Provide yourselves a treasure in the heavens (Lk 12,33)

Dearest readers,

once again, the Holy Spirit encourages us to abandon ourselves completely to God’s action to live a blessed existence, even in life’s trials. He speaks of the gift of the Eucharist and Divine Providence, underlining the immense love God has for us, people of Earth, so fragile with respect to the corruption of evil that thrives here.

‪I hope these words help us to be increasingly aware of the gifts received, and of the responsibility we have to respond with love to the immense love the Father shows us. With the hope to be ever stronger in faith, hope and love, I greet and bless you in Christ.

Message of the Holy Spirit of July 30, 2012

‪”I bless you, dearest children, and I thank you for every step you take toward God. ‪I scrutinize everything within you, I see your wishes and your hard work, therefore I encourage you to go forward, even in difficult times such as those in which you live.

I spoke to you at length about your life, how it commences and what it carries within itself. The life of each one of you is a miracle of God, and the universe becomes filled with wonder for every life that blossoms. The whole creation rejoices when a child of God is born. ‪Yet, for most of you, life is hard, full of trials and sorrows. Why does this happen to you? Is it possible for life to be instead joy, fulfillment and true happiness? ‪I would like to help you answer these questions.

First of all, you must understand that life on Earth is actually more difficult than elsewhere, because here humanity has moved away from the true God, because of the original sin committed by the ancestors, but this is not all: your humanity continues to reject the many invitations of God to conversion, and regularly, it turns its back on Him. The same Jesus Christ, Son of God who came to Earth as Savior, has not been accepted by most of you, and is unknown to many. The saints and prophets, repeatedly sent by God to Earth, in order to call you back to holiness of life, were for the most persecuted, misunderstood, ridiculed and even killed. To all this has to be added the strong presence of Satan, who has elected humanity on Earth as his own favorite dwelling place, because it is disloyal and rebellious by nature, ready to sell itself for a bit of money and power.

The children of God, who want to live in fidelity to their Lord, suffer much on Earth. They follow the footsteps of their Savior, Jesus Christ, Who met here hostility and hatred. Therefore God the Father tenderly loves His children of Earth, and gives them special graces to put them in the condition of keeping up His name in the midst of so perverse a generation.

First of all, the Father has given you and continually gives you His Son Jesus. This is the greatest grace. Jesus is present among you, in a special way through the Eucharist, and continues unceasingly to renew His sacrifice on the altars of the Earth. This is a special gift to your humanity, which allows you to overcome the distance that separates you from God, which otherwise would be unbearable for you that believe. Each of you needs to feel God close to him, needs a living relationship with Him.Closeness with God was made impossible by original sin, which produced a great gap between your humanity and God. In the original plan of God, however, man would have enjoyed the living presence of the Creator, similar to what happens to the souls that are in heaven, who perceive the presence of God, and enjoy it. It is written in the Bible that Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, “…heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden … “[1] This is not simply a symbolic image, but it contains a reality that was supposed to subsist and that failed, because of the rebellion of humanity.

The faithful humanities, who did not commit original sin, continue to perceive the presence of God and relate habitually with Jesus Christ. In fact, after having fulfilled His mission on Earth, after His death and resurrection, Jesus regularly visits the faithful planets, where He is welcomed, loved and revered. Thus, the faithful humanities come into living contact with God, through Jesus, and thanks to this closeness with God, they are advancing enormously in every aspect of their lives.

For you it is not like this: Jesus came to Earth one time only and will return there in glory at the end of times; the hardness of your heart rejects Him. Therefore the Eucharistic presence of Jesus is of vital importance for you. If it were not for the Eucharist, your humanity would remain inexorably detached from the Creator, and you would not, in any way, be able to perceive His presence. The Eucharist therefore fills the gap between you and God, but also that between you and your brothers throughout the universe, especially those of the faithful humanities. The latter recognize and revere the Eucharist and enter into communion with you every time on Earth the Eucharistic Sacrifice is worthily celebrated. Therefore your lively participation in the Sacrifice of Christ is essential, by the offering of your life to Him, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In order to be united to Christ’s sacrifice, it is not enough to just participating in Holy Mass as a mere rite, as a duty to be met, because forced by religious precepts.‪If the offering of your life to God is missing, as well as the sincere adherence to His laws; if is lacking in you the decision to belong completely to God, through Jesus, and if your willingness to die and rise with Christ is not present, I tell you that your rituals are useless; instead, I say, they are an offense to God. I appeal to you faithful, who are attending absentminded, but also to you, priests ministers, who often celebrate Masses that are not worthy of this name. Repent, and reform!

On the contrary, when you donate yourselves completely to God, choosing to do His will above everything and everyone, your participation in the Eucharistic celebration becomes active, and your being becomes completely united to Jesus, by means of the Eucharist you receive. This way, also My action in you becomes powerful, because I act in full harmony and union with the Son, and We both act according to the will of the Father. In this way little by little you become transformed to the point to become yourselves living Eucharist.‪It is God Who transforms you, you cannot do it, because He wants you, yourselves to be a living sacrament, that is, an instrument of salvation in His hands, which works on behalf of all creation. All this cannot happen without your total and honest donation to God.

Remember, that God wants to make of you His holy temple. This is not a temple made by human hands, in which religious rites are not celebrated. ‪It is the holy temple of your spirit in which Jesus, High Priest, raises the true, holy and spotless Sacrifice to the Father, the sacrifice of your life; He cannot do that unless you allow it.

At the end of time, when the humanity of the whole universe will enter the new creation, God will live among His people and every distance between God and man will be annulled. Until then, you must walk in faith, united to Jesus Christ, with the extraordinary help that God gives you through the Eucharistic presence of His Son Jesus among you.

So I am asking you: are you aware of the gift you have received, through the Eucharist? Are you aware of this when you participate in your celebrations? I am asking you, priests: are you aware of what you are doing at that moment?

The Father also gives you another very important grace: His Providence. Providence is not an abstract concept, but an action of God, powerful and relentless, through which God does not permit to those who love Him to lack of anything. This is a wonderful gift of God, the fruit of His goodness and infinite wisdom. This can only be understood by faith.In fact, if you trust God, He acts; but you must give Him the freedom to act, giving Him all the space within you, leaving every decision up to Him. This does not mean being passive or fatalistic, it means trusting Someone who ‪knows everything and can do everything, because He is Almighty.

You are not the ones who solve things but it is God. You are expected to cooperate with the action of God, with your faith and docility, with your love for God and with your prayers. Only when you will be certain that God can solve every situation, and you will not doubt it, you will begin to see that the situations get resolved. The reason for which you do not see miracles in your life, resides on the fact that you do not believe in the omnipotence of God. And since you do not trust God, you begin to want to do everything by yourselves, you resort to human wisdom, to human means and you find yourselves in trouble more than before.

I told you that providence is not an abstract concept, because it is a cosmic law and, as such, it acts in every point of the universe. Jesus said: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and do His will: and all these things shall be added unto you”.[2] In pronouncing these words, Jesus did not want to give you a good phrase to comfort you: He proclaimed an eternal and infallible law. This law says that if you are ready to take care of the Kingdom of God, God will take care of you. He will always do it in the right way, at the appropriate time, according to His wisdom and absolute knowledge He has of each of you. The Earth’s humanity has never believed this law. Even Christians doubt these words and prefer to assure their future according to the laws of men, who, almost always rely on the power of money. The faithful humanities believe and practice this law, therefore they do not use any kind of money and do not lack for anything.

On Earth, God’s children cannot escape the power of money and the logic of profit and gain, which is the basis for all your relations. God knows this and He certainly does not condemn you for the use of money itself, because you have to live a normal life. However He is asking you not to put your security in money and profits, and to believe in His Providence. God knows what your needs are and He is fully capable of providing for you. Thus, even when you work to earn what you need, put God at the first place. What does this mean? ‪It means to offer Him your work, your daily fatigue, with your spirit turned to His Kingdom and not to gain. God then will meet you with His Providence and will multiply the fruits of your labor. He will bless you and fill you with peace, joy, hope. Then, He will give you the daily bread and you will lack nothing. He will always give you what you need in the right amount for you: neither too much nor too little; He will give what is right, because He is righteous.

So, sever your desires from material goods, and seek your joy in God! Rest assured that your life does not depend on what you have but on what comes from God. This is true evangelical poverty, the right attitude that opens the doors to the action of divine Providence.

United to God and secure in His help at any time, you will begin to taste real life and you will store up for yourselves treasures in heaven. Yes, dear ones, whatever you do for God, every act of faith in Him, each of your renouncements to the logic of money and profit is poured out in the great treasuries of God. These are not full of gold or silver, but of the fruits of your holiness. Nothing escapes God, and everything you do for Him will be refunded with interest. The more you help filling the treasuries of God, the more they will open and pour forth their riches upon you. ‪God is loyal to you.

Your treasure in heaven is inviolable; no one can touch it, because it belongs only to you. You do not even have to bustle in order to increase this treasure. It is enough for you to live with simplicity and love before God, faithful to Him and to His laws, and you will see your treasure increase. When you will feel at peace and safe in the arms of God, loved, forgiven, understood, also relieved from pain, then you will know with certainty that God has opened for you His treasuries which are always overflowing; you will know that your treasure really is there in heaven and that no thief will ever be able to steal it.

‪I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. “

[1] See Gen 3,8

[2] See Mt 6,33