Progressing into Fullness – Part 1 – “The turning point of humanity”

Tomislav Vlašić

Progressing into Fullness

Part 1 – “The turning point of humanity”

(Text taken from video-conference of 25 February 2012)

‪Good morning to all! ‪I wish you a good reception of this video and a clear understanding of the content I am about to present to you. Following the video-conference that Stefania Caterina and I held on February 11 of this year, 2012,[1] we feel the need to deepen some aspects, especially in regard to the message of St. Michael the Archangel,[2] who indicated six steps to follow in order to be recapitulated in Christ. These points must be taken into account by all those who wish to follow the way of recapitulation in Christ.

We have given the series of video-conferences that will follow, of which this is the first one, the title: “Progressing into fullness”, for a reason I want to emphasize: each one of us carries within himself the seed of fullness, and is called to realize that fullness, that is, to that perfection which eternity will be. Therefore our task is to help you understand this walk, which is exactly a passage through the fullness.

For today’s first video, I chose the subtitle: “The turning point of humanity.” As we have already said in other occasions,[3] we have passed from the phase of preparation and from the messages of the past few years that were promising a special and decisive intervention of God to this year 2012, in which God has begun to act strongly in the spirit of man.

As Stefania Caterina and I announced you, based on our lived experiences, there are four instruments operating at this time. The first and most basic instrument is the people of God that He has always used. However, at a time like this, which is extraordinary for the entire humanity of the universe, God has provided for three other instruments, particular and powerful, to strengthen the people of God and bring it to fullness: these are the angels who serve God, the Central Nucleus and the humanities of the universe faithful to God.

The angels, who are pure spirits, contemplate the face of God and reflect on God’s people what they contemplate; they are special instruments in the action of God. Concerning the Central Nucleus, I do not want to repeat what was said before.[4] I would only like to add that it is a link between the pure spirits and the faithful humanities on one side and of all humanity being on a pilgrimage to the destiny provided by God, on the other. ‪The humanities faithful to God had had a strong and rapid progress in history. First of all, men and women of this humanity developed in the spirit in union with the Spirit of God, and then in all the rest, so much so that their bodies are very similar to the glorious body of Christ.

‪These instruments act primarily in spirit, but in the end, as promised by Jesus through Stefania, God will allow that the faithful humanities will meet with the humanity of Earth and with all the other humanities, because the whole universe must be united. ‪There shall be one people throughout the whole universe and one shepherd: Jesus Christ.

Speaking about the action in spirit, we might ask ourselves: “What is the spirit”? We often use this expression, but I do not know how much we actually understand it. In the book “Rewriting History”,[5] Stefania Caterina spoke at length about the Spirit. Those who wish to learn more on the subject, I suggest to refer to that book. At any rate, the Spirit of God is the life of God, we know that He is the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity; but what is the spirit of man? ‪Let us say that the spirit of man is the deepest inner space and most intimate one, where the Holy Spirit impresses  the spark of life, and where man can meet God face to face. ‪This is because man is created in the image and likeness of God. Saint Paul, in the second chapter of the First Letter to the Corinthians, ensures that man, in his spirit, can know God’s wisdom, which is in the mystery, because it is revealed to him by the Spirit of God. “The Spirit, in fact, knows everything, even the depths of God”, affirms the Apostle. Therefore, the person who receives the Spirit of God, is capable of understanding and penetrating all reality, precisely with the help of the Spirit of God

Let us now try to understand what has happened in human history. ‪At the beginning, man was created by God intact, because his spirit was fully united to the Spirit of God; in him there was harmony between mind, body and soul. ‪After the original sin, man broke away from God, and his spirit has been weakened. ‪For this reason he was no longer able to live without help, without coming into contact with a spirit more powerful than him; so he joined the spirit of evil, Lucifer.

After this event, a new phase began: man had to return to God, but the journey would have been slow. ‪Science believes that man went through an evolution; our experiences tell us that this is true. ‪The evolution began after the fall of original sin. ‪God has progressively guided man and the whole humanity in view of Jesus Christ.

With the coming of Jesus Christ, every man who accepted the Savior, received the Spirit of God, and so, once more, a new phase of the history of humanity, has begun. Man, because of the fullness received in Christ, was able to move forward into fullness. Pentecost, lived by the Church, marked a great turning point for all humanity.

Even today we find ourselves living in a new era: God decided to fulfill His promises, and bring all humanity back to the union with the Spirit of God. All of humanity and the entire creation must comply with the laws of the Spirit. This is the time in which we are called to walk this road; for this reason God placed at our disposal His instruments to help us. They act with power which I can affirm and testify. ‪Thus, everyone can take the road to wholeness. ‪That is why I entitled this video-conference: “The turning point of humanity,” because Jesus told Stefania that this program is irreversible and goes towards the complete fulfillment.

Perhaps you are wondering how to enter in communion with these powerful instruments that God has put at our disposal. Well, to answer this question, consider a historical event, reported by the Sacred Scripture in the tenth chapter of the Acts of the Apostles. ‪A pagan man, Cornelius, a Roman officer, was praying with his family; he was seeking salvation. ‪Suddenly, he saw an angel who told him to send for a certain Simon, called Peter, who would have spoken to them about the Savior of the world. ‪Peter promptly went to the house of Cornelius. ‪After hearing directly from Cornelius, the story of his experience, immediately he announced Jesus Christ, Redeemer of the world. ‪At that moment, the Spirit of God descended upon Cornelius and upon his family. ‪Thus, in front of Saint Peter, all frontiers opened up  for  all men, and he then, baptized Cornelius and his family.

This episode gives us some elements that I want to emphasize, and which are valid for us, these days. The first element is that Cornelius was a Gentile. ‪This means for us that this announcement is given to all men of good will throughout the universe, and not only to those who belong to the Christian religion. ‪We will have some nice surprises, because the Holy Spirit will work in men of good will, of all classes and of all religions. ‪The second element is the angel of God. It was necessary that the angel of God had come to open the door of Cornelius’ soul. ‪Finally, the third element is Saint Peter, the witness who announces the Savior and salvation.

Then we ask ourselves: “Where is Saint Peter, and in which manner does his action keep operating? Based on our experiences, I can tell you that Saint Peter and the apostles, together with all the saints, offer themselves to God and pray for these three special instruments, so that they might be filled with all the holiness of God’s people, and might act powerfully in favor of the entire humanity. ‪On the other hand, all those who have been baptized are invited to witness salvation, as did the Apostle Peter. ‪In this light, in the book “Beyond the Great Barrier”[6] Stefania presented the baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire. This baptism in the Holy Spirit will descend upon all mankind in the universe. ‪As explained, it will not be a baptism like that of Pentecost, but a silent baptism. ‪Why silent? ‪Because it requires a response and a decision to walk a path, it requires the growth of people, since many graces given for free will disappear. Man must give a clear and full answer to God, and ascend to Him.

Also another question arises: “How can we understand the action of the Holy Spirit within us”? We ask ourselves this question especially in these times, where human interpretations are so many and differ so much from each other and are often incorrect. ‪The Spirit is sometimes regarded as an energy, other times as something that only he who has a charisma can obtain, etc., etc. In the episode we told you about Cornelius, one thing is important: Cornelius and his family were ready to accept Jesus Christ, and immediately the Holy Spirit fell upon them. All those who accept Jesus Christ and are of good will, will have the same graces, and these powerful instruments will act on the spirit of man.

I am bringing you some examples: if you read the book “Beyond the Great Barrier”, surely you will remember the episode in which Saint Michael orders Lucifer out of hell, and the latter is forced to comply immediately. Then Saint Michael orders him, in God’s name, to confess his lie and to tell the truth as it is in God; from the confession of Lucifer, emerges all the pathology of the spirit of evil and, like in a mirror, in his words the pathology of man is also reflected. It is ‪interesting to observe the power of Saint Michael giving an order to the spirit of evil who must obey and declare the truth. The action of the archangels and of the angels is precisely this: to help all people of good will who seek God. Their power, at the same time, throws confusion among those who do not want to accept Jesus Christ nor God.

The humanities faithful to God act in a similar way, because these faithful men and women possess a spiritual power that we cannot even imagine. In addition to a powerful spirit, they also have a body that allows them to act strongly on the matter, and this is very important in the arrangement of salvation and in the programs of God. Precisely because these faithful men have a body capable of acting on matter, they are indispensable for us of the Earth and for all those in the universe who are weak in the body and need to be transformed also physically. All three instruments act in communion together, fully united with the Holy Spirit, and God acts through them.

We said that humanity is called to walk up to comply with the laws of the Spirit. What are these laws? They are the Laws fully contained in the Gospel. Jesus came in the Holy Spirit, and worked with the power of the Holy Spirit; if we accept Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, we will understand His laws and become better people. ‪The problem is that the Gospel is often regarded as a collection of moral and religious rules, or as a beautiful book of wisdom and philosophical, or, worse still, as the credo of an ideology. ‪To truly understand the Gospel, however, it is necessary to accept Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit; only then we will be able to understand Jesus Christ, and He, together with the Holy Spirit, will lead us to God the Father.

I want to emphasize the supreme law of God which is love. All of us are called to rise, and live by this law. In this regard, it is very important to read the chapter thirteen of the first letter to the Corinthians, where St. Paul says that charismas, prophecy and knowledge are destined to disappear; only three things will remain: faith, hope and charity, and charity is the greatest of all. ‪These three laws, namely faith, hope and love rule our lives. ‪It could be objected: “How can I believe? ‪Believing seems a leap into nothing”. ‪Precisely this way of thinking is wrong: to believe does not mean jumping into the void, since the Holy Spirit ceaselessly confirms the truth in every believer. In faith and hope one experiences and comes to know the life of God, and the space of the spirit becomes wider, while love opens wide our horizons. I am speaking of the love of God, of course.

Therefore we are called to adhere and to walk in faith, hope and love. These instruments will help us along the way and, as Jesus promised in the messages received by Stefania, His angels will make themselves visible to you, you will hear them and sense their presence. They will be present and active among us. ‪Jesus also promised that the humanities  faithful to God will come on Earth to meet us, because there will be one people throughout the universe, gathered around his only Shepherd.

We are bringing you our testimony because we sincerely wish for you to commit yourselves in seeking God; if you will do this, God will make Himself present to each of you. You will do well if you will share with your neighbors what we told you, in order to exchange with others your experiences. So you will be prepared for the next video, in which we will begin to explain the six points of which Saint Michael talked about,[7] which are the basic rules to follow in order to be recapitulated in Christ.

We will pray and stand before God for all of you. We bless you so that you may continue on this road. ‪Thank you.

[1] You can find the video-conference of 11 February 2012, entitled “The Central Nucleus” of this site.

[2] Message of St. Michael the Archangel on September 10, 2010 on the Central Nucleus, published on this site.

[3] Video-conference of 11 February 2012 – see note 1

[4] See previous note

[5] See Stefania Caterina “Rewriting History – Vol 1 In the thought of God” ed. Luci dell’Esodo 2010. The italian title of this book is “Riscrivere la Storia – Vol. I Nel pensiero di Dio”. This book is furthermore available in croatian and spanish.

[6] See Stefania Caterina “Beyond the Great Barrier” ed. Luci dell’Esodo 2008

[7] See Message of St. Michael the Archangel of 10/9/2010 titled “The Central Nucleus” published in this site.

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