The strength of the prophets

Dear readers, the message of this month brings our attention to the prophecy, as a manifestation of the power of God who is life. ‪We are all called to be prophets, that is, to manifest the life of God. In this way we can become living members of the people of God, and prepare the way for those who sincerely desire to participate in the plan of salvation and become new creatures. ‪I wish you to be strong in the Lord like the true prophets. I greet you and wish you all the best.

Message of the Holy Spirit of June 24, 2012

‪”I bless you, beloved, on the day you remember the great prophet and forerunner John the Baptist, in whom the power of God worked magnificently. He was a sign of hope for the people of Israel, because he was preparing the way for the Savior and he was announcing His coming.

All of you are prophets, by virtue of your baptism, through which you are anointed to be priests, prophets and kings.‪Through the baptismal anointing, the Triune and Only God instills in you His strength to guide you in your earthly mission, at the end of which you will enter again in the bosom of the Father and will continue to be and to act in the endless life.

What is the power of God?It is nothing comparable to what you people think it is. It is not supremacy over others, nor does it exercise a power, it is not conceit or arrogance. ‪It is nothing like that. God’s strength is His ability to effuse life and preserve it, in every creature as in the whole of universe. No other being is able to create and nurture life constantly, with the exception of the Most Holy Trinity. ‪The Three Divine Persons act in unison to keep the fire of life lit within you, which is a direct manifestation of His power. The Father is the Creator of life, the Son is the One who heals it and cares for each of its wounds, the Holy Spirit sanctifies it and elevates it to the Father and to the Son. ‪Thus within man, created in the image and likeness of God, the power of the Trinitarian vortex becomes expressed in Its fullness, from whose action every form of life depends.

I told you that you are all prophets, because the life of God is present and active in each one of you. However, the gift of prophecy, in some people works with greater intensity, not because God makes preferences, but because He assigns a specific mission to everyone. The prophet’s mission is precisely to show the power of God; not a human force, but the strength of God.

The true prophet is he who transmits divine life, and expresses it in words and deeds. The false prophet is the one who exudes self-interest and who attracts all attention upon himself.‪The true prophet is transparent, because through his person one can see the action of God; he never stands between God and men, but is like a bridge between humanity and the Creator. ‪He never flaunts a human security, but he counts on God alone. The false prophet is cloaked in hypocrisy to conquer men, he wants to emerge in order to dominate.

The false prophet is not of God but comes from Lucifer, the enemy of God. Since the dawn of your history, God sent many prophets on Earth to help you on the journey: Lucifer responded by sending his deceiving prophets. The strength of God, which operates in the true prophets, has always clashed with the forces of evil which operates in the false prophets. Yes, children, even evil has its own strength, deriving from death, not from life, and that corrupts. He who has the force of evil in himself, he is a corrupt being, because this strength nourishes death. However, men allow themselves to be deceived by the cunning of the devil, and they believe that the forces of evil obtain easier and more accessible benefits for them than what God offers. This is why many people offer themselves to Lucifer to obtain power and profits. ‪This is the large way of which Jesus spoke about, the road that leads to destruction[1] but that looks more pleasant and quicker to follow. False prophets always indicate an easy road and do not make anyone unhappy. ‪They adapt themselves to the system which is at power and are very careful not to oppose it, because they themselves belong to it with full rights.

Beware of false prophets, but be able to recognize the real ones!This is the time of the true prophets, because my action becomes more and more manifest in the universe and stirs up everything. I am intensively preparing the spirit of the children of God, and I am steering the entire creation toward the glorious return of Christ. All of you are engaged to prepare the new creation, but it will not come before Jesus returns in His glory. This is why I told you that it is the time of the prophets, because the time has come for me to awake my people. It lies dormant, dazed by so many lifeless words, confused by teachers and doctors who speak of nothing else but themselves, and imprison the children of God in the dense plots of their ambitions.

I will send true prophets because I love you, and because this is My work: to awaken the children of God, instructing them in the depth of their being, and make them docile to the action of the Most Holy Trinity.‪I will prepare each one of you to recognize the true prophets, if you are of good will and if you are willing to participate in my work. ‪Their word will be my word. ‪Their strength will be my strength. ‪Lucifer’s attempts will be of no avail to elicit false prophets to counter the work of God. They will not be able to deceive those who offered themselves to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. ‪They will deceive those who have no faith and who run after empty promises. ‪Thus the false prophets will drag with themselves those who hinder the way of God’s children. They shall be like magnets attracting to themselves all that is corrupt. ‪Deceived and deceivers will be set aside.

The strength of the true prophets will reinvigorate the people of God, will instill courage to them, until the people themselves will become a prophetic people, that is, capable of manifesting God’s life and to know His will.The children of God will gather in small nuclei, not to listen to empty sermons but to share with each other the gifts of God. They will allow divine life to flow freely among them, they will live a true fraternal communion. ‪In each nucleus the specific gifts for the mission of each and for the entire nucleus will be awakened. ‪Everyone will know what to do, and all together will come to understand what God desires. ‪It will be my power to do this, not your ability. I am not talking to you about a beautiful dream but about a reality that you will see being realized among you, as long as you have faith in my words and that you know how to deny yourselves and your ambitions.

Be humble and well-disposed to accept the novelty of these times, and this newness will come to meet you, without you having to chase after it. As soon as possible get started on the walk toward the new creation, accepting unconditionally Jesus Christ as Son of God and your Savior, by uniting yourselves to Him. If you do this, the Father will send me to you, in Jesus’ name, and I will be able to operate freely in you and through you.

Be careful and vigilant!Be united to those who wish to progress into the journey in order to become new creatures; form small nuclei, small living cells of the Mystical Body of Christ!‪It is not important that you are many to form a nucleus, it is important that you are alive. ‪You can be alive only if you love God, if you put your whole being in God’s hands, and if you love one another in God. Then your nucleus will be rich in gifts, rich in true prophets and teachers, rich in authentic apostles for this time.

Be fervent in prayer!I am not asking you to recite many formulas, but to be constantly turned toward God in everything you do.‪May your thoughts be raised to God in your everyday activities. ‪You can always pray, and effortlessly if you are aware of the fact that God is beside you at every moment, if you believe that He understands you, listens to you and watches over you with love, ready to help you in every difficulty. ‪If you believe all this you are already praying.

Be strong because God has given you His strength, and His strength can demolish any obstacle.‪Be aware of the life that is in you, which is God’s gift and that casts death away. ‪Then you will have the same strength of the prophets, of the saints, of the martyrs, the strength of those who served God through the centuries and have left behind themselves the memory and the perfume of the love of God.

‪I bless you and I protect you with great love, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Matthew 7: 13-14