hands and I will make you wise and capable of living a life worthy of this name. Then you will be able to solve your problems, but not with human tricks and cunning but with the divine intelligence that belongs to you as you are children of God. It is in you but you do not see it; you obstinately ask here and there what you should do and how you should do it. Thus, you find solutions that worsen the situations and often hurt your neighbours because they harm them.

Live a simple life. God is simple in His immensity; therefore, be also simple. I neither ask you to be heroes nor martyrs. Life on Earth is already difficult enough; if you offer Me the big and the small troubles of your daily life, remaining faithful to Me, the Father is already pleased. When you join your sufferings to My Sacrifice on the cross, you are already on the way to resurrection. Never forget that, as then you will never despair. The tears you offer to Me with faith and hope are precious pearls. The tears of a person who offers himself to God wash the world. Live with joy and simplicity, enjoying the gifts of God but avoiding attachment to anything. Be content with what you have, seeking to grow every day. The more progress you make in spirit, the more you will receive; the more you are united to Me, the more you will be protected by the heavenly Father; He is a loving Father, who feeds the birds in the air, dresses the lilies in the field (Matt 6,24-29) and thinks even more of you. You will not lack anything; your eyes will see the wonders of His goodness.

Adore the Father and seek Him through me. Adore the Holy Spirit who is pure love and renews life. Be united with Me, and with Me you will rise again. I wanted to turn these words to you to may give you courage and comfort. Too often My sheep are without a shepherd; too often they follow bad masters. I am the only Shepherd and the only Master because I AM THE TRUTH that never deceives and that unmasks all falsehood. I AM JUSTICE AND MERCY because I am TRUTH.

I want to guide you on your path so that you may reach true life and you may also accompany your brothers and sisters, showing them the way to Me.

I bless you with love, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

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