Progressing into fullness – Part 4 – “The new priesthood and the offering of life”

Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Progressing into fullness

4th part – “The new priesthood and the offering of life”

(Text taken from video-conference of 25 March 2012)

Stefania Caterina (S.C.): We greet you, dear listeners! We are together again to continue our discussion on the theme that we entitled “Progressing into fullness.” We have divided it into several episodes to give a broader picture of what has been revealed to us about the recapitulation in Christ. ‪Today’s episode is dedicated to the new priesthood and the offering of life, two essential points for the whole people of God and for each one of us, as we shall explain. Anyone who is following the messages on this site or read the books, knows very well that Jesus often brought up the subject of the priesthood; the priesthood of all the people as well as that of the shepherds, that is, the ministerial priesthood, defining them as a fundamental key in the future of His people. ‪In this respect, I particularly point out to you the messages of the end of the year 2010, and those of 2011, entitled “You are my holy people” and “The future of my people”. I spoke of the priesthood in the book “Beyond the Great Barrier” and “Rewriting History – Vol I; In the thought of God”. ‪Today we wish to deepen the same subject, starting from different aspects that are very important.

Tomislav Vlasic (Tom V.): We are talking about the new priesthood, and we wish to explain to you what “new” means. ‪The novelty consists, first of all, in returning to the priesthood that lives in the Heart of Jesus ‪and that He impressed on the apostles, and in living it in a progressive spiritual walk. ‪At this time, Jesus is acting powerfully in order to restore the priesthood to what He wanted it to be; and in order to remove every shadow and every impediment from the priesthood, He is removing all the instruments that hinder the process of recapitulation in Christ. ‪The novelty of the priesthood, at this time, is also due to the fact that we are at a turning point regarding the recapitulation in Christ. ‪This requires an intense inner work in order to belong to Jesus Christ, and to remove all the dark areas that are within us. ‪Living the priesthood means to recapitulate in Christ, not only our lives but also that of others, if they wish: with our help, with our prayers and our offering to God, we can recapitulate ourselves and our neighbors, in Christ.

The priesthood of which we are speaking about is the only priesthood, that of Jesus Christ. ‪It is at work in God’s people as well as in the ministers that God has confirmed, and that the people have chosen for a particular service. ‪In both cases it always has to do with the one priesthood, that of Christ. ‪All members of the People of God, bring all things to Christ so that everything can be recapitulated in Christ. ‪Regarding the common priesthood of the people, I experienced that the faithful, aware of being priests of Christ, are very few, and those few do not know what to do to exercise this priesthood.

The Christian finds his identity in baptism. In baptism, by the power of the Holy Spirit and through the hands of the priest-minister, every Christian is anointed to be priest, prophet and king. ‪This is the identity of each member of the Church. Therefore baptism is not a simple ritual that marks the belonging to a religion; the Christian is baptized to become a living member of the Mystical Body of Christ, and becomes united to the priesthood of Christ.

Each and every faithful and the entire people are called to carry out the priestly service together with Christ. What does this mean? ‪It means that each of us chooses to die to himself, to his egoism, to self-pity, and lives for Christ. ‪Thus, in each one of us lives Christ who conquers death, sin and hell, and brings us to the Father, submits us to the Father. ‪Alone we can do nothing; it is the priesthood of Christ that incorporates us into God’s life, and introduces us to the Father. ‪For our part, there must be an active participation; we can not remain indifferent and passive, waiting for something miraculous to happen through a ritual. ‪We must participate in the life of Christ. ‪Therefore, the exercise of the priesthood by every member of the People of God, presupposes the offering of ones own life to Jesus Christ; it presupposes that in every situation and trial, we remain faithful to Jesus Christ, giving Him permission to act in us. ‪In this way, we allow Jesus to carry out His priestly service to the Father within us, because Jesus is ever present before God the Father in order to present all of us. He brings us to the Father. ‪Our participation is alive if we offer our lives to God, also on behalf of others, to form the Mystical Body of Christ. Thus, we are united to each other, and the priest brings all things to Christ, presenting to Him, everything. ‪The priest renounces any kind of selfishness and any self-pity, and presents to Jesus all the situations and all the people that closely affect his life, those with whom he lives, the whole situation of mankind and also the corruption that is part of it.

Consequently, he who carries out the priestly service in his life, enters into the light and the life of Christ, and communicates that life to others. ‪This means prophetic service, because it indicates the road to all. ‪Think of the situation in which we are living today, made of confusion and despair: the Christian should be a person of light, emanating light and nourishing the brothers with faith, hope, and love. ‪In this way, each member of the people of God would recapitulate himself and others in Christ and, of course, Christ would reign in all. ‪This is not just a theory; each of us should engage himself to a pathway of verifying himself, and the Holy Spirit would continually confirm our steps. ‪Only this way Jesus Christ can reign in us, and we can reign with Jesus Christ, overcome death, sin and Satan, and finally enter into the new creation. ‪This is an obligation for the entire people of God; all God’s people must take part in the priesthood of Christ. ‪In addition to the common priesthood of the faithful, or royal priesthood, there are priest-ministers, the shepherds that the people have chosen and that God confirmed for a particular service. They receive a special grace in order to serve the people, and to accompany it in the recapitulation in Christ.

S.C.: It is important to understand that the common priesthood of the people is the fertile ground from which also blossoms the ministerial priesthood. In all my experiences Jesus Himself has always ‪stressed the importance for all of us to become aware of being priests. ‪Without this awareness, hardly the buds of priest-ministers will sprout. ‪You can see very well that today it is difficult to have new priests, perhaps precisely for this reason that until now the faithful have not lived the common priesthood.

In this context it seems useful to me to present to you a picture of what happened to the priesthood throughout the centuries, not only on Earth but also on other planets, based on the experiences I lived. At the beginning God created man and woman as priests; together they should have carried out their priestly service, in communion with the angels. ‪That is, they should have offered all creation to God. ‪In doing so, they would have ruled creation in the name of God. As we know original sin has broken this original project, and the framework has been profoundly altered. ‪About all this we have already spoken[1], therefore I will not dwell further not to repeat myself. What happened on Earth after original sin? ‪It happened that man, has practically cut off ties with God; he chose to act independently until he inevitably discovered to be weak, since he did not have anymore the power of the Holy Spirit. ‪What did he do then? ‪He turned to a different spirit, the spirit of evil. ‪By choosing the spirit of evil, he automatically turned his devotion to this spirit and created priests who were serving demons in the form of idols. ‪Thus, the priesthood on Earth has been completely diverted and altered. ‪The situation was very difficult, so God intervened directly and powerfully in the history of mankind through the chosen people, through the law given to Moses and through priests who worshiped the true God. The chosen people had to prepare the way for Christ, to the Lord Jesus who came to Earth. ‪Jesus Christ came to restore the dignity of man in his integrity. ‪Therefore, first of all, He reopened the road toward the priesthood that was at the beginning. ‪He brought it to the attention of the people, because he called each one of us to live intensely the offering to God.

You know well that in the Gospel according to John, chapter ten, he speaks about the good shepherd. In this regard, Jesus always told me: “The true shepherd is the one who offers his life to Me for the sheep, precisely as I offered My life to the Father for the sheep”. Being shepherds and being offered to God is one and the same. ‪He who does not want to offer himself to God, can not be a priest according to the Heart of God, according to the Heart of the True Shepherd, Jesus Christ, but he becomes a mercenary. ‪On the contrary, he who willingly offers himself to Jesus for others, is a true shepherd. ‪In this sense, even he who does not exercise the ministerial priesthood, even the simple faithful becomes the shepherd of other souls, in the sense that he opens the road for others, he knows how to offer a word of advice and how to give hope to the people. ‪It is very important to understand that the true shepherd also knows how to be a meek lamb. ‪In fact, one can not be shepherd without being lamb too, that is, without being willing to give himself to Jesus Christ, exactly as He gave Himself totally to the Father. ‪In conclusion, Jesus came to Earth to restore the priesthood, not only in favor of the Earth but of the whole universe. A time will come, in the new creation, in which no priesthood can be separated from that of Christ, because everything will be recapitulated in Christ, including the priesthood.

What happened on the planets who remained faithful to God? ‪Those humanities who did not commit original sin have preserved the original priesthood, have retained the prerogative to govern creation together with God, by offering it to Him. ‪Through the many experiences I lived, and in the dialogues I had with these brethren, it was explained to me that, immediately after the fall of part of mankind because of original sin, the peoples who remained faithful had prayed God to give them a law that would give direction to their existence. ‪They asked God to be protected, guided and instructed by Him. ‪God had given them the law, then had said to the people: “You yourselves will protect this law, which is a treasure for you, and you will keep it; you yourselves will choose among you priests that will help you and will accompany you along the way”. Since then, the priests of the faithful planets and the people keep the law of God and observe it fully.

To better understand this, I am taking as an example the brothers and sisters of Alpha Centauri, who spoke at length to me about the priesthood. The priest is a very important figure for the people of this humanity, he has always been and continues to be such, especially after the coming of Jesus Christ on Earth. ‪The priest of Alpha Centauri is the one who accompanies the individual’s life, and stands beside him, practically, from birth until death. ‪So he is very present in people’s lives, even in their work: for example, a doctor carries out his activity together with a priest.

On Alpha Centauri there is a priest, who could be called a high priest who, however, is not the head of a priestly hierarchy, as we might think. He is simply the one who gathers all the people of the planet, in order to offer it constantly to God. This priest has a wife, because in the experience of that people, the priesthood is lived together with the woman, as it should have been from the beginning. Men and women have different tasks, with different nuances. In particular, this priestly couple has the specific mission to accompany the spiritual journey of the entire people, and to offer it to God. In their celebrations, to which I was allowed to attend in spirit, above all the law of God is read. All the people gather in one temple, because there do not exist so many churches as with us: there is only one temple where all the people gather to offer praise to God, to hear the reading of the law, to invoke God, and to renew its allegiance to Him. Among these people paternity and maternity are particularly emphasized, deeply interacting in the priesthood. ‪Jesus always told me: “Man, the father, is the one who indicates the way, he is the one that opens the road with his power, but the woman, the mother, is the one who accompanies the children along the way”. This is very important in the humanities faithful to God.

After the coming of Jesus Christ, even the brothers and sisters faithful to God, fully integrated themselves in the priesthood of Christ. ‪Despite the fact that Jesus became incarnated only on Earth, these faithful people have come to know the work of redemption, they have been fully informed about it by God Himself, through the Archangels. ‪They offered themselves for the work of Christ on Earth, they accompanied Him with their prayer, with their offer, partaking fully in the priesthood of Christ.

In the universe there are other planets rebellious to God, besides the Earth, to whom the message of salvation still must be brought. These peoples are in the dark about everything, they do not know what Jesus Christ has done for them. ‪God desires to bring the message of salvation to them as well, giving them His law and the priesthood, and also recapitulate these children of His, in Christ; and He will do so. ‪He will do it also through our announcement and our witnessing.

Tom V.: It is important to further clarify the aspect of the priesthood of man and woman on the planets faithful to God. Man is priest; his wife takes part in his priesthood, she is part of the people but united to the priest in a special way. ‪Even on Earth, we can find the basis for this in the Christian life: Jesus Christ is the only priest, but He needed a mother who united herself with Him at the foot of the cross. ‪Through her, the God’s people is generated. Mary Immaculate united herself in a special way to the priesthood of her Son. ‪Jesus Christ needed a woman fully united with Him. ‪The union of the Blessed Virgin and Jesus Christ is the model for the whole Church, for all members of the people of God: everyone, both men and women, must be united to Christ, of course, passing through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who is the only creature perfectly united to Christ and who entered into the life of the Most Blessed Trinity, with the soul and body.

All this helps us to understand even better the service of a priest-minister. First of all, the minister offers himself for the people. ‪We know that Jesus came among us, He took everything upon Himself, He took all our condition, except in sin, and took upon Himself all our sufferings and difficulties. He was in solidarity with us. ‪In these times and, even more so in the future, only who offers himself unconditionally to Jesus Christ through Mary Immaculate, can be priest. ‪Only this way he can enter into full communion with the priesthood of Christ, because through Mary Most Holy, immaculateness is communicated; but we shall talk about this another time.

From all this, a fundamental principle in the priestly service in favor of the people of God emerges: the priest must live fully for Jesus Christ and bring the people to Jesus Christ, not to himself, not to his ideas, to his interpretations, but to Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. This is a great spiritual journey! ‪It is not enough merely to profess something. ‪In the book of Stefania Caterina “Rewriting History”, this journey is traced: how a person can discover the mind of Christ, how he can mystically become united with Him, how he can become submitted to the Father, thus entering into the new creation. A priest-minister must be mature in order to be ready to do this. He ‪must be altar, lamb and priest, all at the same time; and this goes for the people as well. ‪The priest-minister has the main task of educating the people to offer themselves to God, to participate in the sacrifice of Christ.

For example, when people take part in the Eucharist, it cannot be a passive spectator, who simply takes part in a ritual, but it should really participate in the death and resurrection of Christ. Through the offering of himself, the priest becomes free from selfishness, from self-pity, from his own logic, ambitions, etc., etc., thus he can rise to Jesus Christ. The people then, become an offering for the priest-minister, and the priest-minister becomes an offering for the people. In this manner, all the people go to Jesus Christ and each individual recapitulates his own life and all that is part of it, in Christ. ‪If a liturgical assembly lives this, after each celebration everything changes within the people, everything returns to life. ‪Let us set out, then, along a path that leads us to the new creation. ‪We will experience that hope does not disappoint, that hope is not far from us, but leads us every day to a reality. ‪Therefore, understanding the value of the priesthood means to understand the participation in the priesthood of Christ, both by the minister who presides at the celebration, and by each participant and by all the people. ‪This participation brings us into fullness. ‪It remained impressed in my soul what the faithful brethren live: first of all, the priest offers himself for his wife, and she offers herself for him. ‪Both make a mutual offering and both together offer themselves to Christ through Mary. ‪These brothers told us: “In this consists our power, which protects the law and promotes it within us and continually opens the way toward Christ.”

S.C: We are talking about the new priesthood, even though, as you can see, it is not a priesthood different from that which Christ brought to Earth, absolutely not. So what is new then? ‪I believe that the ‪novelty lies precisely in the aspect of a deeply lived communion. ‪First of all, communion among the members of the people that, united and offered one for the other, truly live their common priesthood. ‪Then the deep communion between people and their shepherd, where love and power are flowing from one to the other, in a common mission, because the priest-minister does not perform a task different from that of the people. ‪The mission is the same: to bring everything to Christ so that Christ might live in each, and might offer everything to the Father. ‪Lastly, the communion among priests. On ‪Alpha Centauri, to return to the previous example, the priests live in deep communion with each other; but this is essential also on Earth. ‪All priests, taken together, represent a substantial part of the people; but a part that has to be careful, vigilant, but must also be protected. ‪The communion between priests increases their power. ‪But something even bigger is in view: we are in fact walking toward the times when communion among all the priests of the universe will be necessary. ‪A priest of the Earth will no longer be able to completely fulfill his ministry without the help and the prayers of other brothers, priests of the universe and vice versa. ‪God is pushing humanity towards communion among all the peoples of the universe, a communion which will be realized also through the union of its shepherds. There will be no more rivalries, wars, envy and jealousies among the shepherds; as it should not be among the people either. ‪So, dear brothers and sisters, we got to the point where we really need to look inside us and see what still needs to be done. ‪The road is long, and this applies to the speaker as well as to all of you. ‪We must honestly ask ourselves whether or not we live our priesthood, and especially if, with our prayers and our offer, we feel united with our shepherds, if we are helping them, and if they are helping us. ‪This is the profound reflection to which God is calling His people, because the recapitulation in Christ can not move forward without each of us working properly, as well as all the people together. ‪What needs to be done, then? ‪The offering of the life of each individual is necessary. ‪When I offer myself to God, what Saint Paul says becomes a reality: “It is Christ who lives in me”[2]. And then Christ directs my life by fully incorporating it in a wider project. ‪So I become useful to each of you, and you become useful to me, in a good sense, of course, not in the sense of a selfish exploitation, but by means of a real communion, through which the recapitulation in Christ is realized. ‪It is Christ who accomplishes everything inside us and through us.

Tom V: I would like to emphasize again the importance of the offer to Jesus through Mary Most Holy. From my life experience, I learned that people are afraid to offer their life to God, or they agree to do it as if it were an obligation. On the contrary, participation in the life of Christ is a challenge to death, sin and hell. ‪If we offer ourselves to God, this challenge brings us to draw on the power of the risen and victorious Lord, and we ourselves overcome evil. ‪The offering of ourselves to God is not an open door to pathology, nor to resignation before the cross, as many fear. ‪In fact, it is precisely the fear of giving our life totally to Jesus through Mary, that makes us slaves of death, disease and evil. ‪By offering our life unconditionally to God, however, we become free from our fears and the power that we received in baptism is released, the power that we should live constantly and that always leads us to the resurrection.

At this point, we can easily understand what Jesus said, speaking of the Blessings: in every trial, we are winners if we belong to Jesus Christ. Then, our offer to Jesus Christ allows us to win, to broaden our horizons and move toward wholeness, to finally carry out the mission received by the apostles and the whole Church, that is, to conquer death and Satan, to defeat all evil. ‪You can well understand how much power is released by a single, by a group, by the whole Church if they live their mission, and how much good they can do for humanity and for the whole universe. ‪As Stefania said earlier, all this is no longer referring to just the Earth, because we are already in a cosmic process, by which all men and all creatures, will draw from the sacrifice of Christ, by sharing in His sacrifice and in His priesthood.

S.C: We must therefore expect a resurrection. Unfortunately, on Earth we have focused our attention on the suffering of Christ on the cross, while we have dwelt very little on His Resurrection. This is not just an historical event, but it is the future of each of us. ‪All the suffering we experience on Earth, and we know well how much we experience in our life, if it is immersed in Christ, it only becomes the prelude to the resurrection. ‪It is not the Lord who makes us suffer, we suffer from our wrong choices, from our relying on the spirit of the world often so superficial, from allowing us to be drawn on the wrong path. ‪Look at the example of our brothers faithful to God: they did not betray God, therefore they did not make wrong choices. They chose God unconditionally, and this led them to live a life where pain is very marginal, where there are no diseases or corruption as we know it. ‪They experience death, this is true, because original sin has brought death around the entire universe, but they live it as a natural event, as if they were falling asleep. ‪Some day, all of us will definitely conquer death.

The time has come for us to seriously begin to commit ourselves in order to actively participate in the death and resurrection of Christ; it is time to know Jesus Christ for what He is: the Savior, the Victor over death and over darkness. Let us realize that Satan controls us with fear. ‪Fear is a very strong force that acts in an incredible way on Earth. ‪Remember, though, that there is a far greater force that overcomes fear: faith. ‪Faith in Christ is the most powerful force that exists throughout the whole universe. ‪If we have a deep and sincere faith, and believe that God will give us only good, this faith will conquer our fear. ‪Whatever situation we will have to face, we will be sure to have the Lord with us.

Tom V: I would like to encourage in particular all the shepherds, the priests of God’s people, by telling them that there are entire planets in the universe, with people faithful to God, offering their own life to God on their behalf. There are many humble, hidden, perhaps marginalized people, almost invisible to the world, offering themselves for them. ‪I want to encourage the priests, the shepherds to offer themselves to Jesus Christ, and thus experience the renewal of their lives and the life of their parish, the life of the people who have been entrusted to them. ‪Do not be afraid to live your offer! ‪Sometimes, even in the Church, this is not understood and there is opposition when it comes to offering ones life to Jesus Christ. ‪I assure you that the offering of our life to Jesus, is not a devotion, is not something optional, but it is a must if we want to share in the resurrection of Christ. ‪The priest-minister should be a dynamic model of he who guides the people. ‪What did the apostles announce? ‪That Jesus became incarnate, died and resurrected, and ascended to the Father. ‪This is what must be proclaimed to the people, so that by participating in the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ it might walk an authentic Christian path. ‪In participating in the life of Christ, dead and risen it is up to us to offer our lives to Jesus Christ.

S.C: As a woman, I would like to encourage all women of the Earth, who are wives, mothers, consecrated. You know well to which point the situation of women on Earth is particularly hard. ‪‪Unfortunately this is also a bitter consequence of original sin. ‪But in Christ we are enabled to rediscover our maternity, the essence of our femininity, which does not consist in being beautiful, fashionable, thin or fat, but in being women in God, that is, bearers of life, preparing the way of the future. We must always remember that we are mothers in the spirit, even before being mothers in the flesh. ‪Jesus told me many times that the women who followed Him, of whom we read in the Gospel, were not relegated to the role of housewives, useful only to attend to certain housework such as preparing food or the like, as unfortunately happens in many areas, also in the Church. ‪Theirs was a living presence witnessing a genuine maternity and a constant offering on behalf of the apostles. ‪All this kept going on even after the ascension of Jesus. Holy Mary’s mission and that of the women in the Upper Room, in fact, was not marginal at all: the women of the Gospel were not housewives, but women ‪who were offering their own maternity to Christ, and supported the apostles in their mission, with their offer and with their prayers. ‪This has nothing to do with sex, or the nonsense that sometimes is told, like that about Mary Magdalene and Jesus. We are speaking of a divine reality, we are speaking about paternity and maternity exactly as they are in God. It is time for the women of Earth to rise by offering themselves to Jesus Christ, the only One capable of freeing us from all forms of slavery.

Tom V: We are preparing us for the upcoming celebration of Easter. ‪Once more I would like to reiterate that one cannot get to the new creation, nor to reach wholeness by participating in a passive way to the sacrifice of Christ. ‪I can not even imagine that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass be celebrated in which Christ offers Himself to the Father, while the people remain passive, or merely take on a devotional attitude. ‪The moment in which Jesus offers Himself on the altar for each of us, the whole universe is shaken; if we really participate in the sacrifice of Christ we are passing from death to resurrection. I hope, this Easter, you will be able to understand this, and take a step towards the newness, by truly participating in the life of Christ, dead and risen, who is seated at the right hand of the Father. ‪We thank you for your attention and we wish you a Happy Easter.

[1] See Video-conference on the spiritual paternity and maternity transmitted on this site.

[2] See Gal 2, 20