Why do you look for the living among the dead? (Luke 24.5)

Dear readers,

‪we are approaching the Holy Easter, and we all wish to unite ourselves to our Savior Jesus Christ to walk through the great transition from death to life along with Him. ‪We celebrate His victory over death and evil, a victory that belongs also to us if we love and follow Jesus.

In the message that follows the Holy Spirit speaks to us of death, a subject that concerns us all. He invites us to regard death as a glorious passing towards the true dimension, the eternal one. Despite all the pain that death inevitably brings us, we are called to turn our gaze on the victory of Christ who is risen and triumphed over death. ‪It is no longer a scary event, but is simply the closure of our earthly existence, beyond which eternity awaits us, that is bliss for those who have believed and trusted in God. In the blessing we shall await the new heavens and the new earth, and we will see the promise of God fulfilled: one day we shall rise again as new creatures, destined to live in the new creation.

‪With this hope, which comes from faith in Jesus Christ, I wish you and your loved ones a serene and joyous Easter, and I embrace you all with sincere affection, remembering you in my prayers.

Message of the Holy Spirit – March 27, 2012

“I bless you and greet you. Today I am speaking to you about something that many fear, and that raises many questions in the soul of man: death. I wish to face this topic because I have spoken at length about your creation[1], and the choices made at that moment. Well, death comes to close the cycle of your earthly life and opens a new one that continues for eternity.

What is death? It is the final outcome of a biological process that affects your body. This process begins that second in which you come into the world. ‪The impact with the material reality of the Earth, at the moment of birth, marks the beginning of a real and true struggle between man and the corruption of matter. ‪This is the bitter fruit of original sin, which touches very closely the inhabitants of the Earth, but that concerns all the planets, even those who remained faithful to God, even though with different intensity and in a different manner. ‪No one escapes this struggle between spirit and matter. ‪Why all this, and from where did death originate? ‪In order to answer you, once again I must go back at the time of creation.

In the plans of God, man should have been immortal. ‪In human beings, although made of spirit, soul and body, the spiritual aspect should have prevailed over the material. ‪This means that the spirit would have been perfectly able to manage the body through the soul always pure and docile, thanks to the constant contact with God.

Man should have governed, not only himself, but the whole of creation in God’s name. In the divine thought to govern means to serve, that is, to make oneself helpful, to be respectful of the originality of each creature and to promote and develop the life of each person. God was asking man to give to creatures that same love he was receiving from his Creator.

Man had been created in the image and likeness of God. What does this mean? In the soul was impressed with power, the image of God that formed the identity of the person: man was not a creature among many, but he was the son of God. In the spirit was imprinted the likeness of God which made him capable of acting similarly to God; not a mere executor of orders, but a being capable of thinking in unison with God, and to act according to that thought. The spirit of our progenitors contained within itself all the necessary faculties to know and understand the vital processes of the individual and of creation, and to transmit to the soul all the necessary information. ‪The soul was intelligent and capable of giving effect to the information received from the spirit; the soul, clearly and without interference, was passing to the body, the orders necessary to activate the multiple biological processes. ‪The body was obeying with docility and consequently was healthy and harmonious. ‪Man expressed harmony, peace and security: his thoughts, his actions, his feelings, everything was in harmony with God and with the rest of creation. ‪In particular, man was acting in harmony with the angels, pure spirits, immaterial beings, with whom he interacted to govern creation. All this was made possible by My direct action in the human spirit, that carried within Itself the power of the Trinitarian action, and that was not encountering obstacles on man’s part. The human being was a true tabernacle, which contained the presence of the One and Triune God, and was acting with wisdom and strength in God’s name, because he was a vehicle of divine thought and power. ‪Even though he was not God, man was acting in the image and likeness of God. All creatures obeyed him because they recognized in him the voice of the Creator. ‪This was what God wanted for all of humanity. ‪Everything was arranged, inside and outside of man, so that this project would be realized.

However, man was free and was created for freedom. ‪God was not asking him to act like a robot, but to choose freely whether or not to adhere to His project. ‪Your freedom and the use you make of it, has always been part of you: in the image and likeness of God, in fact, it was not possible for freedom not to be included. ‪God is free in His thinking and in His acting and nobody can interfere in His decisions. ‪In creating angels and men, He wanted to give these creatures His very same freedom, which is part of their lofty dignity. ‪Therefore, angels as men alike, were called from the beginning to use their freedom, by choosing whether or not to be faithful to God’s plan. Both enjoyed great trust from the Creator. ‪Amongst those angels some have betrayed that trust, and Lucifer, leader of the rebel Angels, conceived within himself a project opposed to God’s. Many men have followed him, and chose his project, refusing that of God. This was original sin, that is, that sin which weighs down on humanity from the very beginning.

What happened with original sin? A portion of humanity allowed itself to be seduced by a different spirit that was not from God: the spirit of evil. ‪Lucifer promised the first men, that if they had abandoned God in order to serve him, they would have become like God. In other words, man would have been no longer just the image and likeness of God, but he himself would have become like God, he would have known as God knows and he would have dominated the whole of creation. He would have been equal with the true God. The spirit of many men, including your progenitors, has deviated from the truth without examining the consequences, blinded by selfishness and by the desire to dominate. Other men did not arrive at a decisive choice, divided between wanting to stay with God and with Lucifer, according to their convenience; their selfishness made them hesitant, uncertain and cowardly; they become closed within themselves, trying not to disappoint anyone and not to serve anyone. ‪On the contrary, other men did not believe in Lucifer, because they let themselves be guided by the love of their Creator, that led them to remain faithful to God and His plan; they loved God and they estimated the promises of God more worthy of trust than those of the devil. Humanity became divided: one part faithful to God; and one part undecided, and another part rebellious. Altogether we can say that, in the universe, the number of undecided men and rebellious to God far exceeds that of faithful men. ‪This situation continues to exist today.

Original sin, with the consequent division of humanity, has produced devastating consequences:

  • It has broken the harmony between God and a good part of humanity. God could no longer rely on love and loyalty of many men, nor could He entrust to them the responsibility of governing creation in His name; if He had done so, indirectly He would have entrusted creation to the evil spirit that was already dominating the rebellious humanities.
  • An unbridgeable distance between the different humanities has been created. God did not allow that rebel men would go around the universe, undisturbed, bringing their corrupt seed everywhere, thus He took away their knowledge and the faculties that were theirs at the beginning, preventing them from exploring the universe and to manipulate the laws of lives. ‪For this reason, the humanity on the Earth and of other rebellious planets or indifferent to God, do in no way, possess the knowledge and skills of the humanities faithful to God. The latter move freely in the universe and work together with the angels: God entrusts them with many missions in favor of the whole creation.
  • Collaboration between the angels and part of humanity became interrupted. Rebellious men chose to enlist the help and the collaboration of demons rejecting the angels. ‪The men of the Earth have gone further: they decided to make an alliance with Lucifer and many of them consecrated the first-borns, others worshiped him as a god and continue to do so. ‪That is why the Earth is the most fragile and suffering planet in the universe, as well as the most haunted by the presence of evil.
  • All of creation was affected by the choices of men, and also came to know corruption. In fact, man corrupted by original sin, began to receive impulses from the spirit of evil and transmitted these impulses to all the other creatures; by now creation was hopelessly contaminated by the presence of evil and by the perverted action of man. ‪This is evident on Earth, where nature has reached intolerable levels of suffering. ‪On the planets faithful to God, however, nature enjoys peace and harmony and is of extraordinary beauty, because it receives love and care from the people.
  • Rebellious man regressed spiritually and physically. Their spirit became closed to the knowledge that comes from God, their soul was weakened, and even their body had gone from the original harmony to progressive deterioration. ‪On the rebellious planets like yours, the corruption of man and nature, relentlessly hit the human body, which experimented and still experiences aging and disease. ‪On the faithful planets, on the contrary, man is healthy and harmonious, the diseases are almost unknown. ‪Their doctors are rather concerned preventing disease, because they know how to act on the spirit and on the soul of man, where the impulses necessary for the proper functioning of the human body begin.
  • Death entered creation and has touched the entire humanity. ‪Death is a direct result of corruption, the peak of the deterioration of the whole creation. ‪All that God had created pure and immortal, was contaminated and rendered precarious by the action of Lucifer and by the infidelity of many people. ‪God did not create anything in view of death, but of immortality. ‪Rebellious man, by choosing evil, has chosen death because Lucifer and his demons want destruction; within them there is the refusal of life because there is a total rejection of God. Death touches everyone, even those who remained faithful to God. However, death on the faithful planets does not have the tragic character that it has on Earth. It is a falling asleep in God, to awaken in the dimension of eternity.

Why did God allow death to act in the universe? First of all because rebellious men have not repented of their sin. If they had repented and had asked God for forgiveness, they could have interrupted the process of corruption and God would restore all things. ‪But it did not occur like that, on the contrary, the rebellious humanity continued stubbornly on its path. Secondly, even though death was not according to God’s plans, it was and is the only remedy to put an end the suffering of most of humanity.‪ Rebellious people, with their hostility to God, have made their existence very difficult. ‪God knew that they would not have endured for ever their miserable living conditions. ‪Consider: what would happen if your life on Earth was eternal? ‪If injustice, wars, hunger, violence, dictatorships, etc., etc., were eternal? God could not allow evil to become immortal!

Despite the rebellion of so many of His children, God who is good, decided that one day He would have given back to humanity a new creation. ‪Until then, mankind would have experienced corruption and death for justice sake and for atonement; creation as well, because linked to man, would have been subject to corruption. ‪All this, however, would have not lasted forever. ‪The entire generation of men, faithful and non faithful, created from the beginning, would have passed to make way for a new generation. A new creation, inhabited and governed by a new generation of men, at last united and faithful to Him.

Who would have given birth to this new generation? ‪All men, including the faithful ones, belonged to the old creation. A new progenitor was needed who would really be faithful to God and united to Him, in Whom the power of God would truly operate. God Himself would have provide, by sending His only begotten Son.

Jesus Christ, Son of God, became man to be the firstborn of the new humanity, and to found the new creation. Thus God performed a direct intervention in the history of humanity, the greatest after creation. ‪Jesus Christ became incarnate on Earth once and for all, for the benefit of all humanity spread in the universe. ‪He offered Himself to the Father, He took upon Himself death and corruption, not in order to be crushed by them, but in order to defeat them by His Resurrection. ‪In this way He paid the debt of all mankind, by His sacrifice He cancelled the fault of the ancestors. ‪The firstborn of the new humanity, Jesus Christ, was capable of loving God to the point of sacrificing Himself; what a great difference compared to the first men!

Jesus experienced death, like all of you, because He is True God and True Man. However, Jesus gave death a new face: death is not hopeless anymore but opens you to true immortality. I would like for you to reflect on this: if you are faithful to God and totally accept Jesus Christ as Savior, if you offer Him your life on Earth, then even your death becomes transformed into eternal life, and corruption within you is cancelled. ‪This is because Jesus has faced and won definitely, he who has the power of death: Lucifer. ‪The Lord of Life has overcome death and corruption.

At the foot of the Cross was Mary, Mother of Christ and humanity, the New Woman who already lived within Herself the immaculateness that is incorruptibility. She precedes you in the new creation, because She already is new creature, while you have yet to become a new creature. Therefore, Her presence and Her prayer in the life of every person is an indispensable condition in order to be part of the new creation. The new humanity will be generated through Mary, having within itself the immaculateness of Mary, Her faith and Her docility. Consecration to Her Immaculate Heart is essential to your walk of life.

Jesus is risen. His resurrection is not just a simple miracle but it is the natural manifestation of His divinity that carries within Itself life, and of His new humanity that knows no death. ‪If you will be united to Christ you too will become new creatures that one day, in the new creation, will not know death anymore, because death will no longer have any power over you. ‪But even beginning now you can experience victory over death, thanks to faith in Christ: death cannot disturb you or crush you anymore, because you are already partakers of the promise of God, that of being one day in the new creation. You do not think enough about the Resurrection of Jesus and about the extraordinary power that His Resurrection works in your life!

Jesus Christ has opened to all people of good will who believe in Him, the road toward the new creation. He will return at the end of time to gather His flock and introduce it permanently in the new creation, leaving to their fate those who serve Lucifer. There will be no place for corruption in the new creation; the pure of heart will have access to it, the true worshipers of the True God.

In this perspective, what is death for all who believe in the One and Triune God? It is a painful and grandiose passage at the same time. ‪Painful because man keeps within himself the memory and the desire for the immortality he lost, and rejects death; because death is not always an easy passing, as you on Earth well know. ‪For many of you, the agony of death is the hardest trial, the last battle of life. ‪This happens because a great number of your humanity did not accept Jesus Christ, and continues to serve the spirit of evil that uses death as its sting[2] to harass you and move you away from God. How many curses on the deathbed, how many accuses to God! And yet, the God you blaspheme became flesh and died for you, in your place, to make of your death a passing toward the light. ‪Why do you not want to accept it? ‪Why are you listening to the insinuations of the devil who presents Jesus as defeated, while the loser is he? ‪Open your eyes, therefore, and repent!

Death is a glorious passage for those who have believed in Christ and loved Him and served Him in this earthly life. After death, you will cross the great Barrier of the sky in order to arrive in the most pure dimension where the life of the pure Spirit reigns. ‪I explained to you that the great Barrier is made of light, which enlightens you and makes you understand what you have done in life[3]. In purgatory you have the possibility to make up for any harm you have done, and come into the bliss of heaven, to be united to Christ and to reign with Him.

When you will reach heaven, you will live there in spirit until the resurrection of the dead. Your body will be returned, holy and glorious, like that of your Savior, who has gone through the heavens; it will be like that of Mary who lives in Heaven with Her immaculate and uncorrupted body. All of you will come out of the graves as the Risen Christ came out of it. ‪One day you too will cross the skies.

In Christ you do not die but have eternal life. With death only the earthly phase of life closes up, necessary for the attainment of the fullness of life. God seizes you when your fruit is ripe. If you live in harmony with God and His laws, you should not fear death, neither yours nor that of your loved ones. ‪Know, that God never separates those who loved on another with true love and placed their hope in Jesus: the spirit of your loved ones, who fell asleep believing in Jesus, loves you with a new love, the love of God, and accompanies you with its prayers. ‪Death has no power to separate from each other those who have lived in faith: By the victory of Christ, your emotional ties, your family bonds are not destroyed, but they are transformed and become better; they continue in the dimension of the spirit, stronger and more transparent than before, free from all selfishness.

Even if you die, you are alive in Christ because in Him and through Him you have conquered death. You are no longer dead but alive, destined for new heavens and new earth. Cemeteries are not your last abode or that of your loved ones, nor are the graves where the bodies lie waiting to rise again. Be sure of this: the life of your deceased is elsewhere, in the higher dimension, that of the spirit! ‪If you are united with God, even though on Earth you already participate to the life of the spirit, where distances do not exist and neither boundaries exist. ‪Why then so many tears and despair? Sure, pain at the death of your loved ones is natural and understandable, even Jesus wept at the tomb of His friend Lazarus[4]; but the separation is brief. The pain does not compare with the joy and fullness of the blessed life, where one day you will meet again and will live together forever. So offer your pain to God for your loved ones, and then leave them free to reach their destination from whence they will be able to help you and be closer to you.

I repeat to you: do not look for your loved ones among the tombs of the cemeteries, because they live in Christ; feel them living, next to you! ‪Life is one, even if through different stages, and it is immortal because you are created in the image and likeness of God. Even if your body now dies, one day it will rise again, if you have faith in Christ, and man will be again what he should have been. Christ has given you back the dignity and the power of God’s children, He has made whole  what was corrupted by original sin. ‪In baptism you are born again to new life, the life of God that shines in you and that death cannot suppress.

The real dead are those who reject God’s life, and do not want to recognize Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior. They will follow the fate of their father, Lucifer, and will not enter into the new creation. ‪Instead, he who accept Jesus Christ and offers his life to Him, will share with Him in the land of the living. ‪So dry your tears and do not look anymore among the dead for those who are living! They are living in Christ for God.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] This refers to the two previous messages of January and February 2012 on this site

[2] See 1 Cor 15, 55-58

[3] Message of the Holy Spirit of February 2012, published on this site

[4] See John 11, 35