Progressing into fullness – Part 3 – “Paternity and maternity in God”

Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Progressing into fullness

Part 3 – “Paternity and maternity in God”

(Text taken from video-conference of 15 March 2012)

Stefania Caterina (S.C): We greet you, dear listeners! We continue to deepen the topic already started, entitled: “Progressing into fullness”, and today we face a very delicate and important subject: that of fatherhood and motherhood as they are in God. This is a key aspect also for understanding our place as individuals in God’s plan; in fact, paternity and maternity operate in men and women and, through them, the Lord realizes many of His projects.

Tomislav Vlasic (Tom.V): Let us consider, first of all, that man and woman are instruments of God. That means that God created man and woman so that, together with the angels, they would be His instruments to govern the whole universe. ‪Through the creativity of men and women, and through that of the angels, who contemplate the face of God, God rules all of creation, because God does not act alone. From here originates the divine authority which expresses Itself through paternity and maternity, because they are rooted in God. At the same time, today’s topic helps us to reflect on what we have said previously about the definitive turning point of humanity,[1] in order to be taken into the new creation, and receive these instruments in their authenticity and originality, as they are in God. The time is coming when no authority, unless rooted in God, will be able to stand; only the authority founded in God and filled with the divine creative force, will be able to perform its service on behalf of humanity.

Let us go back to the beginning, then, to the narrative of the Bible: God created man and woman in His image, male and female He created them. ‪He has created two different beings, but complementary to each other and bound together. ‪The Bible affirms that man and woman, united, form one single thing. ‪The man, Adam, acknowledges that his woman is “bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh.”[2] The union between man and woman, however, goes beyond the physical and biological aspect. It is a matter of being united in the Spirit of God, which is expressed in man’s masculinity and in the femininity of the woman, and acts between the two, because the one communicates to the other the Spirit of God. So they both receive the light, and become able to discern ‪correctly about the choice of the partner; in the same time, man and woman united, express in unison the creativity of God.

This is how it was at the beginning when God created man and woman. Both exercised the priestly, prophetic and royal service. ‪This may seem a bit strange but it is true. ‪Man could not govern creation with God, if not to bring it back to God; and this is the job of a priest. ‪He could not govern creation, on behalf of God, though not showing the truth of God to creatures, which is expressed through the continuous vibration of which we have spoken, and of which we read in the last two messages of the Holy Spirit.[3] As a consequence of original sin, a disruption in man and in woman was created, and also in the relationship between each other. The level of relationship between man and woman dropped significantly after original sin. Instinct prevailed on the action of the Spirit of God, and so harmony as well diminished. ‪Woman, as it is written in the Bible, has been driven by the desire to be united with her man, but man has dominated her.[4] The consequences were obvious: already in chapter four, we read about the death of Abel, killed by his brother Cain, an obvious result of this disorder. Man and woman, after original sin, closed themselves to the Spirit of God and they leaned on a powerful spirit who deceived them: the spirit of evil.

In these times, God with all His power, will bring back to its origin the couple man-woman, which is the first cell of society and of the people of God, so as to realize the project He had on man and woman since their creation. Let us now take a look at the positive examples that exist in the universe, and that make us hope that all this is possible. ‪Stefania will speak to us about this.

S.C: On the planets that remained faithful to God, where the humanities did not commit original sin and did not rebel against God, men and women have different physical and spiritual qualitiesfrom ours. ‪In them are still intact, or nearly, all the prerogatives man had before the Fall. ‪On these planets, the relationship between man and woman is completely different from that of the Earth; I was able to understand it from my experiences and from the explanations received, but also by meeting many brothers and sisters of those planets. ‪Why is the man-woman relationship different? ‪Because between them the harmony that existed in God’s plan has not diminished. Man and woman, on the faithful planets, are not two separate individuals who meet each other, like each other and come together. ‪No! ‪They are both part of the same plan of God, and together have a mission that fits perfectly into this project. ‪In their relationship, there does not exist that connotation that is unfortunately typical of the Earth and of the other planets rebellious to God, which is sexual depravity, nor selfishness taken to its extreme, jealousies, rivalries, etc. can be found there. On the contrary, men and women retain their originality, paternity and maternity and are fully aware of it. ‪They join together so that between them and in them, the fullness that comes from God may be realized; the fullness that existed at the beginning of creation and that will exist in the new creation. ‪It also exists in each one of us here on Earth, but it is like a seed.

Man and woman of the faithful planets, get together, and in this union they make concrete the original fullness; realizing this way the project of God we talked about, that of governing the whole of creation. In fact, man and woman together carry out their mission; each couple has its mission, that is first of all, a priestly, royal and prophetic mission, which also finds fulfillment in a specific task for each couple. ‪I met, for example, couples in which both man and woman are ‪engineers, or doctors, and so on. ‪Their professions, however, are not at the center; at the center is the mission that God has entrusted to them, to govern and to take care of the life of their planet, and this is achieved through the specific task of each couple. ‪Therefore, everything the couple lives, is poured out on the humanity on the entire planet: their strength, their fullness, their unity in Christ and in God. All this brings enormous benefits to those humanities, because the harmony between men and women also means harmony among all people: there are no wars, no fights. Many times it has been repeated to us that all the wars on Earth, the present divisions in our humanity, arise from the enormous gulf between man and woman, which has been created by original sin. ‪On the faithful planets there is no discord among the members of the people, precisely because there is no discord between man and woman. ‪Each couple, even when procreating children, and thus perpetuating the species, performs a mission: it does not generate out of selfishness, in order to have a baby all to itself, but it does so in view of the progress of its humanity, according to the laws of God.

On the faithful planets there exist couples which are placed at the head of society that govern the entire planet. Here we must not use the term rule in the sense we understand it, but in the sense of a service to humanity. The couple who rules a planet, with its power, with its prayer, and with its love, nourishes humanity and the very life of the planet. ‪For example, there is a planet that is irrigated and made fertile by the water that flows from the temple. ‪The temple is the center of life for this humanity that gathers there to praise God. The priestly couple who rules the planet, with its prayer and its offering to God, and with its service to the brothers, keeps alive this spring and the water can keep flowing from the temple. ‪Then you can understand the importance of the reciprocal offering, one for the other, and of the common priestly offer of this couple, which assures life to the entire humanity of a planet.

Tom V: Looking at this reality of humanities faithful to God, and comparing it with that of the Earth, we could be scared because of the situation in which we find ourselves. However, I would like to indicate to you a model capable of overcoming even the humanities faithful to God, and that is among us: I am talking about the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph. ‪A couple chosen by God, and that are performing a maternity and a paternity that already prefigures the one that will be in the new creation. ‪Mary and Joseph are the only couple of the universe that lived unconditionally the plan of God, in the fullness of time. ‪Mary conceived in an exceptional way, by the working of the Holy Spirit. ‪Joseph joined this divine project to serve the work of God; both placed themselves at the service of the Son of God, they lived for Him, led by the Holy Spirit. ‪It is a huge thing, and for us, men and women of the Earth, it is a grace and a source of pride that Jesus Christ became incarnate on Earth. ‪We praise God because on Earth we had a couple who lived a sublime relationship in God, and that is the model of the future humanity. This couple is the model for the entire humanity and for the universe, for all those who are walking into fullness.

‪Mary Most Holy united herself to Christ from the very moment of the conception of the Savior, despite the fact that this happened in anticipation of the sacrifice of Jesus. She united herself to Christ and served Him. ‪Saint Joseph also united himself to Christ and served Him. ‪This is the first cell of the Church, the model of the Church, and it cannot be otherwise: the couple is the basic instrument not only of society, but also of life in God.

Mary united herself to Christ, especially at the foot of the cross; there She became the mother of humanity. Even Joseph, even though he died prematurely, was present in spirit. ‪We know, in fact, that whoever is in God, even though deceased, lives his identity and his mission continues. ‪This is why the Church calls Saint Joseph Guardian of the Church, of the people of God. I wish that yet another title could be chosen for him: “Caring Father of the Church”, or “Loving Father of Christ in His Church” to really discover his paternity with the maternity of Mary.

What I am saying may seem a bit strange, because we are used to seeing the birth of the Church at Pentecost. No, the Church was born in the womb of Mary and grew up in the family of Nazareth. ‪Pentecost was the confirmation by the Holy Spirit, of the Church and of the beginning of Her mission. ‪Here again we can notice that God uses man and woman as key instruments for a healthy spirituality. Then we must continue on our path, and discover the presence of Our Lady and Saint Joseph in our life and in the relationship as couples.

S.C: Unfortunately, we Christians are accustomed to regard Saint Joseph almost as a marginal figure. On the contrary, Saint Joseph, as I have learned from my lived experiences, has exerted an ‪actual paternity before Jesus: he helped Him, protected and guarded Him, so that the Son of God would be prepared for His mission; he did so together with Mary. ‪For this reason, many a times has been repeated to us that Saint Joseph is not just any saint. ‪As he has been the guardian of Jesus Christ on Earth, the same way he is the guardian of the people of God, because at the foot of the cross, Mary was there as the Mother of the Church and of humanity, but also the spirit of Saint Joseph was present as father of the Church. ‪We call many saints ‘Fathers of the Church’, and rightly so, because they have exercised paternity in favor of the people of God; the more reason we should think of Saint Joseph as to a father who protects the life of Jesus Christ within the people of God, and cooperates to the mission that Christ continues to carry out through His people.

It is important to understand that to the family of Nazareth, the first cell of the Church, were added the apostles, the disciples and the women; thus an increasingly larger family was created, that is in fact, the Church, the people of God. On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit came down to confirm what had already started, because He always confirms what God has started in the soul of an individual as well as on the whole people.

Mary and Joseph are figures complementary to each other. I can say that in all my experiences, I have always seen Mary working together with Saint Joseph. For example, in the vision I had of souls entering heaven, the Blessed Mother welcomed the souls, but it was Saint Joseph to accompany them to heaven. ‪Although different in their originality, the Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph exercise the priestly mission of a couple; of course, I am not talking about a couple as we understand it, I am speaking of the spiritual union between a man and a woman who offered their life to God, and that together they are acting for the benefit of all mankind.

Tom V.: In the Central Nucleus, Our Lady and Saint Joseph are present as Mother and Father. We have experienced that without them it is not possible to reach neither depth nor equilibrium. With their presence and with our consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to the ardent Heart of Saint Joseph, harmony within oneself can be obtained as well as among people. ‪Looking at the union between man and woman, it is very important not to focus on the procreation of children, which is only one aspect of the relationship. ‪Any relationship between man and woman, regardless of whether they are married or have chosen virginity, it must lead to an immersion in the paternity of God, in His ‪creative, salvific and sanctifying power, so as to transmit that Trinitarian Vibration that is communicated from spirit to spirit, of which we have read in the recent messages that Stefania has received from the Holy Spirit.[5] At this stage of our history, which marks a definitive turning point of humanity, as we have already said, it is essential to enter into communion with God, thus bringing order to the relationship between man and woman. Their respective roles in religion and in society are equally important, because the one cannot replace the other. The presence of both is necessary as it is necessary that both live in harmony with each other.

S.C.: In order to understand better all this, we must go back in our early history, before the fall. At that time sexuality of men and women was pure and sublime. ‪It was ‪the direct expression of the divine creative power because, through sexuality, human race was perpetuated; it was, so to speak, the incarnation of the creative power of God. Sexuality has been heavily polluted by original sin, it has fallen to animal level, indeed, worse, because an animal couples to procreate, not for pleasure, following a natural instinct. ‪Human sexuality, goes beyond the sexual act of procreation. ‪It contains within itself the capacity for men and women to express themselves through affection and meet the opposite sex. ‪Sexuality in reality is a vehicle through which the power of God is expressed, His creativity. ‪Therefore it must be taken back to its original character, that is that of being a positive force and not a depravity that needs to be repressed, often in wrong ways. ‪God will do all this and He will act on the spirit of man.

Tom V: Before concluding, I would like to give you some positive ideas for thinking and to draw your attention to the great hope we have to nourish, because God is working a definitive turning point in human history: May each one of us be open to this change and we will see a big hope flourishing in our heart.

I turn first of all to engaged couples. ‪What a great opportunity for two people, if they do not meet by chance! He who allows himself to be filled by the Spirit of God, receives the light to choose the partner in the correct manner; in this choice two people find their identity and their mission. ‪The flowing of the creative power of God between them, is expressed in the personal fulfillment of each and in the preparation of a new life. ‪Thus, the future conception and birth of a child, will be wrapped by the creative, redeeming, saving, sanctifying power of God. ‪In this way, a couple really transmits the new life. ‪It is not limited to procreate, but operates a turning point for all humanity, because it gives life to a new generation. ‪The positive consequences of all this are incalculable! ‪Only then the fiancés, the betrothed who dream of a beautiful life, united, harmonious and happy, will be able to fulfill their expectations. ‪Only this way the situations in which man and woman cannot live together will be resolve, and the same applies to the members of a family.

I have often encountered parents, especially mothers, worried about the puberty time of their children: they wondered how to direct their children because they could not keep them near, etc., etc. They asked me for a solution, and I always answered that the first duty of parents is to impress the Spirit of God in the souls of their children. When I say to impress the Spirit of God, I do not mean something abstract: a mother, a father who transmit to their children the gift of faith, through trust, the gift of hope and charity, they put their children on the right track. ‪Children can also make mistakes in life, but the impression received will remain and will direct their lives. ‪Parents, instead, worry about so many other things and do not care for this fundamental aspect in their children. ‪When a child does something wrong in life, when he is going through a hard time, he runs to his mother and father. It is in these very difficult times that the confidence imprinted on them by their parents is awakened, if the parents truly live with each other the harmony of God. Thus, the whole family is united in the Spirit of God, while leaving everyone the freedom to make their own choices.

I would like to go even further, because the relationship between man and woman, in fact, not only affects those who live in marriage, but all men and all women. God’s truth and life vibrate towards all. The male-female relation pertains also to consecrated people. A community of consecrated should manifest the vibration of the power of the Trinity, both in the individual and between community members. ‪Has a religious community that does not live the dynamism of the Trinity, truly found its vocation, understood its mission, found its identity, its realization? ‪If, however, the community lives and transmits this vibration in the Spirit of God, and communicates it from spirit to spirit, what power emanates from that community!

There are many religious communities, for men and women; but today there are also mixed communities, that is, composed of brothers and sisters, where the harmony between man and woman can be particularly expressed, while both living the virginal consecration, this completes the work of God. Let us consider, for example, the role of a priest. He should keep the parish together in the Spirit of God, educating the faithful to live in the Spirit of God, as well as to communicate it from spirit to spirit. What power would have such a parish! ‪It could change the environment around itself. ‪The question I am asking you is the following: “The people who participate in the sacrifice of Christ in the parish celebrations, do they return home alive and risen with the power of the Holy Spirit, or not? ‪Can they affect on the lives of atheists?” ‪The answer to these questions lies in the power of God that expresses itself through man and woman; in a parish, the pastor should involve men and women in this spirit, without distinction, and not remain isolated. ‪I am speaking on the spiritual level, in a parish the Spirit of God should be communicated from spirit to spirit. ‪All the people of God should be involved. ‪Thus the presence of man and woman in God’s people, with equal dignity, becomes essential. ‪No man can substitute a woman, no woman can substitute a man, harmony between the sexes must be created, which certainly from parents who live united in the Holy Spirit, passes through the education of the children. And if pastors as well, are formed in this spirit of harmony, they could increasingly bring the people to unity in the Holy Spirit.

S.C.: Paternity and maternity operate however, regardless of whether there is or not sexual union, because, as we said before, paternity and maternity go beyond human sexuality. ‪It is paternity and maternity that contain sexuality and not vice versa! ‪Therefore, among those who decided to offer to God their sexuality, as in the case of consecrated persons who live in chastity, paternity and maternity are not lost. ‪The divine creative power of God that is expressed in sexuality, is nonetheless expressed in the life of the spirit, and passes from spirit to spirit. ‪This point is very important. ‪Because human sexuality, as we said, has been profoundly damaged by original sin, and on Earth, at times, has taken bestial connotations. ‪In all this time, God was pleased with chastity freely chosen. ‪It has been a sublime offering, an offering that has remedied many ills. ‪However, God has to recuperate human sexuality and incorporate it into paternity and maternity lived in their authenticity. Thus, even those who decided to consecrate themselves to God in chastity, can certainly live his or her originality as father and as mother on a spiritual level. ‪Even if there is no physical contact between a consecrated man and a woman, without doubt there exists the spiritual union in God; it is a transferring of divine power between man and woman, necessary to the plans of God.

Tom V: Regardless of the vocation of life chosen, marriage or consecration, man and woman are called to live a healthy relationship between them, communicating to each other with all their being, the life of the spirit. ‪This protects us from individualism that is the main reason for disruption. ‪God wants to recuperate humanity: we cannot think that recapitulation in Christ of the entire universe, can occur if there is disruption between man and woman. ‪The relationship between man and woman must become harmonized in the Spirit of God, and this must happen in every sphere of life: politics, society, religion, etc. ‪Only in this manner we will be able to gather the fruits of the recapitulation in Christ of the whole universe. Healthy, undamaged children of God, thus, could be generated. ‪We all have before our eyes the terrible consequences of separation in marriage, of the division between husband and wife, of family conflicts that result in so many crimes committed in the home. ‪All this has an impact on society, religion, everywhere. ‪Let us take the right path then, the positive one! ‪We do not want to give you recipes or theories, but we want to place before you the vast experience we have made regarding Earth and the universe. ‪These are insights for you to reflect upon, to help you progress from fullness into fullness. This seed of the image of God, of our likeness with God, of the creative power that now needs to emerge and to develop in all its dimensions, this seed has been placed ‪in each of us.

S.C: This creative power cannot emerge in us until we decide to really give ourselves to God, to give to Him all that we are, our entire being. Only by means of a dynamic faith, true and ‪powerful, we will allow God to act within us and to awaken all those prerogatives each one of us possesses, but that often lie beneath our own selfishness, because when we do not live under the law of God, inevitably we live by the law of selfishness. ‪And the law of selfishness pollutes relationships and makes us divert from all that God has created in its perfection, in its fullness. ‪It is necessary, now more than ever, to donate ourselves to God, allowing His law to rule our whole being. ‪Then our relationship with man, woman, with our neighbors, with all that God puts around us, with the environment itself, will improve because everything will be subject to the laws of God and not to our selfishness. ‪Our selfishness puts us at odds with others because, when we become selfish, we do not accept to change ourselves. ‪If we immerse ourselves in God, if we offer ourselves to Him, the Lord will change our thinking and He will transform us; and with this transformation, we will meet the other in the correct way.

Tom V: We thank you for having listened to our testimony. We will stand before God and will pray for you, so that the divine creative power might act within you, and you may put all this into practice.

‪We say good-bye and we bless you.

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