8 December 2010

Christmas 2010

Dearest Readers,

I will share with you the new message that Jesus has given for you. I think it will help you live in fraternal communion and become more aware of the great mission that is given to us as members of His people.

I wish you a Holy and Happy Christmas. May the New Year be filled with God’s goodness and grace. Merry Christmas to all of you and to your families.

Message of Jesus of 12 November 2010

“My dear Children,

I have already told you that you are the living temple of God. Let us take a step further. I want to help you understand that each one of you is part of the people of God if you love Me and follow Me. Who is this people composed of? Of all those who adore My Father, who recognise Me as the Son of God and the Redeemer and welcome the Holy Spirit.

The people of God is an immense people. It encompasses many realities and is not limited to the Earth. Part of it is, first of all, My and your Mother, Mary Most Holy, who is the joy of My Heart and the diadem of My people. It encloses the angels, your brothers and sisters in Paradise and in Purgatory. It also encloses other brothers and sisters, who are human beings like you, created in the image and likeness of God, who live on other planets of the universe and faithfully serve the Creator; you do not know them yet, but one day you will see them. I have also given My Life for them, incarnating, dying and rising again on Earth forever in order to redeem the entire humanity of the universe. Do not be shocked by My words! Know that My Father has no limits in creating, and His life fills the universe. I will speak to you about this reality another time because it is very important for your life.

For now, know that this large people forms the universal Church, which is My Spouse and My Mystical Body. You are part of this immense reality in virtue of your baptism, which has immersed you in My Life, allowing you to participate fully in the grace of redemption. This grace, however, must be fertile during your life in order to bear fruit and transform you into new creatures, in living members of My Body.

At your baptism, you have been anointed to be priests, prophets and kings. Thus, My people is a priestly, prophetic and royal people.

It is a people of priests because it participates in My priesthood. I am, in fact, the High Priest, the One who has offered His life as a sacrifice to the Father for the salvation of every man. Therefore, whoever offers himself to Me is a priest together with Me. Think about this carefully: each one of you, man or woman, who loves Me sincerely and wants to give himself/herself to Me, fully participates in My priesthood.

This is the royal priesthood of My people, which makes each one of you a priest, whose mission is that of offering to the Father, through Me, everything that is part of his/her life. What does this mean? It means that all that is in you and around you: your joys, your pains, your difficulties, the people you love, even your enemies, the creatures, life and death, everything may become an offering that your priestly hands elevate to the Father, united with My Sacrifice. Then, the fire of the Holy Spirit descends on this gift and consumes your offering, whose scent rises up to God’s throne.

Those among you who are ministerial priests, such as bishops, parish priests etc., exercise their priesthood as a ministry, that is, as a service to the community of faithful, and they preside the Eucharistic celebration. Their first task is to offer themselves for the people. I am the Shepherd who offered His life for the sheep; every shepherd must offer his life to Me for the sheep. The ministerial priests spiritually accompany the people to lead them to understand their priestly mission; they help them to reach full maturity, awareness and the exercise of the royal priesthood. Nevertheless, the ministerial priesthood does not differ from that of the members of the people; on the contrary, the royal priesthood of the people is the basis of the service carried out by the ministerial priest.

I want you to become aware that the Holy Mass is celebrated by the people in union with the priest who presides the celebration. Therefore, when the offertory takes place, each one of you, through the hands of the ministerial priest and in communion with him, elevates himself to God offering to Him what he bears in his heart. Think about it: you have the possibility to be priests, that is, those who recapitulate in Christ the joys, the pains, the good deeds, life itself, in the name of all humanity whom you represent before God in that very moment. How many people, how many situations you can offer in the Holy Mass, imploring God to pour His graces upon those who most need them! Are you aware of this? Have they taught you? I do not think so, as I look at your cold, distracted, hasty celebrations, which you experience like a boring ritual that does not belong to you and in which you participate passively out of duty or habit. The churches have become places of superficial gatherings, disturbing chatter, and are no longer sacred places of silence and prayer. No, children, don’t do that! Instead, understand your priestly role and begin to live the Holy Mass in a different way; enter the church with the awareness of the greatness of your priestly mission.

The priestly mission of the people does not end with the Eucharistic celebration but continues in the life of each one of you through the offering of your life to God through Mary Most Holy. In the temple of your person, on the altar of your spirit, always offer your body and blood to God as bread and wine for the celebration of a long Mass, that of your life: a living liturgy that takes place in each one of you if you offer yourselves to God.

My people is a people of prophets. What does this mean? It means that the Holy Spirit is present in you and that He enables you to understand and communicate to others God’s thoughts, desires and admonishments; He enables you to read the signs of the times. There is only one way to reach this: by offering one’s life to God through the Most Holy Mother. She is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit who unites you with Me, and I communicate to you what you need to evaluate situations and be able to read them in the light of My thoughts. Thus, you know My Will and can help others to understand it. The prophet is the one who lives in union with Me and is therefore able to recognise God’s will and to communicate it to others, directing them to Him. The prophet is someone who fully lives his self-offering and identifies with My Spirit. He lives before God without malice, without taking advantage of God’s graces by adapting them to his egoism. He lives in communion with his neighbours and exercises his prophetic ministry at the service of the people and for their edification.

How many of you know that they are prophets? Few. Still, you are a people of prophets, but no one has taught you this. At the beginning of the Church of the Earth, the Holy Spirit descended on the first communities and guided the people of God through its members. Each one exercised the gift of prophecy, and the Church walked in the truth, guided by My Spirit. And now? Prophesy has extinguished from My Church; it has been substituted by human speeches, which bear no fruit; it has been set aside like a useless tool and is watched like an enemy. Nevertheless, I repeat that you are a prophetic people. Open yourselves up to the action to the Holy Spirit and do it with humbleness, without fanaticism or forcing. Offer yourselves and strip yourselves of your egoism and your cunning, your ambitions and your narcissism; they are undesirable to the Holy Spirit. He knows very well what He can and must accomplish in each of you and in the people to make the seed of holiness grow. Ask Him to guide your life and that of His people. He will do it and lead you to Me and speak to you about Me, and you will be able to speak about God to those who listen to you. In this way, My people will grow, and it will be a holy people. Then, prophets will appear again in the assemblies and manifest God’s desires. I want to speak to My people and instruct each of you in your heart, because I am the only Master and I am also the Lord; I have every right to speak directly to My people, and I will do it. Therefore, wake up and become aware of your mission and your dignity.

My people is a royal people. Do you understand this? You fully participate in My royalty because I am the King of the Universe. All of you, no one excluded, are called to govern with Me. It should have been like this from the beginning: man, created by God, should have governed creation in the name of God. What immense privilege and what royalty! However, original sin has prevented all this, and the man of the Earth turned from king to tyrant, small and fierce, claiming to dominate no longer in the name of God but against God.

After My death and resurrection, I ascended to Heaven, and I am reigning in immense glory together with My Father and the Holy Spirit. I have also taken your humanity, whose sins I have taken on Me, to My glory. Thus, I have rehabilitated you before My and your Father, allowing you to return to reign with Me. Now, it is up to you to choose: if you choose Me, you will reign with Me. If you refuse to do so, you will continue to be those little tyrants who destroy the Earth and keep fighting against your fellow men who think they are stronger than you.

What are you waiting for to give Me your life? Don’t you think that this is a great destiny for you? However, I never force you as I respect your freedom. Therefore, I will wait for your response. The things I am saying are for your good and your happiness because God does not want anything other than this for you, and He never takes advantage of you.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”