A New Time for the Church of God

Dearest Readers,

I present you another message from the book, “2012 La scelta decisiva dell’umanità”, that Tomislav Vlašić and I have written and published at “Luci dell”Esodo”.

I greet and bless you in Christ. God may give you peace.

Stefania Caterina

Message of St. Paul the Apostle of August 30, 2012 

A New Time for the Church of God

 “After my conversion I spent a long time reflecting and preparing for the mission God continuously told me bout.[1] Jesus had called me to be apostle even though I had not been with Him from the beginning; on the contrary, as you know, in the beginning I had been a persecutor of the Christians.

 At the time of my conversion the Christians and the apostles of the Lord in particular were filled with such a richness of grace that you can hardly imagine. The apostles really manifested the power of God; their experiences were not limited to some visions or miracles. Extraordinary experiences were normal for them, not because they were “super humans” but because at Pentecost the Church had received an extraordinary and essential boost to accomplish her mission. It was up to the apostles to pave the way for the people by offering themselves to God and manifesting the extraordinary power of grace which was the life of the Church. The mystical life was the basis of any experience of God.

Today the Church has no such power anymore; yet, she is called to the same mission as then. Why does this occur? Because the people of God and the apostles of today believe more in the power of reason than in the power of faith, even though reason and faith are not in conflict with each other, not in the least. They fear miracles and look at them with suspicion not knowing how to classify them according to human logic and the typical rationality of your time. For us it was different; therefore, my experiences were accepted by the apostles of the Lord; Peter gave me his right hand as a sign of esteem and trust, recognizing in me the call and the work of the Lord.[2] There was never any disagreement between us even though we were quite different in our views and education.

Jesus spoke to His apostles while He was staying among them, and He spoke to my spirit after my conversion. There were no differences between us, we were equally prepared; each one knew what to do and say to the people. Peter and I, and the other apostles too, spoke about the new creation.[3] It was certainly not the result of our imagination as perhaps some of you might think. Jesus had spoken about this argument promising to take the humanity to a new dimension. He had spoken about the recapitulation of all things in Him as the culmination of the action of the Church and the necessary prelude to the new creation.

For this reason He had introduced us to the existing realities in the whole universe because the message of Salvation that had been entrusted to the Church in particular should have reached the universe; only in this way it would have been possible to recapitulate in Him all things in Heaven and on Earth. You call me the “apostle of the Gentiles” who I really was. The Gentiles you refer to, though, were not only the pagan peoples of the Earth but all humans created by God and living anywhere in the cosmos. I knew the immensity, largeness and deepness of the work of God because my spirit travelled in the realities of the universe. In fact, the Lord allowed me to make extraordinary experiences, to visit unknown planets and to meet different humanities of the universe.

St. Peter told you how things developed in the early Church and how, little by little, the aspect concerning the humanities of other planets was put aside. The mission of the Church was directed towards the peoples of the Earth. That was my deepest sorrow and also that of the other apostles. Nevertheless, Jesus had promised us that the favourable time for the mission of the Church in the universe would have come. This is the new time for the Church of the Earth! This is the new opportunity given to the people of God on Earth to push aside all doubts and fears, to regain that dynamic faith that will let them cross the barrier of the Earth and climb over the walls of rationality. This is the last call to those who represent the Church of the Earth to open the doors for the whole humanity of the universe and to be Mother of the people as she often declares herself; yet, unfortunately only by words.

The Church of the Earth is called to respond by agreeing to open up to the realities present in the universe and to the evangelization of other humanities beside the one of the Earth. The Lord is waiting for a response from each faithful person and from those who represent the Church. I tell you that it is useless to pretend not to know:  signs of the presence of life in the universe have been given and are still given. In the face of the signs given in the sky, those who represent the Church cannot behave like the non-believers or like scientists and researchers whose approach to certain phenomena aims at giving rational explanations which almost always lead to their refusal. Who proclaims himself “shepherd” must be a man of faith.

The man of faith is not a naïve man who accepts everything with closed eyes: the man of faith can discern. His discernment, however, never comes from fear of what is rationally inexplicable; on the contrary, it arises from the unconditional opening to the action of God to whom nothing is impossible. The man of faith acts with caution which is a gift of the Holy Spirit; that has nothing to do with human fear which is the result of compromises and human ambitions.

For this reason, the person who lives genuine faith has discernment that is guided by the Holy Spirit and never fails because the Spirit confirms his/her action. How? Through the communion of the faithful. When I prayed together with the faithful of the first communities, extraordinary gifts were normal because the action of the Holy Spirit was intense; everyone assisted in the direct intervention of God to build the early Church. My task as apostle did not consist in telling the person whether the gift had come from God or not, nor to approve or prevent the exercise of the gift. My task was to pray and offer myself for each faithful and for the whole community.

Today as then, the task of each apostle and shepherd is to help every one to become a free person in God; yet, not free in the human sense but in the divine sense because all of you are called to enter the freedom of the children of God. That was my duty before God:  to announce the message of the Gospel, to help every person of good will to recognize himself in that message, to be righteous before the truth, to be capable of offering myself to God and able to live in communion with my brothers and sisters.

Offering one’s life to God, righteousness and communion are the foundation upon which the identity of each person and of each community is formed. When an extraordinary gift manifests itself in a person or a community full of faith and freedom, it can only produce good fruit, and the true communion prevents evil from infiltrating. Who lives a righteous life before God will not be deceived, nor will he ever deceive anyone, because the Spirit, the giver of all gifts, will confirm his work through others who live the same integrity of faith and communion. This is what happened in the communities in which I preached. When a person stood up and manifested a gift, that gift was recognized as coming from God by all the present people. The discernment was immediate and certain; it brought peace and nourished faith, hope and charity. Through that gift other gifts were awakened in other persons; in this way the gifts of the Spirit harmonized, complemented and confirmed each other. In this manner the Church grew and strengthened.

The Church was not founded by us apostles but by the extraordinary action of the Holy Spirit who worked directly through the people. The Church is the people of God who walks with their shepherd, Jesus Christ, towards the Father guided by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the Church is founded on the people and by the people who live in union with the Most Holy Trinity and manifest Its life.

We apostles participated in the action of the Spirit with our prayer, the offering of our life and the preaching accompanying every person in his or her spiritual development. We were the fathers of faith because we helped the people grow; we were fathers not superiors. As real fathers we did not want to impose our authority, but we used it to assist the path of each faithful and of the whole community so that each one reached maturity of faith, the ability to relate to God and to discern on his own between good and bad living in communion with all and comparing himself with everyone in the community. I assure you that it is impossible to lie before a community that lives righteously before God; thus, the first communities were places where holiness grew and where the gifts of God multiplied.

Do you think we apostles preached a great deal and convinced people by the sound of words? No, we preached little and prayed a lot; the contrary of what takes place today: the Church is full of sermons, speeches and words, but she is poor in prayer. The personal prayer and that of the community is the breath of the individual and the people of God because it allows them to keep the relationship with God alive, which in turn allows the Holy Spirit to act within each one and all.

Every person has a spirit, but I tell you that every community should have a spirit, which is formed by the life that flows in every soul and emanates from the community itself with extraordinary power through sincere communion generating unity of intent. When a community’s spirit is open to God humbly and sincerely, its members are “one heart and one soul”. Then, the manifold action of God manifests itself and brings forth gifts and missions within the single individuals and the entire community. The Spirit of God acts on the spirit of the individual and on the spirit of the community. This occurred in the first communities immediately after Pentecost.

Now I ask you: can the Church, people of God, be considered a community with an open spirit, humble and sincere, where the gifts of God are manifested in fullness and where everyone reaches maturity of faith, genuine discernment and certainty about his or her mission? I will leave the answer to you, but I would like to highlight a few more aspects to help you understand.

Pentecost had represented the starting point of the mission of the Church. The Holy Spirit had come down to confirm the decision of the apostles and first disciples to follow the life and teachings of Jesus and to be ready for the mission that He had entrusted to them. From that moment the first communities were filled with gifts, lived in prayer and were immersed in God. Jesus acted through His people in the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Church grew.

The Church became increasingly larger and welcomed men and women of any origin and culture. Unfortunately, many were not attracted by the desire to follow Jesus but to belong to an “organization” of people who made miracles of great magnitude. No wonder, therefore, that many ambitious wished to get their hands on the “power” that came from God to use it for their personal purposes. The spirit of Judas, the betrayer, awoke within many and began to work in the emerging Church. The devil had found a way to continue the work he had begun with Judas Iscariot arousing other “Judases” to overturn the face of the Church. How many Judases have there been over the centuries? Many; too many!

A different spirit had infiltrated the Christian community, which also began to work within the individuals and the community. Soon a lot of discord and dispute arose; the lack of peace and communion created a vacuum within the early Church. The voices of the apostles and disciples rose in vain; I found myself too in the middle of a terrible battle of opposite spirits. I saw the integrity of faith and the unity of intent, which had been the power of the first communities, vanishing day bay day. From simple groups of love and prayer the Christian communities gradually turned into rigid and hierarchical organizations which were more and more attracted by earthly power. The Kingdom of God was no longer perceived as a dimension of the spirit but as a Kingdom of the Earth made of possessions, codes and privileges which would rule forever; it was the same idea as that of Judas Iscariot.

Finally, the Church managed to become friend of the powerful. What was the price of this friendship? The price was high because God withdrew the incredible power granted to the first communities to prevent that such a power fell into the wrong hands. From then on many gifts have ceased to work within the Church. Along the history of the Church God did not stop to arouse men and women filled with a power similar to that of the initial time in order to show everyone that the power belongs to Him and not to the people, nor to the Church.

The Church is the depositary of the gifts of grace but only in the measure of her response to grace, beginning a serious path on the footsteps of Christ and leaving aside selfish desires. Who follows his selfishness is an idolater even when he calls himself Christian and claims to belong to the Church: he puts himself in the centre instead of God. No idolater can receive the gifts of God neither can any community whose members are idolaters and hypocrites.[4]

The spirit of evil acts like this: it destroys what it cannot possess. This occurs also within the people of God when the spirit of evil hides among them. For this reason, the true people of God, filled with divine gifts, have almost always been rejected and persecuted because they have never accepted any compromises and have never bowed to the wishes of the powerful. Time and again, this has been done in the name of the Church. Which Church? The one that welcomes with gratitude the gifts of God and that welcomes the prophets and righteous as such and is able to recognize them? Or, does the Church want to possess the gifts of God in order to exploit them at will and, when she cannot do so, she will stone the prophets and kill those who are sent to her[5], because she does not know the time of her visitation and refuses to recognize it?[6]

Luckily, even today the Church is full of holiness: the holiness of the simple, the humble, the ones who desire only to love and serve God without ambitions and compromises. I say to them: lift your head because the Lord will intervene to separate, once and forever, the lambs from the goats and gather the flock of His poor. He will intervene to clean the face of the Church to render it suitable to accomplish her mission. This is the favourable moment to decide to belong to the faithful people!

The Kingdom of God, the true one, will expand throughout the universe. God will make use of His faithful people, of His Church, to let His message of Salvation reach all peoples in the universe. He will complete His work through the part of the faithful Church to whom He will give the original power back adding also new graces for this time. Therefore, hurry to respond to be part of that Church.

Be aware that this time is an extraordinary time; it is the time of the cosmic Pentecost: the Holy Spirit is descending to confirm every human, all humanities of the universe who have decided to belong to God through Jesus Christ. It is up to the Church of the Earth to gather the immense flock of God spread in the universe to reunite it in Christ and to form one single and immense people. That is the mission of the Church that should have started at the beginning.

There are many peoples in the universe who are men and women ready to serve God. We apostles have met many of them when we were on the Earth. I can say that those brothers and sisters visited, helped me and prayed for me. They are still waiting for the response of the Church of the Earth to assist her in her mission. If there is no response or the response is weak, the faithful peoples will be entrusted by God to carry out the universal mission that the Church of the Earth has not been able to carry out. Those who will respond will be united with the faithful humanities; they will be welcomed, and they will collaborate in the mission planned by God.

That will be the Church of God, One in the whole universe. She will pave the way for the glorious return of Christ; she will welcome Him and will be with Him in the new creation. Mary Most Holy, the Mother of God and of all peoples, the angels and the saints and the extraordinary instruments of God in this time pray for you so that you may be strong and determined. We apostles watch over you particularly.

I bless you in the name of the apostles of the Lord, and this blessing may strengthen and protect you. In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”


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