Mirrors of light

Dearest Readers,

‪We are close to Christmas, and each of us carries within many expectations: we all want to accomplish great things in our lives and we hope that next year will open a beautiful page for our future. I, as well, wish you all the best for Christmas and for the New Year.

‪I present to you a message of Our Lady that I received on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception and that came like a Christmas gift, a little gem which contains a lot of light. ‪I am sure that this message will guide you in the best way to achieve great things in life, those which really matter.

‪Our Lady’s words are simple, clear and affectionate; they orient us inwardly towards the One who governs our life and who is the only One capable of realizing it to its fullness. ‪With Mary Immaculate, we will discover in us the ability to welcome Jesus Christ, sent by the Father to transform us into new creatures. ‪From here the change of the entire humanity will start.

‪I pray for you all and bless you. Together with my co-workers I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012.


Message of Our Lady of December 8, 2011

“My children, it is with joy that today I desire to bless you. ‪I bring you all the love, the tenderness, the blessing of God Almighty who wanted, by a very special privilege, that I should be Immaculate in order to be able to be daughter, bride and mother of the eternal God.

‪I bless you so that you might have the strength, the courage and the tenderness to deal with all the events that await you. ‪Do not be afraid! I am not announcing catastrophes or terrible events to you, but great things.

‪I repeat to you what I said about myself: the Almighty will do great things for you, if you are united to him through my Heart, and if you are able to welcome his power and his light.

‪God is the light that enlightens every human being. ‪If you immerse yourself in his light, if you allow his light to penetrate you, then you too will become light for others.

‪You are like mirrors that reflect the light of God; but if the mirror is dirty or foggy it will not be able to reflect the light.

‪Therefore, I invite you to integrity and to being immaculate. ‪You can obtain them through me, because I am leading you to Jesus who is the pure victim, the One who elevates the most pure sacrifice to God. Thus, through me you become united with Jesus and you become able to welcome the light in fullness.

My children, if you are not immaculate, if you are not upright, you cannot fully receive the light and the truth of God. In fact, you receive light in proportion to how much you are pure within, because the light of God cannot illuminate what is dirty; if it does so, it is just to let you see what you have to remove, because darkness cannot absorb the light, on the contrary, it rejects it. Therefore, do not permit darkness to live in you.

‪I invite you to renew your mind, your being, your way of acting, your speech. I desire that you might immerge your whole being in me so that it might be completely renovated. Then, from your purity will be born pure actions: whatever you will do, through your thoughts, your words and your works, will be a true thanksgiving for the glory of God.

‪When the Archangel Gabriel presented himself to me, he was blazing with the light of God and I found myself in front of that light. ‪I could have reject it because, although immaculate, I was free; nobody is forced to anything, not even to being immaculate. ‪I welcomed the gift of God and in that way, when the light of God manifested itself before me, the welcomed gift became alive and active. ‪Having found myself before the light, I freely decided to accept it, and this light operated everything within me. ‪It was that light that transformed my life.

‪Then, my children, with courage, love and determination, follow the road that you have undertaken. ‪You will not lack anything; I promise you to be always beside you. ‪As Mother and Queen I will open the road before you and I will accompany you on this journey.

‪I desire for all my children to be immaculate, upright, simple and joyful. ‪Please, make sure that your life is simple: do not look for great things, but seek God Who is the greatest thing. ‪Everything else will happen according to God’s plans, in the right way and at the right moment. ‪Have confidence, like I had, in Him who knows to provide for everything with gentleness and wisdom, at the right time.

‪I am with you and I bless your life. ‪Through you I bless all my people, all the nuclei, all that the Lord wants to accomplish in this time, and that I, as a Mother, conceive within myself, because I conceive every child of God as well as his holy people.

‪I bless you with my maternal blessing in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”