Progressing into Fullness – Part 2 – “Participation in the Heavenly Liturgy”

Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Progressing into Fullness

Part 2 – “Participation in the Heavenly Liturgy”

(Text taken from the video-conference of March 3, 2012)

Stefania Caterina (S.C.): Dear listeners, we greet you and wish you all the best. We wish to continue with you the discourse we started on the Central Nucleus,[1] and about its action in the entire universe. As we explained, it is a matter of a wide action that is part of a cosmic reality, which includes many dimensions and embraces the whole universe.

‪Today we would like to talk to you, in particular, about the Heavenly Liturgy and the participation in it by the people of God. This participation is a key issue in the journey of the Christian people and of all creation. The Central Nucleus takes part in the ‪Heavenly Liturgy, as we will explain; also the seven great Archangels are present, in a very specific way, who officiate the Heavenly Liturgy and exercise their priesthood; but, as I said, it is essential that all the faithful participate in the Heavenly Liturgy, because all the power of the Mystical Body of Christ is expresses by means of it. ‪This power overflows from the Heavenly Liturgy on the entire people of God, on the living and on the deceased. ‪Therefore, the participation of all humanity in this Liturgy enhances the walk of each individual and, at the same time, ensures the beneficial showering back of power on the whole people of God.

The Central Nucleus therefore participates in the Heavenly Liturgy. ‪This is a special mission that God has entrusted to the members of the Central Nucleus, not to give them a privilege, but because they are to open the way for the entire humanity of the universe, that, in the new creation, will be called to participate fully in the Liturgy of Heaven. Therefore, the Central Nucleus, travels in advance along a path that will be for all the people of God; it does so in order to pave the way, to break down the barriers that are obstacles, to face the forces of evil and thus enable the people to move forward.

I participated many times in spirit in the Heavenly Liturgy. From what I was able to observe, the whole Mystical Body is involved. ‪There are present, first of all Jesus, Supreme Priest, through Whom the offer of all mankind rises up to the Father.  Our Lady is present, who continually intercedes for the people of God. The Saints are present, the blessed, the pure spirits who belong to the dimension that lies beyond the Great Barrier. ‪The seven great Archangels officiate this liturgy: they elevate to Christ the High Priest, all that the people of God lives, so that, in turn, Jesus Christ might raise it to the Father.

The Heavenly Liturgy is the full participation in the supreme priesthood of Jesus Christ. The Central Nucleus is participating in all of this. It was interesting for me to see how the participation of the Central Nucleus is realized through the full participation of all its members: alive, deceased, men, women, take part in the Heavenly Liturgy in the same manner and with the same priestly dignity, without any difference; they are all wearing the same white robe, to symbolize that before God, in the liturgy of His holy people, there are no hierarchies or preferences. ‪All are called to participate, since they all possess the same dignity as children of God and form a priestly people. ‪We want to explain to you that the priestly dignity of each is not something that comes suddenly, it is foreseen in the plan of God from the beginning, even before the original sin. I am ‪passing the word then on to Tomislav.

Tomislav Vlasic (Tom. V): The characteristic of the participation of the Central Nucleus in the Heavenly Liturgy is that all are united in the Holy Spirit, even though in the different originality of each and in the ‪specificity of their history, since they belong to various humanities of the universe. These different originalities, immersed in the Holy Spirit, spread upon all mankind the wealth of God’s life. The members of the Central Nucleus manifest to the brothers and sisters of the whole universe, all that they contemplate in God. The originality of each remains, but is not an impediment to achieving the fullness, thanks to the communion and unity in the Holy Spirit. ‪For this reason, both in the messages of Jesus, and in the message of Saint Michael the Archangel, published on this site, is strongly emphasized that the main action of the Central Nucleus is the action in spirit. ‪What does this entail? ‪This entails that the members of the Central Nucleus look at God face to face, and this is a grace for the entire Nucleus.

From the Central Nucleus the power radiates over all the people of God, so that the people too can come to mystical union with Christ, looking at God face to face. ‪Standing face to face with God, has a fundamental consequence: God is seen as He is; but if we see God as He is, then we also see ourselves as we are in God, because God is light. ‪In this way, everyone expresses himself for what he is in God; this is fullness. ‪Starting from this fullness, then, we are journeying toward fullness.

Everyone can therefore discover the fullness that God has imprinted in every man and every woman by creating them in His image and likeness. ‪Each one is like a shoot from which a tree is growing destined to bear abundant fruit. ‪As Stefania said earlier, before God, in the Liturgy of Heaven, there is no one who is in the front row and another behind, there is no hierarchy, but all emerge just as they were created. ‪There is not even a priesthood resulting from the investiture of some religion or some structure; men and women express themselves in their originality, precisely as they are in God.

S.C.: As I said before, the priesthood is not something that comes out of nowhere. In the initial plan of God, man was created in view of a priestly mission, which he was to carry out fully with the angels. ‪The angels have the distinction of being pure spirits, and as such, act specifically in the spiritual sphere. ‪Man, however, has a body that allows him to act even in the material reality of which the universe is made, because spirit and matter are both part of creation. ‪In the original design of God, man in his originality and together with the angels, should have elevated all creation to God.  In this elevation, that is in the continued offering of all creation to God, he would have carried out his priestly ministry and, at the same time, he would have ruled the whole creation together with the angels in the name of God. ‪The rebellion of a part of humanity, and the consequent fall of original sin, broke the initial harmony, causing, above all, the corruption of matter, including the human body. ‪We see, in fact, that the body of man, particularly on Earth, is certainly not incorruptible, on the contrary: it experiences disease, aging, death. ‪After the original sin, the physical nature of man, which was to enable him to perform at the best his particular mission, on the contrary transformed itself in a limit; the body, in fact, limits us greatly. ‪The frailty of our mortal body no longer enables us to live that perfect communion with the angels, which should have formed the cornerstone of the action executed on behalf of God, in favor of all creation.

Tom V: According to our experiences, it is obvious that man, after original sin, closed himself before the angels. Man, by closing his spirit to God, consequently closed the doors to His instruments as well. ‪The same goes for the souls in the depth of purgatory, who are afraid to meet these luminous beings.

S.C: This closing toward the angels was evident in many of my experiences, precisely because of the corruption that has undermined man as sinner, especially man of the Earth and that has broken the harmony with the pure spirits. ‪Man felt inferior to them, he became aware of the evil committed, as it is written in the Bible. ‪Before then, man was a sublime creature that suddenly came to known corruption; by his choice, because he wanted to experience it. ‪With his behavior he created a barrier between himself and the world of spirit. ‪Many times I was shown people of prehistoric time, the first men on Earth, reduced to an almost animalistic level, they were terrorized of the angels. ‪In that period of our history, the angels manifested themselves to man; they were sent by God to uplift and to help those men suffering so much. ‪The latter, however, reacted by completely closing themselves up; they were afraid of the angels because they saw the difference between them and those pure spirits, and could not sustain the impact with the great light emanating from the angels. ‪In this light, as Tomislav said earlier, those men saw themselves for what they were. ‪Satan took advantage of all this: man, in fact, rejected the angels and preferred to submit to the demons, who were promising them something much more tangible and immediate; that way the man of Earth has been debased since the beginning of his history.

All this happened because of human fear: fear of the light and of the perfection of God which is reflected in the angels. The same happens to the souls of the deceased who are in the lowest part of purgatory, who have to undergo a big walk of purification. Even in these souls the same mechanism goes off: confronted with the beauty and the harmony of the angels, they close themselves in fear, because they see themselves for who they are; therefore, they prefer to seek help and prayers of the living, they prefer to turn to those who are limited and sinful as they are.

Tom. V: Starting from the perspective of the original sin and its consequences, we can see that God gradually revealed the presence of the angels to man. Man, for his part, was gradually able to open himself to their presence. ‪In the revelations, received through Stefania, it was also said that God at the beginning of history, had sent to Earth not only angels but also the brothers of the universe who remained faithful to God. Many souls destined for the planets faithful to God, agreed to be incarnated on earth, and lived to be righteous and holy people. God wanted to bring man close to Him, in any way, to assure him the acceptance of His grace; and so it went on throughout history, until the coming of Jesus Christ.

‪As you know well, both, at the Annunciation to Mary, as well as during the earthly life of Jesus, in His Passion and at His Resurrection, the angels manifested themselves in order to open the way for men, to help them believe in a dimension that goes beyond man’s corruptibility. Today, according to our experiences, we reached the point where God is working a turning point in our history: He wants to lead humanity to the fulfillment of His promises and then introduce it into the new creation. ‪At this time, archangels and angels are filled with special graces, so that their light may increase in view of their task. ‪They shower this light upon all of mankind, especially on those who are willing to receive their light.

S.C: The coming of Jesus Christ has marked a huge turning point in the history of all mankind. Jesus took man’s body, right here on Earth, on the weakest and most corrupt planet; thus He finally defeated the frailty of human nature and has opened the road for all of us. ‪After His death and resurrection, He ascended into heaven with His glorious body; thus He glorified the human body, especially that of the people of the Earth that was at the most corrupt and at the lowest level of the universe. ‪Jesus has opened the road to us.

At the same time, Jesus Christ, brought His High Priesthood among men, thus giving a whole new impetus to the resumption of the priesthood of man and of God’s people. The priesthood of the seven great Archangels, also, after the coming of Jesus Christ, became more incisive upon reality, and came even in closer contact with the life of humanity. Their priesthood is the key to the participation in the priesthood of Christ of the entire people of God and of the angels themselves. ‪The seven great Archangels, as I wrote in the book “Beyond the Great Barrier”, are priests of the Most High, they are serving the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity and at the same time, are close to man. By means of their priesthood they open the way for the whole people of God so that each believer might participate in the priesthood of Christ, the High Priest. ‪The participation of humanity in the priesthood of the seven Archangels is a necessary step to enter the Heavenly Liturgy, to participate and receive the graces, and more and more participate in the sacrifice of Christ.

Tom. V: It is very important to emphasize that there is also a “liturgy of hell”, so to speak, which opposes to the Heavenly Liturgy; unfortunately, it has a strong influence on all of ‪creation. ‪Just as the angels serve God, the demons are serving Satan. All those who are put at the service of Satan are mediators of Satan. ‪So we are witnessing, at this time, a recurring phenomenon: many people claim to meet entities that present themselves as angels but, in reality, are not angels; they are entities that manifest themselves in the guise of angels. ‪Therefore here we must be careful and understand one thing: no angel who serves God binds a person to himself. ‪An angel of God, inevitably leads each person to Jesus Christ, pointing the way to Him. If the person is willing to offer his life to Jesus Christ, through Mary, the angel can really help her. ‪Therefore, it is very important to practice true devotion to the angels and the Archangels, getting rid of selfishness and egotism, which leads people to seek the help of angels in order to solve personal problems. ‪Instead, it is necessary to seek Jesus Christ and His promises by walking according to the Gospel.

S.C.: As I said at the beginning, the Heavenly Liturgy is the privileged moment in which the whole Mystical Body elevates his praise and his offering to God the Father in the Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ, the High Priest. Therefore, in the context of the Heavenly Liturgy an enormous power develops that reverberates on the whole universe. ‪Of course, God does not receive power from the praise of man, God is enough ‪in Himself, He is powerful in Himself, but it is the people that, by growing ever closer to God, receives power and emanates power. ‪Lucifer, who dominates in hell and wants to be like God, knows this, he knows what great power the Liturgy of heaven emits; therefore he demands that the demons, the damned and those who serve him, to do the same. ‪He wants his gloomy people to give him praise, like the faithful do with God, in the illusion, in doing so, to increase his power. ‪Therefore in hell something opposite and parallel to the Heavenly Liturgy takes place. ‪In my experiences, when I was allowed to descend into hell, I could see how the seven arch-demons require that on the altar placed in front of their thrones, all the victims of the universe and their blood be offered to them. ‪God of course, does not expect this. The praise pleasing to God is man’s free choice to love God. It is important to understand that in the universe, there are two opposing forces: one that emanates from the Heavenly Liturgy, attended by the people of God, and that one which comes from the liturgy of hell, joined by all the people of darkness.

All this allows us, among other things, to understand what will be the future role of the Antichrist. ‪It will be up to him to officiate the liturgy of hell. ‪He will be, so to speak, a mediator who, strong in his power, will drag with himself the people of darkness and offer it to Lucifer. ‪The Antichrist, of course, will be opposed to Jesus Christ, the High Priest. You can understand, therefore, that the universe is crossed by diverse forces and is moving rapidly. ‪Even more important is to understand that we are all called to participate in the Heavenly Liturgy. Our participation is not virtual, it is not a fairy tale or a symbolism, but it is our destiny because, in the new creation, praising God will be ceaseless and God’s people will live with Christ in order to give praise to the Father in the Holy Spirit.

Tom. V: Please note that all the angels and archangels are custodians: each angel, in fact, has the task of protecting not only the other angels but also humanity. The powerful instruments of which we are speaking have and ever more will have a particular mission in these times where confusion is increasing throughout the universe. God’s action, in fact, brings everything to light so that man can make his choice. ‪Each of you who read the message of Jesus of last September,[2] perhaps might have noted that, speaking of St. Michael, to whom He entrusted the task of preparing the people for His second coming, Jesus says: “Saint Michael will make no allowance to those who lie before God…”. Consider this statement in a positive way: Saint Michael will make no allowance in front of corruption, because he wants to ward off evil from us, and he wants to free us from the negativity that attached itself to us, He wants to drive away from us every infernal force. ‪However, Saint Michael cannot act positively if man does not want, if man does not want God and God’s life, if he does not intend to walk the avenue that leads to the new creation.

The archangels are presented in the Apocalypse as lit torches. We heard that Saint Michael carries a double-edged sword; it is the sword that separates darkness from light. Every angel acts the same way, because he brings the light of God and consequently, darkness enters into crisis. ‪Then, choosing God and His instruments, the angels and archangels, represent a huge benefit for us in the turbulence we are experiencing today. ‪We cannot go on, nor discern, nor can we get out from the difficulties we are in, without their help.

S.C: This makes us understand that every our prayer, the participation in the Eucharistic Celebration and every thought that we lift up to God, acquires great power if we live a strong communion with the angels. ‪In addition, if we enter into communion with the priesthood of the seven great Archangels, we are allowed to participate directly in the Liturgy of Heaven, because the liturgy that takes place on earth is the participation in the Heavenly Liturgy.

‪The communion with the Central Nucleus is just as important, because this instrument opens the door to each person and to all people of good will, thus facilitating access to the power present in heaven. ‪Heaven is not closed but opens itself before men; however it is necessary for you to enter. ‪It is not always so easy because the opposition of the forces of evil is powerful, and you yourself can see it: when you decide to start the journey, you will soon experience this opposition. ‪The instruments of this time, the angels and the seven Archangels with their priesthood, the Central Nucleus, the brothers of the universe faithful to God, were provided by God to ease the way and to level the road before the people of God. Our faith in Christ allows us to enter into this great power that is released in the sky, but one must be united with the right instruments.

Tom. V: Again I want to reiterate the strength that the seven Archangels and the angels bring to our lives. ‪In the message I mentioned before,[3] Jesus assures us that the angels will increasingly make themselves present to humanity, even through dreams and visions. We must be careful, though: we must remember that we can receive impulses and understand matters within ourselves, also without dreams or visions. ‪These will increase to the extent in which we are ready to offer ourselves to Christ. ‪We shall talk more about this in the coming episodes, but it is very important that each one of us takes the right attitude, and cultivates a good relationship with these instruments; for example, thanking God for an angel so powerful and bright in our lives, in the family in which we live.

I would also like to stress that the participation of the Central Nucleus to the Liturgy of Heaven, is not only individual but collective: to be united with the Central Nucleus in our life also means to strengthen the unity of the Church with God. Through this passes the Cosmic Pentecost. There are many good people on Earth, but it is difficult to create a communion between them; God, hence, performed a great miracle by giving us this instrument. ‪Those who will join it, with their consecration to Jesus through Mary, strengthen the communion among believers, they help every child of God and give off much light; thus, those who are lost find the road of light.

S.C.: Let us not forget either the great action of protection that these instruments perform in favor of the people of God. This applies to the Central Nucleus that, with its offer and its ‪battle against the forces of evil, protects the children of God in all parts of the universe. ‪All the more, it applies to the angels, and especially to the seven great Archangels, in such a way that the latter are present at the Eucharistic Celebrations of the Earth. ‪Do you know why? ‪Because they protect the people from all attempts of Satan to infiltrate himself into the liturgy and to corrupt the Eucharistic celebration. ‪They protect the priest, who in that moment is celebrating, if he is of goodwill, because, I say it again, the action of the devil is strong. ‪Satan is not just watching, he acts. ‪For this reason, in His infinite goodness, God has provided protection for the people and for the priests here on Earth. He placed at their side even more powerful priests elevating them, protecting them and placing them in the cosmic power of the people of God, the Mystical Body of Christ.

Tom. V: There is another element that I consider very important, concerning the participation of the Central Nucleus in the Heavenly Liturgy: Saint Michael is in charge of leading the people of God, and we in the Central Nucleus experience his leadership, in a special way. ‪We can testify that all the road the two of us have traveled in many years, was mapped out by the seven great Archangels, of course, with the intervention and prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints. ‪The Central Nucleus lives a special relationship with St. Michael and the seven great Archangels. ‪Even men and women of the universe, faithful to God, live a similar relationship with the seven great Archangels.‪ The mission of these brothers and sisters of ours throughout the universe has already began. ‪God promised us that they will manifest themselves on earth in a visible manner. ‪They also act under the guidance and protection of Saint Michael and the seven great Archangels, fully united with the Central Nucleus, so that their mission is accomplished according to God’s will. As you can see, there are many factors that affect all humanity, above all men of good will. We know that in everything that we experience on Earth, difficulties, problems, crises, next to us there are the instruments of God who want to help us walk the path of blessedness, indicated by the Gospel, which makes us free from corruption and leads us to transformation.

S.C.: We would like to reiterate again that our participation in the Central Nucleus is not a privilege but a service. Always think of the Central Nucleus as of a first cell that has the ‪task of reactivating and aggregating other cells. ‪This is possible because within the Central Nucleus exists complete communion between angels and the humanity of different planets. Not due to a privilege but because of service, the Central Nucleus fully lives already now, what will happen in the new creation. ‪Then mankind will finally be one in all parts of the universe, and will live full communion with the priesthood of the Archangels, will be in harmony with all the pure spirits and will serve the true God. The Central Nucleus represents a model but at the same time, is opening the way for the entire humanity. ‪The instruments, if they are instruments of God, are at the service of the people of God, they are not above anyone.

Tom. V: As always, we are promising you to be before God, bringing to God the praise that rises from the Earth: an immense praise to the goodness that God has showered upon creation, even after original sin;‪ an immense praise to Christ, the Son of God, who became incarnate, died and rose again. ‪The two of us are in the Central Nucleus as witnesses to this greatness of God’s love. We will present to Him all your problems, your difficulties, and we will pray for you. ‪We advise you to pray, to lift up your praise to God, but also to lift up all the suffering of the Earth and of the universe. ‪Ask for God’s intervention through His instruments, so that the liturgy of the Earth and the life of God’s children, be awakened throughout the whole universe, so that all of us might be able to see God face to face in the new creation. ‪We thank you for this, and we wish you all the best and every blessing from God. Thank you for your attention.

[1] See: video-conference of 11 February 2012 entitled “The Central Nucleus” transmitted on this site

[2] Message of Jesus of September 5, 2011, entitled “The instruments of God in this time”, published on this site

[3] See footnote 2