You have wonderfully made me (Psalm 139,14)

‪Dear readers,‬
‪We started the year 2012, in which we all desire and hope to take more decisive steps in faith, to be ready to participate fully in all that the Lord will prepare this year.‬ ‪As Jesus had promised [1], the Holy Spirit began his teaching with the message that follows.‬

His talk begins from what for us is the fundamental event: that of our creation. Those of you who have read the book “Beyond the Great Barrier,” will certainly remember the sensitive topic of our choice at the moment of our conception [2], a topic that now the Holy Spirit picks up again and deepens.‬ ‪This is an event that may escape our rationality, because it is rooted in the deepest mystery of God’s life. So we can only look at it with eyes of faith, and with the certainty that the Holy Spirit will make us understand what is useful for us, as individuals and as God’s people.

The Holy Spirit wants to keep alive a dialogue with us through this site. From what He explained to me, we should not expect individual messages on various topics on a monthly basis, as it has been up to now.‬ ‪It will rather be a continuous discourse, which will follow a specific theme, and will express itself in different times and ways, depending on what will be most useful to our journey.‬ ‪We are asked therefore, to be more elastic, and to let go of our patterns of thought, and that is a good thing.‬ ‪Often, in fact, we think that God reasons as we do, and that He must meet schedules and calendars as we do.‬ ‪Fortunately, God goes far beyond all this, and I think He wants to teach us to do the same, by helping us to live day by day out of his Providence, which always is love.‬ ‪Personally, I make myself completely available for the Holy Spirit, to pass on to you at all times, what I will receive at the right time.‬

‪I take this opportunity to thank, with all my heart, all those who prayed for me at this time, where I’m going through family difficulties not yet resolved that have to do with the health of my elderly mother.‬ ‪I offer these difficulties, and all my prayers to God for each of you and for all his people, so that the road in front of every person of good will might open more and more.‬ ‪I am sure the Lord will be very close to us and will follow every our step with love.‬

‪I greet and bless you in Christ, I count on your prayers.‬

Message of the Holy Spirit of January 28, 2012‬

“Dear children, I am starting a dialogue with you, that will be useful for your journey, and through which I will accompany you in the discovery of your life, but also of the reality that exceeds and surrounds you. I am starting right from the greatest mystery, that is your life, and that is fundamental.‬ ‪Only if you will understand the miracle of your life I will be able to help you penetrate the other mysteries, otherwise, each of my words could become difficult for you to understand.‬

Few consider their existence as the greatest gift of God, in fact, for too many of you, life is just a burden. Many ask for miracles and seek extraordinary signs, but do not realize that life itself is the greatest sign of the power and goodness of the Creator.‬ ‪For man, in fact, is created in the image and likeness of God, and is a sublime creature, because he can receive within himself, the life and thought of the Almighty.‬

So then, what is the life of each of you?‬ ‪It is a fundamental and irreplaceable piece of God’s plan, and not the random result of a combination of cells. You are here because God has planned your presence in this space and in this time, so that you might participate in his work and diffuse his life, wherever you are.‬ ‪You are not the result of chance, but that of the Trinitarian Love who is above all of you.‬ ‪Until you do not understand this you will not be able to give meaning to your life.‬ ‪Many of you affirm not to know why you are alive, and the dark illness of depression afflicts most of humanity.‬ ‪The trials and difficulties you encounter on your planet, adverse to God, do nothing but increase the feeling of emptiness that resides in many hearts.‬

So what is life then and where does it come from?‬ ‪Life is the direct irradiation of the divine creative power, and is born in the sublime dimension of pure spirit. God is Spirit and by his Spirit you are created: His Spirit passes on his life to your spirit.‬ ‪The spiritual dimension is above any other dimension.‬ ‪Every event that happens in the dimension of reality is prepared in the spiritual dimension; spiritual events precede the real events.‬

At the moment you are created, God impresses a powerful vibration in your spirit, and in turn, your spirit begins to vibrate.‬ ‪This is the INITIAL VIBRATION OF LIFE, from which your existence starts.‬ ‪From this moment, and for the duration of your entire life, God will continue to transmit, unceasingly, the vibrations of his love to you, that will keep you alive.‬ ‪The initial vibration of life contains all the information of biological, physical, chemical nature that will support your being, but also the spiritual laws that will enable you to seek God and live in harmony with Him.‬ ‪They are sent to your spirit, and they remain deposited there; the more you live in union with God, the better your spirit will work and will be able to properly bring to the surface all this information by sending them to the soul and the soul to the body [3].‬ ‪This flowing of vibrations that continually flows from God to your spirit, does not stop even after physical death, because your spirit lives on in the eternal dimension.‬ ‪At another time we shall talk about life after death.‬ ‪Let us now return, instead, to the moment of your creation.‬

In creating you, God is calling you, the creation and the call are but one thing. In fact, you are not created by chance, but each of you has a mission, determined and predestined from eternity by divine thought.‬ ‪Therefore at the moment in which you are created you are also called.‬ ‪At this moment, your spirit is face to face with the Creator.‬ ‪God manifests His will to you, He gives you the light and grace to understand what is asked of you, He places you in the most favourable conditions for you to respond.‬

God wants you to accept freely and consciously your life and your personal mission. For this reason this initial choice is of essential importance: God does not impose life on you or authoritatively decides what you will be or will do.‬ ‪He proposes what is best for you, according to His wisdom, but He leaves you free to choose; and you are truly free to adhere to His plan or not, with all the ensuing consequences.‬ ‪If you decide to live in harmony with the will of God, you will have all the help to do so, and despite the trials of life, you will always be able to carry out the mission you have chosen.‬ ‪However, if you reject, you will end up weak, and you will be compelled to replace God’s plan with a project of yours.‬ ‪God will not abandon you, because He loves you, but He will let you act according to your plans, because He respects your freedom.‬ ‪Let Me tell you that God’s plan is always superior to yours, and that many of your failures spring from your human projects, lacking the light and the power of God.‬

On God’s call your response follows, and God puts you in the condition to see all reality as it is. God is always fair with you, He does not hide anything before you and when He asks you to decide, He gives you all the useful facts to form your opinion.‬ ‪The Creator considers you capable of discerning, therefore, He puts you before the truth, and reveals Himself to you.‬ ‪At this time, your spirit is perfectly capable of seeing God as He is, and you are face to face with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.‬ ‪Thus, if you decide to serve the True God, you have to accept and love the Three Divine Persons.‬ ‪In particular, you must accept Jesus Christ as God and Saviour, following His path, to pass with Him, in any proof, from death into life.‬

You know very well that in the universe Lucifer is at work also, the adversary of God and of God’s children. In order to be able to choose, the reality of evil as well has to reveal itself to your spirit at the moment of creation. You will always have to confront yourselves with these two realities, the good and the evil, and God asks you to choose between one or the other already at the beginning of your existence.‬ ‪With every step you take in life, inevitably you will find yourselves facing the good and the evil, and you will have to choose.‬

In this phase, God allows Lucifer to come forward and tempt your spirit, and he tries to take it away from God. He promises you benefits and favours in exchange for your hatred and rebellion against God. His hatred is especially hurled against Jesus Christ, and he tries in every way to show you a false image of Jesus, the distorted idea of the Cross, making you believe that serving Christ means only suffering and being humiliated. In contrast, Lucifer promises you freedom, fulfilment of pleasure, satisfaction of selfish desires, knowledge and power that would make you similar to God and superior to others. Upon this choice between Jesus Christ and Lucifer, many spirits are wavering, they remain undecided or refuse God. The scandal of the Cross becomes an obstacle that many do not want to overcome.‬ ‪It is not enough, in fact, to believe in God; one must also believe that Jesus Christ is God and that He is the only Saviour, the only Mediator between God and men.‬ ‪Many stumble upon this truth and take refuge in false gods.‬

This initial face to face between Good and Evil, as I said, fully expresses the freedom of your spirit. God will never take away your freedom; every decision you will have to make in life will be done in this freedom; it is inviolable and it is the true prerogative of the children of God. As a consequence freedom carries responsibility: since you are free, you are also fully responsible for your choices.‬ ‪In fact, God lets you know His laws, from the moment of your creation He impresses them within you, so that you might orient yourself towards what is good, but the choice is only yours.‬ ‪He does not interfere with your freedom, nor does He condition you, because you are sons and daughters and not slaves.‬ ‪Therefore you are free to choose, and you have been enabled to understand the consequences of your choice, whatever that is.‬ ‪The evils that afflict your humanity do not derive from God, but from the misuse of your freedom.‬

Nonetheless, God will never abandon you, even if you have refused Him at the moment you were created. Even if you despised His plan for you, God seeks in every way to straighten your distorted ways: He sends you the help you need, He constantly keeps on providing new opportunities to give you the possibility of remedy.‬ ‪This means that no one of you is compelled to suffer hopelessly the consequences of your initial choice, because you are free at any moment and for all eternity.‬ ‪It is more difficult to recover if you said no at the beginning, because you are weaker; but it is not impossible if you accept God, if you are sincerely asking for help, if you are committed to change.‬ ‪Nothing is impossible with God.

Men of the Earth have not understood the significance of the choice of the spirit at the moment in which they are created. Theology ignores this aspect, although the Bible reports the experience of the prophets being called already in the maternal womb [4].‬ ‪Imbued as you are in rationality, you cannot admit that your spirit is able to think and choose, even before your brain.‬ ‪But if it were not so, what would man be before having fully developed rational thought?‬ ‪A helpless being, devoid of ability and dignity?‬ ‪And from where does human thinking come?‬ ‪It is from the spirit of man that life emerges: the spirit, directed by the Spirit of God, guides all processes of growth and development of spiritual and physical life.‬ ‪Know therefore that intelligence, dignity, the ability of man to choose, are born the moment in which life is formed, because the spirit comes before the flesh and survives it.

Having not understood this brought much of your humanity to despise life in the mother’s womb, in the belief that a foetus is nothing more than a cluster of cells.‬ ‪Thus, the terrible sin of abortion weighs like a millstone on Earth, and is the cause of many evils. I am telling you, in the womb of a pregnant woman lives a person who has already made a clear choice, and who is entitled to live his life freely.‬ ‪God respects you even if you reject Him, while many of you refuse Him without any respect.‬ ‪Think about what I am saying, because it is of vital importance to your humanity!‬ Life is not your achievement, therefore you are neither given to create nor to destroy it; you are supposed to accept it and help it grow, without pretensions and selfishness, without useless cruelty.‬

The Creator placed a spark of His life and of His intelligence in the spirit of every man , and choosing God at the moment of creation makes this spark fully active, allowing it to ignite the fire of life. On the contrary, the divine spark remains latent within the man who rejects God, and man lives far below its potential.‬

The person as a whole depends on the choice of the spirit, because body and soul receive the most appropriate structure to the choice made and to the mission to be carried out.‬ ‪The fuller the choice is for God, the more the person will be stable and strong; the more the person walks away from God, the frailer he will become. In fact, choosing God unequivocally enables man to understand the spiritual laws of life, the desires of God; this opens him to receive His gifts, and it increases the person’s intelligence.‬ ‪This is particularly evident in the humanities who remained faithful to God from the beginning, where individuals choose God unconditionally from the beginning of their creation and they are healthy, balanced, intelligent, spiritually and physically strong.‬

The same cannot be said for he who rejects God and decides to follow the promises of the demon: the individual will not be balanced and not even healthy, because he will tend not to take into account the gift of life received, constantly exposing it to danger; you have many examples of this conduct among those who despise God and His laws.‬

Among those who decide for God and those who decide for Lucifer, there is a third category of people: the undecided, those who choose neither God nor the demon. They would like to have everything and nothing; they are attracted by God, but frightened by the responsibility that serving Him faithfully entails; they are intimidated by Lucifer but fascinated by his promises.‬ ‪They remain in an ambiguous situation that leads them to a life of uncertainty, always sitting on the fence between yes and no.‬ ‪Before every important decision, they relive the drama of their initial indecision.‬ ‪There are many such people around the world; there are entire humanities on other planets, whose progenitors chose not to choose.‬ ‪These men slip into a selfishness that makes them apathetic; they do neither the good nor the evil.‬

The allocation of the individual in the different humanities of the universe depends also on the initial choice. He who chooses God without hesitation and fully accepts his mission, is intended to be part of a faithful humanity, among whom he will be able to work best in order to accomplish the task given to him by God. He who remains undecided will be part of undecided humanities; he who rejects God will live among those who are like him, and this is a logical consequence of the choices made by man at the moment when he is created.‬ ‪However, God surpasses all logic because God loves man even when man does not love God; the love of God is above any other law of the universe.‬

It happens in fact, and it always happens, that many people who, at the instant of their creation, pronounced to God a full yes, lived among the rebellious humanities. This is most evident on Earth, the planet most hostile to God, but also the only one on which Jesus Christ was incarnated, died, and rose again, and where He founded His Church, His people called to witness the life of the Most Holy Trinity.‬ ‪Men and women of high and noble spirit accepted the mission from God to live on Earth, to show to their brothers the way to God. With their lives they prepared the coming of Jesus Christ, and then witnessed His coming and His work of salvation.‬ ‪Entire generations of saints, martyrs, and prophets, often unknown and always persecuted, walked the streets of the Earth, throwing a seed of hope and keeping alive the memory of God’s love. They have been the lights of God always lit in the dark, often deep darkness, of your rebellious humanity.‬

They still live among you, and their testimony is always alive.‬ ‪They are united to Christ who sacrificed Himself for you on Earth, and they follow His path: they also sacrifice themselves for each of you. And yet, this hard hearted humanity of yours, does not even see them, on the contrary, despises them, considering them as nothing; but they are the lamp of God that illuminates your steps, and their seed shall inherit the Earth.‬ ‪Not the great of this world, nor the rich and powerful, but God’s poor, those who belong to Him and who do not have anything outside of God, these very ones will reign with their Lord in the entire universe.‬

Be united to the saints and form God’s people, because Earth is not left to itself! The time will come, and this is that time, when God will not remain silent, but He will bring forth prophets and saints.‬ ‪They will raise their voices up high, in the midst of His people, and you will hear it, loudly and clearly, if you are really determined to live according to the laws of God, abandoning your selfishness once and for all.‬

This is my work at this time: bringing together the children of God from all over the universe, to form a holy people, the royal and priestly people that will be immense and invincible. It will be the true communion of saints that will not need any human means, because my powerful action will be passing from spirit to spirit; I will place you in a position of perceiving the full extent of its importance.‬ ‪All this, provided you are willing to allow God to transform you, to put your life in His hands, firmly believing in His love and His strength.‬

Only the power of faith and prayer, united with a sincere offering of yourself to Jesus through Mary Most Holy, will open your spirit to my action. I will bring you to Christ, and Christ will offer you to the Father, Who will welcome you and will make you new creatures.‬ ‪Every other effort will be useless.‬ It will not be the beautiful words, the fascinating theories, not even learned quotations or dazzling actions that will introduce you to the life of God, but, faith, hope, love, the unconditional consecration of yourselves to God, the sincere and selfless dedication to Him.

For now I am stopping here, but we will continue the conversation about life that I have just started and that I wish to deepen. Since I know you well, I am telling you: do not start immediately examining yourselves in order to figure out what might have been your response at the moment in which you were created.‬ ‪It is not important now, because independently from what your choice might have been, you remain free at every instant and you can decide to belong to God here and now. We shall talk some more about this.

Thus, let go of your interpretations and of your judgments, and place your whole life, from the moment of your conception until now, before The One and Triune God. Offer Him all the choices you made in life, whatever they might have been, right or wrong, and ask for His love to pass through your whole existence that it might be regenerated.‬ ‪Tell Him you love Him and that you trust Him, and that you want to live under His gaze.‬ ‪His light will invade you and nothing will be able to disturb you.‬ ‪I will help you understand the steps you need to take in order to be new creatures, I promise you.‬ ‪Have faith and you will see the miracle of a new existence, because the life of each one of you is a wonder, and as such must be displayed to the entire universe.‬

‪I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. “‬

‪[1] Jesus’ message of November 2011 published on this site‬
‪[2] See “Beyond the Great Barrier” chapter‬ ‪13‬
‪[3] I have talked at length about the relationship between spirit, soul, and body in the book “Beyond the Great Barrier” chapter‬ ‪13‬
‪[4] See Judges 13,2-5; Jeremiah 1,4-10, Luke 1,5-25, 57-66‬