The Central Nucleus

Tomislav Vlašić and Stefania Caterina

(Text taken from video-conference of 11 February 2012)


Stefania Caterina[1]: I greet you and thank you, dear listeners. Welcome to this video-conference in which we would like to deepen some arguments that have already been part of our testimony and of the publishing house “Luci dell’Esodo” who organized this video conference.

As many of you will have read in the messages posted on this site and, particularly, in the last ones posted last year, Jesus spoke about the future of his people and about the instruments provided for this time. They are particular instruments, which have the task to help humanity to enter a period more and more decisive in the history of salvation. ‪A phase that is the prelude of the new creation and of the return of Christ, we are all awaiting; we do not know when it will happen but Jesus promised it to us.

‪These instruments are at work and we would like to talk to you about this. ‪Personally, I talked about it at length in the conference of 18 December 2011. ‪Today I wish to speak to you about it even more directly, starting from my personal experience. ‪I am not going to do it alone, as you see, by my side is a person that many of you know: Tomislav Vlašić, with whom I have walked in the recent years, and with whom I am particularly involved in the project of the Central Nucleus, as we will explain. ‪Together we will try to bring you to a deeper understanding of what these instruments are, especially the Central Nucleus, what is their action in favor of the people of God who is the Church. Thus, I ‪pass the floor to Tomislav Vlašić.

Tomislav Vlašić: I greet you and wish you peace, God’s light and wisdom, so that you may understand the message of God and His will. In these past years by the will of God I have been silent; now, by God’s will, is the time in which I must speak to inform humanity, along with Stefania, about what the Lord, not only wants to do, but is already doing. ‪As you know, in the book “In Medjugorje, Our Lady is alive”,[2] I said to you that I offered my life to Jesus through Mary, back from the beginning of the apparitions, so that the apparitions revealed themselves as they are in God’s intentions. From that moment on, several people joined me and were close to me offering their life. Thus the communities and fraternities were born. ‪Nuclei were formed, and many people individually offered themselves. ‪Moreover, something happened throughout the whole of universe we wish to tell you about.

‪We want to explain to you what is happening right before your eyes: about the turbulence of humanity and the restlessness. Many are the attempts to explain this restlessness from the material crisis’ point of views. The crisis, however, is deeply rooted in the crisis of the spirit of man, which is separated from God. Now the action of God, powerful and fast, consists in touching the human spirit and that of the humanity of the entire universe, in order to bring them back into communion with the Spirit of God. Every spirit that is not rooted in God, and that does not follow God’s plans, is going into crisis. You will see a lot of turbulence on the Earth and in the universe and, at the same time, you will be able to observe and participate in the action of God within your spirit, which will bring you back into the communion with the Spirit of God. It is the process of the silent, cosmic Pentecost, of which Stefania Caterina wrote in her second book.[3] What we are talking about is not simply some news, but something we know and in which we participate, by the will of God, for over ten years. Now the time has come for us to inform the Earth and all men; and also in the future we will continue to give you all the information needed.

S.C.: In the messages and books we said and wrote, that mankind has to save itself and it will be saved only through Jesus Christ. This is the time in which Jesus works particularly, and He needs witnesses. Thus, what we bring you today is a testimony. ‪As Jesus explained to us, witnessing is not simply a series of arguments used to convince someone; the testimony is, first of all, the manifestation of God’s life dwelling in the witness himself/herself, if it is a true witness. ‪The true witness does not bring empty words, but the life of God. So, today we are trying to manifest to you the life that God has transmitted to us in these years and which goes far beyond any message, however beautiful and important, but which is a real life program.

We want to tell you clearly that Tomislav Vlašić and I are both part of the Central Nucleus. We have been called to this task more than ten years ago. ‪Of course that was not the time when we could reveal it, because the Lord had to fix the many pieces of a larger mosaic, which includes not only the Earth but the whole universe. Our membership and our action in the Central Nucleus, make us direct witnesses about what happens within this instrument. ‪We can tell you that the action of the Central Nucleus is a wide-ranging action, which touches the whole reality of the universe, and it touches it primarily in spirit.

T.V.: The Central Nucleus is the link between the Archangels, the angels, and I would say, the pure spirits and the humanities faithful to God. At the same time, it unites all the pilgrims who are walking to the house of the Lord, living and dead in the entire universe. In fact, the Central Nucleus acts as a first cell that aggregates and guides in the Spirit of God, all those who adhere to God’s plan.

S.C.: I repeat today, as I have written and said many times, that the plan of God for this time, is an irreversible plan: it means that one cannot go back anymore. For this reason, despite being aware of what this, our message may arouse, that is: controversy, criticism, disbelief, we must tell you that all this has become indifferent to God’s plan. It is going on and it will keep going on, over and beyond and above all what men think. ‪This is not because God is an avenger, but simply because humanity is in grave danger and God who is Father and loves us, must intervene.

‪For this reason, the instruments of God are acting, in this time, in a decisive and clear manner, and more and more are manifesting themselves, regardless of the fact that mankind accepts them or not. ‪Those who accept them and join them, will certainly have great advantages; of course, everyone remains free to believe and to accept or not. 

T.V: We feel an obligation to communicate to the people of Earth that God has done great things in the universe. ‪As is said in the message of St. Michael, recently published by “Luci dell’Esodo”,[4] Earth is the last planet to receive this announcement because of the hardness of the heart of this humanity. In the message entitled “The future of the people of God”,[5] Jesus says that if a rest of His people will not be found on Earth who will answer to God’s programs, these will be changed. What does it mean that God’s programs will be changed? ‪It means that, until now, the whole universe has adapted itself to the response times of the Earth, also following the liturgical calendar of God’s people; this because Jesus Christ became incarnate on Earth, and He works in His people, in His Church. ‪However, if not even a small part of mankind of Earth will respond, God will entrust to another humanity of the universe, faithful to Him, the task of being in charge of the transformation intended for the entire human race. ‪This will mean a change for the Earth: people will not be able to say any longer, yes and no. ‪Thus, the transformation process will not last for millennia, because the humanities of the universe faithful to God, act right away and quickly put into practice what God says. ‪It will be a terrible shock for the Earth! ‪So we invite everyone to open their hearts to understand the will of God and His action. ‪We are witnesses, we have offered our lives, and even today before all we are saying that we offer everything and are ready for anything, so that the Will of God might be realized in the entire universe.

S.C.: Given all this, and given also the fact that it is not our intention to convince anyone, nor to create movements, sects or whatever, things that surely we will be accused of, we address ourselves to all Christians on Earth and beyond. We appeal to all people of good will, who are many even among those who claim not to believe, but who, in reality, are honest before God, act with integrity and sincerely desire a change, who are sensitive to the needs of humanity and of the entire creation that is suffering along with man.

Let us speak more detailed about the Central Nucleus now. In general, a nucleus can be compared to a cell where life develops, in this case, the life of God, and where people live together in Christ. ‪They share their lives and deepen the walk. ‪They live together in communion, and carry out a mission by sharing their testimony. ‪The Central Nucleus as well has the task of being a powerful cell in the Mystical Body of Christ. ‪Each body is composed of cells, as you well know, and each cell has its function and its autonomy; at the same time, it is not isolated from the other cells but participates in the life of the whole body, bringing its strength so that the body may live. ‪The Central Nucleus is a powerful cell designed to provide a lot of strength and life to the people of God. Why? ‪Because the persons who are part of it, belong to different realities present in the universe; this enables them to bring a diverse and strong contribution within the Nucleus itself.

Jesus stated clearly that the Central Nucleus is composed of a small number of people: it does not exceed the number of fifty. To be precise, we are forty-nine. ‪This is because the Central Nucleus is divided into seven nuclei, at the head of which is one of the seven great Archangels, priests of the Most High. Each nucleus is composed of six persons, three brothers and three sisters, acting together as a nucleus and at the same time, two by two: brother-sister, brother-sister, brother-sister, led by an Archangel. Each of these nuclei has a particular mission and a specific task that touches the whole of creation, they act in different fields of human life: in the field of science, medicine, nature, etc., etc. ‪The persons who belong to it come from different humanities, not only from Earth; besides, very few are from the Earth. Some members of the Central Nucleus are deceased but that does not mean that they are “dead”. We must understand the difference between the deceased and the dead: we speak of death by thinking of something that nullifies life; but life does not vanish with the death; only the earthly phase of the body closes, but life goes on in the dimension of the spirit, which acts even after death. ‪Thus, these departed brothers and sisters, are very alive in spirit, very present and powerful.

Each of these seven nuclei, as I said, acts in different fields and is intended to open the way for all people of good will who sincerely desire to serve God through Jesus Christ, in the various spheres of human life, made up of many shades and many missions. Think of the mission of a doctor on Earth, a priest, a mother. ‪There are several aspects of life that God is touching, because humanity has to be reinvigorated and renewed from the inside, starting from the spirit. ‪It is from the spirit that everything is born, and everything that happens in the concrete reality of life, is prepared in the spirit of man. ‪Therefore, when God intends to renew humanity, to strengthen it and save it, He does not start from the outside, because He is not a magician. ‪God’s action always starts from the depths of man, that is, from his spirit and, through the spirit of man, He acts on the material world. The spirit of man, united to the Spirit of God, transforms the reality, because it is creative, since man is the son of God. So, by the spirit of man, God intervenes in the material reality.

T.V.: Therefore it is very important to understand the relationship of the Central Nucleus with each of the seven great Archangels, because we must be in constant communion with the pure spirits. They contemplate God’s face and transmit to the Central Nucleus the wishes of God; they communicate all that we, limited by the body, cannot perceive the way they do. ‪The full union between the Central Nucleus, the seven great Archangels and pure spirits is necessary. ‪Similarly, it is important to be united to the humanities of the universe that remained faithful to God. They are far ahead of us in spirit and far ahead of us also technically.

God wanted to create the first cell, to which the entire people of God is joined, present throughout the whole universe: from this first cell, starts the Divine action that will unify all humanities of the universe, and will gather them in the same fold. For example, the humanities of the universe faithful to God, form one nucleus: this means that the entire humanity of a planet in itself forms a nucleus. ‪However, within this large nucleus, many small nuclei are being formed that move, and carry out their mission throughout the universe, joining the Central Nucleus. ‪At the beginning of this year, the action of these three instruments had a powerful impulse: the pure spirits, the Central Nucleus and brothers and sisters faithful to God from the beginning of creation.

S.C.: The action of these instruments will be more and more apparent. The Central Nucleus acts as the glue in the people of God: it has the task of holding together in the spirit all the nucleus that are forming, and not only on Earth, because there are many nuclei in the universe as well, that are beginning a journey. On different planets, Jesus Christ was not known until recently; the announcement of salvation hat not reached them yet. ‪The task of the Central Nucleus has been, for a long time, to bring this very announcement to all those in the universe who had not yet received it. ‪In fact, the Central Nucleus announces Jesus Christ, His life and the Gospel, all that the Lord has revealed, to the different peoples of the universe.

The Central Nucleus acts in spirit also in Purgatory, which is a very big and important reality in the plan of salvation. ‪In fact, the brothers and sisters of Purgatory, live a phase of purification and are walking towards paradise; they also gradually must join together and form nuclei within themselves. ‪The whole purgatory must become a nucleus, consisting of a humanity that rises because it lives Christ’s resurrection, and enters fully into the bliss of paradise. ‪Even paradise is on the journey because, as of now, there is nothing definitive in the universe; only the new creation, the Kingdom of God that will be established by Christ at the end of time, will be the ultimate reality. ‪This is why I said that today there is nothing definitive. ‪We are all on a path towards the new creation. ‪This is why we called this site: “Towards the new creation,” because we want to accompany you through the events of this time, and help you understand what God is developing at this stage of preparation, towards the new creation.

T.V.: As you were able to understand, the Central Nucleus is a nucleus composed of several nuclei. It is also a model for the people of God, which must become fully united. ‪In the future, in God’s people there will not be one more important and one less important, because each individual is intended to enter into fullness. ‪Each member of the people must do its service, according to its originality, according to what the Spirit of God communicates to its spirit, which is original. ‪All the nuclei are united to this program as well as to the entire action directed to witness to the death, the resurrection of Jesus Christ and His glorious coming.

At this point, a question may arise: “What must we do on Earth”? We must give witness to the death and resurrection of Christ, and participate to It. ‪The Church has defined Her identity in the paschal mystery. The whole problematic present in the universe becomes evident when facing the paschal mystery.  ‪In fact, there are powerful spirits in the universe that give the wrong impulse to souls, because they are not rooted in Christ, and nothing can be resolved without Jesus Christ: only through the participation in the death and resurrection of Christ we overcome evil. ‪The Christians on Earth and all people of good will, cannot remain indifferent, because they are called to participate in the mission of Christ on Earth to conquer evil, corruption and the corrupting  spirit, in order to triumph over death with the power that Jesus Christ imprinted in us; to rise and proclaim the resurrection.  The mission of God’s people starts from this point. When we get to the point of fully participating in the action of Christ, the Holy Spirit is communicated to us as to the apostles, and then we can do the work of Christ, or better, He is able to do His work in us. ‪Now this work is about to start and will not stop until everything will be established according to the Will of God.

Therefore we invite you to offer your life to God through a dynamic faith, overcoming all resistance and trials and remaining faithful to God. We are not announcing you anything new, because here is everything that the apostles transmitted. And we are not just giving a simple announcement, but we testify that God’s action is initiated in the entire universe, and it will not stop anymore. ‪There is no more time to lose, but it is necessary to respond generously, so that even the weakest among us may be able to regain strength and get into the fold of the Lord.

S.C.: Each one of us is asked to live an authentic faith in Christ. All the teaching of the Bible says that faith works wonders. We cannot change anything starting from ourselves, but it is the faith in Christ that changes us and the environment around us. ‪In this time, God’s people is asked to have faith, because from now on what Jesus said will be fully realized: According to your faith let it be done to you.[6] Neither external realities nor human structures, no political parties or big movements will be those to change the reality of things; it will be the faith of God’s people.

The Central Nucleus, the angels, the brothers of the universe faithful to God, are acting at this time to protect God’s people, in order to help it to develop an authentic faith. ‪You know that on Earth the action of Satan is very strong and is opposed to faith; whoever tries to live the teachings of Christ, knows very well the opposition he meets in the world! For this reason ‪the time has come when the Lord is moving towards His people, and He does so by using these instruments, so that they be the one to confront directly the forces of evil, and pave the way for the children of God.

We can tell you that so many years, we fought face to face with evil and keep on fighting; we agreed to do so to relieve the weak, because God’s people is like a mechanism that works beautifully since each has its originality, its freedom, its power in God. Each person must do her part, but the biggest, if truly the biggest, is at the service of the smallest. If something more is given to someone by God, it is not to gain a position of privilege or so that he may boast of anything, but it is given so that he might help those in need. ‪Therefore, the Central Nucleus opens the avenue for everyone, and does not place itself above anyone.

T.V.: We are inviting you to give your answer to the Lord to join this program. How does one adhere to this program? Sharing in the sacrifice of Christ, but not in a ritual sense, but in a vital, existential sense, by remaining faithful to God even in the persecutions and trials. Without trials, there is no transformation of our lives, but on the contrary, we remain locked in a stagnant state.

We ask you to give an individual response. If the individual does not respond, not even a nucleus can be born. ‪The first thing to do is to place oneself in front of God face to face, sincerely, transparently; choosing to join this program, offering ones life to God, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This is necessary because without Her help you cannot do anything, none of us can do anything, this is the Will of God. By deciding to do this, each of you will enter this program; then the Central Nucleus will be able to help you, because we are constantly before the throne of God, and we present the needs of each of you. ‪However, we cannot present the selfishness, self-centeredness, not even the unhealthy desires, but only what is in accordance with the Will of God. God then, will be able to help you even in your weaknesses; He will help you to overcome them.

Starting from your personal decision, you will be automatically moved into communion with someone else, because in the universe there cannot exist an individual completely closed in on itself. Thus, it is very normal for a nucleus to be formed so that the persons can be happy and fulfilled, and live life in its fullness. ‪The forming of a couple, a family, a group of friends who understand the importance of all this is a normal development. ‪This is not something that is formed from the outside, but it must start from within you. ‪If you are sincere and willing, then the Holy Spirit will touch your spirit by means of the powerful instruments as are the seven Archangels. ‪This will lead you to form small nuclei, which can be transformed gradually into larger nuclei. ‪There will also be “carrying nuclei”, those that God has chosen and will choose to be totally at the service of the people, to ensure that individuals and the small groups have a point of reference. See, then, how all the people is walking and is being helped; in this way each individual enters in this gear that is the program of God.

Let me add one more thing: the time has come where people cannot be divided in half: half of Christ, half of someone else. ‪In the message given through Stefania,[7] Jesus said that Saint Michael will not give a discount to anyone. He will not allow any hypocrisy among those who say: “I believe in Jesus Christ, I believe in God.” ‪This gives rise to the turbulence of humanity, because we are living in the times, in which God touches the human spirit, and man must make the right decision, he must be open to God and recognize that God is God; one cannot mess around in front of Him.

S.C.: Consequently, man can no longer be divided within himself, but he will have to make a definite decision for Jesus Christ, and by means of Jesus Christ, he will have to make a decision for God. God’s people has all the means to take this final step towards Jesus Christ. We are not bringing you any new doctrine, because God’s people has everything it needs. ‪We announce Christ, dead and risen, who sits at the right hand of the Father and is the Lord of the universe. ‪We testify to you that Jesus Christ is truly the Lord of the universe and that before Him, all reality will have to bend; exactly as it is written, every knee shall bow before Christ.[8]

We do not oppose to anyone in any way. I want to clarify this well, because we are not against the Church, nor do we bring doctrines that are not belonging to the Church. We only serve the God’s people, who is the Church. ‪We do not service any power structure, neither religious, political, nor economic. The Central Nucleus does not serve any power structure, but it serves Jesus Christ and is under His direct authority. It is acting on behalf of all men of good will, all the more so for the Church, which is God’s people on Earth. ‪The Central Nucleus, I repeat, is not tied to any structure.

T.V.: I come from Medjugorje, I served the work of Our Lady at Medjugorje. Now I am announcing you that an intense time is beginning, that of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; it also begins the triumph of the children of Mary, because Jesus Christ triumphs. We are announcing the powerful action of Jesus Christ in these times, which will become ever more rapid. ‪We are witnesses to this and we will keep you informed of the things we will be told and about what should be done. ‪Do not expect that for two thousand more years catechesis will be given before you make a decision! ‪You have everything in your heart: God carved His image in you, and He will touch you to awaken that image, but you have to be alert. ‪Wake up! ‪We will be before the throne of God to intercede continually and to offer ourselves for you, but without your answer not even God will be able to act fully in you.

S.C: The time has come in which the words that God has pronounced through His great apostle St. Paul, must be fulfilled: “Offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, this is your spiritual worship. Do not conform to this world but be transformed by renewing your way of thinking … “.[9] If you will do this, Jesus Christ will be free to act within you, through you and around you. ‪Christianity is summed up in this: letting Jesus Christ live in you. ‪You can do this only by offering yourself to God, and by allowing His Spirit to enter deeply in you who will guide you, who will teach you and who will bring you to the fullness. ‪There is no other way; you will not find the solution to your problems in books, entertainment, the little ditty, or other such things. ‪The solution to your problems only comes through sincere adherence to Christ, and the full dedication to Him and to His life.

T.V.: Start at the right place! You cannot wake up one morning and expect to gather fruit if there are no trees. ‪Similarly, if you are not firmly planted in Christ, if you are not rooted in Him, if you do not dedicate attention to His life in you, you will not reap the rewards.

S.C.: Jesus Christ is ready to give you everything you need. There is no problem that He cannot solve in your life. On God’s part, everything is ready so that His people become protagonist, on Earth as in every other part of the universe. Christian people allowed too much space to the spirit of the world, too much space to the spirit of evil. ‪For this reason, many now think that there is nothing left to do, that evil is rampant and that it is impossible to win the battle against corruption. ‪We bear witness that this is not so. ‪It is not true, because Jesus Christ is above all reality and He has all the power to defeat the spirit of evil. ‪However, He respects our freedom and He will not move if we do not open wide the doors to Him. ‪In fact, the time has come in which we must open wide the doors to Christ and let Him work in our lives, without trying anymore to condition His life in us. We cannot relegate the role of Christ, to the One who solves our problems, while we remain in our selfishness, in our, often fatal, lethargy.  ‪It is necessary to wake up! ‪“Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead and Christ will shine on you,” says Saint Paul.[10] We are asking you to wake up, so that Christ can enlighten you and so that, through you, His light might be penetrating the whole world. ‪The world is in the dark, but the light of Christ is stronger than any darkness, you must be aware of this, you must believe it and you must start get to work so that the Spirit of Christ might guide you.

T.V.: We conclude this conference and we are happy, because we were able to share with you the joy of the whole universe, the joy of Mary and Jesus. We will be with you. We shall be, first of all, before God for all of you who are journeying. ‪We shall hear from each other again, according to what God will tell us and according to your needs. ‪We bless you with the blessing of God and remain with you in the love of God. Thank you.

[1] In the remainder of the text, the names of Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlasic will be abbreviated with the letters, respectively, of S.C. and T.V.

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