The Universal Mission of the Church

Dearest Readers,

I will share with you the message of St. Peter the Apostle of 21 August 2012. The message is taken from the book “2012 La scelta decisiva dell’umanità” [2012 The decisive choice of humanity] Tomislav Vlašić and I have written and published with “Luci dell’Esodo”.

We have decided to publish this message on the website to allow those who have not read the book to know the content of this message, of which we think that it is of great importance. In fact, the words of St. Peter finally answer a question that I have been asked many times: “Why has the Church never spoken about life on other planets?” I believe that this message will help you understand many things and induce you to reflect on them in the freedom of your conscience.

I greet and bless you in Christ. God may give you peace.

Stefania Caterina

Message of St. Peter the Apostle of 21 August 2012

“From the beginning Jesus spoke to us about life in the universe. He announced us, His apostles, our future mission to give His message of Salvation not only to the pagan people of the Earth, but also to the other peoples of the universe, many of which had no knowledge of the existence of the true God. Such discussions were actually not new to us as the chosen people had long sensed the existence of other men in the universe. This intuition had been confirmed in different ways both by the words of the prophets and the experiences of the people themselves in the extraordinary events they witnessed in the course of history. These events had proved unmistakably the intervention of powerful and good beings, who were different from angels and had helped the chosen people several times during their journey of preparation towards the coming of the Messiah. Even though they were still a primitive people they had been prepared by the spirit of God. Nowadays you have more scientific knowledge, but you are less ready to believe because you trust too much in your knowledge. In my days the contrary used to happen: having little knowledge, men were more prone to believe, and God taught many things to their hearts in secrecy. Do not forget that true faith is also knowledge of the laws of God; the laws of God are not only moral rules but also spiritual and physical laws, which govern the whole creation.

I can say that we were prepared to the idea of not being alone in the universe. Jesus’ teachings confirmed the exisence of other brothers and sisters. It enabled us to understand finally what the Father had created, what had happened through original sin and what the Father wanted to accomplish through His Christ in order to bring His children back to Him by making them worthy of His Kingdom.

Jesus’ teachings about the universe were part of those things that He explained to us separately when we were alone with Him; in fact, it was necessary that we deeply understood this delicate reality to be able to speak about it one day. However, preaching to the crowd was different because the people who listened to Jesus asked for light and comfort in the difficulties of life; they needed His mercy. Jesus was so different from the scribes and Pharisees who were cold and relentless guardians of the Law.

We guarded the things Jesus had revealed to us; we opened up slowly to the great reality of the creation and were conscious of the magnitude of those revelations. We were simple and believed in Jesus; we were not distressed. Only Judas Ishariot was often uneasy at Jesus’ words; he feared the reactions of the Pharisees because he was ambitious and thought of the Kingdom of God as a human kingdom where he could have had a place of honour. Therefore, he felt threatened by the presence of other human beings and refused the idea of sharing with them his future previliges.

After His death and resurrection, Jesus remained with us for a long time, revealing us the things that we would not have been able to understand before.[1] After that, with the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost we received inner confirmation for all that Jesus had taught us. The Holy Spirit made us strong and definitively impressed His words and His thought in our spirit.[2]

As could be expected, already at the beginning of our preaching, Lucifer’s hatred flared up agaist us; however, we were united among us and the prayers of Mary, Jesus’ Mother, particularly supported us. I wish you understood the great importance of the prayer of Jesus’ Mother for us and for you: the light and the power of God flow through Her. Without Her we would not have been able to deal with the terrible reaction of the priests, the elder, the scribes and Pharisees, who saw their power threatened and their doctrine overturned. They presented us to the people as ignorants of the law, as blasphemers and followers of a doctrine contrary to God and the faith of the people of Israel.

The things we spoke about were really overwhelming and not just for the Jewish people. We preached a God that had come down to Earth, had died and risen. We spoke about the Redemption carried out by Jesus as of an immense reality that overreached the borders of the Earth. Jesus had been clear with us: the Christians of the Earth would have to announce the Salvation to the whole universe as witnesses of the death and resurrection of Christ. Jesus Himself would have enabled them to carry out that mission by making use of other peoples of the universe who were faithful to God; they would have come to help the earthly Church; they would have supported the Church in giving the announcement by putting their means and knowledge at her disposal to travel the universe, which is something they have always done. The communion with the humanities faithful to God and the mission carried out together with them would have allowed the Kingdom of God to extend rapidly in the universe and would have ensured the Earth great progress, a real leap of civilization. All this was clear to us and we tried to communicate it to the people as best as we could, taking care not to scare those poor and primitive people too much.

Jesus helped us in every way; as He had promised, He was with us in spirit and guided us. Many miracles occurred through us and we, too, were strengthened day by day. Then two very important events occurred, not only for us but also for the whole Church. The first was the visit of some brothers of the universe faithful to God, and the other was the conversion of St. Paul. The first episode has never been reported to you, the other has. These two events marked a turning point in the life of the Church.

A short time after Pentecost, as we were united in prayer, some brothers and sisters from different planets faithful to God visited us. Apart from us apostles, the Mother of Jesus was present and some disciples. The men and women of those planets introduced themselves as our brothers and sisters who had been entrusted by Jesus with the taks of helping us in everything and to support us in the delicate mission of evangelizing the universe. They were similar to us but their bodies had skills unknown to us; it struck us that they arrived despite closed doors as Jesus had done. The first thing they did was kneeling down before Mary, the Mother of Our Lord, and they thanked Her in the name of the faithful humanities; then they asked for Her blessing.

They embraced us and turned to me in particular as the elder of the Church who had been entrusted by Jesus Himself with gathering His flock. They knew everything that Jesus had told us. They spoke about the life on their planets, their experiences and what they could do for us. I admired their humbleness: those men who seemed as powerful as angels asked me, humble fisherman of Galilee, what to do. I felt unprepared and expressed it; they answered that I should not be afraid; Jesus had chosen me for this task and would give me every grace; they were there to collaborate fully in the action of God in me and through me. They put themselves at the service of the people of the Earth to enable the emerging Church to announce to the whole universe the message of the Gospel according to the mission entrusted to her by God. They would have helped us spiritually and physically also preparing our bodies to move in space; priests, scientist and doctors were among them.

We were all enveloped by the power of the Holy Spirit: it was a meeting of brothers who love each other, children of the same Father, united in Christ under the gaze of Mary Most Holy. I welcomed them and declared that I was personally ready to do what the Lord would ask me. I accepted their collaboration with gratitude. The other apostles and disciples did the same. I remember well that the Mother of Jesus smiled as She was happy about this encounter. We were certain that that unforgettable day would be the beginning of a journey of transformation and elevation, not only for the Church, but also for the whole of humanity of the Earth. The seed of the new creation had been thrown; nevertheless, we were aware of the enormity of what was opening up before us.

The brothers of the universe who had visited us thanked us for our agreement and blessed us; however, they said that our personal “yes” was not enough: the faithful had to be informed of their visit and they had to fully accept the collaboration of the brothers of the universe. The Lord wanted the Church to be unanimous and free in its decisions. Our brothers would wait for our response, accepting the will of the Church whatever it would be. We committed ourselves to inform the faithful.

The conversion of St. Paul marked a further step. The Lord had called him to announce the Gospel to the pagans, not only of the Earth but also of the whole universe. St. Paul knew God’s plan very well, and he had been particularly instructed about the reality of the cosmos by the Holy Spirit. He had made many extraordinary experiences in this regard. He was ready to evanglize all the peoples of the universe. The depth of his spirit and the power of his thought were indispensible to introduce the believers to the work accomplished by Jesus.

The Apostle Paul had a strong personality and allowed no hesitation when dealing with issues: he prayed, reflected and acted rapidly. Therefore, he wanted to speak to the believers as soon as possible about life in the universe and the mission of the Church to make them decide whether they accepted this aspect or not in order to set off for the mission awating us. I was more careful: I thought that at first it would be good to consolidate the Church in her mission on Earth and, in the meantime, teach the faithful about the further realties of the universe; I did not want to create panic or anticipate times too much. I knew many would not have understood.

There was never any disagreement between St. Paul and me, only differences in our views; he was educated in the things of God, totally turned towards Heaven, able to rise to the highest peaks of the spirit.[3] I was the fisherman of Galilee, a practical man and shepherd of a diverse and still weak flock. We decided to leave the decision to the board of apostles. The cautious approach prevailed: to inform first those whose faith was stronger and their mind more open, and then the rest of the people. In the meantime, we would watch the development of the Church to understand how to proceed. St. Paul, as a man of God, accepted our decision, asking only to be able to dedicate himself specifically to the pagans of the Earth to teach them and to prepare favorable ground for the future mission.

Besides different opinions, it was clear to all apostles that the mission of the Church in favour of the whole universe was a fundamental aspect of the action of the people of God. An action that otherwise would have remained restricted to the Earth, causing grave consequences for the spiritual and material development of humanity. Thus, we slowly began to speak about the reality of the universe to those we considered to be open and ready. Many accepted but many ohers refused to believe and acknowledge that reality. They firmly opposed us, questioning our preaching and beginning to spread slander of all kinds; primarily that we had invented things Jesus had never said. Very soon we found ourselves in a really difficult situation, which risked compromising the existence of the Church herself. We did not touch the subject of the universe anymore, waiting for more suitable times.[4]

The brothers of the universe came to visit us once again; with great sadness, we told them that the people were not ready yet for such a far-reching mission and that more time was needed for the development of the Church. Our brothers understood and left encouraging us and promising us their prayer. I never saw them again as long as I lived.

Meanwhile, the Church was growing; different categories of people adhered: priests, noble people, normal people and converted pagans. The Church started to become bigger and more visible. That was noticed by many powerful, ambitious people who wanted to emerge in what seemed to establish as the only religion of the world. Jewish, Greeks, Romans and many others joined the people of God also bringing their ideas on how to organize the Church. They were not always noble ideas free of personal interests: the suggested organization often aimed at creating “positions of power” in favour of this or that individual.

We apostles saw serious danger in all this. The Church was running the risk of becoming a human organization based on legal norms, guided by rigid hierarchies, dominated by versed people according to the world, not according to God and imbued with human interests. St. Paul soon had disagreements with certain individuals who began to emerge wthin the Christian community. He raised his voice many times but in vain. He suffered serious persecutions by the new “leaders” of the Church. Even we apostles were gradually marginalized. Our eyes saw the Church grow, however, not in the manner we had thought and hoped; mainly not as Jesus had meant it: a people humble and alive, united with Christ, focused on a reality concerning not only the Earth but the whole cosmos: the first cell of the Kingdom of God that one day would extend throughout the universe. Despite many saints and martyrs, the Church before our eyes resembled more and more one of the many kingdoms of the Earth made of rulers and subjects.

After the death of us apostles, many things changed in the Church. She grew so much that she became a “religion of state”. Her path was dangerously intertwined with that of the powerful of the Earth. The rest is history which you know. No one spoke about the universe anymore, nor was anything reported to future generations of what Jesus had taught us in this respect. The “leaders” of the Church considered only the preaching of Jesus to the crowds, which obviously did not contain any reference to life in the universe. The rest was discarded. Every way was tried in order to cancel even the memory of this subject. To accomplish this, the political and the religious powers worked together, having common interests. The powerful, who felt their interests were threatened by the presence of other humanities, did what they still do today: they hid all information and nipped in the bud all attempts to spread discussions about the universe. The Church, for her part, remained silent and did not disturb the powerful in any way since she had developed a friendly relationship with them in the meantime. Our Lord said that no one can serve two masters, and He was right in saying so: when the Church is befriended with the powerful, she has to give up expressing the truth. This is a sad rule that is still in force. Take a good look at what happens today; you will find striking analogies with what happened in our time.

Are you shocked about this anlaysis? Do you think it is too hard? It is not. In fact, great holiness has doubtlessly come out of the bosom of the Church of the Earth despite her fragility. Holiness, as part of the Church, has balanced out many deficiencies. After all, the life of man on Earth is marked by sin and corruption, which have always been part of the earthly experience. Nevertheless, the Church, the holy people of God, is called to overcome sin and corruption by being united with Jesus Christ who has overcome sin, corruption and death.

The only way for the whole humanity to eradicate evil is through the union of the people with Christ’ Sacrifice. It is the task of the Church to prepare the way of Salvation for every man of good will, through the power of the grace that she has received. Therefore, every member of the people of God, who is the Church, is called to offer himself to God through Jesus Christ as a living sacrifice in communion with the entire Mystical Body. Only by fulfilling the paschal passage from death to life, following the footsteps of the Lord Jesus, not with words but with deeds, the Church will win the battle against Lucifer and his hosts.

In conclusion, I tell you that the mission of the Church to evangelize the universe has not become less important in God’s plans. In His goodness, He has respected the freedom of the Christians of the Earth. He has put the issue in parethesis, but that does not mean that He has cancelled it. Throughout the history of the Church, God has never stopped sending faithful brothers and sisters to those who were ready; He revealed that reality secretly in the hearts of many and has reminded His people of it through His prophets.

The mission of the Church is and remains “universal” in the strict sense of the term; the whole universe must be involved. The selfishness of the humanity of the Earth will not be allowed to condition the action of the Holy Spirit forever. The time of waiting is over. God will give the Church unmistakable signs of the presence of life in the universe. A small remnant of individuals will welcome and understand those signs. If the powerful of the Earth continue to refuse it despite the signs, or, if the majority of the Christians are against it, God will still go ahead. He will not allow further delays.

If the number of Christians will be sufficient to carry out the mission that was intended for the Church from the beginning, the faithful brothers to God will return to do their part; the part they could not do with us. If the number of Christians on the Earth is not sufficient, if there is only a small remnant, God will entrust the brothers and sisters of other humanities with the evangelization of the universe. The small remnant of the people of the Earth will join them.[5]

Pray and prepare yourselves to be ready and found worthy of being part of a faithful people.

My blessing and that of the apostles of Christ may be over all of you and accompany you. Take courage!

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