“The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Cor 5:17)

Dearest Readers,

As you know, in September 2010 Jesus began to guide us with His messages. The cycle finished with the message of 23 September, 2011, with the title: “I will send you the Advocate, the Spirit of truth”[1], in which, among other things, He promised that the Holy Spirit will guide us in a special way. In the following message the Holy Spirit begins with His teachings according to Jesus’ promise.

What does it mean? Does Jesus want to withdraw from His people? No, on the contrary. It means that Jesus will work in the power of the Holy Spirit and together with the Holy Spirit He will lead the humanity to the Father. Jesus will manifest His power as Lord of the universe who lives in the glory of the Father where he wants to lead the humanity who is ready to follow Him. The path that leads humanity to a higher level begins. This is very well expressed in the passage of the gospel of Luke[2] which quotes the prophet Isaiah:

“The Spirit of the Lord is on me,
because he has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners
and recovery of sight for the blind,
to set the oppressed free,
to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

How is Jesus going to accomplish all this? He will heal the corrupt spirit of humanity with the power of the Holy Spirit; He will strengthen it so that it pushes away corruption and rise again. The Lord will be able to do this with the power of the Holy Spirit, yet only in the spirit of the men who are ready to let themselves be transformed and elevated. In the same way as Jesus rose from the tomb in the power of the Holy Spirit, humanity will be given the possibility to escape corruption by means of the same power.

In the following message the Holy Spirit leads us to Jesus Christ, Lord of the universe, and together with Jesus to the Father. He explains to us what kind of mindset we ought to have to get involved in the mighty action of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Holy Spirit guarantees us the fruit of this elevation: “I assure you that if the whole humanity of the Earth repented, recognized and accepted Jesus Christ, handing itself over to Him, it could rapidly close the physical and spiritual gap that separates the faithful humanities from God.”

The Holy Spirit, along with Jesus Christ, will give us guidance and confirmation of the truth in the depth of our heart. He will give every man a great opportunity to get to know Him; He will liberate humanity from the oppression by the evil spirit, from deviation, confusion and seduction which are spreading on Earth as well as in other parts of the universe.

 In the message of 8 September, 2011,[3] Jesus said in conclusion: “God is ready. Also the instruments he has chosen to help you are ready; now it is up to each one of you. ”

Dearest Readers, allow me to ask you a few questions, the same that I have asked myself.

Are you ready to:

  • understand and live God’s project?
  • make it known and bear witness to it?
  • form groups of people, nuclei  who are, in turn, willed to live and bear witness to this project?

Humanity will begin to be elevated also thanks to each one of you, and your eyes will reveal great hope in the fulfilment of God’s promises.

The publishing house “Luci dell’Esodo” is at your disposal if you wish to join this project, to answer your questions and to accompany you with prayer.

Message of the Holy Spirit of 6 November, 2011: “The old has gone, the new is here!” (2 Cor 5:17)

“I great you, dearest children! I great you who believe in the One and Triune God, who have welcomed Jesus Christ and love Him. You are children of God, born from the Spirit and no more dominated by flesh and matter. I also great those who do not believe or find it difficult to believe; you too are children of God, but you still have to discover and understand Him to be happy. I great and bless the whole humanity of the Earth bearing great hardships, yet, called to rise again in Christ, to be transformed and to enter the new creation.

I come to you because the Father sends me, in the name of Jesus, to accomplish what I am asked to do: to instruct you, to defend you and to guard the life in you, the life I convey to the whole universe.

I will begin my conversation with you by starting from the central point which is the following: GOD IS LIFE; all that exists has been created by God and can continue to exist only if it remains in God. He who accepts this truth lives with the awareness and freedom of the children of God. He who refuses it, does not live a true life and will end up in the darkness of ignorance and slavery.

The One and Triune God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit act in unison with according to their own originality. Each of the Three Persons owns a specific action which, however, converges into a broader unified action, uninterrupted and sublime, of the Most Holy Trinity. In this manner the work of the Father is in harmony with that of the Son and of the Holy Spirit without overlappings or interferences. The Trinitarian action, which is creative, redemptive and sanctifying, is the greatest force in the universe from which all spiritual and physical laws governing creation draw their effectiveness.

The life of each one of you is rooted in this truth: you have been created by God[4] and you are creatures. He has not created you to exploit you since He has no need of anything: God is sufficient unto Himself. He has created you out of love, to let you participate in His immense life and in His glory. God never holds back anything for himself, nor does He withdraw into Himself; He lets His power flow freely. The flow of His force generates life. God is life and therefore He creates; if He did not create, He would not be God.

God is above any other being inasmuch as He is the Creator; nevertheless, He does not appear as a master in front of His creatures. On the contrary, He is a caring father who lovingly supports the living beings by giving them all they need. Yet not just that: when He created angels and men, the most sublime creatures, He gave them thought, intelligence and knowledge. He determined that they should cooperate with Him, and He entrusted them with a very important service in favour of the whole creation. Nonetheless, God remains God; His intelligence and His force are above that of all other living beings.

You are called to cooperate with God, but you are not like God; you are limited creatures. God has placed a limit for you. That is a the structural limit of the creature which every living being, from the smallest to the biggest, carries within as that is part of its structure; this is what clearly distinguishes the creature from the Creator. By doing so God did not intend to humiliate you but to protect you and prevent you from harming yourselves and other creatures. In fact, the laws that govern the universe are powerful, infallible and sublime laws, and only God’s intelligence can comprehend their full extent and control their effectiveness. Only God’s love can make sure that the laws of life work for the benefit and not to the detriment of the creatures. God continuously passes on to man the knowledge of these laws. The more man is faithful to God, the more he receives the intelligence of his Creator; the more the spirit of a creature is elevated, the more God grants it knowledge as in the case of the angels who are very pure spirits.

God is not jealous of His wisdom; on the contrary, He grants it generously to those who are His friends. God gives the power to understand and intervene in the laws of creation to His good and faithful children because they are submitted to Him, in harmony with Him, and they act with love towards all creatures. In that case the structural limit is no obstacle for knowledge. This is the case of the men of other planets who have not committed original sin[5] and who have understood and accepted that God stands above all and everyone. Therefore, they still remain limited compared to God, but the divine grace ensures that the creature’s limits mean no obstacle for the fulfilment of their mission as they are totally faithful to God and free of egoism. However, the knowledge of man cannot surpass that of God because, as I told you, God remains God.

You understand that the misuse of the laws of life would cause immense harm to creation; the power that springs from these laws would become a lethal weapon in the hand of those who do not know them or, even worse, want to exploit them to their own advantage. No-one can play with the laws of life. If God did not place a limit to the creatures, the universe would face serious dangers.

You need to understand and accept that you are creatures. If you refuse to do so, you are inevitably diverted towards egoism and egocentrism. Lucifer did not accept to be a creature. He wanted to be like God, actually even above God. He did not accept his limits because he has not understood God’s love, nor has he welcomed it within himself. He wanted to force the order established by God by going beyond the border established by God; thus he fell ruinously. Detached from God he used the knowledge received as angel in an evil way causing the ruin of many living beings.

Lucifer has deceived part of humanity; many men, your progenitors among them, trusted him. Those men knew well that they were creatures and unable to be like the Creator. Yet, Lucifer persuaded them to rebel against God making them believe that in this manner they would overcome forever their limits and become like God. Just like Lucifer, your progenitors did not accept the creature’s limits causing much pain to themselves and their descendants. Through his lies he created a false image of God in men; that of a tyrant God who wants to enslave his creatures. He induced your progenitors to make alliances with him to obtain the knowledge that would have made them equal to God.

Lucifer’s deception is continuing even today; many of you still do not accept that they are created and limited creatures. They entrust themselves to the devil just to remove their limits and becme strong and victorious. They believe they can rule the universe and the creatures violating constantly the laws of life.  You have it in front of your eyes how much harm they cause: suffering, disease, natural and spiritual disasters of all kinds that afflict and torment you.

After original sin, humanity was divided: one part remained faithful to God and the other did not.  Your brothers and sisters in the universe who remained faithful entrusted themselves totally to God; they believed in His love and in His goodness and they have progressed admirably in knowledge in every field. Their degree of civilization is much higher than yours, yet, they continue to see themselves as limited creatures, in need of God’s help, his force and his intelligence; they are meek and sincere; therefore, they obtain from God the understanding of the ever enlarging reality.

The rebellious part of humanity, yours included, has stubbornly continued to refuse the true God. Your progenitors on Earth have allied with Lucifer and adored him directly or under the guise of other gods in order to obtain what they desired: the knowledge that would make them like God. Poor men! Once the bond with the true God was cut they still remained fragile creatures; Lucifer’s promises would not fulfil, on the contrary: instead of becoming like God, your progenitors ended up under the yoke of the devil.

Your humanity needed someone who was able to break the yoke of Lucifer and to indicate them once again the right way. A Liberator was needed, able to annul the old sin and to restore the relationship with God; a Witness that spoke in an authentic way of the divine life. You needed a Saviour. He had been promised to your forefathers immediately after your fall, and the Saviour, Jesus Christ, Son of God, came to the Earth. Here He incarnated, died and rose again, once and for all, in favour of all men in the universe.

The coming of Jesus Christ to the Earth has marked a decisive and final turn in the history of the humanity present in the whole universe. Decisive because:

  • Jesus manifested Himself as the only WAY that leads to the true God; He cancelled the winding streets of Evil, He has confused the strategies of the devil meant to deceive man;
  • He has come as the TRUTH revealing the reality of God and Lucifer’s lies showing them to man for what they were;
  • He introduced Himself as the LIFE annulling the power of death which is the highest degree of corruption, the bitterest fruit of original sin. It is true that death still exists, but that will not be so forever: at the end of times it will have to give way to a life without end because Jesus died and rose again and has taken away from death the power to annul man. Man fears death and from this fear derive all other fears. The greatest limit of the creature is death; Lucifer blamed God for the death of men and promised them to make them immortal in exchange for their alliance. Through His death and resurrection Jesus has taken away from death the power to terrify you. Now you know that in Him you can cross the barrier of death, and that it is not eternal; it cannot touch your spirit; it can touch your body until you rise at the end of times and death will be annulled forever[6].

The coming of Jesus has introduced humanity in the final phase of its history because:

  • from Jesus Christ onwards humanity began to move towards the end of times which does not mean the coming of a catastrophe but the fulfilment of God’s plans. The end of times is the end of the old and the beginning of a new reality; it is the transformation of humanity and the whole creation into the image of the glorious Christ who has overcome all barriers including that of death.

Your belonging to Jesus Christ and the sincere offering to Him guarantee you a transformed life and the victory over evil, a certain path towards knowing God and the reality as it is in God. Jesus has opened a new space in front of each one, a proper angle of view, from which it is possible to see God’s action and participate in it; yet, not as slaves who carry out orders, but as children of God. By accepting to die and rise for you, Jesus has paid your debts before God; He has made you His brothers and sisters and children of God. Now you may stand face to face with God without fear, and you may bring into play your dignity and your greatness to carry out effectively the mission you have been entrusted with, that is, to support life in the universe along with the Creator. Yes, it is your life which supports the entire creation if you are able to immerse your existence in God recognizing yourselves as His creatures. The life of each one of you is irreplaceable in the plans of the Creator!

Jesus Christ was obedient to the Father until death. By becoming man, He accepted to make the limitation of the creatures His own, except sin, which He took onto the cross and defeated it with the resurrection[7].

Through His sacrifice Jesus has taken your situation back to the level of the humanities who remained faithful from the beginning. If you welcome and love Jesus Christ and offer your life to Him, you too can get over your limits. You may reach the knowledge of God and the reality and the understanding of the laws of the Spirit who governs life. Even if the difference in knowledge between you and your faithful brothers and sisters of the universe is very big, both you and them have now the same opportunities, as you are all children of God with the same dignity before the Father. It requires though that you accept to belong to Jesus Christ and through Him to the Father in the power of the Holy Spirit. I assure you that if the whole humanity of the Earth repented, recognized and accepted Jesus Christ, handing itself over to Him, it could rapidly close the physical and spiritual gap which separates the faithful humanities from God.

Many of you wonder what to do to really belong to Christ. My answer to you is that you need to offer your life to Him. Only the offering of your life introduces you fully into the life of the Most Holy Trinity. I will explain you why: the offering of yourselves to Jesus allows you to entrust to Him the limits you have as creatures. Jesus takes them upon Himself and immerses them into His death and resurrection joining you closely to Himself to elevate your and His offering to God the Father who will welcome you together with Jesus and send Me to you. I will descend to sanctify your offering and to join you even closer to the Son. Then, from the Heart of Christ His life and His power, victorious over death, will flow in you. So, from victory to victory you will see the transformation of your whole being because the material man, which is the dominant part in you, will gradually give way to the spiritual man, who is already in you but needs to be awakened by the love and action of the One and Triune God.”

I will ask you a few questions that may make you reflect and pray either personally or in community:

Who is Jesus Christ for you? The King of the Universe o Jesus of Nazareth? Do not be surprised about this question: many Christians have no more a clear perception of who Jesus is. He remains a distant figure whom we know by hearsay rather than by personal experience. A figure faded by time like the historical figures studied at school and immediately forgotten as soon as the books are closed. Jesus does not live in books even when they are nice and speak of Him: Jesus lives in your spirit. He is not shut in a period of your history but lives in eternity. He is always the same because He is God. He continues to act in your history now as then; He did not remain in Palestine but ascended to Heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father; He is the Lord of the universe. He is not a figure but a Person, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. Are you aware of this?

Do you know that Jesus Christ takes you to the Father, or do you think praying is simply enough? If you do not understand that Jesus lives for the Father and wants to take you to Father, you have not completely understood His work. Many Christians see the aspect of His suffering as crucified man and stop at the level of compassion, or they request comfort in their struggle of life.  That is certainly not wrong because Jesus was a real Man suffering on the cross; He is also a man of grief who knows your sufferings and those of the world and who helps you carry your cross. However, it is important to do a step further: you have to look at His resurrection and His ascension to Heaven.

With His resurrection Jesus established the primacy of life over death making definitely visible the power of the Father and Creator who lives and triumphs in His Son the Redeemer through whom the entire creation is saved from death. This means that Jesus’ work is not limited to what He accomplished on Earth but will extend in time and space throughout eternity. He is always in action to lead His people to the true promised land which is the new creation. It will be an eternal and unspoiled dimension in which the whole humanity, finally recapitulated in Christ and united with Him, will be introduced in the end of times.

Do you know that the Father and the Son always act in the power of the Holy Spirit? The action of both is inseparable from Mine. All that the Father and the Son desire is accomplished by the Holy Spirit. I proceed from the Father and from the Son for I am sent to accomplish the will of the Father and the Son. However, I am not a simple executer of orders; I too am God. Therefore, My wishes coincide perfectly with those of the Father and Jesus. I search the depth of every living being, but, first of all, I search the depth of God; for this reason I know what the Father and the Son desires which are my own desires, and I have the power to accomplish them. God could not have entrusted the fulfilment of His will to anyone else than Himself; no creature, however good, could contain the power of the thought of God nor His immense force. I am the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity; in Me and through Me the divine Trinitarian will is perfectly fulfilled. Unfortunately many Christians ignore Me and do not allow Me to act fully in them; yet, without My action within you, you are hardly able to understand and put into practice the will of God. I ask you to be united with Me so that I may unite you with the Father and the Son.

We will stop here for now.  I hope that you will think about the things I have told you and that you abandon yourselves to My action; I will surround you with My power to offer you to the Most Holy Trinity.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] Message of Jesus published on 31 October, 2011, on the website www.towardsthenewcreation.com

[2] Lk 4:18-19

[3] Message of Jesus with the title “The future of My people”, published on this website on 7 October, 2011

[4] The Holy Spirit explained to me that the term  “God” refers to the Most Holy Trinity.

[5] I have spoken about the humanities of other planets in my book “Beyond the Great Barrier” on chapter 6; publisher Ed. Luci dell’Esodo

[6] Cfr Jn 14

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