”Happy shall you be and it shall go well with you” (Ps 128, 2)

Dear readers,

‪The message of this month invites us to rejoice in the gifts of God and be happy. ‪Too often, however, we allow ourselves to be oppressed by the difficulties of life, to the point of losing hope, to forget the joy of the Risen Christ. ‪Instead, we know that we are children of God, and that in God we have everything to live a life worth living. “Your happiness is the greatest prayer you can raise to God”, the Holy Spirit tells us in the message. I think we all want to be happy, and that we are equally aware of the fact that only in God we can be happy.

I wish you to be able to experience the fullness of God’s life, His happiness and His peace. ‪I bless you and I offer myself to the Lord for each of you.

Message of the Holy Spirit of May 5, 2012


‪”I bless you and greet each of you! ‪I spoke to you of the moment of your conception and about what happens with your initial choice. ‪I also spoken to you about death and of how it will open the doors of the dimension of pure spirit for you.[1] Today I wish to talk to you about what happens to you from the moment of your birth, when you enter into the reality of the Earth, until death, when you leave this reality. Within this span of time, something great and wonderful happens to you, which is the earthly life. ‪Yes, despite the trials and hardships you encounter every day, the life of each of you on Earth is precious and irreplaceable in the plans of God. I would like to help you understand the gift God has given you, that makes you children of God in this world, and also in the universe.

The first gift God has given you in order to be able to live on Earth, is your body, without which you would be invisible. The body is no less important than the spirit and the soul,[2] far from it. The body is the instrument par excellence, through which your spirit and soul express themselves on the outside. ‪I am acting in your spirit as much as you are open to Me. ‪In my action, the power of the Holy Trinity becomes manifest. ‪Thus, continuously I lead you to Christ, so that He might take you to the Father. ‪My ongoing impulses pass through the spirit and go to the soul, and from the soul to the body. The body, therefore, is fundamental in making concrete and visible what passes in the spirit and the soul, and in transforming into words and works every inner impulse.

For this reason, the body of each of you is original, as much as both, the spirit and the soul are, and it is obvious that it should be so. In fact, the body embodies the spirit and the soul, and protects them for the entire time of your life on Earth. ‪If at the time of conception, you chose to be faithful to God, fully accepting the mission He entrusts you on Earth, your spirit and soul become powerful. ‪Therefore, you get a body suitable to contain such power and to face what is awaiting you. ‪The moment in which you are born, everything is ready for your life and your mission.

During pregnancy, I guide perfectly the formation of the body: I transmit to your spirit the impulses necessary to every biological process, and the spirit transmits them to the soul. The soul rehashes them with its intelligence, and activates the cells, which are formed in a perfect and pre-established order, which applies to every individual, but nonetheless taking under account the originality of each. ‪From the first moment and throughout the duration of earthly life, I will continue endlessly to transmit to the spirit the impulses needed to keep the body healthy and vital, the spirit will transmit them to the soul, and the soul will make sure to forward them to the brain, which is your operations center. Your body will function perfectly. ‪The more you will be united to God and respectful of His laws, the more My impulses will be clear and powerful; you will be healthy and harmonious.

If you choose to give to God your whole being, you will be guided in all. You will know from within what is good or bad for your spirit, for your soul and body. ‪You will learn to know your originality and to respect it as God respects it. ‪Unfortunately, the originality of the individual is almost always denied on Earth, starting, precisely from the body. ‪The fashion of the moment, imposes upon you to look a certain way, to dress according to certain tendencies, to nourish yourselves often in a manner threatening ‪your health. What is fashion, and by whom is it imposed? Fashion is a series of behavior patterns, designed and proposed by the collective spirit which rules over you, the spirit of the world. It expresses the orientations and choices of most people of Earth, who are far from the true God. The collective spirit of the world dominates through systems and hierarchies, which act in every field, and induce mankind to think and behave according to pre-established patterns. ‪All this allows to manipulate consciences and to control everything and everyone. Behind the spirit of the world, the forces of evil are acting, in order to destroy all that is God’s work and thus, first and foremost, to destroy man. Think very well about this, and do not let yourselves be carried away by thoughts that are not your own and that deprive you of your own individuality, which is a precious gift making of you perfect beings, complete and unique. ‪Do not become caricatures of yourselves!

Surely, you will be asking yourselves where diseases and deformities come from, if the body is created according to a perfect order. ‪Well, the condition of life on Earth reflects the consequences of original sin, committed by your ancestors, and not only. ‪Rebellion against God, in fact, is constantly repeated in your humanity, and for many of you, alliance with Lucifer is renewed. ‪You are not better than your fathers! ‪Despite the coming of Jesus Christ, disobedience to God characterizes the majority of the people of the Earth, and keeps feeding the spirit of the world, which is opposed to God.

Was the sacrifice of Jesus perhaps useless? On the contrary! ‪Those who accepted Jesus Christ as the Son of God and Savior, those who believed in Him and offered themselves to Him, those possess in themselves the power to defeat evil and the corruption of the world. ‪They possess the fullness of divine life given to them by Christ. ‪However, Jesus continues the work of Redemption through His people. ‪The sacrifice of the cross is extended to the end of times in His Mystical Body. ‪Therefore, God the Father permits His children to know suffering, exactly as His Son came to know it, so that that suffering might become saving for many, and prepare humanity to the resurrection that will happen at the end of times. Then, those who will have lived in Christ and suffered with Him, will enter the new creation, where corruption, pain and death will be no more.[3] Until then, the endless struggle between light and darkness that causes you so much pain, will remain. The battle can not cease until your humanity will be divided between God and Lucifer, until it will choose Jesus Christ, unconditionally.

To those who believe in Jesus and suffer in body, I say: be strong! Be aware that not even one drop of your suffering will be forgotten before God. Consider yourselves blessed because, in addition to faith in Christ, you share in His sufferings, and are living the communion with Him to the very depth. The Heart of Jesus is near to all who suffer for Him, and He constantly intercedes for them. ‪The Father tenderly loves every child that takes on Earth the way of the cross of His Christ. ‪I give My strength to those who suffer for the Kingdom of God. It is written that in your weakness the greatness of God is manifested,[4] and this is also true regarding illness. Anyone suffering for the Lord, will never experience bitterness, because He always sustains you. ‪Courage then, very much beloved children! ‪I promise you that your suffering will be transformed into endless joy.

God therefore allows a saving suffering, but only in some cases, in which the person has agreed to carry his or her cross from the moment of conception. ‪Think of the sufferings of some saints on Earth, who have opened the way for the people even with physical suffering. ‪Even more so, think of Jesus who saved you not only by the power of His Spirit, but also with His body. ‪He sacrifices Himself on each altar, to nourish you with His flesh and His blood, through the Eucharist.

Apart from the cases in which God permits suffering, the children of God are preserved in their physical and spiritual integrity. My action in your spirit, in fact, drives away evil in all its manifold forms. ‪My protection extends to the soul and to the body. ‪When you rely completely on God, offering Him your life, I continually transmit the divine power to you, because you are faithful children of God, who take part in the life of their Creator. ‪The creative, redemptive and sanctifying power of the Holy Trinity envelops your entire being, by means of My unceasing work in you and around you.

You should always be more and more aware of My action, and actively participate in it. How? Through faith. Faith makes you understand what God is doing in you and for you, and makes you coworkers with God. This way your spirit and your soul become free from fear, you become increasingly more open to my action and you are able to know what you are supposed to do in every situation. ‪Without faith, you can not discern anything that happens to you, and you cling to something external in order to cope with difficulties. ‪The solution to your problems, however, lies in the life of God operating in you, and is perfectly able to deal with every difficulty. ‪God is giving you the intelligence and strength to live on this Earth as God’s children, despite the obstacles that evil sets before you. ‪God within you overcomes them! ‪His power is infinite.

The body is the part of your being in contact with the outside world. ‪Thanks to the body, you can pour on the environment that surrounds you, the love and the power of God, by communicating to every creature the life within you. ‪In turn, the body incorporates all stimuli of reality that surrounds you and transmits them to the spirit, through the soul. ‪If it deals with negative stimuli, My action in you neutralizes evil, and your spirit repels negativity. ‪If, however, they are positive stimuli, My action helps your spirit to rejoice in the goodness of God. Thus, through the body, you are enjoying the gifts of God. Your eyes can see the wonders of creation, your ears can hear the sounds dear to you, your hands can touch what surrounds you, and so on.

On Earth many times and in different ways the human body is despised. ‪This is the case when it is considered shameful and sinful, as unfortunately happens even among Christians. ‪This is also the case when it is deified or considered a mere object of pleasure, as does happen with the female body. ‪Remember that your body is precious in the eyes of God, it is the tabernacle of His living presence. ‪Therefore it must be cared for in a correct manner, without excesses in pleasure or in denial, and it must be respected in its holiness. ‪Yes, the work of God is holy and man is the supreme work of God. Woe to who despises his own body and those of others! ‪Woe to those who cause physical suffering to their fellow men! ‪And woe to those who kill the life of the body that is sacred and inviolable, because it is not for you to decide the duration of your earthly life. ‪It is a gift of God; you are called to protect it and make it bear fruit, with the help of God.

Your being, made of spirit, soul and body, is created to enjoy the good things that God bestows. ‪This has nothing to do with selfish pleasure that many of you seek. ‪To enjoy the gifts of God means becoming aware of His infinite goodness and constantly, through your joy, giving Him thanks for what He gives you. Yes, children, your joy and happiness is pleasing immensely to God, He wants you happy. Your happiness is the greatest prayer you can raise to God. Abandon those sad images that you yourselves have made of a severe and implacable God, who takes delight in your suffering! God is not like that: in Him there is no shadow of sadness, but there is purest light, joy, peace and happiness. ‪God is not severe but just. ‪His justice corrects you when you expose yourselves to danger, because of your misconduct. ‪His justice is only one aspect of His love for you.

How could a loving Father, as God is, want His children unhappy? Therefore be happy because all that God has created, He has created it for you. ‪Enjoy the material goods without attaching your heart to them, because it is the attachment that makes you unhappy. ‪Your heart, above all, has to seek God, and He will give you everything, because He will make of His own life a gift for you, from which all good depends.

Enjoy the dearest affections and friendship, but do not depend on others. ‪If you remain united to God, He will be the One to keep you united. ‪Then between two spouses, friends and brothers will flow the love of God that is not selfish, does not own anyone, does not hinder the freedom of others, promotes goodness in everyone and is not possessed by anyone.

Enjoy your spiritual goods, your virtues and every divine gift that enriches your spirit. ‪This does not mean that you have to flatter yourselves in a childish way, nor become vain, and even less put yourselves above others. ‪It means, instead, to rejoice in the beauty that God has placed in you, and to be ready to give to others the fruit of your holiness. ‪Each of you is called to holiness and possesses gifts that no one else possesses. ‪Unfortunately, you were taught not to see your inner gifts, but rather to fear them. ‪A false humility has been inculcated in you that is the negation of yourselves and of the richness that is in you. ‪On the contrary, God does not call you to hide your talents, but He wants you to be ready to increase them. ‪Enjoy, then, the goods of your spirit, so that they might grow for the benefit of all of mankind. ‪The whole universe is waiting to see you, like flowers, blooming in the fullness of life.

Rejoice in the work of your hands, however humble it may be. God does not look at what people look;[5] the most humble and hidden work can be the most important in the eyes of God, more than the one of the so-called great of the Earth. If the work is offered to God with love, it becomes holy. ‪Through your work you participate to the action of the Creator. ‪He is constantly at work to sustain the life of the universe, and He expects from you that you live in His own image and likeness. Do not be lazy and do not despise any work! ‪Even Jesus worked in Joseph’s workshop, His holy hands did not refuse to serve others with their labor. ‪The hands of the saints are not idle hands; they are the hands of those who worked very hard.

Today the Earth is devastated by the lack of work that creates material and spiritual poverty. I tell you, work is missing because it is sought only for money; it is considered an oppressive duty and not a joy, a constraint and not a service. I say to you who believe: work with joy and love, work with seriousness and responsibility. ‪Offer God every effort of yours, for His glory and for the good of others, and work will never be lacking to you. ‪Transform yourselves in the image of your Creator, who continually creates and recreates, without ever tiring and without failing in His work.

Rejoice in all things, continually give thanks to the Lord of the universe and offer Him your life. ‪This way, in you will be fulfilled what is written: “You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be happy and it shall go well with you.”[6] 

‪I am always with you, and bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

[1] This refers to the messages of the first three months of 2012, published on this site, in which the Holy Spirit spoke of the choice at the time of conception and of death.

[2] I spoke in detail of spirit, soul and body in chapter 13 of the book “Beyond the Great Barrier” (ed. Luci dell’Exodus 2009)

[3] See Rev. 22, 3-5

[4] See 2 Cor 12, 10

[5] See 1 Sam 16, 7

[6] See Ps 128, 2