You Are the Temple of God

17  November 2010

Message of Jesus of 8 November 2010

 “I bless you, My dear beloved and precious children. You are truly precious and loved by My Father. Each one of you has been created to be a precious box in which immense treasures are guarded; yet, so few of you understand that!

You are made of spirit, soul and body. The Holy Spirit lives in your spirit; He is the divine Guest who communicates to you the God‘s love and His thoughts. The spirit is enclosed in your soul. It is the centre of your being. He is there for you to know God and communicate with Him. You can encounter God in your spirit because it is there that He manifests Himself to you.

The soul encloses the spirit and communicates with it; the soul receives life from the spirit and transmits it to the body. Thus, spirit, soul and body form a wonderful unity that makes each one of you a temple of God. Thus, I ask you: why do you not present yourselves for what you are? Why do you allow the spirit of the world to shape you according to its image by letting the image and presence of God fade in you? Yet, you have been created to spread the divine scent of life; you have been shaped like precious jars which enclose the sweet fragrance of My Spirit.

I gave My life for you to raise the walls of your temple, ruined by the sin of your progenitors; I have adorned these walls with precious gems, which are the virtues, so that exhausted pilgrims, walking the paths of the world, are attracted by your splendour. I have illuminated your temple with the light of intelligence; I made your foundation solid with My strength, which I constantly give you; I provided your temple with the strong doors of your freedom, which only you can open and close.

Children, filled with pain, I observe you while you waste the immense gift of life, seeking the good in things that are outside of you whereas it is within you, in your spirit. You are looking for a master who helps you to give meaning to your life, who speaks to you of God whereas God is in you. You are looking for signs and miracles that confirm your weak faith, and you do not see the greatest sign of all, which is the presence of God who dwells in you. How many evil masters you follow who confuse you with their theories, their systems, their empty and at times deceptive words which leave you sad and without love!

Get in contact with the divine life in you! Then you no longer need to seek outside of yourselves the strength to live and solve your problems. Try to discover the profound space of your spirit! Pray to the Holy Spirit to make you feel His presence and to communicate His power to you. He will do it, and He will guide you to Me; He will reveal My face and communicate My thoughts to you. I will envelop you with my love and offer you to the Father, who will welcome you and love you. Then, you will truly be happy because you will enjoy the constant presence of God in your life, and you will always be face to face with Him. You will be able to distinguish between good and evil, and, very naturally, you will move towards the laws of God to live in harmony with Him. You will live in peace as God will be your peace.

Do not worry if what I tell you seems difficult to you. You often mistakenly believe that your transformation depends on you, your strength, your religious devotion, your morality and your commitment. That is not so. Not even all of your human efforts can change you. It is right to pray and strive to be better people, but this alone is not enough. No human effort, however noble, contains the power to transform life. A fundamental decision is needed: to allow God to live and act in you. Then, God will accomplish the greatest of all miracles which neither you nor anyone else can accomplish: the resurrection of your life. This is the miracle that God can do for you with His power which knows no obstacles, for nothing is impossible to God.

Your life changes when you give it to Me, for I will fill your spirit with My Spirit and guide your intelligence towards the understanding of your real good. Then, your prayers will become powerful and your efforts will support God’s power, speeding up your transformation. Without even noticing, day after day you will see the transformation of your thoughts and actions, and you will understand what you did not understand until yesterday; you will notice that your fears and worries will gradually disappear, and you will feel stronger, more alive and renewed. This will happen because My love will act in you to lift you up, console you, gently reprimand you and put you back on the right path. I love you and I want you to be happy and united with Me.

Therefore, I ask you to do an inner pilgrimage with Me that will take you to the centre of yourselves, to the holy tabernacle of your spirit. There you will know the life of God and finally live it. It is a holy journey that you can only make if you abandon yourselves to Me; if you put your whole life into My hands so that I may guide you inwardly.

Give everything to Me, even your pain. Allow Me to solve your problems and to heal your wounds. Allow Me to free you from all that oppresses you, from the beliefs that suffocate you. Leave the task to Me to free you from the constraints of the world, from its fashions, its neuroses, its sadness, its baseness and its eternal boredom. That is what the world offers you: under the glimmering artificial lights lies the darkness and the cold loneliness of the night. Do you not think you deserve more than that? You are children of God; why do you want to live like slaves?

I will lead you to discover the treasures enclosed in you. We will arrive where you never thought to arrive. And when you touch the power of God in you and are finally aware of your dignity, you will seek nothing but God and His life. You will know what to do in all circumstances. You will have the strength to win every battle against evil. You will recognise and unmask the evil teachers who want to draw you away from Me even if they talk to you about Me; the wolves disguised as lambs will no longer deceive you.

I want you to be free and able to be face to face with God in your spirit. I need you to be living temples of My Spirit in which your neighbour can perceive My presence and through whom My Kingdom is built. I want you to be chests filled with treasures, and not cardboard boxes full of worthless bits and pieces. Therefore, lift your eyes up from the Earth and turn to Me! I am the only Master, and I am the only Way to reach the Father. If you trust in Me and give yourselves over to Me, you will be united with Me, and I will lead you to My Father in the power of the Holy Spirit.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”