Wednesday Prayer Intention

Every Wednesday we join the group of the Central Nucleus headed by St. Uriel, which deals with medicine. We pray and offer ourselves in our celebrations for all aspects relating to medicine: for the ill and their families; for those who take care of the ill, wherever and however they do it; for the places particularly connected with diseases and for those who study them in all their aspects; for the healing of the roots and for the balance between spirit, soul and body. We raise all this to Jesus Christ through Mary, and we ask for the blessing and Love of the Most Holy Trinity, abandoning ourselves to the will of God the Father who knows the highest good for every person and every situation. Those who wish can unite with us in prayer and with the offering of themselves.

“Participating with Mary in the Eternal Liturgy”

22 August 2020

By  Stefania Caterina  and Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)

Tomislav Vlašić: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; the subject of this reflection is “Participating with Mary in the Eternal Liturgy”, and with this reflection we introduce the people who live in communion with the whole Church of the Universe to the liturgical year.

Here a question comes up: what is the Liturgy?  Yet, I do not want to explain what it is but rather lead you to a specific view through the concrete events.

The first event is the creation of the angels and the humans who are created in the image and likeness of God. They are meant to celebrate the Eternal Liturgy to govern the whole Universe with God; a Liturgy that does not consist of words or preaching but of a living and working Liturgy with God. You know the consequences that original sin caused. After original sin the confrontation with Lucifer and his allies took place. All righteous men and all saints have suffered and offered their sacrifices. God decided that the Church as a blameless people should face this challenge. Continue reading

The Living Liturgy

14 August 2020 – Vigil of the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, Mother and Queen of the new creation

Message of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary – The Living Liturgy


“Dearest Children,

I bless all those who are present and those who are united with you in the same spirit. I am pleased to begin the new Liturgy for this year with you. A liturgical year is not a set of rites and memories but a progressive and increasingly deepening path towards the fullness of life. It is a journey towards the new creation, which each one of you and the whole people of God must accomplish on Earth and on other planets faithful to God.

I said “a new Liturgy” but, in reality, it is an eternal Liturgy. In fact, your Liturgy on Earth is the participation in the eternal Liturgy, which has unfolded in Heaven since the beginning of creation.[1] Before God’s throne, My Son Jesus, the High Priest, offers to the Father, in the Holy Spirit, the sacrifices, the prayers and the love of the whole people spread in the Universe.[2] When you offer yourselves and the Earth to God, you become a ray of the Heavenly light, a glow of the eternal Liturgy. Continue reading

Indications for this Time

29 September 2019

Feast of the Seven Great Archangels

Message of St. Michael the Archangel


 “I great you, dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Today I am in your midst to communicate to you what the Lord, the Almighty, wants for this people and for humanity. Three points are important for the last months of this year and the coming year. You know that for you the new year begins with the Feast of Christ King in which all is summed up and all begins anew.

  • The first point is the following: God wants this people to exercise its priesthood fully.

I must tell you, brothers and sisters, that a dreadful scream rises from the Earth and shakes the universe. Earth is in danger. The humanity of this planet is suffering terribly. It has no way of salvation without Jesus Christ. This priestly people must form one body and one spirit to elevate to the Lord the scream of this humanity. You are mothers and fathers for this humanity, and you must never forget that. Fathers and mothers watch over their children. There are many children of God on this planet, big and small, who suffer and are persecuted, trampled and despised for being children of God. There are many others who do not know yet that they are children of God and are waiting for a signal of the people to glimpse a new life and new people. Continue reading

The Irreversible Turn of Humanity – Feast of the Assumption of Mary Most Holy to Heaven

15 August 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters, the subject of today’s reflection is “The irreversible turn of humanity”. The title is taken from the message of God the Father in which He explains that He has made an irreversible alliance with us. So, we will try to deepen these words and begin our path.

Our celebration of the consecration of the Earth to God the Father together with the Church of the whole Universe was wonderful. I want to thank all those who were present and could participate in it with us. I also thank you who follow the messages through the website and walk in the same direction. Continue to consecrate yourselves and the whole creation on Earth. I want to praise God because the grace of this message has even reached people who have never heard of Jesus Christ or these programmes, and because the today’s Trinitarian action awakens all those who are children of God on Earth and in the universe. Continue reading

“How to draw on the Trinitarian Power”


By Stefania Caterina and Fr Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters, happy Sunday to all of you. This is the third Sunday of Easter and we continue our path with the Risen Christ who leads us to the elevation of Pentecost, to His ascension to the Father. This is the framework of our path within which we may understand the Holy Scriptures of today’s Holy Mass.[1]

The last time we spoke about the participation in the Trinitarian power. Today the title is “How to draw on the Trinitarian power”. Everyone wants to participate in it, even satanist, esoteric people, etc., all those who practice certain exercises without drawing on the Trinitarian power.

Today we have read the readings which are often referred to. They are presented like perfect catechism, but we are not called to participate in some catechism but in the event of the resurrection. When we read the event the apostles experienced, we are able to participate in it. If we do not participate in the event of the resurrection of Christ, we will have no benefit from catechism. Only through the vital, inner participation in the resurrection of Christ will we lead others to encounter the Risen Christ. Continue reading

The Power of the Trinitarian Vortex

Easter Vigil – Message of Jesus

20 April 2019

 “Dearest Children,

I bless you with the power of My Resurrection which is neither a fairytale for children, nor a beautiful image, but an incontestable reality, vibrating in the whole universe. Through My Resurrection I not only completed the work of redemption but also bestowed the Trinitarian vortex with the power that renders it invincible. My Resurrection is, in fact, the clear victory over death which rules in the satanic vortex. Death can do nothing against the power of My Resurrection.

Children, you have come with Me to this time and you have gone through many trials. Now the time begins in which the power of the resurrection must manifest itself through you. It will appear through My people so that all I have accomplished will continue to be revealed to the world through them. My work of redemption is not finished yet but will continue until the end of times through My people in the whole universe. Continue reading