Progressing into fullness Part 6 – “The Universal Communion”

Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Progressing into fullness

Part 6 – “The Universal Communion”

(Text taken from video-conference of 28 April 2012)


Stefania Caterina (S.C.): Dear listeners, we greet you and continue with our theme “Progressing into fullness.” Today we are facing a very important aspect, that of universal communion. ‪Among the six points that Saint Michael the Archangel pointed out as the basic steps for the recapitulation in Christ, there is actually the Universal Communion which we are now presenting[1]. The Universal Communion is important because it embodies everything we are talking about, because it is in fact within the communion that takes place all that our spirit lives.

Tomislav Vlasic (Tom V.): We are not talking about globalization, nor of human organizations; we are not talking about a legal aspect; we are talking about the powerful action of God in the whole universe that has started out, and wants to unite all things in Christ. We will give you some information, an announcement, and we will try to show you how to walk into fullness.

The One and Triune God is the Only God. The spiritual laws, the laws of the Spirit, are perfect in Him. All men and all angels are created in the image and likeness of God. By means of union with God, a union which passes through Jesus Christ, we reach the maturity to become like God.

S.C: As we said in previous conferences, the moment of creation saw man in his integrity: God, in fact, created man and the universe filled with wholeness and beauty. This integrity has been violated by original sin, through which corruption entered the entire universe and into man himself. ‪In these times, God is acting to ‪overcome corruption and bring man and creation to the dimension of their original integrity. ‪In all this, communion is crucial because the action of God is not addressed only to individuals or particular groups of individuals, but to all humanity, that He intends to recapitulate, all of it, in Christ and that, for this reason must live full communion. ‪If you read the last message of the Holy Spirit, published on this site in March, you have certainly noticed a few points that the Holy Spirit underlined. ‪They summarize the direct consequences of original sin, where corruption manifested itself predominantly in the decline of man to an almost animal-like condition, at all levels of his existence. ‪Obviously, all this could not have been without effecting the relationship of man with his fellow man and, all the more so, with the humanities of other planets. ‪As a matter of fact, original sin has caused an inner rift in man, the division from his peers and from the other humanities that remained far apart from each other in the universe. God desires to bring all peoples of the universe back to the original unity among them. This is the universal communion.

Tom V: The recapitulation in Christ started soon after the original sin with the announcement of the coming of the Savior of the world; thus the history of mankind started all over again. With the coming of Jesus Christ the fullness of time began. ‪Unfortunately, we can say that the humanity of the Earth did not totally accept the fullness that Jesus Christ brought. ‪We Christians as well should ask ourselves if we have accepted this fullness.

‪I would like to emphasize an aspect that was very stressed in this revelation that we have received. ‪It refers, in particular, to the first chapter of the Acts of the Apostles[2], which states that Jesus, after His resurrection, instructed His disciples for forty days, concerning the kingdom of God. Jesus revealed to us of having talked extensively to the apostles in regard to the humanities throughout the universe. Union with other humanities of the universe had to begin to be realized, and from this was also arising the expectation of the glorious coming of Jesus Christ. All this should have happened back from the beginning. ‪For different reasons, perhaps even because of the mentality of the people in those days unable to understand such a reality, everything stopped. ‪We do not even know what Saint Luke meant to say in the passage quoted regarding the instruction given to the apostles concerning the kingdom of God. We are missing so much to be able to understand! ‪As Christians, to what degree have we accepted Jesus Christ, and to what extent? Are we all saints? ‪Can we really say that we manifest the Victorious Christ, the Risen Christ? ‪Or do we accept Christianity as a tradition, as a culture, as a devotion, as a religiosity detached from the true faith? ‪We have received the witness of our brothers and sisters of the universe, who remained faithful to God who, several times and in different ways, also by means of some saints, have given clear signs of their existence. ‪They wanted to get in touch with the Church on Earth, but were not accepted.

S.C: This is a sore point but also a very important one to understand: our brothers faithful to God did not withdraw within themselves. While remaining faithful to God and, therefore, living at a much higher level compared to ours, they have never guarded their superiority over us like a treasure. On the contrary, from the beginning of human history, ever since they had settled on their planets, they offered themselves to God for the recovery of all mankind. ‪Therefore, their presence was evident throughout the entire history, precisely because these brothers wanted to cooperate with the angels, and be at the service of God to recover their suffering brethren, the weaker and sinful brethren. ‪This was confirmed to us by the many testimonials we have received in recent years, by the brothers of Alpha Centauri, but also of other planets. ‪In fact, there are several planets faithful to God, and all have lived and keep living a spirit of fellowship and service among each other. ‪This means that these faithful peoples, while coming from different planets, work together in the service of God and on our behalf because, as they have often said to us, no humanity can live for itself. ‪In the universe we are all brothers and sisters, and no one can enter into fullness without the other. ‪Even if we on Earth are more fragile, more needy and more sinful compared to the faithful brethren, however, we are important to them, because we are forming a single body. ‪Thus, the offering of these brothers accompanied us throughout all our history. ‪They offered themselves for the coming of the Savior, they prayed for the coming of Christ. ‪Starting from the incarnation of Jesus, from His death and resurrection, their action on our behalf had become increasingly enhanced and extended, because Jesus Christ marked a turning point in the history of all mankind.

The people who remained faithful to God, received the law from God well before us. However, the law was not in itself sufficient; the gracebrought by Jesus Christ was also needed. ‪The fact that Jesus Christ came to Earth, and became incarnate, died and rose again here, was something very important not just for us. ‪Jesus Christ, in fact, came to fulfill the law of God throughout the whole universe. ‪Exactly since then, our faithful brethren acted and continue to act to achieve a specific goal: the unity of the entire humanity of the universe, in Christ, in other words, the recapitulation in Christ, in order to bring everything to God, in Christ.

Tom V: From here also derives the responsibility of us Christians on Earth: with our response, in fact, we witness the grace of salvation. Our brothers of the universe faithful to God, who have not committed the original sin, are awaiting our response, so that the law of God is made perfect in Jesus Christ, in each of us.

We are living a historic moment in which God’s action involves all the forces operating in the universe, to awaken all people of good will on all planets.  The Mother of God, Holy Mary, Saint Joseph, all the Saints, all the angelic hosts and all the brothers faithful to God, are partaking to this action. In addition, as we explained before, God has provided the Central Nucleus; it acts in order to bring forward specifically the program of the recapitulation in Christ. ‪We can therefore imagine what power is manifested today in the universe in favor of each one of us, because God works through His instruments.

S.C: In this context, the participation of all and each one of us is very important. Unfortunately on Earth there is a widespread attitude, in regard to life in the universe, which is deeply wrong. Some consider the brothers of the universe as a sort of gods who will come to save us. ‪Others even believe that they are the ones who brought life on our planet and are expecting from them to come and free us from our problems. ‪Finally, others, entirely deny the possibility of the existence of other people outside those on Earth. ‪We, however, should take the right attitude. ‪We should be aware that all of us, in the universe, are brothers and sisters, because we all take part in the only life that is the life of God which was manifested in Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. ‪About these brothers, the Holy Spirit told us over and over again: “I am not showing you the life of other peoples to imitate them, but so that you may enter into an ever deeper understanding of your identity and of your mission as people of Earth.” Christ came to be born on Earth, our mission, therefore, is that of the people who have been so privileged, people who were the eyewitness of the events of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus. A people who should have and who must continue to embody that power, here on this planet where the clash with the forces of hell is more evident; it is a daily battle, and you know it well.

‪Then, we ask ourselves, how can we participate in this grandiose work of God, how can we enter into communion with all those forces who are operating in the universe of which Tomislav was speaking before. ‪We must awaken ourselves in the spirit, we must begin to understand that none of us is an island unto itself, and that we are not only on this Earth to live a material life. We are here for a mission. Each of us has a unique mission, unrepeatable. We too, like our brethren of the faithful planets, have the power of Christ in us and we must manifest it, incarnate it, we must live it in our daily lives. ‪We are important in the plan of God, here on Earth and in this time. ‪It is for this reason that we are telling you these things; we are talking to you about it because this is not something that will happen, but it is something already in action, it is happening right now while we are speaking to you. ‪The power of God is at work, and we must unite ourselves to God’s action, otherwise we risk to be left aside and become even weaker. ‪Now, however, is precisely the moment in which each one of us must say a clear YES to God, offering our lives to Jesus through Mary in order to fully participate in the work of the Father, through His Son Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.

Tom V: What is the situation on Earth, who governs it? ‪We think that those who govern are the leaders in politics, finance, religion, banks, etc.. ‪Jesus spoke to Stefania also about the Illuminati, which is a murky government who is behind all governments. However, it is evident that on Earth we are ruled by someone who is at the top, and we receive orders from the top. ‪Today it is often said that men on Earth are just numbers. ‪Why are they numbers? ‪Because someone rules over them; but who is guilty, only the rulers or even the people who often behave in an irresponsible way? ‪The people as well are responsible, who, often, for their convenience, choose to be numbers, they do not want to take their responsibilities and participate in the work of God. The awakening of which Stefania speaks, and of which our brothers of the universe, ‪faithful to God, also speak, is a call to man so that he can be awakened into freedom, into responsibility, and not be a number anymore. Often, we Christians say that we are children of God; but if we are children of God, are we wretched persons, or people who feel responsible for the destiny of humanity? ‪Let me ask you a question: how do we see ourselves in the Church? Like ‪numbers? ‪If we see ourselves like numbers, we each have to take on the responsibility for it. ‪How is the Church governed? ‪Our brothers faithful to God say that on Earth even religions, including Christianity, unfortunately, are governed from above. ‪For example: a priest or a superior who gives orders, who imposes his ideas, his knowledge, and governs by himself. ‪In the Church we call the priests and religious “fathers”. ‪What does a father do? ‪He pays attention to the life of his child, he puts himself at the service of this life in order to promote it, he accepts the needs of this new life, he thinks on what to do to sustain that life the best he can. ‪There is a useful example in the Gospel: When the shepherds went to worship Jesus, they shared their experience of the announcement of the birth of the Son of God by the angels. Saint Luke says that Mary pondered all the words She heard[3]. ‪A priest should be one who meditates, who accepts life in the faithful, who promotes and summarizes it, and brings the whole community into communion. We said that Mary Most Holy was created Immaculate, and She is a unique creature in the universe. She listened to the shepherds, She listened to little Jesus when He remained in Jerusalem, and listened to Simeon and Anna.

Every child of God, especially he who performs a service, should be the one who knows how to accept God’s life, not only directly from God, but in other people. ‪His service is that of offering himself, in order for that life to bear fruit, for example, in the life of a student, or of a faithful person. Therefore ‪we are called to enter into this dimension, to act in the opposite way as it happens on Earth, where man has stolen the space of God, and governs by political, economic institutions, etc., and we can all see how much corruption there is! ‪We Christians must do the opposite: we must serve God so that He may be the One to guide us. We say many times that the Holy Spirit guides souls; if only that were so!! If only we would give freedom to the Holy Spirit to guide our souls! ‪We are called to surrender all the space of our existence to God, so that He might guide us through the Holy Spirit. ‪There is no more time to waste.

S.C: I am continuing what Tomislav said by adding one more thing, that I believe is important. Earlier we mentioned the Illuminati, the shadow government that is behind all other governments. Be assured, we do not intend to speak to you about the conspiracy theory; however I would like to help you understand this: each one of us possesses a power in his or her spirit. The spirit of every person pours out from the individual himself, and becomes united to the spirit of others. This is how the collective spirit is formed, the spirit of a people, of a planet, the one that we commonly call the spirit of the world. This spirit expresses itself in a certain way of understanding and of governing things, which conforms with its own identity. ‪Unfortunately, the collective spirit that fills the Earth is a spirit of domination, supremacy, which expresses itself perfectly through a closed, pyramid like hierarchical systems, where those higher up govern those who are lower down, and those who are on the lowest level count for nothing. The Spirit of God works exactly the opposite way: God wants each of us to expresses ourselves in all our beauty, power and originality. ‪He wishes that all of us together develop a way of living according to the laws of God, which are laws of peace, harmony, perfection, mutual respect, acceptance of one another. ‪And this applies not only to Earth but to all mankind throughout the universe, in a wider communion, where other peoples express their collective spirit, and which enters into communion with ours. ‪This is the great power of God. Satan, who dominates the Earth, manifested on this planet what he bears within himself: arrogance, superiority, dominion. ‪He has shed around him embezzlement and the hatred and contempt he feels toward all other beings. ‪The collective spirit of the Earth, because of the choices made by too many men, is similar to that of Lucifer, and is expressed through certain hierarchies that do nothing but enforce laws that are not God’s laws; they are other laws.

Tom V: I would like to add that, in this whole dynamic of the struggle between good and evil, at the end, Lucifer will count on the selfishness of man, he will puff him up with pride, so that man will govern himself. We can say that, at present, no man, no authority is able to govern this globalized Earth. ‪Indeed, the Earth has become confining for its inhabitants, so much so that there is the ambition to conquer the universe.

From where should we get started then? We should start from the laws of the Spirit, because we are all destined to be elevated to the level of pure Spirit, in order to become new creatures. ‪The universal law of God is love: to love God with our whole being, to love our neighbor as ourselves. ‪Jesus taught us to love everyone, good and bad. ‪Why? Because it is the law of our happiness, of our realization. ‪Every time we exclude a person from our life, we are closing the space within ourselves, we are losing a treasure. ‪In God, every person is a treasure for us. ‪The perfect love with which God loves us, makes us like Him. We are Christians, but we must enter more and more in the laws of the Spirit, because the cosmic Pentecost is a must for all those who wish to be united to Christ. We can be united to Christ only in His Spirit. ‪We cannot boast ourselves: “I am a Christian, I am a priest.” ‪Saint Paul says: “If someone does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to Him”[4]. We need to enter into the Spirit of God, as is well explained in the book “Rewriting History[5], so that the recapitulation in Christ may advance. I met many people who follow this site and say that they are praying, they are offering their own life, and want to recapitulate their life in Christ. ‪I want to emphasize one thing: those who sincerely want to be recapitulated in Christ, and whish that the whole universe will soon be recapitulated in Christ, they themselves must recapitulate everything around themselves, as Jesus Christ did, Who put even death on its rightful place: He even set death aside in order to promote life.

‪Another thing is important: the Spirit of God unifies, builds. But I am also telling you that the Spirit of God sometimes divides. Why? Because, fortunately, He divides us from corruption, He has to do it! Otherwise our lives would be destined to become corrupted. It is very important therefore, to enter into the action of the Holy Spirit and be subjected to His action. ‪Picture this: Jesus knew who would betray Him and yet He did not exclude him from the number of the apostles; He did not use His authority to remove him. ‪The moment of betrayal, He received a kiss from Judas and with these words He responded to the kiss: “Judas, with a kiss you betray the Son of Man?”[6] The person, who becomes submitted to the Holy Spirit, must allow the Holy Spirit to separate from him all that is corrupt. ‪Every human attempt to divide the good from the evil causes wounds and wars. But God, with His Spirit, perfectly removes, cuts off corruption from us, if we are completely subjected to His Spirit. ‪He will do the same in the entire universe.

S.C: The love of which we speak is not a simple emotion, an affection, a passing sentiment. It is the openness to the action of God within us, and it is also the sincere desire to be cleansed by God, to be looked upon by him. “God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all”[7] tells us Saint John the Apostle. If we accept God within us, He, first of all, separates within us the light from the darkness. ‪This is what He did at the beginning of creation, according to what the Bible states in the Book of Genesis: “God saw that the light was good: and God divided the light from darkness.”[8] So then, what kind of love are we talking about? We are talking about the same love of which Jesus speaks in the Gospel, when He says: “No one has greater love than to lay down his life for his friends.”[9] To love with this kind of love means to change oneself. This kind of love is also a prayer before God, because to pray is to love God, but to love God means to change ourselves. ‪There are no alternatives. ‪The love that does not bring us to a profound change, is not love, it is selfishness. ‪Be careful, because today the world is constantly talking about love; but true love is also able to go on the Cross for the other. ‪If we lack the ability to sacrifice ourselves for the other, if we lack openness to the action of God in us, we will never be able to love others, and we will not even feel loved. The choice we make before God ‪is very important, because from this choice depends the dignity of our love for humanity.

Tom V: We wish you to desire and to promote the recapitalization in Christ of the whole universe, starting with yourselves. It is lovely to dream about the new creation, but we have many elements that clearly invite us to embody in and around us the law that leads us to the new creation. ‪We are living the days filled with light, sunny days, and we wish you much light from God, many blessings. May you experience the love of God in you, allowing it to expand around you, as the sun spreads its warmth on obviously the good and the bad alike. ‪Let us continue in this direction. We will accompany you with our prayers and our offer. Thank you.

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