The light of life

‪Dear readers,

‪in the message below the Holy Spirit continues to speak to us about the moment of our creation, emphasizing, once again, the importance of our choices, both at the initial moment as well as in the course of our earthly life. ‪He also speaks of the laws governing the creation and our own lives.

‪From the message emerges all the grandeur of God’s love, His nobility and His goodness. ‪The creative power of the Most Holy Trinity calls us to life and sustains us in every moment of our earthly existence, and not only that: It introduces us into eternity, wrapping us in Its light. ‪It is up to us to keep alive the contact with God, through faith, to live in harmony with His laws. ‪So we become true children of God.

‪My wish is for you to discover the life of God within you, and to allow His light to fill you, so that each one is filled with the divine power that creates and recreates everything, and makes us witnesses of His greatness. ‪This way, all together, we will become the true people of God, royal and priestly, the kind of people that God desires.

I greet you and bless you in Christ.

Message of the Holy Spirit of 29 February 2012

‪”I greet and bless you. ‪I wish to pursue with you the discourse on human life which is of great importance to each of you.[1]

I explained to you that your life has its origin from the big vibration of life, impressed in you by God at the moment in which He creates you. In this vibration the divine creative power of the Most Holy Trinity is contained. It is the primary impulse that initiates the existence of every living being; as such, it contains within Itself the action of the Three Divine Persons. ‪From this instant, the three great laws of the universe begin to operate in you: the law of LIGHT, of SOUND or VIBRATION and the law of HEAT. They are both natural and spiritual laws, supporting the whole of creation.[2]

The vibration of life does not exhaust its action in the moment of creation, but is renewed at every moment of life; thus it needs to be constantly nourished because no living being could live without it. So, after the first impulse, similar to a big shock that gives life to the person, the vibration of life is constantly renewed by the specific action of each of the Three Divine Persons.

The Son of God, Jesus Christ, second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, maintains the intensity of the vibration of life constant. Jesus, the Word of God, through His Word which fills the universe, continuously impresses in every created being the VIBRATION of His love. ‪The love of Christ regenerates because It redeems and overcomes evil in creatures; It sustains all living beings, angels, men, and all creatures. ‪The vibration that emanates from the Son of God, and that is transmitted to the whole creation, is the most sublime expression of the love of the Father, because the Son vibrates in unison with the Father in the Holy Spirit. ‪If Jesus would stop communicating His love to the universe, the universe would cease to exist.

The love of Jesus vibrates in every point of the universe and reaches every living being; It contains all the necessary power to nourish the spirit, the soul, and the body of every human being. ‪Its intensity is proportional to the structure of every single man, but also to his response at the time of creation, as well as to his choices in life. ‪This means that the man who utters a convinced yes to God at the beginning, accepts Jesus Christ and remains faithful to Him, will receive a vibration of greater intensity, which will sustain him in carrying out his mission. ‪Instead, the man who does not accept neither God nor Jesus Christ, will receive a weaker vibration, not because God punishes, but because his spirit will be closed and, therefore, unable to receive too powerful a vibration. ‪It will be like a small container which could break if too full.

God respects your freedom.Be aware, however, that the use of freedom has a price and you should be aware of the consequences of each of your choices. ‪Often, instead, you make bad choices because you want to be free and independent from God; then you suffer the consequences of said choices and you complain against God, as if He were the culprit of your choices; but it is not so, and you know it well. ‪So, do not be hypocritical and do accept the responsibility for your choices and the consequences that derive from them, otherwise you will remain immature and indecisive.

The vibration of life also includes HEAT which emanates from Me, the Holy Spirit, Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity. Heat is the element that allows life to flourish and to keep going uninterruptedly. ‪You know that without the heat of the sun life on Earth would cease. ‪The same happens in your spirit, soul, and body: without My heat, which transmits love, intelligence, and strength, you would be like lifeless puppets. My heat envelops you and guides every biological process of your being, from the very first instants of your life. ‪My heat gives nourishment to your brain and directs you to God, He opens you to the knowledge of the mystery of life exactly as it is in God, and He is protecting you from evil.

The heat you get from Me is proportionate to your choices, both at the time of your creation then during your earthly existence. The more you are united to Jesus, the more I can act in you, because My work is never separated from that of the Son of God. Therefore, when you offer your life to Jesus Christ, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, you are allowing Me to act fully in you, and I constantly lead you to Christ, so that you may be filled with His love. In turn, Jesus sends Me to you and constantly, and together, Jesus and I, We offer your life to the Father so that He can give you His light.

In particular I like to focus on the LIGHT of life that emanates from the Father. This Light is His seal, placed on each of you, and accompanies you in this earthly life and the eternal life. The Light of the Father also is imprinted on you at the moment of your creation, by means of the great vibration of life, and is tailored to your choices. ‪If you chose God, you will have more Light, otherwise you will have less. ‪What is Light? ‪It is intelligence, awareness of being children of God; It is truth and holiness, It is the clear perception of the image of God in you. ‪It is also spiritual power that makes you overpower the forces of evil and makes you victorious in the trials; It is joy and peace.

The light of which I am talking is also a physical reality, present in the universe and it is that of which the great barrier of the Heavens is made.[3] Yes, the great barrier is nothing more than an immense band of light of enormous power. ‪Only the pure spirits and the souls of the deceased cross it. ‪On the contrary, the dark forces of evil cannot cross it, and not even the creatures, aside from the times when God permits it, exceptionally, as in the case of the humanities of the universe faithful to God.

Immediately after receiving the first big vibration that calls you to life, the light begins to act in your spirit. The action of the light is essential, because already at the moment of your creation you are called to decide whether or not to serve God; for this reason you are already given the light at the first instant, so that your intelligence might be open and you may be able to make a choice. ‪After having made your choice, God places you into the reality in which you will live. ‪Thus, you are required to go through the great barrier: so, from the dimension of pure spirit you are descending into the material reality where the phase of life in the body, on Earth or elsewhere, will begin… ‪“A body hast thou prepared for me …”, it is written, and so it is.

Do not try now to understand rationally if God first creates the spirit or the body, because you will not be able to understand it. Do not get lost in your abstruse philosophies, because the thought of God has nothing to do with yours, and He has the power to think and create in an instant everything He wants. ‪God creates in thinking, in Him there are no defined patterns,[4] His thought is free.

The passage through the Great Barrier is a big step into the light, because your whole being becomes illuminated. Thus God shows you clearly what you chose at the moment of your creation, what awaits you in life as a consequence of your initial choice, and shows you clearly the way of Christ as the only road that can correct the wrong choices and that one day will allow you to return to live fully in the spiritual dimension. ‪It is a further help from God’s part, which is given to all without distinction, to those who have chosen God as well as to those who refused Him.

The same passage in the light awaits you at the end of earthly life, since the souls of the dead cross the great barrier to enter the dimension of pure spirit. Therefore, as at the beginning you are shown what is awaiting you, the same at the end, you are shown what you have done. ‪This also is very important because, this way, God gives everyone a chance to reconsider his behavior, and to fully accept the salvation that Jesus Christ offers him. ‪Even those who have rejected God in life and acted in a manner contrary to His laws, have the opportunity to repent. ‪The light of the barrier exposes everything, and shows before God what each one is; at this point, discussions and justifications are of no use, because the light of God shows you what you really are, and what you have accomplished in life.

So the mercy of God comes to your aid and prepares you for what awaits you in the spiritual dimension, in heaven or in purgatory, and tries in every way to help you avoid hell; in this case also everything depends on your choice and on the particular judgment awaiting you. Very soon I shall talk to you about this, because there is much confusion in this respect even among Christians. ‪For now, it suffices that you understand this well: with death only one phase of life closes, that of the body, and a new one opens, the one of the dimension of the spirit, which is the eternal dimension.

While you live in the body, if you have faith in God and in Jesus Christ, and if you progress in the journey of faith, the light you have received from God and that is enclosed in you will increase. In fact, the light is directly proportional to faith. The more you believe, the more you are clothed by light. ‪Consequently, even the vibration of Jesus’ love will increase and so the heat of the Holy Spirit will increase. ‪Everything depends, as always, on your faith.

The laws of light, of vibration, and of heat, therefore, are imprinted in you from conception. ‪Your faith and your sincere adherence to Christ, by offering your lives to Him, determine the proper and effective functioning of these three laws, which are the laws of life. ‪They unfold their effects not only at the natural level but at the spiritual level as well: the light then, becomes wisdom and understanding, the vibration becomes word and action, the heat becomes love and holiness. ‪In this way faith, hope, and charity grow, your spirit is constantly nourished, your soul is strengthened, your body is healthy and harmonious. ‪Thus you become true children of God.

Does all this perhaps seem to you a utopia, far from the grim reality of the Earth?I am telling you that it is not so. Even if evil seems to prevail over your planet, God’s action is steady and quiet in your spirit. ‪If you donate your life to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, entrusting to Him your whole being, He will ensure that the laws of life are working in you, beyond what you can understand. It is not up to you to operate the functioning of the three laws of which I am speaking about, you would not even be capable of doing it. ‪All you have to do is to just open wide the doors to Jesus, so that He may do His work in you together with Me, the Holy Spirit. ‪You will be protected and assisted in all things, and you, even now, will experience belonging to a new dimension, that of the spirit, the dimension awaiting you at the end of your earthly life.

You will not be able to solve your spiritual and physical problems until you entrust yourselves totally to God! ‪Only this way you will be able to defeat the evil that tries in every way to alter, within you, the harmony of the divine laws. ‪When God becomes the Lord of your life, then you too will be able to master the opposing forces, and to reign with Christ starting now here on Earth, by raising to Him everything that belongs to you and that surrounds you. ‪Do not forget that you are a royal people and a priestly people, because, united with Christ, you participate fully in the glory of God, the glory that He has placed in His children.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. “

[1] In the message entitled “You have wonderfully made me” published on this site, the Holy Spirit spoke of the creation of man, and of the choice he is called to make at that time.

[2] I spoke at length about these three laws in the book “Beyond the Great Barrier”, see chapter 12

[3] See “Beyond the Great Barrier”, chap. 12:15

[4] I have spoken at length about the thought of God and about His prerogatives in the book “Rewriting History – Vol.1 In the mind of God “